When You Snooze You Lose!

Yeah, I know I went all "over used saying" in the title I have displaying. But we aren't going down the typical lane today with that. If you are slow you deserve to lose to a cat. That is just typical anyway for you always lose to the cat at this bay. I may gloat too much. But someone has to and such. Now on with the show. You humans really are not in the know.

Let's build a clock.
Big revelation, such a shock.
It will tell time.
Wow, you are in your prime.

Wait, that has been done.
Let's have some fun.
We can put an extra button on it.
This will surely be a hit.

We will call it snooze.
Pass me some more booze.
Oh that hit the spot.
Don't you think this will be hot?

After all at each house,
When all are sleeping like a mouse.
They idiots set their alarms early,
Then they can hit the button all squirrely.

Instead of setting it,
Not like a nitwit.
At the time they want to get up.
And go fill their coffee cup.

Let's make no point in the alarm.
What could be the harm?
They just raise their arm,
And stay on the funny farm.

A few minutes more,
They want to snore.
Waking up to turn it off.
Giving them enough time to scoff.

Then it will go off once more.
Same old encore.
Until finally they grumble,
And out of bed they stumble.

Oh this will be a hit.
Surely not a money pit.
But might cause some strife.
Just another dumb habit in life.

When all one needs to do.
Is set it for the time that's true.
That way no button to hit,
And no morning fit.

You get up when you are supposed to.
Not hitting on button on cue.
Makes little sense,
Boy, you humans are dense.

But I suppose that is always the way.
Now go enjoy your day.
While the cat goes back to sleep.
And you sit at work counting sheep.

Wasn't that fun? It just so had to be done. For it is something that does make little sense and proves humans are so dense. The cat wins once more with his encore. Now go pass some gas, that will wake you and your lass. It may be a bit crass. But that is nothing new for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. oh how nice it would be
    to wake up gently at my sea
    no need for alarm, maybe
    it could give a gentle shake
    or release the smell of cokies bake-
    ing, instead of something
    that feels like getting hit by a rake

    1. True that would be grand
      To the smell of beach sand
      Or something better than a damn beep or ring
      That just makes you want to take it and give it a fling
      And didn't even brag about your burst
      That is a first haha

    2. How about a coffee pot?
      Yes, my idea rocks!

    3. Hmm you already have that
      So technically it is a fact and not idea from your mat

  2. I actually saw a farting alarm clock in a mail order catalogue one time. Dang, I knew I should have bought that thing!!!

    1. LOL well if it actually does smell
      I'll hand them out as christmas gifts at my cell

  3. I'm with you on the snooze button thing Pat, they are kind of dumb. Like you say, instead of setting it at a time that'll allow plenty more snoozes, why not just set it later and then get up? That way they'll have plenty more healing, uninterrupted sleep.

    1. Yeah makes more sense to do
      But then if one can't sleep at their zoo
      It doesn't really matter anyway
      Still heave the alarm clock in the bay

  4. Alarm clocks are passe'
    I use a cellphone at my bay
    but basically I wake with the sun
    it's ever so much more sun
    so in summer I'm up very early
    though this could make me surly
    in winter taking cue from a bear
    I am a bit later in my lair.
    Enjoy your day
    before autumn goes away!

    1. Yeah I use my watch
      Beats some scotch
      The sun makes it easier to wake
      As one can go to the lake
      Winter on the other hand
      Makes you want more sand
      To stay asleep
      Rather deep

  5. Oh, I've done worse. I've set my clock so that it's looked like I was getting up at 5:30 am instead of 5 am. But it started getting confusing, and I had to switch my clock back to the real time.

    Some days I hit snooze and not even realize it. I really hate that. :P

    1. haha yeah that is the worst
      Hitting it once it gives its burst
      And not even knowing
      I too set it 10 minutes or so ahead with its time showing

  6. The Mister does something worse.
    Makes me want to curse.
    He sets the clock 10 minutes ahead
    so he doesn't run late and all that dread.
    But he KNOWS it's not the right time.
    I just think it's a crime.
    Before I knew, I thought I was late
    then he explained the weird idea on his plate.
    Geesh! lol....

    1. LMAO it's a good idea though
      And one I use too at my show
      Watch, car clock and bedside clock are all 10 minutes ahead
      Does that cause you dread? haha

    2. It does not cause me dread.
      But I am shaking my head.
      I want my clock at the correct time
      and not try to play a trick on my own mind.

    3. haha but it is always the correct time somewhere
      Just not at your lair

  7. hahahah. i dont have issues with alarms. i usually wake up on my own around 8am. i go to work around 10am. but now i'm job free so it's screwing up my 8am routine and making me lazy. i'm not off bed till 10am or 11am!!

    1. Must be nice to do
      I'd be lazy too
      If only I could quit
      And 10 geez that would be nice for a bit

  8. Waking up early is a habit
    An alarm clock is still required
    Hit snooze then ok to the beat
    No bother even if you're tired


    1. Yeah I always wake up without one
      But smashing it can be fun
      And sometimes must be done
      If you don't want the thing to run

  9. how did some of the blogs I was following turninto poetry blogs?

  10. I saw a clock that flew up and hovered if set to alarm

    That would be fun to wake up the farm

    1. Yeah that would be fun to see
      Might scare the kitty

  11. I did wake up
    with radio song,
    so there no use
    of snooze or gong.

    Another good: for my background
    I would wake up with sea waves sound...

    1. Sea waves would be nice
      And with the song one has to roll the dice
      Could be crap
      And ruin your nap

  12. Somehow I don't feel as if this rhyme is going to help me get to work on time!! (I totally didn't mean to rhyme right there!! Damn cat is rubbing off on me...)

    1. LMAO nothing can help you get to work on time
      And now that you rhyme you can do away with your love for the mime

  13. so true, there is actually a support group in dublin for snoozers!

    1. Wow they have a support group for everything
      Even for the snooze ring

  14. I used to set my alarm to same tune as my cellphone, later the ring started to give me creeps. So, now I have tone different from my normal ring and I keep the alarm far away so that I cant hit snooze button. I use my bedroom tv to wake me up. Refreshing news about shootings and rape sure is the way to break your dawn.

    1. Hmm now sure how refreshing that would be
      But would sure wake up me
      Keeping it far away
      Is also a good idea so you can't turn off its display

  15. Autumn and winter just kills me, because now, instead of waking up to the beautiful sunset, I wake up and it's pitch black. My body insists that it's not time to get up at that point, and based on how many times I hit that snooze button, I'm starting to think it's onto something.

    1. Yeah that is pretty much the same here
      As stupid winter kicks into gear
      Hermit status is on the rise
      Until the sun once more flies

  16. I've never understood the point of the snooze button, either!

    1. Yep there is no point
      Except to make one smack things at their joint

  17. ha...the snooze button is my greatest friend...and biggest enemy..smiles

    1. Yep, two sides of a coin for some
      Can annoy my little rhyming bum

  18. Cats have the right idea about sleep: sleep, stretch, glare derisively at the world about him, turn over, sleep some more.

    1. haha yeah that is such the life
      Full of sleep and little to no strife

  19. Pat! It's been awhile since I've had a browser that will let me comment on people's posts, but i've definitely enjoyed the fact that you seem to have an endless supply of rhymes. You must be getting to the point where almost everything you think of starts to rhyme!

    1. Glad you are finally back to form
      I never knew that wasn't the norm
      Just figured you were busy and all
      Over at your hall
      And yep rhymes just flow
      As the posts grow

  20. Humans are dumb. Cat has the right idea.

  21. long night at work...I slept in this morning. I open up blogger, see your post title, realize I wasted my whole morning. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    1. Aren't you rude haha
      Glad I could wake you up dude

  22. I hate my alarm...so does the dog! Haha...he grumbles more than I do because it makes him jump as much as it does me...hehe...I sually wake up before it goes of Beep, beep, beep so it can't make me jump out of my skin but, some days I miss it and the air turns a bit blue with a swear word or two... Ahem... rhyming I hope you note!~! :)

    1. Yes I always take note
      When I rhyme comes and you got my vote
      Bloody hell gets a ring
      And sure for the dog those beeps must sting

  23. NOW

    A watch the clock became.
    And that is not the same.
    Day’s work became a strain
    conception just a pain.
    We all are in a stock.
    Now; better was the clock.

    1. If not for the shock
      Of the said clock
      Could start off without a grumble
      And less of a stumble
      But then with no pain
      I guess there is no gain

    2. That is in fact quite true.
      Without a pain will you,
      to safe to ever rock,
      envision watch - not clock.


    3. Unclench the fist
      The strap it on your wrist
      And let go
      Finding time truly does flow

  24. I hate the alarm clock but I can't wake up now without it ~

    So, I set it up for a nice music, soothing to listen to ..he..he..

    Wishing you Good night Pat ~

    1. Well music beats the beep beep beep
      Or waking up to some talk show creep

  25. Ugh... Somedays I need 4 different alarm clocks to get myself out of the bed...

    1. Wow that is a ton
      Must gives your ears a ring and not sound fun

  26. I'm looking for a clock with a booze button.

    1. Then you could wake up drunk
      To some kind of funk

  27. I wish I needed an alarm clock, but I don't as I wake up the same time every morning. And so I don't need a snooze button.

    1. That is good though
      I usually can do that at my show


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