Glitch Of A Witch Part Three With Nuts Galore To See!

Drazin wasted no time. He was not about to let Thinkingcap turn him to grime. So he stepped on her tail and she gave a great big wail. Miss Priss kicked her in the knee and I got the other one, causing her no glee. Did she really think she could rhyme like me and get away with it at my sea? Pat tried to shoot her with his finger and all old one eye did was play with her one eye and linger. The Beer Guys just discussed meaningless crap as Thinkingcap began to flap.

"This is it my former friends.
This is surely where it ends.
The curse I will place on all of you,
Will leave you feeling rather blue."

When Thinkingcap finished her rhyme Irish Air, who was too busy consoling old one eye, let out a blare. She jumped back as old one eye's looks even caused her flack. She was now one eye and blue. Wow, I bet many steps are going to have to come due.

"Next I will..."

"I'm going to make you eat that bloody hat."

"Drazin has to deal with the Irish again. Drazin has no luck."

"Come one buckaroo, it's almost high noon and I need some killing."

"Drazin takes that back, Drazin will take the Irish over that nut any day."

"Bryan, if he has all those voices in his head then that means he can have multiple votes."

"I saw him first, Brandon. You can have the blue cyclops, at least your half a vote can be a rare one."

"Drazin is surrounded by morons."

"Yeah, godly mook. I think the short bus is even too full for you at the moment."

"Would you eejits shut up and think of something already."

"I'm blue! Annnnneeee."

Old one eye sure can whine, she was hurting the ears of this feline. I guess she was blue. Sorry, I just had to. The Beer Guys noticed a hole in one of the broken mirror plots and ran off like a couple of two year old tots. It was not a bad idea though but Thinkingcap blocked it with some type of weird glow.

Drazin and Irish Air yanked her either way, one with her tail and the other with the hair her head had on display. I mule kicked her in the gut and Pat poked her with the finger of I am guessing King Tut. Miss Priss scratched at her face and some magic light things were flying all over the place.

"Let's see how you do,
When you are few.
You will rule the day,
You entered my trophy display."

"Shouldn't it be rue the day?"

"Leave it to the nut to know that."

"Cat, I'm not through with you. Tell me what you did."

"Hmph, eejits."

With Irish Air's finale mutter we all got caught up in some magic light clutter. Then poof away we went. I think we got sucked down some vent. Once more we were four in this candy land tour. At least I did not have to listen to old one eye whine and Irish Air curse this feline. But oh the dread, these two were hard on the head.

"Does this make us ninja turtles, Brandon?"

"I call dibs on the top bunk at the lair."

"The lair, that sounds so ominous, right?"

"It could be anything. That is where will will cook up our Gummi Bear juice."

Those two kept playing around in their sewer shower. I guess they thought they had gained some mutant power. If only they had a beer then they could really give their name a cheer. We snuck by not wanting them to follow. Oh, how I hated this sewer wallow. There was no candy down here, just plenty of unspeakable things I fear.

"Fallen from grace have we? Don't worry, Heaven will help you back to the light."

In came Heaven on some long boat and away we began to float. Those Beer Guys saw us though but were having to much fun with their new sewer show.

"Hey Bryan, I guess they give new meaning to up shit creek."

"Keep swearing, Brandon. My voters will see my wholesome ninja turtle image and frown upon you."

Thankfully we floated out of hearing distance and our ears were safe. I think they were even starting to chafe. But it was not long before Heaven started to act like a ding dong.

"You fools have found,
My merry go round.
Suffer this plight,
Never again to see the light.
Oh and have a happy day,
That I just had to say."

She laughed like some hyena out of the Lion King and let her hands fling. She too floated in the air and now had pitch white hair. Yes, she also had the zombie face. But I did not care as the water was picking up at a steady pace.

"Really? We are going The River Wild? Hasn't this been done to death?"

"Drazin doesn't think so."

"Hmm, well that is new."

"Do something, Godly mook. It seems to have your brain cell level, maybe you can relate."

"Drazin still has time for some slippers, fleabag."

I guess Drazin needs a new watch or something. For this was going to sting. We had seconds before some big sludge monster made of stale candy gobbled us up. I hoped I would make him choke or at the very least hiccup. This thing was the size of a house and looks really gross, with eyes and a mouth pitch black, the later ready for his snack attack. With the water increasing its speed it looked like we were going to be plucked like a common weed.


So a sludge monster is going to eat us now? Will I ever again meow? I should have stayed with the Beer Guys at least I could have gave Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go cries. Now we are going to be gobbled up like bass. I still hope it chokes on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I really don't want the gang to get ate haha, I'm loving this new series Pat, Irish Air still reminds me of somebody though, it's weird haha, am I just that slow?

    1. They may become a snack
      As the goop causes them flack
      Irish Air who knows
      Who she coulf be with her cussing flows

  2. gummi bear juice, sounds sweet to the the tooth, but the truth is up shit creek made laughter leak at my bay today, lol, Heaven to the rescue, what grace in the long boat chase...

    1. LOL up shit creek had to be said
      As it popped in my head
      Heaven recued for a bit
      Then took some zombified fit

  3. Hmmmmm, everyone found themselves in a heap of trouble huh? Oh and that laughing hyena zombie with the pitch white hair sounds vaguely familiar.

    1. haha another one followed suit
      Become like you, a zombie brute

  4. All shook up if you may
    All came right into play
    Drazin and the Thinkingcap
    Miss Priss and the Cat
    The good old cyclops
    Irish Air trying to comfort
    Pat comes with a wallop
    That completes the rout


    1. That is does
      With their crazy buzz
      All have a quirk
      That can be a perk
      Except the Drazin jerk
      Although he can make one smirk

  5. Oh yeah, I make some killer Gummi Bear Juice. The key ingredient is gasoline. Really brings all the flavors together.

    Also, you don't truly realize it until you say it, but "I'm a ninja turtle" has a pretty kick ass ring to it.

    Awesome story. Can't wait for the next installment.

    1. Sure it goes down smooth as can be
      But you can keep my share and drink with glee
      LOL ninja turtle does have a great ring
      The next installment will come soon enough at my wing

    2. I really, really don't like the ring of "ninja turtle", cat...I can't help but think you may have gotten some evil ideas from Dan.

    3. haha nope jut from the cartoon
      No turtle soup will be eaten by this loon

    4. But you know what rhymes with phew
      Stew!!! hahaha

  6. Bryan with a y?
    do I have something in my eye?
    Who is this guy?
    I need to say Hi!

    1. haha yeah now there are two
      Here at my zoo
      The beer with the shower crew
      Is where he comes due

  7. Again with the "old" one eye?? Elsie isn't going to be too happy with you!!! lol Very clever, cat! Your rhymes never cease to amaze me. Now you have me saying the word "Eejits" outloud. Sigh... :P

    1. haha glad I can amaze
      That is fun to do as you gaze
      And pffft to old one eye
      She can come and cry
      But I will always win
      Here at my bin
      Shout eejits all around
      It has such a fun sound

    2. It's the only place you can win, cat
      is right here at you own mat!

    3. Pffft the cat can win everywhere
      Even at your whiny old lair

  8. No one should mess with the Irish! They'll put the curse on ye, they will.

  9. "Did she really think she could rhyme like me and get away with it at my sea?"
    - hahaha, this is your comeback for your picture with pringlepoo in tutu? Really Cat? Early I was just a human now I am centaur looklike mutant with horse body. If I were you, I would stay away.

    My rhyming skills can actually kill you. Dont try to wake the beast or my third eye. Ask Miss Prissy to stop the kicking, it tickles me a lot.

    MORE MYTHOLOGY : Hindu God Lord Shiva has a thrid eye right in middle of his forehead and it is always closed, for if he opens it, that would be end of the world.

    1. Could be some payback I suppose
      We will see where it goes
      The cat is not afraid
      Although he wishes your sight would fade haha
      The third eye thing is scary, if true
      Then no one would mess with you
      Sadly not the case
      Your third eye just ties a shoe lace

  10. quit giving me tmnt flashbacks, that song was awfully campy

    1. haha but it was still good
      Give it a run you should

  11. Replies
    1. haha I would not want to
      They could surely curse you

  12. Dynomite! This is quite an adventure.
    I'm still working on my haiku... ;p

    1. haha one day it will be done
      While I continue my rhyming fun

  13. Irish Air.
    Now that's the thing.
    Still, not as sweet-smelling
    as Irish Spring.

    1. No certaintly not
      She swears a lot
      So might need some soap
      To wash her as clean as the pope

  14. I remember go ninja go ninja

    1. Yeah not such a good memory I suppose
      Could curl ones toes

  15. Great line about "up shit creek." I don't think I'll ever say those words again, unless I find myself in the middle of these very circumstances.


  16. A battle to the rhyming death! And you can't blame her for challenging your rhyming!

    1. Yeah but she will never win
      Can't be defeated at my bin

  17. I'm really surprised Brandon and Byran didn't steal more things or ruin everything for everyone even harder than they usually do. :P

    1. Oh it's not over yet
      They'll screw things up more I bet

  18. I need to say "thank you"
    my favorite color is blue
    and the best part is you're down the hall
    where my whining can reach you with a simple call
    I'll whine about steps and Migraines and soup
    there's nothing you can do, but listen to my endless loop.

    1. I can get ear plugs
      Or send out some zombified thugs
      Of course with you
      They may run from view
      A blue one eyed creature
      Is kind of a horror feature haha

  19. Ha, what a nifty rebuttal :)


  20. Gummi bears and ninja turtles...what could go wrong with that?

    1. Not a thing
      Just adds to the craziness of my wing


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