One By One They Fall Like A Domino Wall!

So dVerse wants the cat to write about the fall. Damn, that is one big ass call. Couldn't they have been more descriptive at their sea? This is going to be one big chore for little old me. Oh well, I guess I can talk about things that fell.

Just the other day,
Here at my bay.
A plate fell.
Pat, didn't think that was swell.

The Berlin Wall,
Took a fall.
Batman broke his back,
Can relate at my shack.

The rise and fall of Superman,
Him I'm not a fan.
Fall back, spring ahead.
Is what someone said.

To keep the time shift straight.
That I also hate.
Not so much now,
But spring's will make me meow.

Many have fallen from grace.
But that would take years at my place.
So we will skip that,
Instead go to the normal at my mat.

Something like Falling Skies,
With scary alien guys.
Or Falling Down.
That causes a frown.

Legends of the Fall.
That is quite the call.
Are you legend if you fall?
Hmm did I make you hit a wall?

Also fish fell from the sky.
That is no lie.
Even more weird I suppose.
A cow fell from the sky causing woes.

That was over in Japan.
Due to some Russian man.
Meat fell from the sky as well.
Damn, do you think it's a sign of hell?

Things fall apart.
That you can take to heart.
From your car,
To the door you left ajar.

Stocks rise and fall.
Who really cares at all?
That will cause a rant at my feed.
Over the usual greed.

Civilizations fall too,
Like the crazy Mayans and their crazy view.
Has enough stuff fallen yet?
I think that is a safe bet.

What is that?
Are you talking to the cat?
I hope I didn't fall flat.
But if you say it I'll hit you with a bat.

That last part maybe not so much but that depends on if I can reach out and touch. What are you trying to say? I didn't to the right thing for the dVerse bay? Fall is what you asked for over at your shore. Ohhhh autumn you say. You need to be more specific with your display. What? You said that? Pffft don't try to fool the cat. Autumn will always come to pass just like the things that fall, besides my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Beat Brian just by a bit
      Sure he doesn't appreciate it haha

  2. not flat so put down the bat, cat---o like falling skies, they got me hooked, guess the goose falls before it is cooked, falling down, i can relate, because somedays its the chaos that i hate, now the legends of is a fav, about that one i will rave, grace is such a slippery thing, love all the fall you did bring...ha

    1. haha okay the bat is gone
      Threw it out on the lawn
      Hope no one decide to trip
      And give me some lip
      Falling skies is grand
      Watch it here in my land
      Slippery in can be
      And such fun rhyming from thee

  3. Fall flat square on the face
    That's how it felt some days
    When you try to be inspired
    But you mind seems dead tired
    You get a down and out feeling
    That will set you back reeling
    Lucky thing it comes and goes
    Only rarely you face the woes


    1. Yeah that is true
      Some days nothing wants to come due
      But luckily those are few and far between
      At least usually here at my scene
      Sometimes they stick
      When ones back feels like it was hit with a brick haha

  4. Ha, Pat, I love your take on fall
    you're definitely on the ball
    and answered well the call
    to write about all of fall!
    But I wonder, is this all?

    1. haha well I didn't want to go on forever
      That would be an eye roll worthy endeavor
      For then I'd give brain overload
      And people might turn into a toad

  5. This reads as a very deep piece Pat hidden behind your usual funniness, hopefully that's the way you intended it to be because it's pretty beautiful.

    1. Yeah a little bit of things were hidden here and there
      As I just ranted with my usual flare
      All is mostly ever meant at my sea
      Nothing much escapes me

  6. I had a terrible fall in bathroom. that count???

    1. That can count indeed
      Although an oh dear will come from my feed haha

  7. I am always careful because I tend to slip and fall ~

    Nice take on the fall season Pat, and its not fun when
    things and leaves fall and wither away ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. Yeah I've fallen a time or ten
      If I did so now at my den
      I'd prob break in two haha
      When they wither away in view
      It means crappy snow is coming soon
      Which is hated by this loon

  8. I love how Batman easily fixed his back

    in real life it should still be cracked

  9. Just recently
    I fell asleep
    and met white cat
    in dreamy clip
    with smile on lip,
    with playful talk
    cat chewed catnip...

    1. haha they love that
      Go all weirdo at every mat
      When they lick that up
      Then they may hiccup
      Or have a hairball
      Right down the hall

  10. happy fall for all..test my icon call...what the fall

    1. haha may place doesn't like you I suppose
      Making you suffer wtf woes haha

  11. ha…nice fall…Love the references galore..and btw, I've always enjoyed Falling down…snapping can be so fun to see, I tried those aliens, but that show fell flat for me….Fall apart, yes they do, but for some more than it does for others view…but spring is a winner, for all, hope the cow doesn't land on my house though, otherwise I'll have to make a call…and insurance people can make your jaw fall

    1. Yeah the references sure did fall
      Today at my hall
      The cow on the house
      Would sure beat a mouse
      And those insurance guys
      Would spread some lies
      Then you'd be out
      Because of falling trout

  12. Oh, it was autumn that they meant?
    Your post will surely make some bent!
    Fall is my favorite season of all
    except for that daylight savings bull.

    1. You must really not like the savings
      For it screwed up your rhyme pavings
      Are you already on it
      Going back and forth a bit haha

  13. I've fallen head over heels,
    For a woman with big wheels!

    1. You did post that pic of the SWMBO wearing your shirt and she certainly had "big wheels". Ooooh la la!

    2. LOL well big wheels surely can make your day
      All kinds of fun as you romp in the hay

  14. Meat from the sky being like hell? I disagree.

  15. Falling cows could be dangerous, especially if milk falls out while they're falling.

    1. Yeah that would make it even more scary
      Just add the dairy

  16. Falling satellites would be worse than falling fish, I think. Or maybe a meteorite.

    1. Yeah that is true
      Unlike the fish, they'd smush you

  17. To hit me
    with a bat
    I can't
    resist a
    temptation like

    So make
    you fall
    I will
    here at
    your hideous

    With your
    bum in the
    shaved of
    it's hair
    is quite
    a fright
    but aliens
    probe it with

    With demons
    you cavort
    and dance
    with glee
    while you
    spread your

    Like Rome
    you will
    right off
    of your wall
    and crack your
    to wind
    up dead.



    1. Pfft please
      The cat can conteract the breeze
      With my rear in the air
      I send up a flair
      And everything just curves around my rump
      Those aliens make me a grump
      They probe all day
      And take what they find in my rear's display
      They don't even give me a tip
      For their rump probing trip
      You know I have plenty of nice things up there
      Anyway, I'll go get my bat so beware.

    2. I'm not afraid of you Cat! Bring it on!!!

    3. haha the cat sure will
      Giving you enough feces to fill a landfill

  18. Replies
    1. I guess something better rise
      But falling seems more wise

  19. Not a single mention of a cat landing on his feet? Odd.

    1. That isn't always true
      For they don't always land on their feet at every zoo

  20. Blog makeover? What's with this yellow fever? Missed you a lot Pat.
    Only you can realte plate fall and fall of Mayans.

    1. Yeah the other one was dary and dreary
      And I guess somes eyes were weary
      So new place it became
      Same old rhyming game
      Yep, can relate anything
      Here at my wing


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