A Trip To Peru But Then Where To?

So once more we delve deep,
Into the mystic keep.
This one many may not know,
As it no longer tends to glow.

But in the mountains of southern Peru,
There is a rock like no other in view.
It seem to be carved into the shape of a door.
Providing material for myths forever more.

Or could it be fact?
For the name of this act,
Is Gate of The Gods.
Think they like cods?

Yeah, an actual stargate.
Who knew there was such a fate?
Even more compelling,
Is that in a past telling

There was a priest who fled,
Not wanting to give the gold off his pretty little head,
When the looters came,
Seeking their fortune and fame.

One such item he held onto,
That might surprise you,
Was a golden disk like thing.
One day he gave the door shape a ring.

Then the story goes,
That there was some mystic type flows,
And he was surrounded by light,
Disappearing from every ones sight.

It also just so happens as well,
Even if it is a tough sell,
That the rock door,
Has the shape of a key hole when you go to explore.

One that would fit a disk like thing,
Should you give it a ring.
And strange things like lights and sound,
Have said to be heard there and around.

Plus sightings of ball shaped things,
Flying with no wings,
Have been spotted more in the last 20 years,
Obviously upping UFO fears.

It is all the ancient gods,
Who may or may not like cods,
And who were obviously alien, if real.
Only way to find out is break the seal.
One day they will return,
Maybe to make us burn.
Could this doorway to supposedly nowhere,
Be an alien affair?

Or just mother nature playing a trick,
With some nut laying it on thick.
Who knows what it could be,
I guess if/when it ever opens we shall see.

There we go another history rundown at my show. Brian brought on a bunch and yeah I may be out to lunch. Actually I am indeed but that doesn't mean one should not take heed. For those probers could come through the door and knock you to the floor. Then you'll spout some sass and know you should have listened to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I really want to go to Peru to see this now, thanks for the History lesson Pat, it's always good to be educated and taught by the cat. Peru has now rocketed up in my must visit places haha.

    1. Good luck there
      Might lose your hair
      Or get the probe
      As the aliens make you disrobe

  2. UFO parking lot! Wonder if this is advertise somewhere in the universe on some house renting site!

    1. Maybe they do
      A pit stop for their universe traveling crew

  3. I wonder what is beyond the rock door;
    what exciting things we could explore?.
    If only we could find the key
    we could go exploring, just you and me.
    But then as my imagination does soar
    I fear it will be only rocks galore.
    (Smiles, and happy Wednesday!)

    1. Yeah prob only rocks
      But could give shocks
      And land us at an alien shore
      If one is to believe the myth and lore

  4. sounds great. i really like the stories that go with ancient sites and places.

    btw, i love cods.

    1. Cods you say
      Glad I could so some love to them at my bay haha
      And yeah always interesting the sites
      That have myths created from past nights

  5. Actually looks like it's held in a giant hand
    Fingers wrapped around the top, oh so grand!

    1. Maybe it's a resting rock monster holding the door
      If on is to explore
      They will soon end up umm rocked
      That will leave one shocked

  6. ha now that is really cool, i'd like to go and be school-ed as to the myths and hints at what it is, finds its his-story and all the glory, i might need to steal from your can for my lesson plan to delight the kids or find some vids if they can get the door to open, on the other side to see i am hoping...

    1. Stealing from the cat?
      Pfft he is fine with that
      For he has stolen a time or two
      From the ideas of you haha
      And if you do open it up
      Let me know what's inside unless it's some alien pup
      Enough of those
      Causing the cat woes

  7. Well, I think that someone should go inside already dammit!!!! I want to know what's in there!!!

    1. P.S. I totally pictured Sam and Dean running to Peru to close the gates to hell. DUn Dun Dunnnnn. lol

    2. LMAO never thought of supernatural at all
      But you're right, they'd sure find out what is inside that wall

  8. I wonder if they will ever send Geraldo Rivera there to find out what's in there?

    1. If they did he won't tell
      Aliens may be a tough sell

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!! What a great premise for a book :)

    1. Wow lots of love for the post
      haha liked by this host
      And yeah the wheels are already turning to use it
      As soon as I can write a bit

  10. The Scribe read this and said, "Can't they look over that wall?"
    "No, it's magic."
    "Well," she said, "it's probably just the door to Heaven or Hell. And if it could be Hell, it's not worth risking."

    I love how she said it's "JUST the doors to Heaven or Hell." *still smiling* Oh to be a child again ;)

    1. LOL love where their minds go too
      And yeah if it is Hell should be avoided by all but a few

  11. I blame it all on LSD or wild mushrooms. I hear they got some great stuff in Peru that can make ya hallucinate.

    1. That is also true
      Maybe they were just high as a kite when such things came into their view

  12. Love it, love, it, love it... I want the key to go look see...damn I rhymed again! ;)

    1. All love this one
      Guess aliens are fun
      And rhyming once more
      Here at my shore

  13. only your rhymes can make history sound funny... :)

    hope you are doing fine cat..
    been away for a while !!

    1. I can make history funny
      If only the money was runny haha
      Fine as one can be
      Here at my sea

  14. I would like a trip to Peru

    but not a loo.

    1. Well the second all go
      Whether you want to or not you know

  15. To Peru on a trip
    Is it on the cards?
    A priest gave the slip
    Looting oh, so smart
    Serious subject, history
    Can be made funny


    1. Yeah can be made fun
      To give a run
      Serious issues may arise
      But away the rhyme still flies

  16. Replies
    1. Yep those little green men
      Or maybe the got a tan at Peru's den

  17. Mmmm I dont know; of course you know I love beside Peru; but is not a place I would like to go; I was in Bolivia many years ago and is amazing is really different.
    Anyway you can go where you like of course:)

    1. The cat would not go there
      Way to far away from my lair
      Plus those aliens might get me
      So the cat will stay at his sea

  18. Interesting. I like the picture you posted as well--I wonder to what scale the formation actually is. It's hard to tell the size of the shrubbery in front of it.

    1. I think it is rather large
      Not sure the scale though of such a rock barge

  19. Sounds like the ancient gods are having quite the party. :D

    1. Yeah the must have been having quite the fling
      I wonder if they could sing

  20. I'm betting there are aliens and mimes behind that door! I wouldn't go near it. LOL!

    1. LOL one probes and the other annoys
      Sure it brings them joys

  21. Loved your post about Peru
    I love to rhyme and so do you
    Think I'll try it at my place
    I'll type fast and not erase!

    1. Erasing can work though
      If you spoil the flow
      But then it can be more fun
      If a mistake is run

  22. I bet the secret is to knock three times, twirl around five times, then say the password at the top of your lungs.

    1. And what would the password be?
      Care to share it with me

    2. It's more than likely ineffable,

      until the very moment after the last twirl,

      when the dancer's mind is resonating in harmony with the door.

      Only then will the scream of the ineffable name be heard only by the aliens and not by the innocent bystanders who would be blown away at even imagining hearing it.

  23. Is that truly a place? Amazing pic. I would charge in the door at this stage of my life.

    1. Yeah it is a place
      With plenty of myth they embrace
      I'd contemplate going in
      Not sure I'd do it though at this stage at my bin

  24. Want to go to Peru more and more!

  25. It is in Peru. hmm Nicholas Cage should hear about this, else we could have National Treasure sequel or that mummified "mummy" series - why did they have to go for suicide with that milksop son of Brendon Frasier- I would love that guy even if he is old and wrinkled.

    1. Well they are remaking the mummy now
      Which is more stupid then making a movie about milking a cow
      And National Treasure 3
      Is supposed to come soon enough at each sea

  26. Peru has a rich history. I like the picture.

  27. To Peru I once went
    By the Navy was sent.
    For a day and a night.
    We stayed at a hotel
    It was oh-so-swell.
    But guinea pigs for dinner?
    Oh, what a fright!

  28. Haha "alien doorway". Maybe it is!


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