Glitch Of A Witch Part Five Has Come To My Hive!

"You realize you look like a bad Scooby Doo monster, right?"

Miss Priss kicked sugar in their zombified faces and we were once more off to the races. Pat plucked a candy cane from the nearby grass and start swatting at the zombified floating mass. Drazin just grunted and was on his way. It was clear he was not scared of their ugly display. I simply started to dig a big hole with no real clear goal. Just something inside me told me to dig and so I did until the hole was really big.

"Fleabag, get over here and help."

"I thought a god doesn't need help? But the mook is right, help!"

"These demons are no match for me."

I wanted to help them out and they were right to shout. But I just could not stop digging this hole, something told me it was my role.

"I was with Eve,
Now you will grieve.
For Adam does not lose.
You will take a death cruise."

"Great! Another third person talking mook."

"Feel the Zen,
In your den.
Mama will help you.
I'll turn you black and blue."

"Sorry, the one eyed demon already did that. No redundancy allowed."

"Poke the rock,
Will put you in shock.
For I and this flock,
Will chop off your..."

"The cat has already been snip snipped. I don't need to be double dipped.'

It was hard not to chime in on that one. I mean I was sweating under this candy sun. A cat can sweat? Sure can, you bet. Then I hit a head and out popped a person who once caused me dread. It was Glory Dear. The one who stuffed food in my little rhyming rear. She looked rather ticked off and began to scoff.

"Oh dear you are rude.
You spit out my food.
For this you will fry.
My pot and pan will make you die."

"So we've got a poking rock, some mama with zen, just plain Adam and a psycho baker. Now all we need is a candle stick maker. Damn it, Drazin is rhyming like that damn fleabag."

Why in the hell would I dig for her? She just ruffled my fur. But she was as normal looking as could be. So I climbed up the nearest tree. Then I jumped on Glory Dear's head, causing her much dread. She swatting and turned around, making quite the "oh dear" sound. I played her like a puppet on a string and made her pot and pan began to fling, she knocked out a zombified floating nut. Damn, I am a clever little rhyming butt.

Drazin and Pat both took an arm and caused one quite the amount of harm. The ripped her arms clean off and made poor Zen scoff. To say she was beat into my hole might disturb a clean soul. So I will just say she was buried under the sugar beach. But by the things she said, she really needed her mouth washed out with bleach.

Miss Priss acted quite proud as he lured the poking rock from the crowd. She then poked the poking rock with a rock. That came as such a shock. Then she rolled a big gum drop down a hill and the poking rock better have filled out her will. Killed by a gum drop, that would be hard to top.

Just plain Adam was still knocked out from Glory Dear and so we kicked things into gear. Meaning I tripped Glory Dear when such got nearby and let's just say her pan now had a little stir fry. It had one mushy zombified head in it. She did not like that one bit.

"Dears, you don't mess with my pot and pan. I'm going to make you dears pay, starting with that bald headed man."

"Does everyone have to rhyme? Drazin is going to end this."

Glory Dear raised her pot and Drazin came at her rather hot. He went to take a swing and poof, Glory Dear disappeared before her pot could fling. This was getting weird to all. For if they were not some zombified floating freak and truly off the wall. Then they just disappeared from view. Except for maybe that Beer Shower crew.

It was time we made our way back to that Candy Hall of Fame and ended Thinkingcap's game. She could take her god myth and shove it with some sugar sand. For we would make it back to our land. Then I would fry that witch or at least give her some fleas to make her itch. So Drazin lead the way, stomping and muttering in his usual third person display. Pat thought he was a pirate of some sort and Miss Priss was the first to notice the candy fort. Now what were we in for? Some nutcracker lore? That sounded bad in every way. This was beginning to be a very long day.


From one thing to another for the cat and the crazy crew. What has gotten into all of you? You just disappear like the breeze. Do I make you sneeze? Or you turn out to be some crazy zombified floating witch thing. I think the dong came before the ding. But the cat will find out what has come to pass. For no one can fool my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I can't believe how easily you guys thought of the zombie hoard, it was almost like Miss Priss was bored. Miss Priss is actually seriously bad ass, I don't think I'd be wise to mess around with her, great post man though I guess that was part of the... plan! Haha.

    1. Yeah don't mess with Miss Priss
      She does more than hiss
      Simply gives a flick
      And will smack one in the umm err dick
      She is so mean
      And makes quite a scene haha

  2. hahaha it was fun recognizing some friends, even after your mind bends them...and double dipped, yikes...making melanies of mikes...interesting too how they up and disappeared before you....whats next, tune in again for more attacks of gas from your rhyming ass

    1. Yeah they are a bit bent out of shape
      As they face dried up like a grape
      And some zombie fun was had
      At the candy land pad
      What will come next though
      Who knows with the disappearing show

  3. Black and blue from Zen
    heretical words at your den!!

    1. haha never even meant to do that at first
      Until I went and re-read the burst
      Then it came out rather well
      I have to tell

  4. Gloria is going to be so happy! She's finally been released from the dirt and can torment the cat once again - hooray for our Dear Gloria!

    1. haha released for a bit
      Then she disappeared after it
      So she could be back in the dirt once more
      Now at the candy land shore

    2. Ssshhht Elsie dont say Im happy. I have to look sad cause if he look Im happy will bury me again:( lol

    3. Lol now you are learning
      Don't want the sand leaving your eyes burning

  5. Miss Priss not to mess around
    She might come by with a frown
    Worst yet she might fight back
    Zombified looks will be a fact


    1. That they will
      As she is done with the pill
      So now she will right the wrong
      And stomp them like King Kong

  6. That was fun! Hey, I met a real son of a witch once!

    1. That must have been scary
      I hope thing didn't get hairy

  7. take a death cruise... *snort* Zombies zombies everywhere! (you fill in the next rhyming part)

    1. They will break into your lair
      Chew, moan and act like they are at a fair

  8. I guess I'm a person that never loses

    except in my schooldays with all those bruises

    1. Those bruises must have sucked
      You should have ducked

  9. So glad to know the cat got to keep his pride and joy. Double dippin' might be a fate worse than death.

    1. That would be no fun
      Such a fate I would shun

  10. Adam in candyland too. Hey, dont go near my gods.
    Seriously I was running out of ideas to post, now maybe I need to do one about mythology again. :)

    1. haha got the mythology juices flowing once more
      And no ideas at your shore?
      Geez, after I do up two more posts at my sea
      I'll be all done until 2013 rolls around for new posts from me hahaha

  11. Well, at least Gloria can breathe now that she's out of the ground!!! You jumped on her head and made her do the dirty work for you??? Such an evil cat!! I should have expected nothing less from you !! Oh dear... :P

    1. haha even with the oh dear
      That is liked by my rhyming rear
      And evil is such fun
      It must be done
      Jumping on her head worked well
      Her pot and pan were swell

  12. Yeah, I think I've just been turned into a zombified floating witch thing. Thanks! LOL!

  13. Haha you are absolutely crazy Pat!! But always knew!!
    The best part is when the evil cat jamp to my head haha! !! All is craxzy!

  14. Well I'm glad it's not a shocker
    That I am off my rocker haha
    So fun for the cat to jump on your head
    As you caused those zombified people dread

  15. yay! gloria has been unburied
    and is no longer in the ground so scary.
    She will get you with her frying pan
    so watch out while she's on your land!

    1. Pfft I'll send her back in the ground
      If she makes too much sound
      Or just fling the pringle cans
      To avoid her pots and pans

    2. Bah you are hearing things today
      Must be that left over dirt you have in your ears causing you dismay hahaha

    3. She was in there so long
      she dug a tunnel and sang a song
      probably goes from Chile to Nova Scotia
      and under Ohio en route right to ya!

    4. Yes maybe some day
      I stopping by in the cat lair

    5. Pfft the cat will have pringle cans at the ready
      And be ready to throw them steady
      If you pop up under the ground
      With your oh dear sound haha

  16. Zombie apocalypse
    from your lips
    makes my day complete-
    a real treat.

    1. Glad it was a treat
      As the candy land place isn't so sweet

  17. Note to self: eat a snack before reading a post with the word 'Candy' in it. *stomach rumbles* :D

    1. haha going on the snack attack
      Might be wise as long as no zombie feet are on display at my mat

  18. What fun to read, I recognize the names of the blogger friends ~ Dear Gloria makes such delicious food, why are you spitting it out ~ Too bad she disappeared before her pot can fling ~

    Have a good night Pat ~ Enjoyed this sequel ~

    1. Bah the cat just wants meet
      So she has to admit defeat
      And be buried in the ground
      Or disappear without a sound

  19. It's only "beginning" to be a very long day five parts in? Your busy days must be nightmares. :P

    1. Yeah there will be more
      As it just keeps piling up at my shore

  20. I don't like the sound of Nutcrackers but that might be because I was recently, uh, "tutored" (which rhymes with neutered, which was an OUTRAGE, with rhymes with page or sage or stage, but none of them really fill the bill right now.)

    1. LOL well you got your point across
      I also suffered the same loss
      My human made me go snip snip
      At my last vet trip

  21. We can't believe all the different kinds of zombified things there are! The world is a much scarier place than we thought.

    1. Yeah there are a ton
      You see any rotten feet, run

  22. I hope when I go- that I'm killed by a giant gum-drop! What a story to tell the kids.

    1. haha but you won't be able to tell
      For you will be in gum drop hell haha

  23. cats can sweat through their paw pads, right?

  24. Everyone in this story is whacked!


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