If I Had A Nickel For Every dVerse Pickle!

In One Week dVerse Will Be On The Back Burner With Another Earner!

Pickle could be taken many a way. I guess it all depends on what you want to say. Whether you are chowing down or stuck in some creepy backwater town. The pickle will arise and so away this tale flies.

For a nickel,
He bought a pickle.
It looked like a sickle.
He was not fickle.

It fell from his grasp.
He voice turned rasp.
Trying to clasp,
He gave a huge gasp.

Before him stood,
A thing in a hood.
Run he should.
But there he stood.

"Tickle My Sickle,
You dropped the pickle.
You look rather brickle.
Now you're in a pickle."

He had to run.
So around he spun.
But there was a gun.
Shooting pickles at him for fun.

"You are no match.
This is no booby hatch.
It's as real as this scratch.
You want me to detach?"

He screamed in pain.
Sounding like a train.
Down came the rain.
He thought he was insane.

"Pickle Demon doesn't like,
When pickles take a hike.
Your head will go on a pike.
For your pickle hunger strike."

He tried to explain.
To thwart Pickle Demon's campaign.
That due to a sprain.
The pickle he dropped like a candy cane.

"Do I look jolly?
Is there bells of holly?
Your head I will volley.
I will not bring you your dolly."

No matter the direction.
He suffered the pickle injection.
For his assumed rejection,
He was at an intersection.

"Come with me,
Or be a sight to see.
The choice is up to thee,
Choose wisely."

He decided to stay.
The Pickle Demon gave him the okay.
Then he trotted off the other way.
Glad he survived the day.

"And so it goes,
That for your pickle woes,
From your head to your toes,
You'll suffer for what you chose."

He turned back to find,
He was no longer in a bind.
The Pickle Demon was unkind,
But at least he left him behind.

He strolled into town.
Trying not to frown.
Thinking he had won a crown.
As all stared him down.

Drool fell from their lips,
Some even did flips.
They swung their hips,
Each circling their finger tips.

In a flash,
They made a mad dash.
Not blinking an eyelash.
Soon on him like a bad rash.

On that night,
A pickle had a plight.
Try as he might,
His soul took flight.

"Whether spending a dime or nickel,
Don't drop the pickle.
Because I won't be fickle.
Care to tickle my sickle?"

Was that dVerse enough for you? Oh what one word can do. The cat just had that pop into his head as he wrote and so this tale took note. Now you know, especially around Halloween, not to be seen anywhere near a pickle for the Pickle Demon is not fickle. He is rather crass and will never get my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall


  1. I can't believe you managed to find so many ways to rhyme with pickle Pat you have to have a lot of respect for that. Great work buddy, this post reminds me of that Blogger Pickleope!

    1. Yeah the rhymes did flow
      Didn't even have to make any up on the go
      As the demon came
      To lay claim

    2. I thought the same thing, Matthew - Pickleope!

    3. Not where it came from
      But can relate with the hum

  2. the pickle demon, will send you screaming, i like mine with peanut butter, now there is a thought that might make you shudder, but the smooth and sticky and sour crunch is anything but icky...

    1. Yeah that gets a nose curl
      Might make one hurl
      The demon will leave you be
      After such a sight at your sea

  3. I have just one question in my tower.
    Was this a sweet gherkin or a dill so sour?

    1. The first it had to be
      It just sounds so creepy

    2. or sweet midget.
      creepy, a bit.

    3. That might get some flack
      Short people could go on the attack

    4. then the mimes would join in
      and the real trouble would begin!

    5. Midgets and Mimes
      That would make for some fun rhymes

    6. you could get into trouble
      with the PC bubble

    7. Pfft throw in an eskimo
      And let an Indian show
      Then they'll come after the cat
      But I'll chase them from my mat

  4. Pickle demon? I think that may be my next Halloween costume.

    1. That would be an interesting one
      Should take pics when you are done

  5. ha...i can imagine that the pickle demon doesn't like if they go on a hike..and smiling at mary's halloween costume idea...

    1. Yeah that idea is grand
      Maybe it will sweep the land
      And he doesn't like that
      The pickle demon likes to stay fat

  6. The Pickle Demon is just in time for Halloween!

  7. I'm fickle
    will ignore the sickle
    but run from that pickle!

  8. Well pickle my demon!
    A pickle for this season
    Is reason for treason!

    Pickle me this, pickle me that!
    What if we pickled the cat?

    1. Nice little rift
      Oh so swift
      You may want to pickle me
      When the next part comes starring thee
      But if any try
      They'll get a pringle can to the eye
      And it will be flung
      Loaded with the cats dung haha

    2. Will WorkqueenDan be wearing a bra to hold up his giant man boobs on Thursday?

    3. haha we shall see
      It will be fun between old one eye and he/she

    4. Don't be mean just because Dan wants to pickle the cat now!

    5. Dan can't pickle me
      He's too busy getting plump off of candy

    6. Dan picks on you Elsie, he's fair game and I'm just kidding him anyway.

    7. Yeah he knows that
      So does the cat

  9. it's tough to get a pickle that cheap

    prices all seem to keep

    1. Yeah higher and higher they go
      A rising pickle price show

  10. I think I have a Pickle Demon in my refrigerator. LOL!

    1. LOL let Schultz have some fun
      I'm sure he'll make the demon run

  11. Is brickle a real word? I'm getting my big dictionary out.

  12. Tickle your
    sickle, no
    not me.

    taste of
    does not
    excite nor

    The smell
    it's odiferous
    and the sight
    gives a fright
    in my fridge
    they won't be.

    No pickle
    will be
    by me.

    I just crawled out of bed Cat and life is grand!I've got you scheduled for Thursday. I think Thursday is going to be great. You'll be a King and a God on my page and you'll be eviscerating WorkqueenDan on your page.

    Our Elsie is still okay by the way. I'm still worrying about her a little though.

    1. LOL tickle the sickle does sound bad
      That was the demon talking all rad
      Yeah I agree with thee
      Which is a rarity haha
      Pickles are a nasty sight
      Surely causing a fright
      Life is great with the scheduled posts coming due
      Leaves much more time sleeping time at ones zoo
      Sounds like it will be a fun day
      And glad old one eye is okay
      That storm is a real bitch
      Putting the likes of poor old NY in a big watery ditch

    2. No need to worry about me anymore, just a fine drizzle outside now. Flood waters are gone in my neighborhood =)

      "odiferous" - That's a .50 cent word right there, Anne!!

    3. All better at your sea
      Did you suck the water back and spit it with glee
      Cyclops people are known for their camel water baggy
      It might make your face less saggy hahaha

    4. I'm not sure that it's a real word. I think I may have made it up!
      Cat, you're the one with all the sucking power. You suck the fat of that Viking woman like a hoover sucks a carpet.

    5. Bah a hoover gets clogged time and time again
      I just suck away and lap it all up at my den

  13. Well tickle my sickle.... Haha... Gosh, I laughed out loud at that one.
    At least dogs aren't fickle... well, some aren't. Oh what a pickle in my likle (likle?) Sickle...Bloody hell, I'm going nuts too.

    1. LOL you did go off the deep end
      With the bloody pickle trend

  14. The best pickles are the ones you can get from a barrel at a deli or a flea market - yummy!!! They taste the best. I try to ignore the fact that people probably just reach their nasty, unwashed hands in there and grab away...

    1. Yeah after picking their nose
      As the snot flows
      And wiping their ass
      Plus slobbering from sass
      They go and have a pickle
      They aren't fickle
      Blah to the germs
      The cat would rather eat worms

    2. Jesus Cat, you've finally topped yourself. Fiendishly disgusting.

      Glad to here the water have receded Elsie!

    3. Well it is true
      You never know where their hands have come due

  15. I like to bite into a big, fat crunchy dill pickle and let the juice run down my chin. I'm not fickle about that.

  16. I would love to soak you in vinegar Cat. And forget yesterday's suggestion instead of shamrock pasties, we would love to pickle you in canadian maple leaf pasties.
    If not me, I am sure turtle and the one eyed angel will do that.
    Why pickle all of a sudden instead of pringle cans?

    1. Bah you will always remember the bare
      The cat prancing around all naked at his lair
      Pfft to the pickle though
      The cat will stick it up his rump and let the gas flow
      Then out it will fly
      Hitting you in the eye hahaha
      The pickle came from work
      So I used it for a post perk

  17. Right. Adding pickles to the list of Things To Avoid . . .

    1. haha made you paranoid
      As the pickle demon crosses the void

  18. Replies
    1. Glad you like
      And didn't call Hercules or Joxer to try and make me take a hike

  19. OHMY pickles, sickles,tickle etc.etc.
    cat take care Sandy goes to your land..

    1. Yeah lots of ickl-ing about
      Sandy will hopefully steer clear and not make me shout

  20. I enjoyed the pickle post. I like mine not whole but pickled sweet ~

    Have a good night Pat (I thought I already left a comment) ~

    1. haha one of those days
      Maybe you need some sunny rays

  21. How about "tickle"? Tickle & Pickle seem to go together like bread and butter.

    1. That they do
      Although to tickle a pickle would be scary between me and you

  22. Great piece of creative writing. Cool rhymes, awesome story.

  23. I'm giving you an update on my kitty Fang. The weather has turned to shit and I've been bringing her indoors. She likes the warmth and the safety, but after a few hours she really needs to get back outside. And she's definitely not preggers. Someone must have owned her at one time and had her ovaries snipped snipped.

    Nitey nite Cat.

    1. Well now you won't be crazy cat lady number two
      And have you own cat zoo haha
      They do like the outdoors once out
      And will sit there and pout
      Glad she is doing good
      There in your hood

  24. wow, a new creature unveiled. The Pickle demon is not fickle, nope, not at all. Very creative. Fun rhyme. Thanks

    1. A new creature from the deep lagoon
      He doesn't look like a baboon

  25. That escalated quickly.

    Also, I want to know where you can buy pickles for a nickel.

  26. Tickle my sickle? lol

    Wonderful monorhymed stanzas in a very entertaining poem. :)

    1. Always fun to entertain
      As the rhymes flow like rain

  27. Wow, a Pickle Demon, in your world there are all sorts of strange things to worry about. I don't think I'll ever eat another pickle the same, ha ha!

    1. hahaha made you think twice about the pickle
      When it goes down now it may tickle


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