The Godly One Is Back On The Slipper Attack!

"I guess he wants his seat back on the short bus. Darzin took his place there for a second."

"Don't talk about that fool near Drazin. Drazin is too much of a god to even have his name uttered in Drazin's presence, fleabags."

Miss Priss and Drazin were at it once more as we ran into him near the shore. I was just going to get some new kitty litter. Oh there is plenty of sand on the beach so don't get bitter. Then there the clown was. It had been a long while sense we heard his third person buzz. So we engaged the fool and of course he still thought he was oh so cool.

"Winter is coming and Drazin does need to keep Drazin's feet warm. Maybe Drazin should return to Drazin's need for cat slippers."

"Like you could ever catch us. Go back to catching eyeballs from that Tarsier Man nimrod. He does seem to only have eyes for you."

I even admit that was sad. But Miss Priss thought she was rad. That obviously made Drazin mad and Miss Priss glad. Do you need a notepad? On word we go with that Drazin lad.

"Drazin bets Drazin could catch you two fleabags with ease. Drazin will give you one favor from a god if you win. But if you lose you have to bow down before the Great God Duke Drazin."

"We'd have to stoop some low to bow down to you. That ego already has you at eye level. What's it like to carry such weight on your oh so godly shoudlers?"

Miss Priss and Drazin went back and forth for a bit and she agreed to the bet from this nitwit. We had nothing better to do and so once more a chase came due.

Under the boardwalk we went.
To find a rather odd tent.
There it was sitting alone.
It even had a rotating telephone.

Wow, was it old.
We slipped under the fold.
Drazin saw my tail,
Giving his usual third peron wail.

He stepped in and all went cold.
I bet things didn't look so bold.
Since I am snip snip.
Out, nothing could whip.

There was a Lincoln wannabe.
In a tent by the sea.
Top hat and all.
Standing rather tall.

Drazin paid him no mind,
Trying to grab for my behind.
He missed me of course though.
That's when the Lincoln wannabe put on a show.

He pulled a rabbit from a hat.
It didn't impress the cat.
Then dropped some cards on the floor.
It was time we found the door.

But Drazin slipped on a card or two.
He fell into a casket thing having no clue.
The top got slammed shut,
And the Lincoln wannabe began to cut.

Drazin ranted the whole time,
I think he even let out a rhyme.
The trick went stale,
Meaning it was an epic fail.

Drazin got his arm free,
Ripping of the Lincoln wannabe's beard with glee.
Of course was all I could think,
After hearing a clink.

It was an evil plot,
Of a stinking robot.
He wanted to bore us to death,
As he sucked out our breath.

I guess he wanted to be a real boy.
Thinking it would bring him joy.
So he played stupid tricks,
But he's dumber than a bag of bricks.

Sucking air from living things.
Is the equivalent of me thinking feathers will let me grow wings.
Drazin destroyed the machine,
Making quite the scene.

Miss Priss drew a message in the sand.
Then we took off for our land.
Drazin was left all alone,
Sending out a rather large groan.

We beat him once more,
Down by the shore.
With a crazy Pinocchio, Lincoln robot,
And his crazy air sucking plot.

"He picked the right person, you have plenty of hot air. Oh sorry, I mean god."

Drazin grumbled some more as he read the message left for him at the shore. He stomped on the robot head once again, proving he was above mortal men. At least in his mind and maybe to those who are dumb, deaf and blind. That is being kind. Hey, he did want to make slippers out of my little rhyming behind.

And now the godly one owes us a wish. I guess one day we'll cash it in for some fish. For that is all we could ever expect from him. That is if he knows how to swim. I bet he'd use his teeth to catch some bass. Bet you wouldn't bet against my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Drazin and Miss Priss do nothing but fight. Their banter is sure to lead to some morning comical delight. I reckon that Tarsier Man is my favourite character ever from your posts, well, Irish Air asides I suppose.

    1. Pffft stop sucking up to Irish Air haha
      Drazin and Miss Priss surely blare
      And Tarsier Man you say
      I guess those eyes just pop right at my bay haha

  2. You came out from your gloomy library. I like! It must have been a while since my last visit because the broken printer is still on my mind. And you look like you have been working out too.

    1. Yep out and about now
      With a golden meow
      hahaha still on the printer
      Well sadly it will soon be winter
      So it will come back
      Here at my shack
      And I did when that was taken at my sea
      Now not much of anything could be lifted by me

  3. haha a lincoln wanna be wanting to be a real boy oy cat slippers what a ripper that would be should he actually catch one one day but this is drazin and he be tryin third person and all but wont make it he'll fall even ripping out lincolns beard and all...

    1. haha he had no strings at least
      That robot beast
      Yeah Drazin stands no chance
      With his glowing eye glance
      And his third person rant
      Probably couldn't even catch an ant

  4. It's a Lincoln wannabe
    Top hat, beard and all
    Spilling cards freely
    Causing Drazin to fall
    Acting like a magician
    Putting on quite a show
    But a wrecked machine
    Nothing's left no more


    1. Nope the machine is through
      No longer in view
      Except for parts
      Towed away on carts
      To the dump
      Thanks to Drazin, the grump

  5. Love the Lincoln wannabe
    but it would scare the s*** outta me!
    Always new ideas under your tree.

    1. Bah, just chop of its head
      Then it will be dead
      If a robot can die
      Just give it a try

  6. If that Lincoln wannabe robot has a stake hiding beneath that top hat he might just be a vampire hunter. Beware!

    1. Those blood suckers can turn to dust
      And blow away in a gust
      I will take them down first
      Then the Lincoln wannabe can fall to Drazin's third person burst

  7. This reminded me of the Robotic Lincoln from a Simpsons episode. But more mellow!

    1. Yeah more mellow
      Because of Drazin's bellow

    2. How do I not remember Robotic Lincoln?

      that leaves me thinking.

    3. I remember him a bit
      As I say the nitwit

  8. Drazin again? Oh no . . . no good's going to come of that. LOL.

    1. haha not a thing
      When you here is third person ring

  9. lincoln wannabe's and robots never get along very well..ha

    1. No they don't seem to mesh well
      Things surely go to hell

  10. Drazin will never get those slippers!
    he should just settle for flippers!
    maybe without ties and just zippers
    would make him feel more chipper!

    1. hahaha yeah with hi
      Being quite dim
      He may need the zipper
      At least he'll never need a hair clipper

    2. Maybe a hat on top
      or some sunscreen in a glob.
      But never a trim,
      shampoo or comb for him!

    3. Nope he save money there
      A fact I'm sure he is aware
      So if only he spent the money on shoes
      Maybe he'd stop having the barefeet blues

  11. A Lincoln Wannabe with a Pinnochio boy wannabe. Wow! You never cease to amaze me with the stuff that comes out of your rhyming behind!

    1. Yeah lots of stuff comes out
      With my rhyming shout
      All kinds of wannabe's
      Was this robot thingy with ease

  12. A Lincoln wannabe?
    What a site that must be!
    Imitating the dead
    including hole in head.

    1. Then the head gets smashed
      And obviously trashed
      Guess insult to injury I suppose
      Oh the woes

  13. What an adventure trying to wriggle out of Lincoln wannbee's
    beard along with Pinnochio boy robot~ Hope you are enjoying the
    cool autumn air Pat ~ Good night ~

    1. Yeah enjoying the air
      No more humid crap at my lair
      And the wannabee
      Was crushed and set free haha

  14. A Lincoln wannabe having his beard ripped out, sounds painful to me... He should have tipped his hat to Pat and his cat ;)

    1. haha pain is what Drazin likes to do
      Although he'll never catch me, sad but true
      Tip his hat
      Pat and the cat would like that

  15. Things would have gone better if Tarsier Man were there.

    He makes everything better.

    1. Tarsier Man you say
      hahaha he might have some how saved the day

  16. Yes you are snip snip Cat and that's a good thing as you can't breed. Elsewise you'd come over and impregnate my cats and that would be horrid! I hope Lincoln didn't leave a log for you to step on, but if he did, put it in your Pringle can for later.

    I was putting together the vid for my drum solo and it took the whole feckin' day. But it's posted now!!

    See you on the morrow. Nitey nite Cat!

    1. Posted you say
      Will be over to your bay
      Just slept in
      That is not a sin
      And yeah his load
      Might need a bigger pringle can as mine might explode
      That would just be so wrong
      And the smell would be strong

  17. this would make a great comic strip

    1. If only Pat could draw a lick
      A comic strip would do the trick

  18. lol. Oh when will Drazin ever learn, that if he want's cat slippers he needs to find some alley cat or three, for the one's at bush three, he'll never get, and that's a surefire bet. Hope you guys don't waste your wish on some fish, but then again, I guess cats do find that to be quite the dish, but with drazin, you need to make him give you more, for all he tries to do at your shore

    1. Yeah we will make him give something of worth
      As soon as a good wish gives birth
      And you are right
      He'll never catch us day or night


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