Bragging About Myself At My Shelf!

So dVerse wants the cat to self reflect or something like that. A portrait you say? Already had that done at my bay. Every header stars me, which I'm sure you can see. But you want words to them too? I guess I can talk about me to all of you.

I will take no crap,
Let me nap.
Go photo some other chap.
Fine, I will take the lap.

Meow, I'm grand,
Meow, I own my land.
Chirp, that wasn't a bird.
Meow, I'm absurd.

The cupboard I'll plunder.
I'll ignore thunder.
But a simple sound,
Makes me run round and round.

Not afraid to flash.
Pat and I may clash.
For the whole bed is mine.
Lots of room is needed for this feline.

Some might call that greed.
I just call it need.
Or my divine right,
Each and every night.

I purr up a storm,
Meow like the norm,
Leaving Pat with a space,
Big enough for his face.

I can share,
With Cassie at my lair.
The only cat I like,
The rest can take a hike.

At least that is a little bit,
Others I take a hissy fit.
I cheer her up too,
When she is blue.

Rescue her when need be.
Even share a flea.
I'll help bury her waste.
Even give her ears a taste.

Greedy, loyal, funny too.
Meowing, chirping when I chew.
Always ready to attack.
Until someone actually comes to my shack.

Then it's off to the races.
They have scary faces.
The cupboards are my place,
So I take off at a great pace.

Agile, clutsy, messy as well.
Nosey, helpful, watchful of where I dwell.
Impatient, patient, up for a task.
Glutton, destructive and will never ask.

The cat is a friend,
That enjoys driving one around the bend.
Now can't you see I've had it?
I have to go bury some shit.

There you go all done at my show. I like to brag and I meow along with the odd tail wag. Cat's can do it too we just choose when the tail wag comes due. But no matter what I meow all day long at my hut. I hiss and growl sometimes though, especially when heading to that other show. Now little old me has come to pass. I just need to mention I am a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow as soon as the post came due
      There was a visit from you

  2. The Cat is on the header sure thing
    Ever smiling all the time to no end
    Yes, it's nice to hear the bragging
    As one gets to be No.#1 sometimes


    1. LOL bragging once more
      At my shore
      As you go all number one
      Leaving Brian below in the comment run

  3. dolp, hank dropped me
    to number three
    but never fear, i wont flea
    as its fun to see the cat
    & hear on my ear the story of his furry rear
    my cats are nuts, but got one that got beat up
    so we are tending to him, trying to mend his gut
    where a gash from a lash has ripped him up

    1. Brian,you get to be No.1 more times that I know. Plain lucky for me today though!


    2. Such a fight
      Between you and Hank takes flight
      So fun to see
      Who is number one at my tree
      And hopefully the kitty gets well
      Miss Priss has been through hell
      Not fun at all
      And yeah they are nuts jumping off every wall

      Luck you say
      More like stalking my bay hahaha

  4. Ha, you have really chracterized Cat well! My dogs are the same way with space. It is all THEIRS. They also know about 'owning the land.'

    1. haha yeah they own all
      Dog or cat at each all
      We only get what they want to give
      Slaves to them for as long as we live

  5. Omy this Cat really think he is the king!:)
    Look him in the bed is a king size bed lol

    1. haha yeah he thinks he rules all
      Stretching acros the bed from wall to wall

    2. Yeah he does a ton
      Thinks it is quite fun

  6. I'm sure the cat has no problem bragging
    but I can't imagine his tail wagging
    If he laid upon my bed
    I'd swat him upside his head
    that's all you'll get from me today
    the wind may blow me into the bay
    get that smile off your face!
    happy at my misery, you're such a disgrace!

    1. He can wag with glee
      He is part dog you see
      Pfft to you
      I'd drop some poo
      Then you would frown
      When your bed turned brown
      The smile is big I will admit
      But the storm will avoid you, scared of your one eyed fit

    2. Now that's about enough from you being mean to Elsie Cat. She's got a storm coming, so be nice for once in your flea ridden life!

    3. Pffft the damn thing will be here soon
      So I have to make fun before it bothers this loon

    4. I have to look at the news again as I didn't know you Canadians were going to get hit as well. It's up in the Northern States like Connecticut and my Aunty Bridie lives there. I hope your safe cat.

    5. Yeah, I looked and it looks this blasted storm is going to hit our friend Pat and the evil cat too. Even I will be nice and say I hope Pat and his cats are safe.

      And, Anne, I hope your Auntie is safe too.

    6. There's been a mandatory order for evacuation for them. They've went inland yesterday is what my sisters just told me. Hope the houses are okay when they get back.

    7. Yeah it will come this week
      Might send us up shit creek
      But we will survive
      And hopefully get out alive
      If not many posts are ready to go
      So from beyond the cat's rhymes will still flow
      Hope all the houses are okay too
      That is just a pain in the ass to fix all the crap the storm made come due

  7. My head is genuinely nearly exploding from the cuteness of the photos of the cat attached with the hilarious rhymes, man this post is the ultimate dose of cuteness I needed. The cat could out lazy Garfield, the cat's better than Garfield in fact, and there's nothing can be done to shield that fact.

    1. They both think they are cute
      Although the cat is a brute
      While Miss Priss is just prissy
      But bring in another cat and they';; have a hissy
      Maybe kill the big fat cat
      Although Garfield could add fame to my mat

  8. The cat is the king and queen in your bed and house ~

    She is so cute and demanding at the same time ~

    Happy Sunday Pat and the cats ~

    1. Yeah they rule all
      Here at my hall
      Letting me have a small spot
      As they are all hot to trot

  9. ...they always seem to get what they want...

  10. Its good the two cats get along

    my dog tells other dogs so long.

    1. Yeah the two are fine
      But they will not tolerate another feline

  11. ha..i'm glad she at least grants you a tiny place in your bed.. in her kingdom...smiles

    1. Yeah they rule all that is around
      And will let me know with some sound

  12. Dammit Cat, why did you have to post those pictures. I couldn't help but think "how cute that cat is" I did show these pics to my kitty Fang. And you know what she said "I wouldn't tap that if he was the last cat on the planet. I'm out of his league." And she thought those poses were a disgrace to all catkind. She did like your other kitty's, it's just you she finds repulsive.

    I tried to autopost Cat and it didn't work. A title showed up on peoples blogs but no post. What the hell did I do wrong. The fecking thing is up now though.

    1. LOL well who wants an outside dirty cat
      When I can chew the fat
      And having a viking woman at play
      And even you think the cat is cute with his display
      No wonder I will become a god too
      Cassie is prissy and always liked at our zoo
      People just have no clue
      And hmmm to that post coming due
      All I do is set the time and date
      The it serves the post up on a plate
      No idea why it won't show the words
      Prob google off playing with the birds

    2. I wouldn't have known it happened except I got an email from a friend. I did it while I was out of town as well and my blog is set to run on British Summer Time and I was on someone elses computer when I wrote it and set it up. I'm going to try it again tonight and see what happens.

      I've got so many figures painted now that I can write in advance like you do and I really need to make this less of a drain on my time.

    3. Hmph that is weird I'll say
      Google just likes fecking with your bay
      But it makes it way easier to do
      Then you always have a post to view
      And no rush at all
      Like is sure easier with them waiting at your hall

  13. I can see why you are arrogant, Orlin
    because those stripes you have, I'm adorin'.
    What a handsome fellow you are
    but you already knew that, near and far.
    Why is it that cats like to lay
    on each bed horizontally?
    Why not vertically like we humans do
    Then there is more room for all of you?

    1. As arrogant as can be
      Here at our sea
      No other kitty
      Will get near me
      Besides Cassie
      As she was her before me
      Hmmm that is a good question too
      I will have to look into that for you
      But it is more likely because we have to show who is boss
      And the humans are at a loss
      For they only get space
      When they deserve it at our place

  14. You're truly a master at understanding cats!

    1. Or I can fake it really well
      Either way it is swell

  15. nice pictures of the cat.... And nice poetry too :-)

  16. In my next life, I want to be a cat!

  17. What Mama Zen said! Hey Pat you should come to the ball! You could dance with my elephants.

  18. Great pictures. The Cat obviously has personality!

  19. Awww. Love it. The pictures rock.

  20. Orlin is real.
    Cassie is real.
    And that's the whole deal?
    Oh I forgot that
    There also is Pat.

    1. Yeah that is all
      Here at my hall
      The rest are fake
      Or people the cat wants to drown in a lake

  21. My two cats do not get along. Since we rescued them both (at separate times) from starvation and homelessness you'd think they'd share. Keeps us peoples hopping, always rescuing one or the other.


    1. Fighting all day
      Must be quite the display
      You'd think they'd be glad
      To have a pad

  22. I like the last one the best.
    He looks more innocent than the rest.


    1. haha true
      The rest something is surely going on in his mind's view

  23. I always thought you only had 1 cat. It must be fun taking care of 5 of them. :P

    1. Pfft five are not at my hive
      Only two here are alive

  24. This was awesome Pat. Love the cat pics in here as well. We bought the little perch thing but they never used it, now the orange one is all alone and all she wants is the tables for her throne, or empty boxes where she lurks for her pounces upon the dogs, who tremble like frogs. Great verse, as is the norm, the cat looks comfortable in the bed, almost stretches out so pat can't share the bed, wonder how many battles for space have taken place. The dual shot of the cats is great, probably my favorite. I just love seeing more than one animal in a pic, but especially when they're all content and all. Well done for the D'verse run. Thanks

    1. Yeah when they are sharing the spotlight
      It does seem more right
      Although they usually don't do such a thing
      As Cassie is too prissy at my wing
      And the cat is greedy in the bed too
      That much is surely true


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