Same Old Same Old As It Takes Hold!

So dVerse wants me to be unexpected today? Aren't I always at my bay? Do you ever guess what is to come from my little rhyming bum? So I will just rant on about what pops in and go for the win. Or hmmm maybe I should go another way. Let's see what happens today.

Look into my eyes.
I will tell you no lies.
Today I will not neglect your senses.
But you might head for the fences.

I'll make you honk your horn,
By bringing back kitty porn.
Even snip snip,
I can crack a fine whip.

I'll even show you lunch.
They make a mean crunch.
They may bite though,
So don't chew slow.

What happens with too much green,
And oranges eaten at your scene.
So add the rat burger to your diet.
You know you want to try it.

Don't say I never neglect the animals at my sea.
I help them and thee.
I mean indigestion can be a bitch.
Now neither human or animal will suffer such an itch.

Look, I give you another thrill.
No need for any blue pill.
Hats off and all.
Go now and have a ball.

Brian, this is for you.
I know you like freedom too.
But don't you want to be super?
I beat that S would put one in a stuper.

And in case that rat burger is not sitting right.
Back is ZOMBIE FOOT for a fright.
Now go throw up in the loo,
Just don't miss as that would be eww.

So much and so little,
Boy, she isn't brittle.
Doesn't she want to make you wiggle your ass?
What a flexible lass.

Now go and brush.
Come on now, mush.
I'm saving you all here.
From feet to stretchy rear.

How was that grouping today?
Totally unexpected at my bay?
I bet you never thought you see such sights,
All in one place to cause frights.

Except for my great self of course.
I show off all without remorse.
Now you have been scarred for life.
Bet you did not expect such strife.

Wasn't that fun? I know it's just so unexpected under my sun. Like anyone would have guessed zombie feet that I would show for a treat. Either way I'll still be unexpected at my bay. For even if I'm forty posts ahead, you'll never guess what goes on in my head. For the cat doesn't even know. So whatever will show will show. Now off to pass some gas which is expected from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. to brush my teeth just to get some relief...zombie feet....haha...hey that is the rack i was at, at the walmart shack, scary stuff i tell you, but then again so are the always bring the unexpected, even more than those trying to get elected....

    1. The cat caught the rack
      I guess they are the same at every walmart shack
      Yeah scary in every way
      With their rather large and bare display

  2. That rat burger looks so disgusting haha. I love how nothing stays the same around Pat as he improves his rhyming game. Great post mate.

    1. But for a cat it is grand
      Maybe I'll have my own rat burger stand

  3. Now returning your favor
    For being first at my bay
    It pays to be a lurker
    Satisfaction! makes my day

    Scrolling slowly downwards
    Thought you'll never stop
    And did nearly throw up
    Put up with all the muck
    Glad had all the resolve


    1. Glad I could satisfy
      Or rather you could
      By being a lurker guy
      In my hood haha
      Yeah some scary sights
      Might cause some sleepless nights

  4. First pics so nice last ones so bad... The girl saving the day xD

  5. It's good that I already had breakfast...yikes on some of those are 40 posts ahead, why am i not surprised ?

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. haha yep good to eat before you come
      To visit my little rhyming bum
      Actually more like 46 or so now
      I just can't stop my rhyming meow

  6. This world in your eyes
    so awkward, cat!
    -advice?- don't listen
    dVerse:be first
    with no remorse
    uncover unexpected most...
    P.S. did you watch..those?

    1. haha that video was great
      The cat was try to make a mutt take the bait
      Then smack them upside the head
      Causing them dread

  7. I was going to go eat
    but can't after looking at those feet
    the teeth weren't so bad
    I've seen worse around the land
    Don't even try to hypnotize me
    now go run and play with your fleas!

    1. Worse teeth you say
      Blah to such a display
      But the feet
      Are such a treat
      That they save you some food
      Now you need less when the Canadians rob and store and be rude hahaha

    2. Funny you mention the tourists today
      As we gear up to celebrate them going away
      we here at our sea
      celebrate their flee
      with song and dance
      and lots of romance
      even playing in the sand
      while dancing to some bands

    3. Well can't say I blame you
      As there prob are quite a few
      But they will be back
      When the warmth once more comes to your shack

  8. oh my had me shrink away from the computer with some of the pics...ugh...that mouse we germans would say...

    1. hahaha scaring you away
      So fun to hear at my bay

  9. OK, I thought the video of the guy singing Happy Birthday was weird, but you really got me today Pat. Those feet, those teeth, a rat burger????? MY GAWD, what do you have next under your hat?

    1. haha the cat just keeps the creepy stuff coming
      With my rhyming humming
      Have to challenge myself each day
      And one up the things shown at my bay

  10. Thanks my morning is officially ruined. What's with you and that toe fetish picture and that teeth.
    Mouse burger? Really?

    1. haha the toe fetish picture disturbs everyone
      So the cat finds it quite fun
      Yeah mouse burgers are tasty too
      One should be tried by you

  11. Hey, can you share the code snippet for that Book at my galore thing, I could borrow and put it in my site.

    1. Hmph, won't let me post the code
      So in order to get that mode
      Just hit "get widget" there on the bottom left of it
      And then type pat hatt in on the search hit
      Then add away
      And follow each step to get the code to display
      Can add books from anyone with it
      It is quite the hit

    2. Got it. I got it from viewsource and got the object with amazon widget.

    3. Thanks a ton
      For giving it a run

  12. I'm not even going to read it Cat. I posted a poem for you today The Cat Who Ran Late. And if there's anything worse than an Irish woman who talks too much, it's one who doesn't talk at all. Now get over there you feckless bastard!!

    1. I was over before you even hit the post
      You are a slow arse host
      Must be drunk
      Or in a funk haha

  13. Thanks for your comment Cat. I've got to wash my hair, I'll be back later when I'm less busy to read your post!

    1. Yeah wash out the poo
      Sorry it had to be threw

  14. Pat. I'm not going to try to rhyme (this time.)

    You have taken the cake for the unexpected. (And gross!) (But that's okay.)

    I have to admit I am still laughing over here. And I'm not going to say anything about making my day.

    It was very funny. Except for maybe the zombie feet. k.

    1. haha yeah the zombie feet can scare
      One completely bare
      Funny I can do
      Even if I go a bite puke worthy at my zoo haha

  15. Okay. I think I'll go vomit now. Those zombie feet and teeth really grossed me out. Thank you very much.

    1. haha no problem at hall
      Sure the pup will lick up the vomit at your hall

  16. Compared to those toes,
    the sandwich doesn't give me any woes!
    I'd rather take a bite
    than to own those, alright!
    Or eat the sandwich oh so neat
    instead of owning a mouth with those teeth!

    1. Hmmm I suppose I agree
      As the teeth and feet are scary
      And the cat likes to chow down on the mice
      And will easily take a slice
      But Pat hmmm be a toss up maybe
      Let's hope none of them every happen to me

    2. I don't know...the bite of mouse would be fleeting
      the teeth, however, you would ever be greeting!

    3. haha yeah I suppose
      And every day you'd have to look at those toes

    4. see why I'd rather taste the sandwich?
      those toes would just make me itch!

    5. haha and they'd barely fit in a shoe
      Walking would be hard too

    6. Would have to wear flip flops all year round
      ..would scare everyone in town!

    7. haha at least they'd get some air
      So they wouldn't stink up your lair

  17. whoa! Out of all those creepy visuals I think the mouse burger freaked me out the most.

    1. What you wouldn't want a snack?
      I offer them free at my shack

  18. A Cat
    crack a
    now there's
    a neat

    The teeth
    and the
    toes don't
    cause me
    as I've
    seen worse
    at your lair
    you've an
    arse with
    no hair.

    snip snip
    you be
    you suckle
    with glee
    a well rounded
    woman, disgusting
    she be.

    The spawn
    you create
    fills Satan
    with hate.

    So post
    the toes
    the teeth
    the porn
    as none can
    compare to
    you at
    your lair.

    I had fun today Cat! I'm posting tomorrow at my usual time 4:00 a.m EST. And no, I'm never, ever going to stop giving you hell about it!

    1. The cat can take all
      You try and say at my hall
      For you like to whine
      While I am just a normal feline
      Get there when I do
      With my pringle cans of poo
      And yeah I beat all
      With my bare but and viking woman cat call

    2. There's no way to rattle you Cat. It's not possible. If there was a way it would be so much farther than I'd be willing to go. But I gotta try or you'll think I don't you like you anymore!

    3. hahaha the cat can take all
      And turn it around having a ball
      So try as you might
      You will never cause me a fright
      Unless you go into really really creepy land
      Then I may scurry off back to my land

  19. creepy visual but cool rhymes as always

  20. Nothings more super than super undies

    1. Yeah they give one powers
      Although may give them lonely showers

  21. Sorry I am late today, Pat.
    I always will appear. Please know that.
    I am not interested in 'kitty porn.'
    If I indulged, my 3 pups would be forlorn.
    For dVerse, this is really unexpected
    but no doubt the idea has been inspected.
    Have a good night, don't have a fight!
    See you tomorrow with not a bit of sorrow.

    1. Late or not
      My rhyme was caught
      And yeah your pups would get mad
      Maybe more than a tad
      dVerse just goes along
      With what I post no matter how wrong haha

  22. Bleh, brain is all confused from see a cat, then horrible teeth and feet. ._.

    I don't even know what's going on anymore.

    1. haha confusing at my shore
      As you come to explore


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