We Go Anywhere We Want To Go. It Doesn't Matter If You Know!

That is right, whether day or night, the cat and any other feline will hang out in a box or hang from the clothesline. You can say no and try to block us at your show. But we will find a way because you can't watch us all night and day.

We will curl up in your socks.
Even if they smell like the docks
Take over any empty box.
The size of a shoe or ox.

The drawer is fair game.
If it's open you're to blame.
The purse of a dame,
We will also claim.

Under your bed.
We'll dig to cause dread.
Even on top your head.
That's what I said.

Between your legs as well.
No humpty hump at your cell.
The bathtub is swell.
With water it's a tough sell.

The kitchen sink too,
With no dishes from you.
Even the one in the loo.
All ours no matter how many in view.

Hide in your plant pots.
Whether green or with pokadots.
The toys of tots.
Boy, they have lots.

Your favorite chair.
No matter how you glare
On some stair.
Making you fall and swear.

On top of whatever,
It's an easy endeavor.
From TV stand,
Small or grand.

To your night table,
We are more than able.
House or stable,
We'll curl up like a cable.

Inside the fridge too.
Should it be opened by you.
Even a shoe,
Could easily come due.

A pot or pan,
Make us a fan.
That chair where you tan,
No matter your ban.

A full sized plate,
Which we know you hate.
Even a big enough cup.
So give it up.

For the cat goes where ever I please.
Whether I want the sun or breeze.
Maybe just to spread fleas,
On your pretty little knees.

As does any other cat.
Skinny or fat,
Fluffy or not.
You are all slaves to us like a robot.

Doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over? You obey us more than rover. Or maybe just the same we just play a whole other game. A level above most and go anywhere because you are the host. We own the place. So don't put on a funny face and give us sass. For all I will do is spin around and show you my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "As does any other cat.
    Skinny or fat,
    Fluffy or not.
    You are all slaves to us like a robot."

    I find this verse true
    I honestly do
    To cats WE are their master's
    To them we should work for them faster

    I have to admit that this may actually be the appeal to cats though Pat Hatt, there's something funny about them that I just love and I know that you love that about the cat too.

    1. Yeah their is no deal
      They have that appeal
      You are their slave
      And should do whatever they crave haha

  2. haha mine got in trouble last night, giving me a full claw fright, taking flight and landing on my back as its sister it was playful to attack as she sat on my lap, so out the door her went and outside the night he spent to roam and prowl, but back in this AM to get to his bowl.

    1. LOL ouch that had to hurt
      A bit of blood had to spurt
      But then he just wanted to play
      You were just in the way haha

  3. Cats definitely are agile
    and certainly not fragile
    they take over the place
    can hide in any open case
    but they charm to the bone
    as the house they own!
    Don't get in their way
    or you'll have a bad day.

    1. Yeah that is true
      They will scratch you
      Or bite your toe
      If you won't let them run to and fro
      They own all
      Even the hall

  4. I have to admit I've never owned a cat 'cause they scare the shit outta me. When an animal's IQ is higher than mine, ya gotta respect that.

    1. LMAO well that is a good reason I suppose
      You wouldn't want a cat to make you suffer brain woes

  5. A smart Cat and its lair
    Creating for itself space
    Any nook,corner is fair
    Any drawer, box any place
    Many are not even aware
    May end up as its slave


    1. Yep to all it's slave
      No matter the cave
      As they take over near and far
      At each and ever bar

  6. Hola Mr Pat Hatt, I had been hot cold, say this, say that about my blogging. I am taking in my blog private to make the break "real". A break, not a break up and hope to see you and your cat again soon. I appreciate your visits and the cheer you brought to Live High.

    1. A break you need
      Should do so at your feed
      Hope you come back one day
      To go on a blogging display

  7. I know: all felines are wise,
    and they don't need be supervised,
    they often give us some advice
    on how always be in style
    we, people helpless to this trial...

    1. Yeah not much humans can do
      But sit and view or stew
      Either way they will bow down
      To the cat across any town

  8. Testing...where is my pic..lol ..I am + not - for sure!!!

    1. From a - to a nobody pic
      Blogger must be playing a trick

  9. My cat once gave us an awful scare,
    the second time we discovered her flare
    for getting places that are not kosher.
    First was the fridge, now the dishwasher!

    That's still her closest shave,
    worse than when she left the pave-
    -ment* and caught a glancing blow
    from a car that wasn't going slow

    Most nights we turn the dishwasher on
    as soon as our dinner is gone;
    Somehow on that day we didn't.
    Thank God, or else our precious kitten...

    I don't like to think about it.
    And I've run out of rhymes. She was fine on both occasions - the car only bruised her bum. And now she seems to have a healthy caution of appliances as well as the road.

    *that's sidewalk to any Yanks reading

    1. haha wow that was quite the rhyme
      And such a fun time
      Although a pity
      That such things happened to your kitty
      But at least she learned to beware
      Of cars and appliances at your lair
      A life or two might have been lost too
      But at least she has plenty of more to come due

  10. That's the problem with the little buggers!

    1. haha not a problem to the cat
      Just all others around his mat

  11. He is like a little monster..ha..ha...

    No, we don't have cats or pets, but I am sure you miss
    their crazy antics when its quiet by your lonesome self.

    Happy weekend Pat~

    1. Yeah they do bring many a thing around
      And can be quite boring when they aren't found

  12. And that is why I no longer own a cat!

    Dogs are so much better!

    1. Pfft mutts are too needy
      And with food they are rather greedy

  13. haha..the spreading fleas on the knees gave me shivers a bit...smiles...

    1. haha bah just get some flea stuff
      And it won't be too rough

  14. Cats squeeze into the smallest places! Yesterday, my cat squeezed under the tractor in our garage. My husband didn't see him, and turned it on. The cat nearly hit the ceiling! Poor kitty!

    1. LOL well at least he survived to tell the tale
      I bet that will be the last time he hides under it to hear it wail

  15. Yeah, I remember a guy using this quirk to his advantage.

    Stop his cats from walking in front of his computer monitor by just placing a box beside his computer. The cats went for the box everytime.

    1. LOL yeah that would surely work with most every cat
      They surely prefer that over being told to scat

  16. I had a kitten named, Misty, when I was a little girl. I loved that little thing, and she would curl up anywhere. Sometimes it was hard to find her when I came home. So different than dogs, cats are. They are much more demure and self-controlled :)

    1. Yeah they don't need to there in your face
      Just come when they want an embrace
      Then off they go
      Back to some tiny spot at your show

  17. I once tried to go to a place I wasn't invited to.

    Apparently I didn't pass as an attendee to a high school class reunion of 1962

    1. Hmmm well that would make sense
      Maybe you should have dressed to fence

  18. Well, I have nothing to say
    with fourteen at my bay.
    Except they have more personality
    than a dog would ever hope to be.

    1. haha well that depends on he dog
      But can beat a hog
      And nothing to say
      Damn that is a first my way haha

  19. It's when they are sitting on your head when you are in bed, that it gets to be a bit much...lol

    1. LOL yeah that can be a pain
      As you can't sleep well at your lane
      But they seem to be able to
      No matter where they lie in your zoo

  20. They do as
    they please
    and little
    they care
    of what or where
    we need.

    But dote
    we do
    as if we've
    no clue
    that is we
    who need
    and not them.

    Very Dr. Suess of you today Cat.

    1. Yeah whatever comes
      They stink up their bums
      And go where they want
      With a little taunt
      Surely that is the case
      With them all over the place
      And did do a little Suess
      Today with y rhyming caboose

  21. Yeah, that sounds like cats all right. LOL.

    1. haha they do want their own way
      Each and every day

  22. Uh huh. I have a little guy who lives to thread himself through my legs - even when I'm walking. The other has taken over my bed; she gets cranky when I move in the middle of the night.

    Hey, that lady in the last post: did she ever get a bigger table?


    1. haha oh yeah they don't like it when you move them from bed
      They look at you like they want you dead
      How dare you move them as what they think
      Then in their claws sink
      And nope she did not
      Her and her big table can rot

  23. cats simply don't give a f***

    1. Unless you don't do what they want
      Then they will taunt


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