That's What I Said, You Are A Dunderhead!

Alright, maybe not you. But get ready for a Dunderhead to come within your view. For children's book number five is here. It even has a bush with a full moon rear. But I won't spoil it all for you as plenty more comes due.

There are twins,
Dressed in alien skins.
A weird and wacky green guy.
Who likes to give a victory cry.

A Reaper who is misunderstood.
Could it be because he's made of wood?
There is also a ship.
That is oh so hip.

Wait, wrong body part.
Nope, it isn't the heart.
The ship resembles a toe.
You heard it here first at my show.

Hmm I was not supposed to spoil you.
Bah, I guess I will give you something else to view.
So here you go.
A few more spoilers are down below.

What could this be?
The toe has crashed in a yellow sea?
Hmm wouldn't you like to know.
Maybe it is some type of show.

Look at him float.
Maybe he saw a goat?
I suppose it is a good guess.
But you are wrong I will confess.

And what you were waiting for.
It truly is something of lore.
The bush with the tush.
Who wants to chomp you to mush.

(Which works on your computer too, incase you never knew)

Now on the way you go.
Just click the linkies above that show.
And you can go,
On an adventure in a big toe.

With a bush eating tush as well.
That shouldn't be a hard sell.
And you've guessed it I bet.
But if not don't fret.

For the illustrations were done,
Making them oh so fun.
By Bryan from A Beer For The Shower.
Thankfully he didn't do the story as he'd make the kiddies cower.

As you can see below,
And he doesn't rhyme, just so you know.
Oh the shame,
But then one is scared away by my rhyming fame.

"Bryan is a bit too touched in the head to write kids' books, so he left
that to Pat Hatt and just did the artwork. Both agree that’s for the best."

Be very glad,
The story wasn't written by this lad!

Remember to review on amazon too!

So that makes five and this one might eat you alive. At least you can go in both ends. Those aliens have such weird trends. Will Dunderhead get away? Or will the bush with the tush have a very nice day? I guess you will have to find out what comes to pass by reading the tale from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Awesome, first I thought , hey these cartoons look familiar, I know this signature. It is pretty good pair up. Congrats to you both.
    If Bryan and Brandon try a children's book, it would be like Kamasutra by Disney or inverse of that?
    Congrats again, will check the book soon in kindle.

    1. haha yeah familiar they are
      Didn't have to look far
      Then you could see who it was by
      The a beer for the shower guy
      LOL it would be quite the thing
      I have to refrain from such a ring
      Maybe one day I'll do an adult one
      That could be kind of fun haha

  2. What's this
    a big toe
    here at
    your show
    and your
    arse set
    all aglow.

    For up in
    the air
    you never do
    us the sight
    or the
    sound of
    your yowling.

    The book I
    did buy
    and review
    it I will
    and be nice
    for a change
    not for long
    but a day
    not a year
    at your bay.

    Bryan do you know what you've gotten yourself into by hooking up with this disgusting Cat. You're fecked, your career is over, you've hit rock bottom.

    Okay Cat, I clicked the link and bought your book and it's now added to my growing collection of Pat Hatt books. Jesus, stop writing, I can't afford this shit.

    1. You know
      You love the arse all aglow
      At least no pringle cans show
      All stood up in a row
      Nice once more
      Here at my shore
      Thanks for the buy
      From the cat and the beer guy

      LOL he knows it's best to be on the cat's side
      And shows off the bush with the tush with pride

      The cat has another three or so in the pipeline
      So you may still be cursing this feline haha

    2. You really fecked up my day Cat. I was only going to stop in to say, I'm taking a few days offline so I'm not commenting. And then I had to bloody well comment. Kiss my arse!!

    3. hahahaha awww that is too bad for you
      I made work come due
      The cat loves it though
      As you can't ignore the bush with the tushes glow

    4. It's hard to miss your neon glow Cat. Or the odor that wafts from it. I decided to post tomorrow. So much for taking time away!

    5. haha the cat will be there
      To stink up your lair
      Or make it smell better I suppose
      After all you have mutts that cause woes haha

  3. haha i kinda wonder at the hamster in the microwave, some kids might rave or just go craze, your new book though def sounds interesting, better than professional wrestling, you got a chuckle on your bush with a tush pic, traveling in a toe, hope it dont jam up bro

    1. LOL yeah it would be interesting to see
      What the hamster in the microwave would do to each kiddie
      Knew the bush with a tush would be up your alley
      Hopefully toe jam doesn't make him crash in a valley

  4. I really cannot wait for book number five
    This news enthrals me and makes me feel alive
    I'm jealous of those in control of a book
    I wish I was local and could then take a look

    This stuff is awesome Pat, great rhymes as usual and the illustrations are just out of this world, well done buddy.

    1. Yeah fun to be in control
      And give it a stroll
      As tons of books come due
      They will keep showing up at my zoo

  5. Looks like another hit!
    The story sounds cool,
    and the illustrations rock!

    1. Yeah the bush will surely shock
      Never give it a knock
      Or it will suck you up
      And maybe your pup haha

  6. Awesome partnership with those guys!!!! Congrats to you!!! I still feel a bit dirty and violated though with the bush eating tush.

    1. hahaha a little bit dirty is okay
      Happens many a time at my bay

  7. Hey, look, another party to crash!
    I recognize that handsome gent with the gray mustache!
    For me a kids story is a bit of an aberration
    But I had a ton of fun on this collaboration

    Today is certainly a magical day
    And it's truly an honor that I can say
    That I've never drawn anything quite as crass
    As the flying space bush with a human ass

    1. Yeah a bit off stage
      Than your usual page
      But worked out quite well
      That I will tell
      And glad I could make you go crass
      With my rhyming sass
      As you brought to life, not a bass
      But a bush with a human ass hahaha

  8. I will only say congrats to Pat
    but never to the wretched cat
    and teaming up with Bryan
    a golden idea, I'm not lying!
    Good luck to you on your sales
    to you all authors hail!

    - that's it - tomorrow - tomorrow, I'm back to being mean.

    1. The cat will just give you his rear
      Anyway if you are near
      And yeah worked out well
      The collabaration at my cell
      Tomorrow you may be able to be mean
      But then it will be a Tarsier Man scene

    2. You see what we're doing Cat. Keeping you off balance-one is nice the other's mean, we work well as a team!

    3. Yeah but then it all evens out
      With a nice and mean shout
      Plus the cat has four paws
      So you are two short, just like humans to have flaws

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for the love
      Fits the cat and Pat like a glove

  10. Congratulations!!!! This one's going to be a hit :) :) I love your collaboration with A Beer For the Shower! They really did a great job and it meshed well :)

    1. Yeah meshed quite well
      Didn't go to hell
      Which we could have if we wished
      Should a x rated one be dished

  11. Oh gees! Another book to add to my list of things to one day buy! And with illustrations by Bryan? What was he thinking? lol Quite the odd combination for sure. Should be interesting!

    1. Not sure what he was thinking
      But the bush with the tush leaves one blinking haha

  12. Had bad experience with them
    It came to a head last month
    Some guys peddling sex pills
    Postings could not be deleted
    Clicked spam and off they went


    1. A bad experience with who?
      The beer crew?
      Or the bush with the tush
      Those sex pills should shush

  13. Getting that book because it's a hook.

  14. I thought the art style looked familiar!

    And isn't the hamster microwaving originally from an old computer game? sounds familiar...

    1. Yeah I heard it from somewhere else too
      But I didn't want to tell the beer crew haha

  15. Congrats Pat for another book in your nook ~

    Yes, drawings are pretty good, with rhyming words,
    this will be a hit ~

    Cheers ~

    1. A hit would be grand
      Letting me get some dough in my land haha

  16. now what do you have against kissing stories..? smiles...congrats on the book sir..that's awesome

    1. All the kissing
      With that blissing
      Makes the cat want to hurl
      Rather go chase a squirrel

  17. You are a busy guy! Congratulations on book number five!

  18. aren't you glad there aren't any wrong words
    like while for well and visa verse?
    Love that space ship shaped like a toe.
    And a blue pedicure is so 'in', you know.

    Now I'll go read about the moon.
    I hear it's a bit out of tune.

    1. Yeah while and well
      Cause the cat hell
      Glad that was nixed
      And good and fixed
      That moon might ummm moon
      Or it could swoon

  19. Ah I thought that art looked familiar

    1. Yeah not hard to tell
      If one has been to his cell

  20. Congratulations on your fifth book! :)

  21. Excellent - love the new design of your blog - have I been away that long then?? Love the Bush with the tush. Missed you.

    1. Been a while I will say
      But has only been weeks since I changed my bay
      Bush with the tush can't be beat
      But then again maybe Dunderhead will make it suffer defeat

  22. I'm seriously impressed by you!!! I love your vision and how you put your art of rhyming to good use. My hero!!!!

    1. Put it to use
      And give a bit of abuse
      But it is always fun
      And the cat's ego just rised a ton haha

  23. Bush with a tush? Which front do you water? I wouldn't mind some nice tushs in my garden tho....! Love the collaboration, there should be more!!!

    1. Maybe just water the middle and be done with it
      Of course it might snack on you a bit
      So leave it for the rain
      To water so there will be no pain


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