Judging From Your Face You Have A Rotten Shoe Lace!

So the cat heard last year that pumpkin faces could cause fear. Judging from their face you could tell a human's sole at their place. That is rather weird I must say. Why would you want to know a person's sole anyway? Oops, that is soul I suppose. That makes more sense then those big clackity shoes of hoes. Oops once more. I didn't mean to offend at my shore. You have to make a buck, plus we all like a good ummm errr duck.

Down the street we go,
With pumpkins to and fro.
Little do you know,
You are giving me a show.

The big one with eyes,
Can tell no lies.
It means you're a saint,
That loves pink paint.

The one with jagged teeth,
Having no candle beneath,
Means you are dark,
And startled by a dog bark.

So many to see.
So many to view.
That one in a tree,
Looks brand spankin' new.

It means your tall,
With your soul on the wall.
It all hangs out.
You don't like to shout.

The plastic one,
Means all should run.
For you are lazy,
And a tad crazy.

The patch in your yard.
Means you work hard.
How does your garden grow?
That only you know.

The one with none,
Means you are done.
Or just really cheap,
And a bit of a creep.

Wow, what you tell.
From a simple mask.
Your soul you sell,
Now back on task.

The ones in the ditch,
Means you have a bad itch.
You crave much more.
Or are a pumpkin whore.

The pile in the back,
Hidden behind your shack.
With one on display,
Means you perfect everything at your bay.

A little too much if you ask me,
But I'll let you be.
As the one the size of a bus,
Means you like to cuss.

And are hard at work,
Being an egotistical jerk.
Looking for fame,
Or at least some claim.

Oh what pumpkins tell.
With each and every face.
So before you ring the bell.
Be sure to know whether or not you need mace.

Wow, I guess they were right. Pumpkins do tell a souls plight. The cat is really good at this thing. Maybe I should charge by the hour at my wing. The pumpkin soul whispering cat. Has a certain ring to that. But so does what gives off gas. So I will stick with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ha we will get ours this weekend, when to the patch we descend....and ride the tractor to the place to find the gourd we will a-face and perhaps will make it scary so of me you might be leary

    1. A tractor trip you must take
      Don't drive it into the lake
      That would be bad
      And the pumpkins would rot that you had
      And you want to scare the cat
      Hmph, we can't have that

  2. skittles skattle
    shake the rattle
    i was first
    better than knockwurst
    sorry to knockoff your burst
    and make you worse

    1. haha a knock off
      Doesn't make me scoff
      Sometimes must be done
      To had to the fun

  3. I must have multiple personalities then because I have fat pumpkins, tall ones, teeny tiny ones and even an albino one.

    1. One for every day of the week
      Or you're just up shit creek haha

  4. I love Halloween poems. Um, me thinks this won't be made into a kid's picture book. lol

    1. Yeah may need to be toned down a bit
      For it to be a hit haha

  5. "The pumpkin soul whispering cat" - now that is just plain creepy!

    Our pumpkins are tiny and cute
    so we didn't have to loot
    much cash from our wallet
    after the hay ride, glad they didn't fall out
    we won't even carve them and play with that goo
    it's to messy and gross and looks like poo
    they will sit outside on our mat
    until I can throw them at the Cat

    1. haha that would be cool
      Proving once more cats rule and dogs drool
      Or one eye people drool
      Like some old fool haha
      It is very naty I'd say
      So won't be done at my bay
      And pfft you couldn't hit me
      With your one eyed vision I could stand there and you hit a tree

  6. The pumpkin to indicate fortunes
    Definitely something fishy
    Wear your best is most opportune
    And get it done in a jiffy

    Brian is first
    With his outburst


    1. Yeah fishy I would say
      But with such a display
      Maybe the cat will get some fish
      And yeah Brian was first to fill the comment dish

  7. Pumpkins and their taste compare to the Devil's nut sack!

    1. haha so you've tried both?
      Blah wouldn't put either in my mouth

  8. Wow. I never knew pumpkins revealed so much about the soul. I have two uncarved ones sitting on my front porch. What does that mean? LOL!

    1. LOL depends on their face
      Could compare to any at your place

  9. thanks for visiting us and taking the time to leave a comment. A very interesting blog you have. Great poem. Helen, Darcy and Bingley

    1. The cat comes and goes
      And will bit a humans toes
      Thanks for the reply
      At my rhyming sky

  10. I'm not scared of pumpkins

    my fingers are scared of artichokes though. Stupid pointy ends.

  11. haha Here I never madea pumpkin fce but I would like someone like betsy made.
    In the supermarket I saw may plastics pumpkin face someones aret pretty! haha but is Halloween:)
    Is funny Pat cause here is Spring not autumn but many people celebrate Halloween (I think is for the global thing)
    But to Halloween night we always bought some treats to some kids we know come, anywya is better tha the tricks LOL

    1. Yeah beats the tricks
      Like getting tp-ed by hicks
      Can't imagine it in the spring
      But suppose it is different at every wing
      Not as big in other places too
      Halloween I never really cared about though at my zoo

  12. You tricked me Pat haha. I believed that for the first time ever the Cat had made the mistake in spelling soul wrong but you hadn't, I guess that's why I'm not on a roll. I love the idea of cutting pumpkins up, it can be fun just like this rhyme proves but at the same time they don't scare me personally either.

    1. haha the cat usually catches himself
      With the words at his shelf
      That one was blatent though
      And so fun to know
      That I tricked you
      Here at my zoo

  13. Thanks so much for visiting us at Fuzzy Tales. You have a very creative blog and writings, we see. :-)

    BTW...Nova Scotia, eh? LOL.

    Our human lived in Halifax for 16 years, a long time ago now, though. Her mother and step-dad still live there.

    It's always nice to "meet" other Canadian kitties, since those around the Cat Blogosphere still are predominantly located in the U.S.

    1. Fun visit it was too
      Watching your two go at it at your zoo
      And yep here at the coast
      Where we sit and boast
      Pretty close to Halifax as well
      For the darkside is where we dwell
      Yeah many live in the US it seems
      Need some Canadian teams

  14. Every time I bought pumpkins to carve with Chloe she went off out to her friend's and I was left to do the cutting thing. All I can say is...YUCK! LOL Cor blimmey, love a duck...

    1. LOL made you do all the work
      That brings a smirk
      That stuff is yuck
      Although the cat would never love a duck

  15. Yeah, pumpkins can be quite scary. I love how people have gotten so creative with their carvings and turned them ino works of art.

    1. Yeah works of art they have become
      Even the ones that look glum

  16. Orange you glad it is punkin' season?

  17. de onlee good pumpkin
    iz de one called pie
    haza sooper grate day
    OK, hi N bye :)

    1. A super great day
      Maybe at my bay
      One day soon
      For the rhyming loon

  18. "The pumpkin soul whispering cat..." You delight me, Pat, and sometimes scare me...

    1. Have to keep you on your toes
      So the scary stuff flows

  19. So, what does it mean if you don't carve it a face?
    Is that some kind of disgrace
    to leave your pumpkin whole?
    Does it mean you don't have a soul?

    1. Yeah it means you are screwed
      As you are just plain rude
      Stuck in a souless plight
      And you really are a fright

    2. wow. how depressing that is
      as my pumpkin sits face-less.

    3. haha just give it a kick
      That will make a dent and do the trick

  20. We don't usually put a pumpkin outside our house. Uh-oh!

    1. You just want to hide you soul
      That is a lofty goal

  21. That pumpkin was somethin'
    It made the children cry.
    But, it turned out to be nothin'
    after Mom turned it into pie.

    1. And that you can keep
      The whole friggin heap
      Nasty to me
      Causes not glee

    2. And....
      When left in the rain
      it can be such a pain.
      As it softens to goo
      with moldy bits of...ewwwwww!!!!.

    3. Could use the sludge
      To make some fudge
      Or put on your face
      And scare the kiddies away from your place

  22. Those pumpkins can be scary, their evil faces make us leery.

    1. Yeah and that inside fire
      Can make things turn dire

  23. haha I was totally waiting to correct you on "soles" but you beat me to it!! I love this take on Pumpkins, but I always consider them my friends!!! (kind of rhymed there..)

    1. Kinda I suppose
      Pumpkins can cause woes
      And hahaha beat you to it
      So fun to do wth my rhyming fit

  24. very creative look at pumpkins Pat. Never heard that about the soul's plight, but pretty neat. Funny you did this one today, as in the newspaper here there's this large expose piece about these two brothers who are making a name for themselves cutting all weird designs into the pumpkins, pretty interesting read, but now, I wonder what that all tells about their souls. Fun piece, thanks.

    1. haha never knew of such an expose
      I guess my psychic powers were once more at play
      Of course it was written up weeks ago
      Glad it was fun at my show

  25. You reminded me it is time for me to shop
    with my granddaughter at the pumpkin stop
    So many pumpkins all around
    cluttering up the shopping ground
    Sometimes I'd like to smash
    but I suppose they'd demand cash!

    1. haha could just smash
      And then dash
      In a flash
      To avoid such a clash


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