Might Lose Your Focus With A Little Hocus Pocus!

Of course the cat isn't going to go all warlock on you. Pfft to that voodoo. Sorry if I offended a witch, don't make me itch. The cat will rift off the movie I suppose or a song however that goes. Or maybe I will use a spell. Aren't I just as confusing as hell?

I put a spell on your head,
Now you can't get out of bed.
Then when you do,
You will be brand new.

Might look like a pig,
Have a pink wig.
Snout of a hog,
Bark like a dog.

Wart on your toe.
Be in the know.
Memory lost,
Such a high cost.

You just never know,
What will grow,
What will be,
Or if you will even see.

For with my little words,
You could turn into birds.
At the drop of a hat,
Be eaten by a cat.

Or shot from the sky.
What a way to die.
Smell like a french fry.
Your throat will get dry.

Could lost a part.
Grow a second heart.
Fall for a tart.
Be hit with a dart.

Damn, that with sting.
Your ears could ring.
Throat could click,
Believe me that isn't slick.

Cry a river,
Pop your liver.
Appear on the moon,
With a dish and spoon.

Watch out for the cow,
He may cause an ow.
Unless that is you,
For a cow could come due.

Oh the power,
Enough to make one cower.
Fall from a tower,
Make a frog shower.

Could it go any lower?
You could be a glower.
That is right,
Day or night.

Glow all fine,
Like a radioactive stop sign.
Grow a triple chin.
Drown in Scrooge's money bin.

So stay in bed,
To avoid the dread.
For if you get out.
You may pout or shout.

At your new extra feature.
Making you a mythical creature.
On the five o'clock news.
15 minutes you can't lose.

From my little song,
Things could go very wrong.
So suck a lemon suck a lime,
You've been cursed through my rhyme.

Hmm the cat just had to go there on this so called hocus pocus day and its haunted affair. Don't worry about a thing unless your ears ring. For the cat would never wish such things about you. Well maybe just one or two. But surely not in mass, so you are all mostly safe from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love how you're using all of your spells for mischief and mayhem Cat, it's typical to see you get on like that. You're so evil considering turning us into horrible creatures sure to get news at ten features. Despite being cursed through these rhymes I might enjoy the one about staying in bed though it does go over my head haha. Great Halloween rhymes mate.

    1. haha a little bit of this
      And a little bit of that
      Surely won't cause bliss
      When the cat makes you fat

  2. Don't want to pop my liver but I'll lodge on the moon.

    1. haha nice place to stay
      Although the man in the moon may have to have his say

  3. the cat has magic at that, if nothing else to make our heads spin when he starts rhyming again...arf arf, i bark like a dog with the nose of a hog, just hope i dont b-arf on the carpet, a benefit of having pets and wet spots, happy halloween i hope yours is a scream

    1. haha wow you really got screwed up
      Turning into a pup
      Yeah the hairballs and stuff
      Come from dog or cat fluff or not fluff

  4. I guess drowning in Scrooge's money bin wouldn't be a bad fate, but growing a triple chin like Honey Boo Boo's Mama would be pretty nasty.

    1. Yeah that would be a fright
      Although maybe you could get a reality show with such a scary sight

  5. I can't argue with that, mostly because I'm a cat! Happy Halloween from all of us!!!

  6. Damn cat! Evil as can be!
    Do things to us that prevent us to see!
    Turn us all into a cow?
    How can you do this? How?

    1. It cames to pass
      Wtih a wiggle of my ass
      I release magic gas
      And you become the candy land mass haha

    2. You do release some odiferous gas Cat. That's my new favorite made up word now rhyme something with it!

    3. Well that I can do
      So easy it's true
      For with odiferous
      Comes ossiferous

  7. conga ratz ta yur dad orlin N cassie...and make sure de chek iz made pay abull two ewe both ore yur dad will try de ole deposit trik and puts de monies frum this best seller inta HIZ account

    oh, happee howl o ween two !!

    1. Yes we will watch him close
      Like we are hunting a mouse
      And suck the money away
      With more food and toys at our bay

  8. I just listened to your Rhyme Time theme song again and now the chorus is stuck in my head.
    It's Rhyme Time, Meeow.

    1. hahaha yeah it does get stuck there
      Hopefully it goes away before you start to pull out your hair

  9. A river
    of tears
    I'll cry
    and wet
    with warmth
    my cheeks
    they'll flow.

    For wizened
    with years
    to know
    I've become
    a beggar
    for crumbs.

    Hey Cat is the same guy who illustrated Boo doing this new book? I'll be glad to buy, read and review this one for you Cat. Tomorrow is your day at my bay. After that it's back to insults as usual.

    Happy Halloween my friend!

    1. A beggar you say
      While beg right and it will pay haha
      Could go all Robin Hood
      Accept keep it you should
      Yippee for me
      The god for all to see
      And yep it is the same guy
      Have that one and a sequel to the wild cat one waiting to go and thanks for the review in advnace from upon high
      I am a god after all
      Have to live at some cloud hall haha

  10. Gawd, I do not want to suck a lemon or a lime. It's bad enough I put up with you rhyme....hahaha....OMGoodness...slaps me wrist.. for saying that about this bays most fav cat ;)

    1. LMAO that was rather good
      Give yourself a pat on the back you should

  11. For with your little words you bring joy, fun, and such stories.

    1. Fun is always had
      At least most times at my pad

  12. I like the parts of magic that aren't quite tragic. The bird and the moon and the glow, but the rest of it I just don't know...good luck with your spells. Happy Halloween to the cat and Pat!

    1. Could be a bit much
      Funny to touch
      But who knows why
      The cat just wants to make some fry

  13. I guess I'd rather have a wart on my toe
    than on the end of my nose. :)
    And you probably want to be thanked for that
    seeing as you are a thoughtful cat.
    Even when passing out curses
    some things could be worses.
    I have three solid black cats here
    they're dressed up for Halloween! oh dear.
    And Marmalade is the color of pumpkins.
    He thinks he really is somethin'.

    1. LOL Marmalade is quite grand
      As he trots on the roof at your land
      And dressed up you say
      hahaha sure it is quite the display
      Yeah a thank you should come due
      For it's still something I give to you haha

  14. But . . . but if I can't get out of bed, I won't be able to blog or write. Hmmm. But then I'll get to sleep longer or maybe even read a book. :D

    1. See ups and downs to either side
      Just have to take it in stride

  15. Turning into a bird wouldn't be too bad, but there are all the cats to worry about. Especially in the blogosphere, it seems!

    1. Yeah seems there is many a cat around
      But it beats a butt sniffing hound

  16. No, please don't make me bark like a dog! I beg you! Anything but that!

    1. You and your pup could howl at the moon
      He's already a loon
      You could join in
      Wouldn't be a sin

  17. That cat's not nice to curse a spell
    When all the world is going to - well -
    Happy Halloween anyway!


    1. Go to a well?
      That is just swell
      Maybe Lassie will go for the save
      She is all the rave

  18. I want a spell to make me brand new and all glowing..he..he...

    Happy Halloween Pat ~

    Congrats on another published book ~

    1. Yeah I agree with you
      To be brand new
      Would be grand
      In my land

  19. Ha, I prefer to suck a lime
    getting my comment in just in time!

    1. Hope the lime is grand
      Those things I can't stand

  20. I'll see you tomorrow Cat.

    Nitey Nite.

  21. Happy Howl-o-ween, from the scary cats at TTT!

    1. Hope yours was grand
      And not too scary in your land

  22. King Spitty the Kitty
    Is not cowed by your Curse
    He's a pretty smart guy
    And has seen a lot worse.

    Happy Howloween!

    1. haha sure you have indeed
      There at your feed
      I mean a snip snip
      Surely isn't anything hip


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