The Weird And Whacky. Some Are Rather Tacky!

Did you know there are very scary things running, crawling and umm blubbering to and fro? My the cat is astonished at what is out there. These things have to be rare. I wouldn't want to find many in a dark alley. So let's go do a scary animal rally.

The Alpaca is quite the thing.
Not a sheep and not llama at its wing.
It is known for its fiber as well.
I guess it must make one go rather swell.
Oh, they meant for socks and stuff.
Well we wouldn't want you in the buff.

Look at the Angora Rabbit.
Bad hair days must be a nasty habit
Looks like a bad wig.
That is for a head that's very big.
Were popular pets for royality too.
No wonder, they can give a huge allergic reaction on cue.

This guy is one ugly sucker.
Sure to make your lips pucker.
It is a blobfish.
Quite the tasty dish?
Pfft I think not.
That thing doesn't even weigh a whole lot.

The axolotl is a slippery fellow.
And looks oh so yellow.
Can regenerate most body parts,
Except for their hearts.
And look at those seaweed things.
Surprised it doesn't sprout wings.

Obviously this guy is well known.
With his platypus groan.
It lays eggs too,
And can poison you.
Not a nice chap.
I bet that beak can flap.

Here you go.
Want a new pair of shoes at your show?
Get a shoebill for a thrill.
Although you might get hit with a hefty bill.
Pun intended of course.
I can say that with no remorse.

He has a smile on his chest.
Doesn't he just look his best?
Take one look below,
And you might think twice about this fellow.

My what a big tongue he's got.
That would sure clean a umm hut.
Imagine where that could go.
Slurp slurp goes the sun bear down below.

This thing looks like some stuffed toy.
That would bring a kid joy.
But nope it is real.
Stranger than a naked seal.
Oops, they are just like that.
The yeti crab's furry things can poison and knock you out flat.

And we end with such an ugly creature.
Looks like something from a horror feature.
Makes the tarsier seem grand.
Outdoing its bug eyes across the land.
Look at the middle finger.
You'd sure get told off if the Aye were to linger.

Now you have seen a frightfest for today. Glad I could give you a nightmare at my bay. It is such fun to do of course at my sea. Plus some may even oh dear me. Now I'm done with my weird animal class. Yeah, I know I'm a very weird little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. These photos are so weird Pat, especially the "blobfish," haha, what the heck is that Cat? Great rhymes as usual man, this is incredible, awesome post, it made me laugh the most.

    1. The blobfish is crazy
      The thing being lazy
      Is a rabbit not a cat
      Wouldn't want to be a hairy cat like that

  2. Wow, that last one reminds me of the guv'nor of my home state.

    1. That is sad
      He must be really rad
      To get the votes
      Or hit the right notes

  3. where to you find these things, crazy nature and the offspring she brings...the yeti crab looks kinda like a dancer, but then you bring in danger....i might give that bear a run for its tongue, mine can reach far too since i was young, the blob fish though looks a bit nice my neighbor, now there is a visage only a mother can savor...

    1. These things just find me
      And wow look at the spelling of thee hahaha
      You have a long tongue too
      Can you lick your nose on cue?
      Yeah only a mother indeed
      Not even sure though as it would make anyone's eyes bleed

  4. A wonder and a quick run through
    Weird elements, what a feast!
    Wouldn't know one finds them all at the zoo
    But I would rather give them a miss!


    1. One should skip
      Might drop their lip
      Then fall and trip
      Throwing out a hip

  5. WHEW, the blobfish and the tarsier might have trouble gettin' dates but, that sun bear with the long tongue is gonna make some chicks awfully happy!!!!!

    1. Yeah but I guess when all are of the same kind
      They are so hard on the eyes you'd go blind

  6. I will take the alpaca and angora rabbit
    and will make wonderful mittens from the fur!
    They are the least weird of all the animals.
    (My rhyming mind is not in place today,
    but wishing you a very good day.)

    1. Well at least your normal mind is in place
      The cat's tends to get lost in space haha
      Mitten could be grand
      When crap snow comes to your land

  7. Oh my word.
    Some of those look absurd!
    Only heard of a few!
    Some look like cartoon drawings, too!

    1. Wouldn't want to add them to your zoo?
      You could really make ticket sales come due.
      As they would be rare
      Except maybe the bear
      He might eat the cats
      And tear up the mats

  8. Such wonders
    to find
    all around.

    Oooh and ahhh and
    ick as you
    see all
    that nature
    can bring
    to thee.

    I'm tired Cat, so that's as good as it's going to get today. I've gone and done it, put it in writing for all to see, made you a God and a King. Now I'm to turn on the gas and take a warm bath with a blade very sharp while my life it bleeds out.

    1. LOL the ick
      Can sure do the trick
      When you want to flick
      Some zombie foot rather slick
      Don't take the blade
      Find a trade
      Grab a butter knife
      More dull so won't take your life haha

    2. I may take a chainsaw to those toenails. That's the only thing that would cut through that horrid mess.

    3. Better make sure it is good and sharp too
      And watch for shards flying around you

  9. Looks like you went to the same place
    where you found Viking Lady's face
    to find all these pictures at your sea
    was quite troubling for me
    so I will bid a fine goodbye
    I have to run along and fly!

    1. The viking woman was another place
      For I wasn't concerned with her face
      All that junk in the trunk
      Was where my concern sunk
      I need to chew some fat
      As I'm a growing cat.

    2. You could always snuggle within the folds of that blobfish. Looks a bit like your Viking woman I thing. She'd be jealous though and sit on it and squash it!

    3. Or suck it right up her ass
      It does have the mass haha

    4. You planted the idea at my see
      So suffer it for free haha

  10. They're agly so far,
    but how weird we are
    for them, did you think
    about opposite link? :)

  11. Oh, my heck. I've seen a few of those, but ew.

  12. A cute rhyme on some of the weirdest of animals.

    1. Yep very weird they are
      Which earned them a spot at my bar

  13. The world has wide variety of the weird, to be sure.

    1. Yep weird is all around
      And can easily be found

  14. That is the diversity of nature, nothing is ugly from me
    (it depends on whose definition to follow)
    as everyone was born with certain features and useful traits ~

    Strange animals but educational as well ~

    1. Yeah that is true
      Along somethings still have a creepy view
      But I suppose so do we
      When they see us from their tree

  15. I think even ugly is beautiful if we really look long enough. Not so sure about the blobfish though. Looks like a human experiment that went drastically wrong and ended up looking like a fishy kilroy...OMGoodness. lol

    1. Most have their perks
      No matter their quirks
      LMAO yeah blobfish needs lots of help
      He'll make many yelp

  16. You have a thing for these non-so-good-looking things, dont you?
    Good call on Trasier, he does look like Tarsier.
    Didnt think of adding your picture in the list?
    Just asking?

    1. Fun to give the weird a go
      Well you have a thing for the perverted gods at your show haha
      And I can't go up there
      For to be fair
      One eye would have to go first
      Then next would be Anne with her burst
      Then you would have to go
      And blabber would have to show
      I would just be so far down
      I'd first have to make many frown hahahaha

    2. The Tarsier is adorable!!!! Don't hate on the little stinky butt :) :)

    3. perverted gods at my show? Ok, touche cat.
      I like mythology and it is not my fault that the gods are perverted, I dont go search for perverted gods like you do for these grossy pictures.
      And pic pictures series continued with Elsie, Anne,Me and blabber it would be opposite of the series, grossy and pretty.

      Yin and Yang.

    4. Pfft the Tarsier is a bug eyed creep
      With eyes so deep

      haha I don't seek them out
      They just find me and I find out what they are about
      Mythology is grand too
      But those gods are perverted in most everything they do

  17. Whoa. To think these animals are real....they are right? And what an impressive mix of shock and humour, haha, resulting in an equally weird "wide - eyed laugh".

    And thanks for the nightmare. My imagination could never furnish such creatures, as mother nature did. :)

    1. Oh my imagination could bring on a ton
      That would be scarier then each one
      But yeah these are all real
      Not from my ever spinning wheel

  18. Before anyone else says it but yes the blobfish does bear some resemblance to myself!

    1. haha Anne would be the one to point that out
      Now that you beat her to it she may pout

    2. Cat, I would never say that! How dare you suggest such a thing. I'm going to have to give myself a cooling off period or I'll separate your head from your shoulders.

    3. hahaha bah you are just mad
      That I beat you to it at my pad

    4. But you're running away
      So I did today

  19. The alpacas are absolutely nice and have you ever look an alpaca sweater?? Is the most lovely thing.
    The others are like these pics you always like LOL
    ((you dont find more horrid than these???) hahaha

    1. Well after zombie foot I knew one needed a break
      So I didn't find too creepy besides the blobfish out of the lake
      Never looked at an alpaca sweater at all
      They do look very nice though, especially compared to the rest on the wall haha

  20. As you probably already guessed, I want one of those rabbits and I fell in love with the blobsfish!!! LMAO That last thing though is very ugly. I don't want one and want the picture to go away. hahahahaha

    1. Figures you would fall for the blobfish
      When many would make it a dish lol
      And what? no love for the Tarsier wannabe?
      He is such a sight to see

    2. I want it to go away, too! It looks evil! I wouldn't trust it! hahaha.

    3. Scared of it too?
      I guess I'll have to send one to your zoo

  21. Oh my gosh. Those animals. They're so silly, lol.

    1. That they are indeed
      But all are real with their silly deed

  22. Most of them look like pokemons xD

    1. Could very well be
      That pokemon was based of what you see

  23. LOL. Alpacas are actually pretty sweet . . . they make little humming noises and tend to be shy.

    1. A fact I never knew
      I admit they are the easiest on the eye to view

  24. What the heck is that last thing? A bat? And that blobfish is an interesting specimen. Just don't let my kids see it, or they might throw it in our tank with the angelfish. And then you know what will happen - the angelfish will jump out!

    1. haha just another few
      Pets added to your zoo
      Maybe get the blobfish his own tank
      So the angelfish won't walk the plank

  25. I think these are the animals they base bad pokemon on.

    1. Yep I agree
      Pokemon are created from each one you see

  26. I'm taking some time off Cat. See you in a few days. Nitey Nite Cat!

    1. Running away
      To created the cat as a god at your bay
      That is okay
      I like such a display

  27. these pics are awesome, a nice mix of oh so ugly and oh so cute, the tarsier-wanna be is the best, as is the sucker, but the laughing bird is also quite the hoot, alpacas just freak me out, a buddy of mine's little brother actually trained them, they spit stuff at you and can be rather mean, or so I'm told, never wanted to go the farm to watch the beasts

    1. hahahaha alpacas are the scariest to you
      You are the first one that said that at my zoo

  28. hahah love the rhymes but LOVE THE pictures! so cute! I even think the last one is cute :)

    1. Wow you are all alone there
      Everyone else is scared of it at my lair

  29. Replies
    1. Had to ease every one in
      They aren't scary at any bin

  30. That blobfish is 'one ugly m.....f......' Now who said that (with a heavy accent)? :)

    1. My accent might not do
      I'll have to call in a professional at my zoo


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