Uplifting At My Sea! Who Me?

With all the ranting and history seed planting. All the other stuff that I tend to puff. I figured I would give you a nice tingly feeling today. So here is some inspiration that I put on display.

Fancy a dish?
Make a wish
Or just do it,
And don't just sit.

Want this or that?
Grab a hard hat,
And stick in the hours,
Through sun and showers.

Path could simply change,
Or totally rearrange.
Through this and that.
Need squashes want flat.

Time to waste,
Brain turns to paste.
Wrestling with the mind,
Letting your teeth grind.

Not going to provide,
Or make you smile wide.
Want the simple perk?
Do the work.

Whether that be play,
Or avoid the fray.
Maybe flip it and join,
Should you require coin.

Will there's a way.
To sound cliche.
Simply take time to think,
But not to the brink.

Roll around the mud,
Come out with a thud.
Sunshine will seem brighter.
Dulling the need for a lighter.

Outlook becomes old yet new.
Depends on the view.
The eyes you see through.
Belief in what is true.

Opinions are assholes.
Can prevent goals.
Shove them aside,
To change the tide.

Done in sun or showers,
Add up the hours.
Under that hard hat,
For this or that.

Don't just sit.
When you can do it.
Forget the wish,
If you fancy the dish.

There we go. There was my inspirational flow. I guess some days the cat can be uplifting I suppose and not curl some toes. I really need to bring back zombie feet. That will be the ying to this yang and such a treat. I also had to be a little crass but it is true, at least according, to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. i'm first...can't believe it...ha

    1. haha first at my sea
      Think that is a first for thee

    2. I'm last, but it was a blast

    3. Not quite
      As others came at all hours of the night

  2. ha...opinions can be assholes indeed..we should always be willing to rethink them otherwise we make ourselves prisoners sometimes

    1. Yep that is true
      Don't want to get stuck at our zoo

  3. Some days
    blogger is
    full of
    gloom and
    of doom.

    But today
    at your
    bay all is
    happy and gay.

    So I'll
    follow suit
    whilst playing
    a lute
    and a lyre
    a tune
    a dance
    and a twirl.

    I'm outta here Cat. The suns coming up and I've got things to do, places to see and people to meet. Have a good one!

    I sent you an email!

    1. Thanks for the review
      And look at you
      All happy once more
      Here at my shore
      This is becoming a theme
      It must be a dream
      Or maybe all that sun shine
      Or some liquor and wine
      Is going to your head
      Making you no longer cause dread

  4. Opinions are like assholes (Ray) and every day he has one or many!

    1. hahahaha that is good
      Repeat that to him you should

    2. Poor Ray, I didn't mean to make him cry today! But he made me cry first!!

    3. All making poor Ray cry
      It is liked but this cat err um guy

  5. it is amazing how this concept does not relay well to the younger generation, having been given their ration they wait til you give them more...much easier than working more...

    1. True always waiting around for more
      When work could bring it at their shore
      Looking for the eay way out
      And if they don't get it they shout
      So does that make me old
      Damn, the things that take hold

  6. There are a lot you can do
    There are a lot to act upon
    Inspirations are but a few
    Can still cover much ground
    Just a bit of imagination
    To match the aspiration


    1. Yeah just give it some thought
      And go all hot to trot
      Much can arise
      Or at least you'll be a little more wise

  7. Good philosophy here, Pat:

    Don't just sit.
    When you can do it.
    Forget the wish,
    If you fancy the dish

    We can't just sit and wait for things to happen
    we've got to get out and do it with wings a flappin'.

    1. And hope they don't get clipped
      Or a little chipped
      Along the way
      Most every day

  8. oh well, Pat. i need to start cleaning and packing but just been too lazy.
    i should really start though. i love the first para btw.

    1. Well packing is annoying as can be
      Has been done many a time by me

  9. Oh so true
    and wise of you!
    If you want something, quit your whinin'
    and make it happen!
    And not only that, but whistle while you work
    instead of acting like a jerk!

    1. haha going all heigh ho
      With the work flow
      I suppose that is true
      Unless someone like Flappy comes in view

  10. First time here. So hello! :) You have a very nice blog Pat.

    Now tell me how do you manage to write perfect rhymes all the time? Brilliance, is all I observe. :-)

    1. Thanks for the visit to my sea
      Glad it was enjoyed by thee
      And my ego sure got a boost
      Rhymes just seem to come here to roost

  11. Work and work is the best way to do it ~ But put in a little play too
    or else we will get dull ~

    Happy day to you Pat ~

    1. Yeah no sense in being dull is there
      Which the cat tries not to be at his lair

  12. Wow, cat! I'm totally inspired. Thanks!

  13. My brain has turned to paste, so, I must away in haste :)

    1. The cat likes to do that too
      Just don't let it drip out as that'd be ewww

  14. This rhyme I liked,

    for it seemed to fit

    my so ever spiked,

    apathetic lazy pit.

    So Inspired,

    I am by your prose.

    I will produce,

    like I just arose.

    1. And you rhymed quite grand
      Here in my land
      Already getting you going
      With such a showing

  15. Inspirational Guru the cat has begun, rhyming out such uplifting fun. Been sick all week, so in addition to getting to host D'Verse tonight, this inspirational write, for me, came out just right. Thanks

    1. Blah to the germs
      Rather almost eat worms
      Glad all is grand now though
      As you host the dVerse show

  16. I'm sorry I'm so late. Though your rhyming still is great. We always have some fun, in Pat's awesome blog in the sun. The poem reminds me of myself at times haha.

    1. Last you were
      To visit my fur
      But there we go
      As a reminder does show

  17. I was fearing the worst,

    dreading a horrible first.

    But after reading this serendipitous post,

    I see pleasant moods grace this host.

    And for those who wish to hip-and-hop,

    to put their quirky comment atop,

    first or last, it doesn't matter both

    are less than the mighty zeroth.

    1. Yeah it doesn't matter where
      It doesn't matter who
      All are welcome at my lair
      No matter which spot comes due
      And random is the name of the game
      To help brings my rhymes fame

  18. I had to reload,

    to become the last.

    maybe that'll be next years 'first'?

    Is that the best, or the worst?

    1. Wanting to be last
      Can't say that want is vast
      But maybe it could work
      Next year as a perk


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