That Was Fun. Start And Done!

Isn't it grand how it is the change of season yet it is ignored for some reason. I wonder why that could be? I bet it has to do with money. What is that you say? It is because of Santa's sleigh? Well I guess it is the most wonderful time of the year. So it must make fall disappear.

For out come the winter clothes,
Talking about snow causing woes.
Out comes the lights,
That light up those cold nights.

What about fall?
Halloween candy still resides on the wall.
But oh that christmas tree.
Is really a sight to see.

Act now and get an ornament free.
Who cares if today isn't christmasy.
Just buy the thing up.
Look, even a christmas cup.

Oh there are some dvds too.
Already there to view.
Wait! There is more.
We are packing the store.

Gift wrap as well.
Bows are so swell.
Snowglobes too.
Snow tires must come due.

That kind of makes sense.
But let's say they are dense.
Big honking reindeer for the lawn.
Fall is just a con.

Shop early and get the buys.
Why would we tell lies?
Batman says to buy.
Elmo wants you to give it a try.

Count to three,
And go on a shopping spree.
Who cares if the same thing will be had,
In the coming months at our pad.

Right now is where it is at.
Fall is out like a rat.
While winter comes to play,
Each and every day.

Get your chocolate calendars too.
Buy two for your zoo.
That way you are in luck.
By spending the extra buck.

For October has 31 days too.
Use the first on cue.
Then the days will pass fast.
Our sales will be more vast.

Forget about fall.
Why sit in a stall?
Just buy buy buy.
Says the jolly old fat guy.

Isn't it grand how the stores are all ready for the Christmas season? You'd think by fall coming it has committed treason. They just want to skip over it, stopping for Halloween a bit and then move on to all those decorations that will dawn your lawn. Hope they don't dig too deep in my grass. They might not like what they find from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. You're right Pat about how Fall is ignored for a commercial reason, it's something I didn't really think of but you're actually right. Great post Pat, it's cool to be back to the old Fall finishing line, Fall is here and Winter may be near but to ignore Fall is queer. Not queer as in gay too, just in a strange way.

    1. haha yeah in a strange way
      Is surely their display
      Back to the fall one
      Until it is done
      And then winter will be here
      Smashing and causing printers fear

  2. beautiful poem
    just buy buy buy

  3. it is just crazy that the madness has already begun...i love fall but it def gets skipped in the process, fall though is my fav and in the dying leaves i will play and rave, the cool mornings i'll crave then build a snow man when the time comes and winter, fall shuns...

    1. You can keep the snowman
      Of snow I'm not a fan
      I'd rather hang on to fall
      And yeah it gets skipped with their sales call

  4. What Christmas sales galore
    Year end sale is a bother
    More value gained
    Than of Halloween
    That's what stores are after


    1. Yeah all the value is had
      By pushing the fad
      And getting more sales
      Even if they are off the rails

  5. I'll skip
    the ho, ho, ho
    and leave
    Santy Claus

    I'll enjoy
    today while
    Autumn holds

    Winter not
    yet begun
    can stay
    from me
    and my bay.

    Nice to see you're not sour today Cat! I posted, but don't break your neck getting there as the posts only been up for hours and hours and as long as I comment on you each and every day, who really cares hahahaha.

    1. Yeah I agree
      Winter can just flee
      And leave me be
      I don't want it at my sea
      And the cat will be there
      At your lair
      You always post when I'm asleep
      So I can't come to creep

    2. You've more excuses than a cat has lives!!

    3. Oh well
      The cat is always right, can't you tell?

    4. No, I find that you're usually dead wrong. I just pity you so much that I'm kind to you. You poor kitty, you've the mange!!

    5. Pfft the cat licks himself too good
      To have that in my hood
      Plus the viking woman's fat
      Has high quailty minerals that take care of that

    6. Pat Cat, do you hold Phd in Grossolgy? You never fail to put a gross image in my head.

    7. haha that I can do with ease
      Must be those darn gossip spreading fleas

  6. Fall is my favorite season and I LOVE Halloween decor. I deck out my house head to toe in tacky decorations. I refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

    1. Well after thanskgiving here
      Would surely cause fear
      So we wait until after yours too
      Best thing to do

  7. No Christmas stuff here yet,just pumpkins and mums and fall stuff ~

    I hate the buying and promotion at this time, I don't bite it not one bit ~

    Happy Saturday ~

    1. Yeah I ignore it too
      Until xmas really comes due
      But many don't at their sea
      So we get this crap making fall flee

  8. If there isn't fall, Christmas,Halloween,thanksgiving the winter shall be forever, ask a kiwi or oz they can tell you, they celebrate these during summer.
    I prefer buying, it improves economy and let's people invent and innovate more,think about India, they won't buy so they won't invent anything either.
    Btb, I am holding off my mobile purchase till November. ;)

    Hey, I left a review for your book, please let me know if you want to change it, I thought that brickbat tone shall be good. Let me know.

    1. Back to blogland once more
      To give an encore
      And yeah I don't mind buying when the time comes due
      Except when they shove things in your view
      Keeps the world going round
      So more things can be found
      And great review thanks a ton
      Glad the book was fun

    2. hahaha, as I said before Black friday is no more leftover turkey day but leftover-prev-christmas-gift day.

      You are an excellent author Pat, very creative, very imaginative , I wish you more success.

    3. Yeah let's hope a ton comes to my sea
      Then many more books could come from me

  9. I don't like my holidays to overlap
    I cringe when in September I see santa's sack!
    I like fall to be fall
    and that includes thanksgiving at my hall
    no red or green
    will be seen
    until December
    when it's truly winter!

    1. Yeah that is the best
      But they have to market and test
      Sucking all in
      So they can sell more and more at their walmart bin
      Although not truly winter until the 21st or so
      So if you wait that long at your show
      Be kind of late
      For a christmas plate

    2.'s all about greed
      that you often say at your feed
      and I don't really wait until the 21st
      but I do wait for December 1st!
      In fact, today my fall wreath will go on the door
      as it officially isn't fall any more!
      But Halloween won't be scene
      until mid October. I know, I'm mean!

    3.'s all about greed
      that you often say at your feed
      and I don't really wait until the 21st
      but I do wait for December 1st!
      In fact, today my fall wreath will go on the door
      as it officially isn't summer any more!
      But Halloween won't be seen
      until mid October. I know, I'm mean!

    4. where is the delete button here?
      I want to delete my comment there!
      The one with the misspellings!
      I did a redo but now we have two tellings!

    5. hahaha proof
      Of your spelling goof
      Never noticed the delete not being here
      My comments are screwy I fear
      With this new set up
      They have a bit of a hiccup
      And cause the friends thing not to work
      And now no delete for my bright perk
      And yeah oh so mean
      For not having a halloween scene haha

    6. add the extra perks, honey!
      would it cost you an extra looney
      to have a delete and friends link?
      You're pushing me to the brink!
      Now I must proofread more carefully
      because when I press publish its there for eternity!

    7. LOL yeah with the template and stuff I did
      Can't bring it or get rid
      Of that stuff
      Or is gets rough
      And messes with other crap
      So delete and friends thing takes a dirt nap

  10. If I have the time right,
    autumn officially just began at my site
    haven't seen any Christmas stuff yet
    but it will not be long I bet
    the cycle of buying repeats each year
    the merchants grin from ear to ear!

    1. That is very true
      Soon it will catch your view
      And the merchants will all be glad
      As they get rich and they make all a broke lass or lad

  11. ha you year i wanted to buy a chocolate calendar for the kids the last week of november and they were sold out...i SHOULD have bought one in september already...ha...smiles

    1. LOL I guess there are perks to early shopping
      The kids will get their daily chocolate topping

  12. Ahh the nice if here fall is fall (in march) not hallowen haha but really you know how is kids now celebrate here hallowen :(

    1. I suppose it's just fall here
      Not all over the place far and near

  13. Boo Hiss
    Fall can take a leak
    Summer is what I miss
    No matter what you list

    Oh, and quit picking on me over at Dan's!!!

    1. I will pick away
      And yeah summer beats winter any day
      But no matter the season
      Your one eye just shows off and may not be so pleasin' hahaha

    2. You may want to come to the aid of your fellow male Cat. I've just come from there and insulted the hell out of him! That's what he gets for picking on my girlfriend!

      You and Dan are both arsemonkey's Cat!

      We've got Dan on the ropes Elsie, now we just have to gag and tie this fetid, foul feline up and throw him in the ocean! He'll be sleeping with the fishes by the end of the week!

    3. Pfft WorqueenDan can hold his own
      No matter how much and and old one eye give a threatening tone
      And you will never catch the cat
      I'm far to slippery for that
      I'm not above greasing up all over
      And slipping away faster than a butt sniffing rover

  14. Bloody hell, I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that we are in autumn let alone looking forward to Christmas! I think it's far too early for pumpkins let alone Santa.... Bahhh Humbug!

    1. hahaha looks like ghosts may visit you
      But I'll give a bah humbug too

  15. It still feels a lot like summer here

    even for the deer

    1. Getting a bit past summer here
      But still lots of deer I fear

  16. And they put out all the Jewish stuff (all 3 items)
    at Christmas time too.
    As if it's the politically proper thing to do.


    1. haha yeah they do that as well
      When all that want is to sell sell sell

  17. Oh man, it's fall now? When did that happen? I better stop drinking.


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