Once More Into The Deep Where Something Weird Could Creep!

So with Brian's history look a while ago over at the dVerse show. He started the cat on the alien thing and so I decided once in a while to give the strange a ring. For many things surround that many have never found. Plus some you might have forgot or do not know, either way I'm still going to show and let the rhyme flow as always at my show.

The Zone Of Silence is the topic of today.
Where many a thing has gone astray.
Residing in Mexico,
It is a place few go.

For the drug traffickers are near for one,
And also due to the hot old sun.
But unlike most every other place today,
Which bombard you with radio signals in every which way.

Not a single solitary one,
Works under the Zone of Silence's sun.
No radio signals get in or out.
Who knows what that is all about.

Mutated animals reside there.
Purple Cactus's also cause one to stare.
It sucks in meteors by the ton.
Thanks to the electromagnetic energy that's spun.

Apparitions have supposedly be seen.
From grey to yellow but never mean.
Also they have human shape,
But don't wear a cape.

Said it could be a wormhole,
That allows aliens to take a stroll.
Floating orbs have also been reported.
Maybe the humans were being courted?

Also it is said,
To be where the living meets the dead.
I guess ghosts like the sand,
And having all that land.

But then if no radio signals are in the way,
Who knows what is trying to have its say.
For things have supposedly been picked up.
Making one spill their coffee cup.

So if you go to Mexico,
And want an alien, ghost or whatever show.
Give the Zone of Silence a look.
Just make sure you bring a book.

For nothing much electronic will work,
Which I suppose can be a perk.
But watch your back,
For a drug dealer or alien or ghost or purple cactus attack.

There we go, once more with the weird and wacky at my show. Have to always let that out as you know the cat likes to make people pout. For I have brought you to the brink making you think that we may not be alone. Or at least showed you a place where no one can get you by telephone. And if you get abducted as you trespass, don't blame my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Despite this place sounding so unpleasant I really want to go to it, does that make me a... peasant? Haha, seriously though, I've actually bookmarked this, it sounds like the perfect place to go for seclusion and peace from things even though I know it shouldn't.

    1. yeah it would be fun to see
      Although might need a gun or three
      If the drug runners come through
      Or some aliens try and probe you haha

    2. A probe joke! See you really want one, you're obsessed with being probed. And I know you've been probed before and just long for more.

    3. Oh yes it has to be done
      The cat finds them oh so fun

  2. A place of
    so you say.

    A pleasant
    way to
    spend a day.

    A purple
    cactus I'd
    like to see,
    mutated animals
    make me flee.

    A meteor could
    come my way,
    but drug dealers
    I'll keep at bay.

    And aliens,
    it might be so
    they'd put on
    a show.

    Anythings possible
    at your bay.

    I can't believe I didn't make any anal probe jokes. Hey there's a girl for you at my show, she's perfect for a man who thinks he's a Cat!

    1. Not a probe joke
      Damn must be saving that for another bloke
      And aliens don't scare too bad
      Just pucker up and a fun time is had haha
      Drug dealers I'm sure you could scare
      Or help them out with the knowledge at your lair
      And a girl you say
      Hmmm I'll have to have a look at your bay

    2. No Cat, I only make anal probe jokes with you. You're special to me in that particular area-your arse and the way you lick it is fascinating to me!! If you went there, you'd shave your arse and spend the whole time with it up in the air, just begging for a probing. Admit it, you know you would.

    3. Well maybe I want them to help get some of the stuff out of it
      But either way there would be no shaving fit
      For it is already bare
      And the cat is used to having it up in the air

    4. LOL you brought it on
      Just took it a step further at my lawn

  3. wow..now your description here really makes me want to go
    ghosts n aliens, n mutilated aliens ?
    may be so...
    wonder whats the logic behind no signals ....

    1. Yeah does make me want to see too
      But then that is way way way away from my zoo

  4. i am now considering taking a vacation to the zone, next time i decide to roam for silence is thing of beauty and purple cactus sounds pretty....

    1. Yeah but the rest could be scary
      Things could get hairy
      Take a big gun
      Or be prepared to run

  5. This zone of silence south of the border of which you speak- do they still have killer margaritas?

    1. Well I'm sure they have killer something
      Might want to stay at your wing
      And order one in
      Be safer for the win

  6. I have my own "Zone of Silence" here unless one of the dogs barks. LOL. All I need is some purple cacti and some good guacamole!

    1. haha three dogs are sure to bark
      And a purple cactus would hit the mark

  7. zone of silence in mexico...so did you just go here ?

    i am rather afraid of the warlord drugs there,
    so to the cottage and lake, i would get my sweet silence

    happy day ~

    1. haha no way I'd go there
      As the drug warlords do scare
      Rather go to the lake as well
      That would be way more swell

  8. I always crave silence in the summer
    so to me this place would not be a bummer.
    I wouldn't have to worry about the drugs
    as the cats could scare off all the thugs. ha.
    That is, if I brought them with me.
    Right now I have three up in a tree.
    Then on to the roof they go
    to do surveillance at my show! lol.

    1. You could bring them all along
      No litter to scoop can't be wrong
      As one huge dirt pile
      For a good long mile
      Or ten or so
      Is all that will show
      But not many trees
      Maybe some bees
      Sure they would amuse themselves though
      All the kitties running to and fro

  9. the bit i know about mexico is from the show Breaking Bad :p
    i do like their margaritas though :)

    1. Yeah that is my knowledge as well
      And a few other little tidbits I tell

  10. It's probably pretty loud when you get there

    which could be a scare

    1. Yeah it could me
      If an alien tries to probe thee

    2. Had to do one or two
      As it is just a given at my zoo

    3. Yes those probes are given to you and from what I hear, it's a nightly event. I hear you're paying midgets to probe you every morning when you wake up!

    4. Well it keeps me regular and scares away the fleas
      Plus it saves you big people from getting on your knees

  11. zone of silence-
    place to come
    to relax with no alarm
    for 1 day or maybe more
    if no aliens at shore...

    1. Yeah if the aliens show
      It is time to go
      No silence would be had
      For that would just be bad

  12. A place where cellphones don't work? Isn't that called 'paradise'? Well, so long as purple cactuses don't stab me and meteors don't crush me.

    1. Yeah that would be the size of it
      As long as a meteor didn't hit
      But I guess all things have a downside
      Just find a good place to hide

  13. I think it must be where they are filming the real life Mexican Truman Show.....

    1. You never know
      Could even be the cause of that creepy glow

  14. This is too much fun. My maiden name was "Rhymer"!!

    1. hahaha that must have been grand
      Getting asked to rhyme all the time at your land

  15. This is a real place? Sounds like a very strange area.

    1. Yep as real as can be
      In Mexico for all to see

  16. Are there mimes in the zone of silence? If so, I will be sure never ever to go there!

    1. haha you never know
      There they could sure put on a show

  17. Never seen before a silence zone in a road lol
    Only saw this in Hospital and clinics:)

    1. haha well I guess that is new
      For you to view

  18. Nothing about the zone sounds tame
    Which kind of goes against its name
    I'll stay away just the same


    1. Yeah best to do
      Especially if talking is liked by you
      For not much there
      Plus might get a ton of sand in your hair

  19. So, you've been to Mexico, I see. Crappy, ain't it?

    1. Haven't been there thankfully
      And you don't make me want to go to such a sea

  20. Down south for a Truman show
    Quite a ball there nothing quiet
    Beware the cartel lords though
    Not to bother not to be disturbed


    1. Yeah I would beware
      And stay out of their hair
      For with one simply motion
      I could get chucked dead into the ocean

  21. Purple cactus does sound scary.


    1. Yeah they could blind you
      With their purple view

  22. I read this yesterday and then someone phoned and I forgot to comment.
    I've never heard of this place but may do some reading up on it now. Sounds highly intriguing to me. I don't mind silence, unless it's for too long, then it would drive me nuts....lol

    1. Yeah for too long
      Would be just wrong
      But I'm sure the animals there
      Would send out a hoot or blare
      And the phone you say?
      Pfft likely story at your bay


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