Tarsier Man Gets A Foe Thanks To His Toe!

The cat will tell the tale,
To show another Tarsier Man fail.
For evil he created.
Or maybe they're just related.

Tarsier Man had to run.
He latest job was done.
He had to catch the mail.
So he hit the trail.

He found a box,
But couldn't work the locks.
He had to stop this high crime.
But in good time.

He spied the mailman.
Who was a fan.
He gladly took the envelope.
But then lost all hope.

Tarsier Man sang his tune.
Spun around like a baboon.
Which I suppose fits,
Coming from jungle pits.

Once he was done.
The mailman clapped at his fun.
But upon Tarsier Man's pose.
He stepped on the guy's toes.

It seems the mailman had a sore spot.
That when hit things go to pot.
He gets all hot,
And mean by a whole lot.

The mailman declared,
Tariser Man would be spared.
So he could watch what comes,
Then gave a few hums.

He ate Tarsier Man's letter too.
Which would not do.
Tarsier Man gave chase.
Letting his eyes pop from his face.

The mailman stopped the truck.
Jumped out with a hat like a buck.
He had camo that was tye dye.
That was really hard on the eye.

Then he yelled his name.
To let all know is fame.
The Mailman!
Sounds like a flash in the pan.

He tried to poke Tarsier Man's eyes.
But they zoomed around him like flies.
He declared the mail would fail.
For he was going to set sail.

No one would talk.
Because he wouldn't walk.
No bills would pass.
Think that would bother the mass?

I guess he hasn't heard of e-mail.
That's an epic fail.
Tarsier Man sprang in the air,
Twirling with such flair.

The Mailman sent him flying,
Without even trying.
Whacking him with a big mail bag.
He laughed tearing up his mailman flag.

Declaring once more,
No mail would come to any door.
He hopped in his truck,
Patted his hat like a buck.

He then took off down the road.
Running over a poor toad.
Tarsier Man would not accept defeat.
He began to tingle from his head to feet.

His ears then stretched from his head.
That is what I said.
They stretched catching the truck.
Latching on to the hat like a buck.

Things then got drastic.
The stretchy ears snapped like an elastic.
Tarsier Man went zooming down the street.
He thought his new power was neat.

He smacked The Mailman,
His former fan.
Knocking off his hat.
The truck squashed a rat.

The Mailman's bag had no room to fling,
So he gave a typical bad guy ring.
Tarsier Man stopped the truck,
Keeping his hat like a buck.

One ear grabbed The Mailman,
Then off it ran.
The ear stretched right to jail,
Dropping him off without fail.

To this day,
The Mailman says he'll pay.
For stealing his hat like a buck.
One day Tarsier Man will run out of luck.

Tarsier Man strutted down the street.
To his own beat.
Loving The Mailman's defeat.
Thinking once again they will never meet.

So now he has eyes that can pop and his ears can stretch the bad guys all the way to a cop. Damn, those things must be strong. Plus they can really stretch long. Once more he created the bad guy. Why does he even try? He sure has his own hero class. One that is beyond my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. dud stretchy ears are certainly things to fear, wow the mailman though about stole the show with the mail not going to go, he can keep the bills bro, and the circulars no need to watching with binoculars with tarsier mans oculars, good stuff and i leave without popping collars

    1. Popping collars would be interesting to see
      And yeah I agree
      He can keep the bills
      But sounds like the Mailman needs to pop some crazy pills

  2. I love Tarsier man and so I love this post Pat. He's such an absolute boss and really got one over that mail man haha although I have a feeling that things are far from over or done because from out of the blue will come the mail man for his win that's due.

    1. Tarsier man gets lots of love
      As he trots around like a dove
      Singing his damn tune
      The eye popping loon

  3. Who knew a tale involving mailmen would be epic?

  4. Do your ears hang low...
    Do they wobble to and fro...

    1. LOL I forgot all about that
      But his can do many things as they stop crime flat

  5. Tarsier man
    is cool
    and really
    not a fool.

    For as
    all know
    he is
    quite cute
    with popping
    and tiny

    And that's all I have Cat. Hey, I'll post your review by close of business today. And I'll be back to insult you later to make up for being nice!

    1. Pfft being nice to that Tarsier Man nut
      Is rude at my hut haha
      And a review sounds grand
      Preparing for the insult in my land

    2. I'm back you filthy feline. It's been a helluva day and to be honest I slept for most of it. Jesus I didn't wake up until about 4:00 in the afternoon! I'm getting old Cat.

      Now back to insulting you. You really are wretched for insulting Tarsier man. I think it's just because your jealous. He's far cuter than you and he doesn't lick his own arse or collect poo in Pringle cans. I'm also certain that you've asked him to probe you and he turned you down.

      You disgust me.

    3. haha well you are over the hill
      But then you need your sleep fill
      Sucks when you have to lay in bed
      With the whole back dread
      Such is the case with Pat
      With all of that

      Well you know he goes across the globe
      So doesn't have time to probe
      But maybe one day
      I'll show a display
      Where his ears latch on
      To my ass during dawn
      And then the eyes go plop
      And up they go non stop hahaha

  6. Where can I get some tye dye camo? That sounds bad ass!!!

  7. The Mailman is awesome! He can stop delivering my mail any day now. Lol

  8. do you rhyme all day
    do you ever talk normal
    Google friend broken

    Can't follow your blog, sad face!

    1. I rhyme all the time
      Each and every chime
      No matter the rant
      And hmph it is broken at my plant

  9. I felt sad for mailman and was expecting a return of him shoving Tarsier man in the mailbag.

  10. With all this new power
    Tarsier's photo's good
    for magazin cover.
    Let see if mine shows up
    at your top...

    1. Tarsier thinks he is grand
      All over the land
      And yours isn't a minus at least
      Just some letter looking type beast

  11. Popped out eyes and stretched ears
    What are the likely weapons of war
    The Mailman had registered his fears
    He'll mess around not any more


    1. In jail he goes
      To suffer woes
      But my return
      With an anger burn

  12. I can hardly believe his ears, or my eyes! Wow Pat, I leave for a couple weeks of vacation, and when I get back it looks like your whole blog is vacationing! What happened?

    1. Had to go with a new look
      Here at my nook
      To brighten up my litterbox
      So I moved near the docks

  13. aah you love Tarsier man I know lol

    1. Tarsier man needs to go
      Far away from my show haha

    2. Yeah I need to fill space
      So I let him do is little race

  14. This explains why I thought I saw Tarsier Man delivering my mail today.


    1. I hope his eye balls didn't pop
      They look freaky when they plop

  15. No wonder all we got are just trash mail Pat ~

    Enjoyed the adventure but please no running over animals when
    fighting ~

    1. haha he runs them down
      Deserves a crown
      To the head
      For making them dead
      And by that I mean a whack
      Or some kind of attack

  16. Whoa, that was one scary mailman! If that guy ever came to my pad, Schultz would have to eat him.

    1. Sure Schultz would chow down
      Does on everything else at your town haha

  17. Good thing Tarsier Man hasn't had a run in with Santa, cause with Santa's sack of toys, Tarsier Man would be doomed. :D

    1. Yeah he'd get whacked upside the head
      And be as good as dead

  18. I am never going to look at the people who deliver the mail in the same way ever again. LOL.

    1. haha they are evil I say
      Bringing bills to your bay

  19. Replies
    1. Don't cheer him on
      I'll never get rid of him at my lawn haha

  20. The Tarsier Man's get-up is surely a hoot.
    It beats a fat man and his birthday suit.
    Good at the movies, good at the disco
    and not out of place in Vegas or 'Frisco.
    But, I think it wouldn't be a hit
    with Boehner, O'Reilly
    and some guy named Mitt.

    1. I think most anything
      At any wing
      Beats a fat man in a birthday suit
      Especially if he gives off a toot
      And screw it
      Tarsier man can annoy poor Mitt

  21. The poor mailman was betrayed
    at least that's better than getting . . .spayed.

    LOL! I try rhyming, but I'm not that great at it. ;)

    1. haha yes that is better I suppose
      As the cat surely knows
      And it worked well
      Rhyming is swell

  22. Well, it's not really a fail if he beat up the mailman right?

    1. haha I suppose not
      He sure thinks he's hot to trot

  23. The best villains are usually a product of the hero.

    1. Yeah this is usually the case
      As the hero makes them go to such a place


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