Pffffffft Is All I Will Say To This dVerse Display!

Food, pfffft and I'll keep on pffffting even if all find it rude. Food can kiss my little rhyming rump, actually it may as it comes out with a thump. But we won't go there with this dVerse food affair.

Pffft to the food,
Pffft it's so crude.
You have to buy the crap,
Which leaves one a broke sap.

The bills rise up,
Even for food of a pup.
Then pffft to carrying the crap,
All over the map.

Pffft to those germy shopping carts,
That they never clean at those marts.
Pffft to the crappy grocery bags,
Pffft to slow clerks and nosey old hags.

Pfffft to the gas,
That it takes to carry the mass.
Leaving a hole in your wallet now.
Better off buying your own cow.

Pffft to lugging it in the house.
Pffft to it bringing forth a mouse.
Pffft to it having to be put away.
Pffft to it wasting time in the day.

Pffft to having to cook.
Pffft to them charging for a cooking book.
Pffft to making sure it doesn't go bad.
Pffft to making sure there is enough in ones pad.

Pffft to having to wash the dishes,
Pffft to having to deal with stinky fishes.
Pffft to it cluttering up the trash.
Pffft to it stinking and costing more cash.

For you have to buy the trash bags or bucket.
Pffft I may as well just say feck it.
Pffft to having to put the dishes away.
Pffft to dropping them from your tray.

Pffft to you being clumsy and such,
Dropping them so much.
Pffft to having to do it all over again,
Just to eat at your den.

So pffft a pffffting pffft is all,
That food gets at my hall.
Was I rude?
While pffft you can shovel down your food.

There we go how was that? Aren't I just a food loving cat? Or I guess that would be hate. dVerse brought it up at any rate. Pffft I forgot to mention the gas that is can give my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Pffft you can't win them all
    Food costs blew through the roof
    Even Cat food if you recall
    Likewise followed the groove
    No surprise the wallet got thinner
    Pffft cat food or any other food
    Pffft it was just no brainer
    The future was not looking good


    1. Yeah can't win at all
      Here at my stall
      But oh friggin well
      Food still causes hell
      Future isn't so bright
      At least not in this pffting light

  2. the sound after a meal goes down, as well---and oo the smell, there has to be germs there, somewhere as well, and we know that is your hell, but few are lucky as a cat to kill a bird on the fly, still warm and juicy inside and leave only feathers for the owner to find when he walks out the door with other things on his mind...

    1. hahaha yeah that is true
      Just make sure you don't number two
      When a pfft is all that should come due
      Nasty germs galore that we can't view
      Those birds had it coming too
      Humans should watch where they step with the present we give to you

    2. when we twins were given some class
      I clearly got all of it in a mass.

    3. haha well you have to share
      It is only fair

  3. Well, that was certainly different!

  4. haha..i don't like doing the dishes as well...but pfffft...what can i say...? smiles

    1. Pfft not much to say
      Chuck the dishes in the bay

  5. There sure is a lot of pfffts in here isn't there Pat? Have to admit it isn't my favourite verbal tick. I have to avoid usage because it makes me feel like I'm wick.

    1. Pfft I'll tick away
      Pffting all damn day
      With a pfffting display
      I'll even pffft when I hey haha

  6. pfff I say to cleaning up and washing after ~

    but mmmm to yummy food ~

    1. Well at least I got a pfft from you
      That is fun to do

  7. Ditto what heaven just said
    plus without food
    pffft we'd all be dead!

    1. Yeah that is true
      But still makes me pffft on cue

  8. Pfffffft I dont like washing plates too but I love cooking If you cook or bake you have to do:)

    I know a really nice recipes blog:))
    Canela kitchen and the recipes are easy!!! Lol

    1. haha yeah have to wash the crap
      And yeah I heard there was such a blog that took such a lap haha

    2. Is a nice blog I know well LOL

    3. I hear she is buried in dirt though
      At some Gawker Island show haha

  9. all of it ... I agree, but my dog pleas with me to buy him food to feed him and my teen never stops pacing for stuff to fill her face... haha...
    Here at the Sobey's store they have a thing of those disinfection hand wipes and I always grab one of those and wipe the handle of any carts I use... I get so sick of my teen bringing home all of her school pals germs and making me sick with her bugs...don't need anymore added to it all.. Pffftt to shopping, pfffttt to carting it all home and pfffttt to unpacking and pffffttt to cooking it. Haha
    You see... I do agree with you at your sea or, is it your bay, either way... we nod ;)

    1. Wow you have the pffting down
      And yeah quite the nasty germ town
      Avoid all of those I do
      Just like you
      An agreeing with me at bay and sea
      Such a sight to see

  10. know how I feel about dises
    They are not at the top of my list of wishes
    Pfft...Im a Pat addict as of right now
    Actually I was an addict from my first visit....WOW!

    1. Yeah the dishes can die
      One way or another they'll dry
      Maybe with nasty crap
      But at least they are avoided being run under the tap
      And addicted too
      That is liked at my zoo

    2. Your zoo is fine
      Your zoo is swell
      I'm going to be here lots
      As I'm sure you can tell

    3. Oops....I showed up on a horse
      I took the wrong course
      I forgot to logout
      Of my other account

      My boy's name is Tango
      And he's quite the steed
      I love him a lot
      Yes indeed yes indeed!

    4. Two accounts have to be fun
      Could confuse a ton
      But I got the drift
      From your rhyming rift
      And sure he is grand
      There in your land

  11. Damn food and sleep,
    they just get in the way of showering and sex.
    Damn poets who make me rhyme,
    It should be labeled a crime,
    To make me read when I could eat.

    1. Seems like you are all spun around
      Just don't sniff your butt like a hound
      That would be rather bad
      People might think you are truly mad

    2. Even if you aren't a fan,
      Dogs do it 'cause they can,
      And though may antics may leave you in a fog
      You might understand them better,
      if you read my poetry blog.

    3. haha yeah that is true
      But I can eat poo
      I just choose not to
      As that is just eww
      Unlike the hounds
      Who eat it by the mounds

  12. I learned that cats often like dog food

    and dogs like anything crude

    1. Yeah they will eat it up
      But anything and everything will be eaten by a pup

  13. Doing dishes is the least favorite part. I hate it, just hate it. i need to take bath after doing dishes so you can imagine that.

    1. LOL wow that is pretty bad
      Dishes must really suck at your pad

  14. Haha! Lots of pffting going on at your pad!

  15. Oh, I agree with your objections to finding, buying, cooking, and then cleaning up. But at least some food tastes good.

    1. Yeah that is true
      Some tastes good to me and you
      But all the other crap is out to lunch
      A whole friggin bunch

  16. I could not agree with you more!

  17. I love cooking and food. I don't like cat food though. Tried it once for a bet, nasty.

    1. Can't say I've ever tried that
      When speaking of Pat not the cat

  18. Yeah. Pfffft. And a cow provides great fertilizer, right?

    1. haha that is true
      Much can grow from their do do

  19. Pffft to the earth
    I've hated since birth
    Pfft to your mom
    Her cooking tastes bomb
    Check out the new Terminally Ill song on my blog. It's called Box of Wine. You're gonna love it!

    1. Pfft-ing away
      Here at my bay
      Will check out the display
      And pfft away

  20. Oh I love this post. You hit all the things I would Pfff (especially the cooking ones). :D

    1. Yeah so much crap to pfft over food
      It is just entirely rude

  21. I have to agree I've feel the same way, but there is a family to feed who eats three times a day! I've been trying to motivate myself at my bay, if it doesn't work I'll say pfft go away!

    1. Yeah the pfft go away
      Works many a day
      Although sometimes not
      When one wants to eat a whole lot

  22. oh, you think that's a bitch,
    if you had a family of six, you'd drive into a ditch!
    You wouldn't believe my weekly grocery bill
    it's enough to put you over the hill!
    good thing we found that fountain of youth
    so I don't look like I've lost all my tooths.

    1. hahaha yeah I ditch I would find
      For my rhyming behind
      Be pffting way to much at my sea
      It's enough to feed us three

  23. Pfffft's a cute sound
    that sets me apart.
    From those who thunder
    whenever they fart.

    1. A thunderous sound
      Is more profound
      Just go to ground
      In case a squeal mark is found

  24. No matter how much I try not to think about, those pesky family members insist on eating every single day, lol. If I had pets to worry about, too? Ugh. Well, we do have a fish named Clementine along with 2 nameless snails (unless the kids have named them). That's kind of awful that I don't know, isn't it?

    1. haha well they are only snails
      Don't even have tails
      So not bad that you don't know
      Yeah have to feed them no matter if you want to or not at your show

  25. An insane amount of perfectly good food gets thrown away from stores and shops all the time. If you want, you can just dumpster dive, eat the food, and throw away the rest back whence it came.

    Actually, there was an article in the paper about people who did that in my city. ._.

    1. Yeah I read that a while back too
      Tons of food can be found if one can get over the eww

  26. wonder if all the pffting gave u indigestion...:P

    1. Nah it got rid of some stuff
      As I pfft-ed up the stuff that was rough


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