Just In Case I Will Help You Cover Your Face!

So Halloween is close and you may want to go out dressed as a mouse. But that is so last year. It is time to kick things into gear. The cat thought he would help one and all here at his hall, before it is too late. These ones may be a hit or bring you some hate. You may get slapped to but that is on you.

First up is golden guy.
He will make your spirits fly.
Seducing girl or guy.
Might also blind you in each eye.

Or you can go as a dick.
That would be rather slick.
Just give the towel a flick.
What better way to be a prick?

You could be all eyes.
With your halloween disguise.
But a word to the wise,
Don't give off those honking cries.

Give a certain moan,
As you become an ice cream cone.
Then hold the phone,
You may get licked all alone.

It's Beer Guy on the scene.
He will make you mean.
Or make you obscene,
At least it comes in a fancy canteen.

Need to blow your knows?
Is it running like a hose?
Those germs causing you woes?
Some how I don't think any apply from the pose.

Along comes the plastic.
Things may get drastic.
Don't they look fantastic?
Too bad their only held on with an elastic.

Would you let to pet?
Come now, don't fret.
Things are all set.
Your want to touch is a safe bet.

Plug it in, plug it in.
Go for the win.
It's not a sin.
To plug it in, plug it in.

Or just cover your head.
Pretend like you are dead.
Mount yourself to the wall,
Giving a ghoulish call.

The cat just wanted to help, I hope I made you yelp. For with these you can never go astray and you may just have one lucky day. But of course if you get slapped upside the head. Forget everything I said. Hopefully I helped out each lad and lass and they plug it in, plug it in like the things from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. These are all pretty cool even though some are really weird haha, I'd love to go as Beer Guy but maybe not so much as the guy with his willy hanging out! I was shocked to see this posted at ten, but then I realised our clocks have fell back an hour again. Now I have to get up early to be first at your peak and hope that your clocks go back as well next week.

    1. Wouldn't want to be all willy nilly?
      Could snatch a fine philly haha
      You your time went back
      Ours doesn't until next weekend at our shack

    2. That is so weird Pat haha, you North Americans are strange, yet I still prefer things at your range.

    3. The time should just stay the same
      That would be more tame

  2. hahahaha i like the plug, and or petting zoo, that one might be uplifting to a few...dressing as a skeleton here, have a football player and dementor from harry potter as well, should be a fun time, but not so swell...

    1. haha yeah uplifting would come due
      At least a time or two
      Sounds like some fun
      More clean then the dirty ones I spun

  3. haha...oh those are just to funny!
    Might get you in trouble at an office party.
    And if you wear one to pass out candy there
    don't be surprised if people start to stare!

    1. That they surely would
      No such party in my hood
      Thankful for that
      One less thing to do for Pat
      And yeah they would stare
      Be fun to do at my lair

  4. Those are awesome!!!!! Channing Tatum is in town filming a movie. I sure would like for him to melt my ice cream cone!!!

    1. haha maybe you'll get lucky
      And he'll get all umm sucky

  5. I would be Beer Guy if Beer Guy could have that horse head. Without it, he just looks like a huge dork.

  6. Notching it up a higher level
    Nothing traditional yet to see
    Inviting others to act abnormal
    Trick and treats seem so crazy!


    1. That they do
      Oh so true
      These belong in a zoo
      But at least fun would come due

  7. I am still giggling at the petting zoo!

  8. I like the irony of the girl being a peacock

    a female peahen is like a ugly gray chicken.

    1. haha at least chicken tastes good
      Never had peacock in my hood

  9. Have to type this fast
    don't know if power will last
    of course you had to mention my eye
    without it you feel like you would die
    we both know you have a secret crush
    and seeing my eye gives the cat a rush!

    Hey, Pat, just a word of advice...go get water now... =)

    1. I'm glad to see you on the blogoshpere Elsie. It let's us all know you're okay.

      The Cat does have a crush on you. It's obvious that he loves you beyond all reason. He put your one eye on the cover of his book. Too bad you're too good for him. Even my kitty Fang won't give him the time of day!

    2. LOL, my eye follows him everywhere! He can't escape me. Fang is wise.

      I'm good, lost power for awhile and I'm flooded in but no damage =)

    3. Go get water you say?
      I guess I will have to stock up at my bay
      Hopefully the damn power doesn't go out
      That would make me pout
      With all the food going bad
      As no generator is had at my pad
      Pfft to the crush
      I just want to use you to make my sled mush

      Pfft with all that fat to chew
      I will never be through

    4. Cat if your power goes out, I'll man your blog for you. Oooooh the possibilities for insulting you are endless.

    5. Hmph to that
      I'll use my cellphone to get to my mat
      And if that goes too
      Then I guess I'll have to see what you do

  10. This was so hilarious..ha..ha...thanks for all the suggestions Pat ~

    I hope the weather will be good ~

    1. Just watch who you show
      They may not like things all aglow
      And yeah only a little rain
      Hope all is well at your lane

  11. omg--LOL! Some of these costumes would work better at Mardi Gras than at Halloween... Cover your eyes, children! :D

    Have a great holiday! <3

    1. Good word to the wise
      Kiddies cover your eyes

  12. While some people wear
    the masks, the costume, the dress -
    other don't need any of these -
    just naturally they are
    the wizards, the witches, the stars...

    1. Yeah some are scary on their own
      With their high pitched moan or groan or some type of tone haha

  13. Oh my! If that second guy came to my door, I'd have to have Schultz chase him to another shore!

    1. Lol just turn on the porch light
      And tell him where to bite

  14. Actually I liked the peacock one. NBC kinda ruined my liking for peacocks, but this one is good. So, what are you wearing? Slutty Kitty?

    1. Don't like poor old NBC?
      Isn't much, if anything, watched there by me
      The cat is going bare
      That is all he will do at his lair

  15. I'd definitely go for the nose--allergens are high this year, and we go through facial tissue en mass.

    Pat, what will be your costume?

    1. Those tissues
      Could give you issues
      But oh so fun
      Pfft Pat doesn't go as anything under our sun

  16. But I'm already dressed up as a dick/beer guy/boob! Dammit! I thought I was on to something!

    1. Well play with those words a bit
      And I'm sure you'll be the shit

    2. You're a queen, a gender bender WorkqueenDan.

    3. Wait until Thursday's edition comes due
      WorqueenDan will have quite the tale that will ensue

    4. I do love the nickname you gave him Cat.

    5. haha yeah that one worked well
      Just popped in at my cell

  17. That ice cream cone one
    would be quite a trick
    'specially if I asked someone
    to give me a lick.

    1. If they say yes
      The cone might be a mess
      Slobber and sweat
      Sticky might also be a safe bet

  18. I'm going dressed as a Canadian. I'll be wearing flannel and a hat with ear flaps. To make it more convincing I'm going to cover myself with the smell of fish.

    That autoposting worked and it was grand to sleep in for a change! Whooohooo I'll be living the life of kings from now on!

    1. haha that will be quite the cheer
      Harder then going as a Irish I fear
      All you need is some liquor
      And be prepared to bicker hahaha
      See, much easier to do
      When you autopost at your zoo

    2. We do love to brawl and bicker, I won't lie about that. It's in our nature and we can't help it. Just don't go dressed in green or wearing a shamrock.

      I've got so many figures to post and this is going to make it possible to actually get them out there.

    3. Might get beat up if dressed in green?
      That isn't the correct scene?
      Yeah makes it easier for me
      As I like to post one a day at my sea

    4. We generally are nice to outsiders, it's each other we like to fight with the most.

      The autopost thing was so easy that I may post again tomorrow. After that post, I'll schedule your figure to go up. I've got much better pics of him than the test pic I sent you. He looks magnificent.

    5. I'm sure some outsider get the boot
      Or sqaushed like a newt
      Geez you're one a roll
      And can't wait for the cat god to take a stroll

  19. You are going bare? Ok, go WorQueenDan's Anne style, shamrock pasties on your moobs - Please no naked cat, world isnt ready for that.

    1. Bah the cat has style
      He'll go completely bare and run a mile

  20. The outlet one got me to thinking of a cordless version!

    Let the gutter minds think of that kind of perversion!

    1. The gutter minds are swell
      Although some may think what the hell

  21. Hughh! all these are.......different????

    1. haha that they are
      Taking Halloween a bit far

  22. Me dressed as an ice cream cone is my husband's fantasy come to life. Not.

    I'm so glad he would NEVER dress in any of those costumes. Heck, he wouldn't wear a costume, period.

    1. haha yeah I agree with him
      No costume for me as that would be grim

  23. Tee hee, Pat.....these are good!
    I think I would like to be an ice cram cone.
    Have a Happy Halloween.

    1. haha the ice cream cone
      Could get a lick and moan

  24. Funny costumes, the Outlet and the petting zoo are the best. We have a bunch of stores here that hire people to stand out in front of the stores with signs and such to promote the store. Well, there's a bunch of these temporary halloween superstores, one really close to my house and it was quite funny, standing out there in the rain and wind, was a two person costume, it was a cow, which instantly brought up that scene in Top Secret, and thought, if people only knew, this costume would not sell to anyone that will be near livestock.

    1. LMAO that is too funny
      Would never pay money
      After seeing that movie
      The cow suit would not be groovie

  25. Pat Hatt wait till I tell your Mom.

  26. haha, that is funny- I actually hadn't seen most of those! I actually really like the horse... which is weird. And that towel is hilarious. ah, that would be fun- but I wouldn't be able to take any pictures which which bum me out the most!

    1. haha you could still take pics with glee
      They just might be a bit creepy


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