Whoopdi Friggin Doo Searches For A Sound Crew!

Robbie Raisin is back and you know I never lack. But Whoopdi Friggin Doo is going national now. All of you will see me and bow as I come out on stage. I'll be all the rage. But that means a new sound crew I have to hire and during the interviews things surely got dire. I'll show you the best of the worst. Boy, were they whacko in their burst. Think it is something in the water? Maybe they ate bad sea otter? Whatever the case may be you can surely see why they were never hired by me.

Why should I choose you for this job over Bob?

Keepin it Real Folks: "OOOOHHHHH"

Wow, you sure put effort into the interview I'll say. You do know it's the middle of the day?

How much are you looking for to help my fame grow forever more?

Fred: "i think I'll crumble up this scribbled up paper and take a shot at the wastepaper basket"

So you think I would double it. The rim you could not even hit.

What do you think of my show? Don't be afriad to let me know.

Brian:  "its like a soap opera isnt it, get enough people to togeher and the piles start to shit up"

You can't even spell. So I say go to Hell! Such rude people now a days. I guess weeding them out during the interview process pays.

What are you thinking right now as you raise that eyebrow?

RCB: "I wonder if there's a color called Poo Blue"

So you think about poo during an interview? Good thing I never asked you what you knew. I'd probably get more toilet talk. You are not up to snuff and so take a walk.

What is your best advice for making those pay the price?

Al: A mime with a sneeze isn't the worst of woes. Unless he ended up with boogers from his nose.

Okay, I guess the nut jobs really are out today. First the poo and now boogers come due. Did someone call the bodily fluid squad? Of course Brian gave a nod.

What do you think of office romance and what is your stance?

Betsy: "I guess you get in trouble if you blow me a She's Sweet bubble"

I guess I'll never do that, I'll go back to the OHHHHH interviewee to chew such fat.

How are you? Are you ready for your interview?

Anne: "I've been a bit of a grump with my head up my rump."

Hmmm that is talent I will admit. But I don't think that will make my show a hit. Especially if it stays there a bit and you have to ummm shit.

Can you do a cartwheel while you eat a happy meal?

Gloria: "????????"

Oh dear. I confused her I fear.

Will you show up on time and work for a dime?

Hank: "Top of the table! Hank"

Great! He talks in the third person, just my fate.

Would you make me lunch during a time crunch?

YeamieWaffles: "I hope that you get to eat a bat"

Hmm your cooking leaves much to be desired. If you were ever hired you'd surely be fired.

Anything you wish to share other than your obsession with hair?

Jax: "I have an elephant figurine in my room that I face towards the door."

That will surely get you the job if it weren't for the two elephant figurines owned by Bob.

What is with that dirty look? Are you writing a book?

Elsie: " I'm just catching up from yesterday and saw that you called me OLD"

Well I have to tell the truth. Is it my fault you look like an old bitty named Ruth?

Is your work ethic high like that Bob guy?

Daydreamertoo: "....and not half arsed or fat arsed at all ...simply all about a lazy arse"

Why not just say ass? Think arse has more class?

What is your thoughts on people and their work plots?

Heaven: "Then of course, they whine harder and louder now"

Hmmm are we talking about the same thing? I never asked about a fling.

Do you expect special treatment at all when you are on call?

Mary: "thankfully no one has ever thrown soup!"

Hmmm I guess that is a no if you are willing to stoop that low.

What do you think when you let this picture sink?

Sherry: "did you know bananas are a natural mosquito repellant"

Wow, so you look at a house and you think of not a mouse but a bug. I think your hole is dug.

Things can cause a strain, can you handle the free reign?

Adam: "They are also berries and slightly radioactive"

Are you trying to prove you are better than the rest? I doubt they are radioactive, they may smell bad at best.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg too. Now I will show you another 1000 questions that came due.........


I think I will end his rant right there. I hope he and Bob have quite the affair. Maybe they will shoot whoopdi friggin doo near your town and then you can come on down. The Price is Right already has that line. Maybe you could swing down on a vine? Tarzan might not let such a thing come to pass. But no matter what it is fun to use the comments left to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I LOVE posts where you include all of us and Robbie Raisin is one of my favourite characters so that makes it all the sweeter. Gloria's answer to that question was just perfect too.

    1. Robbie Raisin has such fun
      He picks on everyone
      And Gloria might give an oh dear
      If she is near

  2. for real on the bananas, i need to make some investments is so to cu the blood suckers at my show, quite the row at your friends and visitors, how quirky at your inquisitors, they really need a spell check thingy on the comment box you bringy

    1. hahaha yeah spell check they seem to neglect
      But I seem to detect
      One from you too
      A time or two at my zoo haha

  3. The sun is out,birds are singing, it's bright and early
    yet you've given me cause to become bitter and surly
    Instead of picking on my eye, you target my age
    making me want to fly into a horrible rage
    don't let me get near that microphone they're using for the interview
    cause I'm about to shove it down inside you! ha ha ha

    Happy Monday Pat =)

    1. Do you need a hand to help you with that Elsie? Happy to help.

    2. Hooray! The calvary has arrived! Sure thing, MaMTC...but are you sure you want to risk a flea bite?

    3. Robbie Raisin did that
      Not the cat
      I guess your one eye missed that
      With your old age making it go at your mat hahaha
      See that was all me
      I said it with glee
      And they were your words not mine
      So you can't blame the feline
      And the microphone was only a small clip on one
      So if you give the shoving a run
      I'll just get some fiber in my diet
      And then someone will get hit by it
      As out my rear it will fly
      And just like old one eye
      Needing some help
      But you'll never make me yelp

    4. It's obvious Robbie hangs out with the cat
      and caught some fleas while chilling at his mat
      because Robbie is just plain mean
      picking on one he's never seen.
      I will blame the feline and punish him
      because I do things on a whim
      and I think I'll find a large microphone
      one that will make him cry and moan....

      **you know, one day someone is going to call PETA on me LOL

    5. You've dug yourself a very deep grave here Cat as I'm turning 50 tomorrow and I'm OLDER than Elsie. Yes, I can taste the sweet taste of revenge.

    6. *chuckling* Get him, Anne!!

    7. Pfft Robbie has his own place
      The cat would scratch his face
      But since he got to you
      The cat will let him continue
      And spout off about old one eye
      Even if it is a lie
      I should sick the PETA on you
      Then they'd make you moo
      With a good dose of something
      That will make you oh so perky at your wing\
      But at least with that old age
      You still have such rage hahahaha

      Pffft a couple of old farts
      With such good hearts
      That the Golden Girls want you
      For a new show for all to view

    8. Anne and golden 50. First off happy B'day Anne, we would love to serve cat's head in silver platter as your B'day gift

    9. Good luck with that
      You'll never catch the cat

  4. I'm honored and humbled to be among the chosen few!!! Next time I'll try to think of something more profound to say other than OHHHHHH. Perhaps a big ol' WHOO HOO!!!!

    1. hahaha well that might get something more
      The next time Robbie Raisin comes to my shore

  5. hahahahaa. I loved Jax's answer and you are getting beaten up to pulp by that one-eyed Elsie for sure.
    morning fun.. :)

    1. hahaha yeah plenty of fun answers today
      As all have their say
      And pffft old one eye can rant away
      She still has one scary display

    2. Wecome back MaMTC!!!

      Cat you're well and truly fecked!

    3. Pfft not a chance
      I'll just show may arse and pop out a lance

    4. Your arse is infested with boils and we all know it. Better to lance one of those Cat!

    5. Yeah but then they pop
      And the puss won't stop
      How is that for a visual aid
      That one will never fade

    6. Love to read threats from Anne. pat/cat give it up already.

    7. Pfft she threats all year long
      But the cat's still here with his zebra thong

  6. a she's sweet bubble
    sounds like someone could get in trouble
    wonder what we were originally chatting about?
    you remember, I have no doubt!

    1. Yeah I remember what is was
      It was the same old rhyme buzz
      The Gloria was sucking up to you
      And your comment came due haha

  7. And I want to know
    about the elephant at Jax's show
    and why it faces the door.
    Is it so it won't be bored?

    1. It's probably to keep something away
      Like a deadly sun ray
      Or those evil vending machines
      Maybe man eating cantines haha

    2. True...or strawberries.
      even birds that make her wary.

    3. haha yeah and elevators too
      Plus 50 others things that come due

  8. Is it sad I remember saying that?

  9. I don't know if there IS a color called Poo Blue, but if not, we should submit this to Crayola immediately. They need to hear this.

    1. haha I wonder if a royalty will come due
      If so, we better send it to crayola's zoo

  10. Replies
    1. haha he'll need it
      With his whoopdi friggin doo fit

  11. I really like it when you combined our comments with whatever questions..ha..ha....This was a delight to read....just when did I say that (as Heaven)...Happy autumn day to you Pat ~

    1. Yeah it is fun to do
      All the time here at my zoo
      It was said with something a little while back
      When I went on a rant at my shack

  12. Oh dear I know you love to confuss me LOL

    1. haha yes that is fun
      And once in a while has to be done

  13. "Top of the table! Hank, Great!
    He talks in the third person,just my fate"

    Some days he got it made
    Other times it was plain luck
    But he'll make it a point
    To leave his comments
    A respite from the jaunts
    For Pat and the Cat
    Always a pleasure


    1. Always a pleasure to read as well
      As you ring the comment bell
      And the Robbie Raisin may abuse
      But trying to be first you always amuse haha

  14. Yes, I can surely see
    Why they were never hired by thee.


    1. Yeah not all that grand
      Here in my litterbox sand

  15. Laughing my arse off! But bananas ARE natural mosquito repellents and they might work on mimes, too!

    1. Well with the mimes you can't go wrong
      Hopefully bananas chase them all to Hong Kong

  16. Whoopdi Friggin Do
    I hope you
    choke on a shoe.

    For out of context
    I was taken
    and sport
    you made
    of me.

    And of
    my friend
    you've picked
    again for
    living long
    no less.

    So at
    you're bay
    I've come
    to play
    and say

    "Feck off you horrid Cat!"

    1. My beautiful almost birthday girl has arrived! Now the cat will pay for Robbie Raisin's crass remarks!

    2. Pfft the cat will not pay
      Not one cent from his bay
      You will all just fry
      And fall over and die
      For the cat will never lose
      Go suck on some booze
      As you age to well over the hill
      Have you updated your will? hahahahaha

    3. I have updated my will Cat. And every shit I take is being preserved and left for you!

    4. haha well one day things may run dry
      And your shit could make me very rich or at least give me something to chuck in an enemies eye

  17. Well, I can actually do a cartwheel and eat a happy meal at the same time. Practice makes perfect, they say.

    Whoopdi Friggin Doo!

  18. I can burp at will,
    will this fit the bill!

  19. Tomorrow is my actual birthday Cat and I may stay offline and just spend time with the family.

    I'm now over the hill and careening madly to the bottom!!

    1. Well happy birthday a day early
      I hope being over the hill doesn't make you squirrely
      And you go chew on nuts
      And hibernate in your tree huts haha

  20. what a unique type of interview


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