No Thrill From The Pill!

The cat has never had to take one and Pat knows I would surely run. But Miss Priss sure does have to suck them back with her ailments at our shack. Of course she does not like the pill. Although she sure gets her fill. Taking them quite fine now though as in her tube the food still has to flow. I guess the cat will speak for her, as they don't make her purr.

Pat, go away.
I do not want a pill today.
Don't give me attitude,
Or I will spit on your food.

I have a pringle can of you know what.
From the cat's little rhyming butt.
He is useless to me most days,
But his pringle can fetish pays.

I hate you.
For the pill that came due.
Now my eye is on you.
Another will not ensue.

Damn! You found me here.
The curtain was pulled and wasn't clear.
How did you know where I was?
I blame the cat and his little rhyming buzz.

You can't see me.
Damn it! I'll give you a flea.
Let me be.
Stuff your pill popping spree.

I'm still watching you.
My eyes are on you like glue.
Plus this tower is too tall.
To get me you'll have to climb the wall.

Pffft I will not fall for your red dot.
It is far too hot.
Come near and I'll go back in.
You will never win.

Even bothering me when I shit.
That is it.
Your food will be covered in spit.
Or I'll just give it to the rhyming nitwit.

I am not happy at all.
You found me in the hall.
This closet is mine,
Go away and bug some other feline.

If only Cassie was like little old me,
With her hiding ability.
See, you don't even know I'm there.
Think sink, think sink, and all are completely unaware.

Cassie has surely found every spot to try and stop Pat, the pill popping robot. But she still gets caught. You can't even see one black dot. For I can hide the best. Better than all the rest. What? My glowing eyes give me away. Pfft that isn't me in that display. You won't know I'm there unless I pass gas. That will surely give away my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I adore your cat Pat, like seriously, it is the cutest thing ever and reading it had put a huge smile on my face! Congratulations on your continuing success with the book, some day soon I will need to have a look. I hope your new found fame doesn't get to your head and Rhyme Tyme is left behind and then becomes dead. A fate that is tragic because your blog is magic.

    1. Miss Priss thinks she's cute
      Unlike the cat, who's just a brute
      Or a silly rhyming ass
      Unlike him she has class
      And the blog will always remain
      At least for a long while at my lane

  2. haha lots of fun. and we find out cat in all the crazy places, making faces, particularly up high where they can spy and not be seen...mine also things she can hide behind a blade of grass, i need to ask if she's seen the size of her doesnt work but i pretend i dont just to make her feel better...

    1. Yeah they like to get up high
      Acting like they can fly
      LOL to the big ass
      Needs some tall grass to block her mass

  3. Congrats for the book Pat...perfect timing too for the Halloween ~

    And did you put the dear car all over the place...she seems pretty annoyed at being found...Happy weekend Pat ~

    1. Yeah she was pissed off quite a bit
      And the pills she tried to spit
      Now she finally gave up
      And takes them without a hiccup

  4. Congrats on the book success, that is more than cool! Our Dad is lucky, none of her mind pills if they are necessary. Have a fun weekend everyone!

    1. Your dad is lucky
      We don't think they are ducky
      So we fight all the way
      Cassie eventually gives in at our bay
      But me, no way
      I'll fight each and every day

  5. I am so happy to read this post Pat! So, just for today, I will be nice - to you, not the cat, not after yesterday!

    Congratulations on your success with your book. It's well deserved! I bought one for my niece and she loves it. She still talks about it.

    I'm also happy to hear Miss Priss is doing well. That just made my day. Be extra sweet to her, Pat, poor thing has been through a lot....

    1. hahaha the cat doesn't want nice any way
      He likes to be mean at his bay haha
      Glad she still likes it
      And it is a hit
      Although technically it is one there now for free
      So it may be #2 but no money haha
      Yeah she seems to be getting better each day
      As the pills and food get stuffed in her tube on display
      She gets plenty of attention too
      So much the cat is jealous as he watches at our zoo haha

  6. congrats on the luck

    you can beat that #1 duck.

    1. Yeah almost there
      If I do I'll give a #1 blare

  7. Yay on #2!

    And good luck with the meds! That's not a fun job!

    1. Nope not fun at all
      As she runs around my hall

  8. Adorable pictures! And quite an impressive account of the trouble you had to go to give your pet is medication.

    My favourite lines :
    " I hate you.
    For the pill that came due.
    Now my eye is on you.
    Another will not ensue. "

    1. Yeah is quite the trouble at times
      Almost as bad as gathering mimes
      But she comes around
      Once she knows no escape is found

  9. Congrats Pat!

    And yeah I thi.k miss Priss is really cute:)

    1. Yeah she thinks so to
      And lets all know it at my zoo

  10. Congratulations on your book;
    I'll have to go and take a look.
    Two of my dogs take pills all right
    the youngest one I have to fight
    as he can surely read my mind
    even if I sneak up on him behind.
    I loved the pictures of your cat
    and all of the hiding places he sat!

    1. Yeah the book is up there
      At the amazon lair
      So I had to give a blare
      It sure ruffles her hair
      To take the pills each day
      As she runs about our bay
      But she gets them in
      Pat will always win haha

  11. Awesome news on the book!!! Great to see some personal photos on your blog.

    1. Once in a while the cats come into view
      Especailly when I go visit the other sure where they are quite a few

  12. Hahaha! Can't get away from the pill! Congratulations on your book. That's great news!

    1. Nope there is no escape
      Even if I have to hold her down with duct tape

  13. Wooo hooo on being number two... no doing it ...being it!@!
    LOL Reminds me of all the times I had to try and give cats a pill... it ain't easy .. Great pics!

    1. haha yeah it isn't easy indeed
      Sometimes at my feed
      Other times it goes down slick
      LOL yeah not doing it would also not be my pick haha

  14. Hey...number 2?
    Halloween surely helped, too!

    Poor Cassie dear
    has been through the ringer, I fear.
    Loved the lines that went with the pics
    I'm sure you really have made her ticked.

    1. Yeah she is not happy
      Although like Orlin she is now a bit yappy
      Think she feels better now
      And is giving off a meow
      Attacked him today too
      He had no clue

    2. haha..meows and some play are very good sings
      and I hope the fat numbers of her liver soon align.
      When does she go back to the vet?
      She'll be glad to have that tube removed, I bet.

    3. Yeah good signs I hope
      She is doing well and able to cope
      With the tube now
      After she got used to it and had a cow
      Her liver numbers are back to normal too
      But the tube may have to stay in for another few weeks at my zoo
      As have to get her liver normal once more
      And so extra food needs to be stuffed in her at my shore
      Goes back monday too
      So we will see what they say should come due

    4. maybe your liver is fatty, too!
      Could run in the family with the bush tush crew.

    5. haha well guess what?
      Here at my hut
      The doctor told me friday
      That my liver is off too at my bay
      Not fatty like hers though
      She thinks Cassie might have given me her bacteria when my immune system from the crap gluten was out of flow
      And I'm only intolerant to gluten she said
      But dairy stay far far away from or it will cause me dread
      Hmph that I never knew
      Plus she said I have so much acid in my I'd make a battery jealous at my zoo haha

    6. So you're acidic.
      and a germaphobic
      that caught some bacteria
      at least it wasn't malaria.

    7. haha give it time
      They'll prob say I got that too or some other thing from some grime

  15. My poor little dear!
    One thing sure is clear:
    You're too good a girl!
    Try giving the Bitey a whirl.
    Maybe THAT
    Will stop Pat.

    1. haha that might work
      Leaving her with a smirk
      But she never bites Pat
      Has scratched him once in a blue moon though at our mat

  16. Ah, poor kitty. Pat sure has it in for you with that pill

    Such a pretty kitty too; gray tabby, my favorite.


    1. The pill has to be done
      So she can have fun
      And yeah she thinks so
      With her pretty kitty flow

  17. I don't understand how you survived taking all these photos. Your cat is clearly charging her eye lasers in many of them.

    1. I can duck and weave well
      As she damns me to hell haha

  18. One can just learn from the Cat
    Hiding places there're options
    Gulping down pills cause a spat
    But the new book is most welcomed


    1. Yeah tons of place to hide
      They can turn the tide
      And yeah love the book doing well
      Thanks to Halloween at my cell

  19. Ha ha cats do so love being force-fed pills! I think I still have the wounds to prove it! Congrats on #2! Well done.

    1. Yeah I have wounds as well
      She does not think they are swell


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