Such A Rebel Today With My Rhyming Display!

So dVerse went on about the rebel at their bar. The cat may end up getting covered in tar. Bah, you'd have to catch me first. But still I have to admit something with this burst. It is just too much to bear and something which no one is aware.

It is just too big.
One would flip their wig.
I can't find the words.
When they usually come in herds.

I'm so tense.
But I have to give my ten cents.
But how should I say this?
With a meow or a hiss?

This will make many shutter.
I bet your mind is already in the gutter.
Brian is already gearing up his ass and gas rhyme.
Which is twin notices most of the time.

I know I'm stalling.
But this is so appalling.
The cat just can't spill.
Maybe I'll leave it in my will.

That way I'll be dead,
And it won't cause me any dread.
But I can't hold onto it that long.
I have to speak out when I do something wrong.

I can never tell a lie.
Or at least I try.
Not really though.
As most already know.

Stalling once more.
This is my shore.
Don't rush me.
It's not like you have a better place to be.

Oh you do?
Well, screw you.
See I'm so uptight.
This is such a nagging plight.

I.... no I can't.
I must end this rant.
For all will never come back.
If I tell what I did at my shack.

But tell I should.
At least I'll have more nap time in my hood.
When you all run away.
For this horrid thing I did at my bay.

Alright I think I'm ready.
Now hold yourself steady.
For I must warn you this is large.
It might create some sort of stampede charge.

The cat...the cat....the cat stole!
I know I deserve a lump of coal.
You'll want to ship me to the north pole.
Or make me pay some huge toll.

I just can't bear it.
I am willing to take the hit.
So bring the hammer down.
Sentence me to the tortures of a clown.

Even though it was on the floor,
As I ran toward the door.
I didn't stop when it stuck to my toe.
I just kept on the go.

Now sadly some kid,
Will surely flip their lid.
And can be heard from afar,
Because I stole their gold star.

Now that was so hard to admit. I'm sorry if I made you have a fit. But it feels so good getting that off my chest. I have to thank dVerse for the rebel test. Now I have such zest and I'm once more at my best. I think I'll go roll in the grass and try not to get stains on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Nothing and I mean nothing wrong with a good rant!

    1. Nah a rant works fine
      And is loved by this feline

  2. Cat's out of the bag
    Ranting so like mad
    Nothing's to be had
    Just not to be sad
    That's just too bad!


    1. Yeah it isn't glad
      But just a fad
      Still poor lad
      Might have upset him a tad

  3. "That way I'll be dead,
    And it won't cause me any dread.
    But I can't hold onto it that long.
    I have to speak out when I do something wrong."

    This was probably my favourite verse Pat, love this rhyme and Angry's right, sometimes a good rant can be awesome and that's exactly what this post was.

    1. haha who knows though
      Tomorrow I could go
      So it might not be long
      Which would still be wrong

  4. well now how did it make you feel, did it dim your zeal and zest or make you feel like a robber of the west you are not the worst not like nocwurst, cook the bratwurst...i know a few brats that are worst but i absolve you your sins son, go and do no more...smiles..

    1. LMAO you absolve
      Now I have more resolve
      And can stay away from the west
      But if I didn't I'd still be the best

    2. Had to laugh at my twin
      thinking he can forgive sins
      but he was talking about priest's collars
      on his own post when he gave a hollar.

    3. haha guess he got into the mood
      And decided my theft was so rude
      That I needed to be forgiven right away
      So helped out at my bay

  5. Not going to even try to rhyme a reply as it would just suck!

    1. Well you know what rhymes with suck
      That would have been easy as umm duck

  6. Being rebellious is really in your blood
    now go and have a good roll in the mud
    hope you won't end up at the north pole
    instead just dig a hole as your goal!

    1. Bah the mud is too dirty for the cat
      I'll stick with grass at my mat
      And can surely dig a big hole
      As I go out for a stroll

  7. omg, I can't believe you stole a star
    that just shook my world ajar.
    Some little kid is feeling blue
    and it's all because of you. lol.
    Seriously, as I read this feeling glum
    I thought you'd say it was somone's abc gum
    that stuck on your shoe
    and wouldn't leave you.
    I've stolen that once or twice
    and I'll say, it isn't nice!
    Makes you wish it hadn't stuck
    but you're really out of luck!

    1. hahaha yeah the poor kid
      Has flipped their lid
      All because of me
      I'm not longer sorry haha
      I thought of the gum
      For my hum
      But that is just blah and won't come off
      No matter how much you scoff
      So I avoided that crap
      As I to have at it stuck and fallen for that trap

  8. That was some big stuff to steal Pat ~

    But I am sure Brian and gang will have more
    at the Pub to display so you won't end your
    rhyming cheer ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. haha yeah big stuff to steal
      So unreall
      And yeah sure it will always be there
      To give me something to do at my lair

  9. Hi, Pat,

    Loved the rhymes with the cat

    all is well

    all is swell

    give yourself a pat

    one for you and one for your cat...

    1. The cat gets plenty from Pat
      A Pat from pat how about that
      Glad all is swell
      And not gone to hell

  10. a good rant is like taking a good dump!
    oh there you go. i said it.

    1. LMAO that time it wasn't me
      Using the poo at my sea hahaha

  11. and the cat, you're always a bit of rebels...kinda...just saying..smiles

    1. haha yeah we go out on a limb
      And sometimes make things a bit grim haha

  12. Im agbree with Brian LOL
    Be happy and good boy :)))

    1. anyway you always be a rebel and is nice! Im too:))

    2. haha a rebel I will forever be
      Sometimes a bit worse than other times though at my sea haha

  13. So the Cat stole
    we shall stick
    him in a hole
    and cover it with
    so no children
    he can hurt.

    Or tie him
    to a mime
    he'll give
    a silent rhyme.

    I'm off to be a rebel and go flirt with the devil!

    1. I hope you don't get burned
      If you are returned
      For you may flirt so well
      He'll keep you in hell

  14. Oh you bully! Fancy stealing from a brat... I mean a child. A gold star no less. LOL
    Had to giggle at Brian's comment: "Go and sin no more" Haha.
    Baddddd cat!..But, we forgive you because we know it would have simply stuck to your pad and once it was there you couldn't get it off so had to take it to your lair. There... you went and made me rhyme >>> Again! :)

    1. haha yeah that I did
      You must flip your lid
      Rhyming all the time
      Here with your chime
      And yeah after I got it off my pad
      I was even more bad
      As the cat ate the star
      And then it got buried in my litterbox bar

  15. Your cat is the biggest rebel of the weekend....hands down!!!

    1. Do I get an award for that?
      That would be great for the cat

  16. A rhyme with a cat
    I do fancy that
    But a rhyme with a dog
    That's a whole other blog

    Nice to meet you at Talli's!

    1. Bah a mutt comes once in a while
      The cat thinks he's vile
      But oh well
      I'll lift my butt for him to smell

  17. Naughty Cat; you take that star back :)

    This was cool for the rebel, liked it. Hey, I guess its been a while since I stopped by, but I like the new set up. I take it "bush #5" is you 5th blog creation. Well, I will miss old header picture, but new is always refreshing too.


    1. Pfft it is in a pringle can
      So they will have to ban
      This poor cat
      And I guess the bush number is something like that
      The old header was grand
      But time for a change in my land

  18. Bad cat! He deserves time with a mime for that!

  19. It is just too big.
    Came the cry from bed.
    It is just too big.
    That's what she said.

    1. If it was followed by get it out
      That might make one pout
      But if it was more
      Be sure and close the door

  20. It's good to have a rant
    To put across your slant
    To get things off your chest
    ...and have a well earned rest

    1. Oh yes a rant is grand
      They come often in my land
      Might need a rest
      When I'm dead or have no zest

  21. I love your rhyme
    Just all the time
    Gotta jet
    Glad we met
    (Okay. I could have done better if I wasn't so tired.) Nice to meet you. Thanks for popping by my place earlier. *waves peace sign*

    1. haha not too bad
      A fun time was had
      And nice to meet
      And surely greet

  22. When you step on lucky star-
    Makes no difference who you are
    Everyone confirms for you that
    Dreams'll come true :)

    1. Jiminy Crickett today
      With your wise retort at my bay haha

  23. Well, I felt just as relieved as you when you finally spilled it out. Not such a bad cat, surely we've all stolen a thing or two. Actually, I'm hoping it was just a simple plasticy star and not a little boys dreams. Anyway, I like the 'tortures of a clown'and the package to the north pole. And I like your new seashore. :)

    1. Glad you like the new shore
      And came to explore
      And yeah just a sticker
      So out his dreams won't flicker

  24. More rebellious than me. The worst I do is stay up too late and sleep in too long. :P

    1. Well I do that too
      But that is normal for the cat to do

  25. you're gonna carry that weight.

    1. yeah such a hard fate
      Carrying all the weight


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