A dVerse Narration Of An Altercation!

Brian was oh so mean and would not let the cat into the dVerse scene. He said it was for the high class this week and the cat was just up the creek. So I figured I would show him or at least give his mohawk a trim. That would get me in. I pulled out the big words for the win.

Don't stand in deliberation.
Pretending to use your imagination.
I will make you suffer humilation.
Through a bit of manipulation.

Purification or rectification.
The choice is your specification.
I will not bow to unionization.
Instead I'll sue for victimization.

This is no exaggeration?
I call for an investigation.
For your elimination.
And an ass inoculation.

The later is for gratification.
Open to interpretation.
With a little modification.
It could suffer multiplication.

That could lead to irradiation.
Or some other intoxication.
Or just some gasification.
Do you need some edification?

Why is this a one sided communication?
You are asking for annilihation.
That movie should get no accreditation.
Back to your cooperation.

Should I use abbreviations?
Or some visualizations?
Pfft screw such solicitation.
The cat has way more sophistication.

But you may need some recuperation.
For leaving me out in this precipitation.
I have representation.
For all my valuable fertilization.

I could call for an evacuation.
With a little coordination.
Care to change my classification?
You are becoming quite the aggravation.

Standing with such neutralization.
Like some ornamentation.
Are you an alien manifestation?
Or suffering from inhabitation?

Are they going for mummification?
Time for some obliteration.
I say that with capitalization.
You will suffer my electrafication.

Watch out for detoxification.
That is a bad visualization.
I now end your monopolization,
And this communication.

Still the same illustration?
Not a single fluctuation.
Guarding your dVerse federation.
Willing to go through mitigation.

So starts my operation.
With a little innovation.
I will enter your dVerse station.
Look! It's a three headed dalmation!

I ran by Brian and he did not even twitch. Not even with the fleas I gave him to make him itch. I gave him a nudge with my head and he fell over umm dead? No, I guess not. Boy, is dVerse all hot to trot. I guess the fame went to his head for Brian is not dead. He made up a cardboard cutout of himself over at the dVerse self. So I guess the cat was having a conversation all alone. Oh well, I didn't like that cutout's tone. Brian, next time hide your cutout and stop its sass or I'll use it to wipe my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. One here and there
      Damn you are good at that stalking affiar haha

  2. Brian is a dear friend
    Got on first at his bay
    First here too just the same
    Double luck on this day

    Rantings here for justification
    Getting into d'Verse needs no modification
    Just make friends the Cat's no exception
    That had been my experience


    1. Yeah Brian is grand
      Fun to pick on at my land
      And your experience is surely right
      The easiest way to take flight
      And avoid a fight
      With a cardboard cutout some night

  3. I'm sure this will leave Brian in dismay.
    Where is he, anyway?

    1. I had one of those life size cutouts years ago
      of my favorite NASCAR drive, don't you know.

    2. hahaha he was a tad slow
      You beat him to my show
      Oh the shame
      That will surely in flame

      No longer around?
      I'm sure he could scare a kitty or two and a hound

    3. He got smashed behind a door
      and he head wouldn't stay up any more!

    4. LOL well that is just rude
      The poor cardboard cutout dude

  4. my first laugh is that i would be anything high class
    with my mohawked ass would be thrown out the repast

    i got no update on you post
    had to come looking for the one who rhymes the most...

    1. hahahaha that's what made it fun
      Knowing it would not be done
      Thanks for looking
      At dVerse I'll still be booking

  5. and for all the -ation you got going on i might need a vacation or at least a creme for that irritation....smiles.

    1. haha hope the cream doesn't cost much
      And it doesn't sting when you touch

  6. This was more than a little alteration
    For you gave the whole yarn of the nation
    No, we will need no evacuation
    as D'verse is here to stay - poetry station ~

    Happy Day Pat ~

    1. haha got you going with the tion
      That is fun by by calculation
      A happy day brings gratification
      After such an altercation

  7. He will suffer your creation
    These words of abomination
    Will send him back to his station
    And the fleas will itch during his masturbation.

    1. That would suck
      You go to umm cluck
      And then suffer an itch
      Unable to complete the pitch

    2. See you like Dan
      You are a fan

    3. Of course she's a fan!
      I'm the man
      Who goes by Dan
      And serves up turtle in a pan!

    4. Add some ketchup to mine
      And I'll be a happy feline

  8. I won't comment about Workingdan's reply.

    I like all the endings with "tion." Only you can make words flow so rhymingly (is there such a word? I don't think so) beautiful.

    1. haha scared of workingdan
      All can be said without ban
      And if you can say it it's a word
      At my joint no matter how absurd haha

    2. What is everyone so afraid of? lol

      I build a wall of shame and it's a claim to fame but many fear it all the same!

    3. Not feared here
      Anything can be taken by my little rhyming rear

  9. In order do not have a stagnation,
    I'd create the animation
    of all this story as salvation
    at your bay happy celebration

    1. There would be gratification
      For the displayed animation
      And its mind's saturation
      After such an evaluation

  10. I too like the tions
    I like them a ot
    I like them tons!

    1. Wow you really like them I'd say
      The itions will return one day

  11. Replies
    1. haha you counted them all
      Thanks for letting me know at my hall

  12. Well, I have to admit that you did a wonderful job of showing your skills in the big word department!! I'm sure next time you'll be the first to receive a Dverse invitation. lol

    1. Those big words are fun
      And all are known under my sun
      Now if I go all weird and wacky ones
      I may give some the runs

  13. Whoa. That's a lot of "tions," cat! I'm impressed!

  14. There's no way that the cat is beneath anybody, although Brian is awesome and hilarious at this rhyming sea. Awesome rhymes as usual Pat, great job mate.

    1. The cat will lift a leg to the cutout
      And make it pout
      As he walks on by
      Cardboard smells when not dry haha

  15. That sounded like a high class rap, if there is such a thing. Excellent job!!!

    1. haha high class rap
      Not sure such a thing is on tap
      But fun to think about
      With my shout

  16. This reminded me of the lawyer on Seinfeld! It was great, I could see him sitting at his desk, on the phone, using your rhyme ha ha ha!!

    1. haha that could work
      The cat has a seinfeld perk

  17. This Brian ain't lying but I do smell ><(((ยบ> frying.

    1. haha quite the smell
      You did well
      And nope another Brian
      Did this cryin

  18. Pat hatt whoz owned
    by sum cats
    Thanx for stopping by
    N lendin sum chats

    Nice ta meet ewe
    N Orlin n cassie
    A rapper, a ryhmer
    A kitteh who be sassie

    Stop by trout towne any time
    Were ewe wont see burd
    They bee stooooopid N rood

    Peace out N rock on, long live trout

    1. haha thanks for the shout
      I'll take some trout
      Prissy Cassie will too
      She'll just eat it slower than me or you
      Will be on over
      As long as there is no butt sniffing rover

  19. Rectification

    Somehow things always come back to your bum Cat.

    Sent you an email with a pic of your figure. I'm going to be even more absent than usual. I did a post that explains it. Have a good week Cat.

    1. You just always look for that
      So it is there for you to see from the cat haha
      And away some more
      Geez awful long time at your shore

  20. I will do some invesitgation
    into the use of alliteration
    and if we need any deliberation
    we can do it after intoxication
    before everyone's obliteration
    and alcohol cessation.

    1. Then the cat will wait
      Until drunk is alls fate
      And steal the tip jar
      Leaving you all passed out at the bar

  21. I'm all 'ationed' out at this imbrication of assassination of the English language (Haven't got a clue what that all means...hope you do) but... this: 'And an ass inoculation'....I'd give a miss too!
    Glad Brian still has his Mowhawk...LOL

    1. haha you I'd miss such a thing to my ass
      That would just be crass
      And confused you
      So fun to do

  22. I'm so confused too - please don't hit me with a shoe! ;)

  23. Heavens, what a shredding the cat gave the cutout. I'm clueless to what this is about. Nothing new at my show, as on the internet everyone can have a go. This is however, my favorite of your rhyming rants, even if that cat can't be taught to wear pants (UK English for that one).

    1. haha the cat is cluelss too
      He just thought of it and it came due
      As the tion words started to flow
      And a favorite sure works at my show

  24. Mr. Hatt and cat of fame
    did you know your poem's format has a name?
    It is called a Monorhyme
    (I have used from time to time)
    while I have your attention,
    just thought that it was worth a mention.
    I applaud your alliteration,
    glad I stopped in for investigation!!

    Thanks leaving my poem the note
    'bye for now. That's all she wrote!! :-)

    1. Thanks for the note
      Never knew that at my boat
      Good to know
      As I monorhyme away at my show

  25. This is our first visit,
    And we're wond'ring, Just who is it?
    We dunno who are the cats
    Or which are humans, things like that.
    We guess we'll learn
    If we return
    To keep reading--
    We'll be needing
    Quite a scorecard
    To identify each Bard!

    1. Yeah tons come to my sea
      They all rhyme with glee
      Or at least try
      The cat let's the rhymes fly
      All can easily be found
      Here at my ground
      Up under who's who
      Then all will have a clue

  26. oh ha...high class...smiles...where did you find all the ...ion words and never harm a poet's mohawk just saying...smiles

    1. Maybe high class gas?
      haha that woul be fun for my rhyming ass
      I will leave the mohawk be
      He might then come and gawk me


  27. I may not be original.
    A standing ovation for your creation.
    Your talents are

    1. I made you stand
      That is grand
      At least a little exercise I gave
      As I rant and rave haha

  28. Thanks for stopping by. We were never good at rhyming or verse, but we sure can purr!

    1. haha purring works too
      If rhyming is no good for you

  29. Fun use of the shun in rhyme and in pun, love the irradiation, but please, not too much gasification lol Sometimes those cardboard cut outs are way too life like, especially after one too many trysts with the catnip. Fun write late this night

    1. haha yeah the cat nip can make them seem alive
      But the cutouts will never survive

  30. Nice job! If you can't beat 'em - rhyme them under the table!!

    1. That is the best way
      To cause them much dismay

  31. you know, talking to yourself - even if you're a cat - isn't good . .


    1. Could just mean there is no one better to talk too
      Or I could be crazy at my zoo

  32. i don't understand
    what this poem is about
    i suspect eye rolling roodness
    vulgarity no doubt

    there is talk of cats
    spunky mohawk'd studs
    no evidence of erudition
    just wrestling in the mud

    lacking in considered contemplation
    just a twaddle of chirps
    i'm afraid this is
    a frivolous twitter of
    masturbatory verse

    1. If one isn't in the know
      Can be quite the confusing flow
      But oh well
      I still ring the bell
      Nonsense is grand
      Here in my land
      And if one can't stand
      While they can simply pound some sand haha

  33. Replies
    1. Had to look the second up
      Caused me a hiccup haha

  34. Oh my! What great elation!
    That through poetic migration
    you've discovered the foundation
    of a non-cessation jubilation!

    A rather nice compilation
    of a veritable feline notation.
    Such a wonderful sensation
    deserves a standing ovation!

    What a great use of collocation,
    with such strong affectation
    But I suspect some commutation
    that Brian was involved - at least through dictation.

    Perhaps a bit of human collaboration
    added to this cat's conversation?
    For certainly a cat's inclination
    to offer this presentation
    came only from the obsfucation
    of his daily licking obligation.......

    So it is my considered observation
    that the effort put into this dissertation
    exceeds any cat's contemplation.

    Have you an explanation?

    1. The cat likes to grow
      So continues his flow
      Plus he's in the know
      And doesn't just eat crow

      Not above biting a toe
      Will never lawn mow
      Might eat a pretty bow
      As with above and below

      The cat does more than roll dough
      Or lick high and low
      So came this flow
      As explainatory as I get at my show haha


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