A dVerse Song About Some Ding Dong!

A while ago, yeah I know I'm slow. But when you are 40 posts ahead it takes a while to put a new post to bed. Or rather to get it shown so don't pick a bone. As I was saying, Zongrik sent the cat this pic below that I'm displaying. So it is only fitting I let it roll and go for a dVerse stroll.

First came the ding,
Then came the dong.
That doorbell continued to ring,
Playing its joyous song.

My nap was screwed,
My day was off.
It's time to get rude.
It's time to scoff.

Humans have it easy.
Humans have it rough.
They are quite sleazy.
Dressing must be tough.

You ruin my nap,
You ruin my day.
Well you silly sap.
This is what I have to say.

I'm gonna bite your toe,
Tear apart your shoe.
Wrap you in a bow,
Big, bright and blue.

Walk across your head,
Jump on your gut.
I'll cause so much dread,
You'll become a nut.

Slapped in a rubber room.
Ranting about my deeds.
But it won't all be doom.
Nurse Ratchet will see to your needs.

Pop you a pill,
Red, green and blue.
You'll have your fill.
Believing you are cuckoo.

All for the hell.
You gave me this day.
Get rid of that damn bell.
Or suffer this way.

Yes, my little human.
You can beat the drums.
Shout out to your crewman,
And give off simple hums.

The feline will sing,
More loud and proud.
The payback will sting.
So pull back the shroud.

Gimmie the good stuff.
Gimmie what I want.
Or I'll get rough.
Crazy you will flaunt.

Now my song is through.
Now I have to yawn.
So get a clue,
You are just a pawn.

Playing a joyous song.
The doorbell gave a ring.
It was its final dong.
You brought forth the ding.

So don't wake the cat or any other one from a nap or you may end up in the loony bin for a lap. At least you'll get free meals I suppose. And all because a cat caused you woes. Never mess with a feline and their nap, you silly sap. I'll do more than dig up your grass and that is a promise from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. This has a great flow to it, I love your rhyming show. I sort of felt like I was bouncing along while reading this, my brother's in the room and I thought I'd rhyme it out loud, love it Pat, awesome as usual, my brother was impressed too.

    1. I could impress two
      Nice to know at my zoo
      As I rhyme away
      When humans make the cat have a bad day haha

  2. haha the cat can wail, better than banging a rusty pail, the ding dong doorbell can sure cause hell a rough life for the feline mind another winner from your rhyming behind

    1. Bang on some pots and pans all day
      That would cause some dismay
      Rusty pail might give me germs though
      Or some disease, you never know haha

  3. I would keep you upon my lap
    just so I could wake you from your nap
    I'd give a pinch and squeeze
    and laugh as you began to wheeze
    a smile would spread across my face
    as I sprayed you with a can of mace
    then I'd laugh as you ran away
    and I left you to relax at my own bay


    Happy Tuesday, Cat...miss me while I was away?

    1. But with one good flinch
      A scratch it sure would clinch
      Just ask Pat
      He has scars on his leg and arm from the cat
      So best to leave me be
      If you still want one eye to see haha
      Sure I suppose
      I missed causing you woes
      With the one eye
      Making you cry

    2. Do you know that's why I don't like cats? I had one scratch me from forehead to chin when I was about three. I can still see it's paws raking down my face and then see the image of myself in the mirror and the blood - poor tiny me. =(

      I knew you missed me. Tormenting me is always a thrill for the cat!

    3. Were you toturing the poor cat?
      Trying to dress it and all of that haha
      Still yeah sucks to get scratched that way
      But a dogs bite can also surely cause dismay
      Plus a human with a gun
      Can be even less fun haha

  4. haha very good, their used to be at least one experiment I heard of where they wake sleeping cats....I don't remember what the reason was. I could do with a little cat nap myself.

    1. An experiment on cats
      Hmph guess they ate all the rats
      Dumb humans get their due
      A cat nap would be nice, it's true

    2. I would just poke them with a stick and see if they a: go insane or b: eat my face

    3. haha could do both
      Would surely stunt your growth

  5. I will be walking with a spring in my step
    Your ding dong lyrics give me lots of pep.
    I'll be singing them aloud all day
    keeping the cats and cat naps at bay!

    1. Sing away
      Through the whole day
      Your dogs may even join in
      That could be a win

  6. Sing along in a sing song
    Can be a ding ding or dong
    The Cat's having a light nap
    Best to soften up your zap
    If woken up Cat's not happy
    It'll snap and snarl you'll see


    1. Yeah and maybe even scratch
      Leaving a nasty patch
      Where a scar will show
      So best to keep things low

  7. My kids know that I act the same way if they wake me from my afternoon nap. Beware of Mom the bitch!!!

    1. You have them trained well
      They don't want the hell haha

  8. My dog always goes crazy when she hears the door bell

    ironically she just wants to give the person on the other side a smell

    she does not hate people or anything

    just not knowing everything.

    1. Yeah many dogs like to
      Stick their nose up a butt that comes due
      As one comes through the door
      So they make a noise galore

  9. I really, really, really don't want to hear a cat sing!! Something tells me that might kill my ear drums. lol I love the picture though...too cute!!

    1. Pfft knowing you
      You'd be scared and run away at first view hahaha

  10. This was so fun to read Pat ~

    Though I do get grouchy when I am awakened from my long
    nap, at least I get to hear you sing a joyous song

    1. Glad it was fun
      That's what I go for all the time under my sun
      And at least I stop the grouchiness a bit
      With my rhyming fit haha

  11. First over there
    I've done worse I fear
    but I certainly enjoyed the show
    A favorite pic
    of a cat with his sticks
    and human both ready to blow
    At least I beat fifty
    which is rather nifty
    I admit it has been awhile
    Love both the post
    and the feline host
    Always equals a smile :)

    1. Yeah you beat fifty this time
      So at least you got a higher up chime
      Glad it was an enjoyable show
      As the rhyme continued to flow

  12. That cat looks like he's really enjoying the band!
    Lead singer in that land.
    Wailing into the mic
    telling all others to take a hike!

    1. As cats are king
      So he gave a ring
      Letting the humans know
      They should just all bow down below

  13. smiles...ya know...dressing is esp. difficult for the female part of humanity...and all the ding and dong doesn't make it really easier..smiles...i once started to play drums by the way... nice to make a bit of noise sometimes..ha

    1. haha I suppose it is harder for you
      Then for the cat, that is true
      Making a bit of noise
      Can bring joys

  14. Replies
    1. Or fall in a trap
      Where the cat will claw away at any chap

  15. I want some of the happy pills Nurse Rachel is handing out ;)

    1. Think Pat needs some too
      But the cat can share with both of you

  16. I'm gonna bite your toe,
    Tear apart your shoe.
    Wrap you in a bow,
    Big, bright and blue.....NICE :)

  17. Hah--my cat could have written this one ;)


    1. Many seem to think is way
      The cats will rule one day

  18. At least the doorbell woke you up. I probably would have slept through the whole thing.

    1. Yeah sometimes I'll pass on it too
      Or at least pretend to have no clue

    You've got floooow
    Followed 4sure
    Check out the blog for my band Terminally Ill!

  20. The problem is noise,
    those boisterous boys;
    if only they'd hear
    what's torturing your ear....

    1. Yeah but they do not
      And pound a whole lot
      Scarying the cat
      And making me hunt them down like a rat

  21. hahaha can see why though might put up a gripe
    banging drums down ears the whole night - meowwww !!!
    *smiles* ,Pat xxx Lib

    1. Yeah would surely annoy all
      Especially the cats at ones hall

  22. I'll have to pass this memo on to Schultz. He thinks it's okay to wake sleeping cats. LOL!

    1. Prob slobbers on them too
      The things mutts do

  23. aahh this is an special cat and he know that:))

    1. And this one does too
      He's more special, it's true


  24. is that a ding sling from the ryhme king
    or a final fling . . . bling bling!


    1. What a ding dong that was
      With the fling flong buzz haha

  25. Replies
    1. Always fun at my sea
      Or at least somewhat crazy

  26. hell hath no furry like a feline scorned lol great write

    1. Yeah leave the feline be
      Unless you want to lose a knee

  27. Wow, wild little creature, I just wonder what she may have in store for you if you were to inconvenience her beyond waking her up from a nap. Clearly, the cat is in charge here, Pat.

    1. Yeah she rules the roost
      With an attitude to boost

  28. does she sing in the shower too..?

    pretty neat rhyming mr. pat...am impressed...!

    1. haha the shower leaves her a mess
      And the cat always like to impress

  29. hahah okay- great rhyme again but I really just LOVED the opening:

    First came the ding,
    Then came the dong.

    1. haha like the ding dong
      There is a joke in there but could be wrong

  30. I can be really cranky if woken up too soon, like a bear :D

    1. Do you have to hibernate all year?
      bet you are something to fear

  31. Threats from a cat?
    Imagine that!
    All for a silly spat!

    So what? You lost a nap?
    And humans should give a crap?
    Or fall into your sleepy trap?

    Why sleep all day
    when theres so much to do and play?
    Why be filled with dismay?
    when you could knit or crochet?
    Go to Bombay and eat a buffet?
    Take a chance and root for Green Bay?
    Find a good taste in orange serbet?
    Or lick the goodness of a cherry parfait?
    Why would you delay
    preparing for All Saints Day?
    By napping away most of the day?
    Good heavens friend, let me convey
    that singing cats are needed today.
    Let the beating drums steal your heart away
    and swoon me and croon me in a cat's way!

  32. the cat and I are on the same page...disconnecting doorbells should be all the rage.

    quite an enjoyable tune! the cat can really croon.


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