Glitch Of A Witch Part Four Is Taking The Tour!

There was nothing we could do. We were going to get eaten by this big mouthed pile of brown goo. I sure hope it was all stale candy and not something else that would not smell at all dandy. Pat and Drazin tried to fight the stream, paddling backwards like a team. I even helped as water does not cause me fear. Of course Miss Priss kept clear, as she is too prissy to get wet. But it was a fail and we were gobbled up into this stale candy things net.

"Make your two dollar contact lenses glow, godly mook."

"Fleabag, when Drazin gets out of this Drazin is going to drown you."

"We don't have all day, demon."

"Drazin will drown you first."

Drazin finally stopped bickering and his red glowing eyes started flickering. Brown sludge dripped down from the insides of this thing and we floated to what I guess was the stomach, hearing a familiar ring.

"This is insane. Have you brought me my shampoo? This brown crud is really drying out my hair."

"Not this crazy loon again. Drazin should never have gotten out of bed."

There was Blabber, sitting on a brown sludge isle. The thing looked rather vile. But it was the only physical presence in his stomach at all, besides of course us and Blabber with her shampoo call.

"Why did you break out Anne, Elsie and those Beer Guys and not meeeeee?"

"Someone is whining, may I suggest you pop a pill?"

"Great, the nut thinks he's a doctor now and this one is screaming like a little two year old. Drazin has to get out of here."

Drazin made his eyes glow every which way and there seemed to be no exit on display. But what goes in has to come out. If this stale candy monster thing was anything like a human, cat or trout. Yet we could not see a single way. Thus it seemed we were trapped and here to stay.

"Can't you call your godly friends and get us out of here?"

"Now the fleabag wants Drazin's help. Drazin has no friends, the Great God Drazin is all Drazin needs."

"Right! Sorry I asked. But at least you got to repeat your name fifty times, that has to make you happy."

"Drazin will drown you right now, fleabag. You and your crazy human."

I noticed the sludge stomach wall shaking as Drazin's voice came quaking. It seemed more sludge fell from it the more he took to his third person wailing fit. But before I could say anything Pat had to get his ten cents worth in. That many voices in one's head has to be a sin.

"If A is the equivalent to B and that mirror was scene with you in it, then how precisly are you here in this creatures stomach?"

"You're asking me? All I know is there was no flea on my knee this time and I want my shampoo."

If I had to hear Blabber whine about her shampoo once more. I was going to start shopping at the crazy store. So I had to put an end to this and started to give off a little bit of rhyming bliss.

"Stick you shampoo,
Up your gazoo.
Whether you need thirty or two.
The fact remains true.

You want a bag of fleas?
I'll have them bite up your knees.
Take your Drazin this and Drazin that,
And go chow down on a rat.

You with the voices in your head.
That clutter must cause dread.
And yes you feed me,
But if you don't shut up I'll help Drazin drown you in the sea.

And Miss Priss,
You may think you are bliss.
But I'll slap that smirk,
If you don't help us and do some work."

After this little rhyming rant they all gave off some silly chant. I really pissed each off and they continued to scoff. This just made the stomach walls drip that much more and before long I could see the shore. Spots became clear and the plan from my little rhyming rear had surely worked. Finally up everyones ears perked. Then all of a sudden the stale sludge candy monster thing exploded all around. Let's just say we were drenched in his stale crap but could see the ground.

"Free, free. What the? Oh my God, I just want some sham..."

Blabber disappeared from view. I guess she was not as free as she thought and why? I had no clue. The four of us shrugged it off and found we were at a beach. It truly reminded us of that Gawker Island thing where those glowy eyed freaks came to preach. Thankfully nothing like that came due and we cleaned ourselves of all this rotten goo.

"Drazin will let this one go, fleabag. But only because it was Drazin that saved us all. You know Drazin is truly a god."

"Please! You had no idea what was going on, godly mook."

"Now demon, it is time you pay for such blasphemy."

Damn! I spoke way too soon. For out came some zombified freaks, each holding a candy spoon. The beach was actually brown sugar as well, I thought just in case we die I would ring that bell. A whole group of them surrounded us on the sugar beach. Saying Thinkingcap sent them to stop our continued breach. They were just as white haired and floaty as the other two that we gave a view. And yes they reminded us of some of the blogland crew. That is when from their lips drooling began to spew. Do I look like a tasty treat? Maybe it is Drazin they want to eat? Either way we prepared to fight without so much as a rock to use as a weapon in sight.


Well at least we got out of the sludge monsters gut. I would not want such a place to be my new hut. But what the heck is going on? Why are blogland crazies attacking us on a sugar lawn? What happened to those like old one eye and blabber? If she mentions shampoo once more Drazin may stab her. I guess we shall see what comes to pass when part five is shown by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Being eaten by a pile of brown goo
    Not something nice to look forward to
    Rather have the bottle of shampoo
    Not to play with a bag of fleas too
    Want to have us drowned
    No, not without a frown
    Four of them are here to stay
    We'll just go on our way


    1. They are here
      No one will shed a tear
      For they will stay
      At the candy land bay
      And yeah shampoo
      Beats the brown goo
      That is just eww
      I'd take a flea too

  2. zombie freaks with candy spoons, sounds even scarier than stomach goo, drazin will take credit due, for zapping you out of the loo, in deep poo, oh now what will the crew do?

    1. haha went to the loo
      With the goo
      Drazin is so proud
      He'll tell a crowd
      How he was the one
      That got things done

  3. Reminds me of my days in the hospitals!

  4. Oh Please don't allow this new crew of bloggers to eat the monster's vomit, even if it will be coated in brown sugar.

    1. haha that would be natsy to do
      Maybe it will be eaten by the new crew

  5. Forget the shampoo preferment
    Blabber's gonna need a placenta treatment!

    1. Yesssss!!! Bring on the placenta! Good call, Betsy :) lol

    2. Pat dont disturb Jax she has a beatifl hair and Im agree with Betsy lol

    3. hahahaha blah to that
      Placenta is worse than a brown goo attack

      Pffft Glory Dear
      You are still buried but could soon come near

    4. Pffft is grand
      All pffft away in my land

    5. Gloria will need the shampoo, too
      after being in the ground a month or two.

    6. Yes Betsy I think in that I will need washing my hair after all these dirty where SOMEONE bury me!!

      and my Pfffttttt is different your Pat!

    7. haha yeah she needs a ton
      Or just hide it by wearing one of those things like a nun

      Burying you had to be done
      It was way to pffttting fun haha

  6. LOL LOL
    You're going to put me in a sludge monster and think that ONE bottle of shampoo would suffice?? I'll also need alchohol, bleach, and some peroxide. Where did I disappear to?! Oh my!! Leaving us on edge again...

    1. hahahaha geez you will have no hair left when done
      With your sludge monster fun
      You went poof like all the rest
      After such a test
      I guess we will wait and see
      Where to you all flee

  7. I'm just glad that everybody managed to get out of the sludge monsters grasp safe and sound yet another new issue has came and hit the ground. This is not good for this beloved crew, I wonder what next they're going to do? I'm loving this series so far, I think you already know or I'd be soon getting... um, barred? Haha

    1. Yeah with Drazin's big mouth
      We headed south
      Got out of its grasp with ease
      Might have even gave it fleas

  8. I'm never getting fake contact lenses

    I'd like to keep my senses

    most importantly the eye part

    1. haha yeah that would be a good thing to do
      Having no eye part would suck, very true

  9. Hello Cat! Just popping in for a quick hello. Have a good rest of the week!

    1. Thanks for the hello
      Enjoy mcdonalds turning your insides to jellow haha

  10. If I see a sludge monster I'm gonna flea in a hurry!

    1. That would be a good thing to do
      As they can turn one blue

  11. No fleas
    on the knees

    And keep away those sludge monsters!

    1. Yeah they are vile
      One must turn the dial
      And the fleas will go
      Not sure on the sludge monster though

  12. I'm so glad it was Jax and not me that was whining this time!!! Hooray!!! ha ha ha The best part of all - we're on a beach and I love sugar!

    1. haha you technically aren't on the beach
      You are just out of reach
      In a certain place
      Where you will once more whine at a steady pace haha

    2. Oh, I'm there - if there's a beach, I'm there! ha ha ha

      No, no, I like it better now that you have Blabber whining!! Sorry, Jax...

    3. Hmph!! I'll remember that, Elsie :) :)

      P.S. Put me in a sludge monster without shampoo, and I'm going to whine in real life. That part is totally nonfiction.

    4. hahaha Blabber is a whiner indeed
      Can see that now at my feed
      Not sure even you'd like such a beach
      Blabber would surely need bleach

  13. Brown sludge...brown goo? Ewww! That sounds like something Schultz would leave in the back yard!

    1. haha it won't eat him though
      He'll do the eating at your show haha

  14. I think I have seen brown sludge too often. Back to the beach.

  15. I am enjoying the post and comments ~ I do like the rhyming part of the shampoo and fleas..Hope you are enjoying autumn Pat ~

    1. Yeah the comments are fun too
      Not much autumn at my zoo
      Just watching the other cat
      Here at my mat

  16. ya know...when i go to the beach next time, i have to check if this one is brown sugar as well...smiles

  17. Zombified freaks? We think we know some of them!

  18. place would sound pretty cool if it wasn't for all the monsters

    1. Yeah would be grand
      With all the candy in the land

  19. What's with this zombie mania?
    Not this post whenever I hear word shampoo only one person comes to my mind. :)

    1. Zombies are all around
      I guess in candy land they are found
      And yeah never again will one hear shampoo
      And not think of you know who

  20. Candy land zombies? Again...what's next?


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