Pretend It's Real And Spin The Wheel!

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So go ahead and gaze.

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It is time to make you think. After days of bringing your brain to the brink. I figure it is time you got some of that power back or at least prove you still have some IQ points left at your shack. So it's the rhyme time wheel of fortune show! Oh the things I can come up with on the go. So let's make a deal, whoops wrong one, I mean spin the wheel.

So you want an R.
There is one at my bar.
And on your first guess.
That is good I will confess.

But calling for a T,
Does not get you any.
At least you are one for two.
So far at my zoo.

Swearing are you now?
Well don't have a cow.
For F is there once.
I guess you aren't such a dunce.

W is what you want?
Well let the letter flaunt.
For you have another one.
But one is all the W's that are spun.

So a W an F and an R.
Boy, you've gotten far.
One of each as well.
I just repeated it so your mind remains swell.

You want to buy an A?
Let me send you the address to my bay.
Sadly though there are none.
But sending me money is fun.

Good golly miss molly.
Break out the holly.
You got the G,
Which there are two to see.

Don't damn me to hell,
There is no L.
Can I help it if you are wrong?
You know you are taking really long.

But yes there is an H there.
I guess hell made you aware.
Once more there is only one.
Isn't this such fun.

Are you moaning at your show?
You want to buy an O.

You are in luck.
For your mighty fine buck.
You get four.
Have you guessed the phrase yet on tour?

You are cheating!
But however fleeting,
I will give you a break.
For I know your mind is drowning in a lake.

Call the NYPD,
For of those there are three,
That are there to see.
Twice for the letter D.

Only one for the P and N,
Meaning there is no Y at my den.
Aren't I so helpful to you,
Even after all you do?

Nope, no B,
Sadly there is no C.
You won't find a K,
And Q doesn't see the light of day.

You want to poke me in the eye?
Come and give it a try.
I will make you fry,
Before you can ever count that high.

For there are three,
I's up there at my sea.
And now you have them all.
To decipher the phrase at my hall.

Can you do it?
Or does your IQ take a hit?
I guess we will see.
Who is the first to decipher it, if any.

Isn't this game fun? All in a rhyme it was spun. But I will give you a run down fast because I know you might already forget the letter cast. In the order you guessed too just for you. RFWGGHOOOODDPNIII. It might looking daunting and maybe even haunting. But the phrase has surely come to pass time and time again from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Alright, I was following this for a while Pat but eventually it began to blow my mind more and more until my mind is just a shell of what it once was, I love this concept though, it's innovative and funny, props are what you deserve. I feel like a tool but wheel and real? Something fishy going on and it's not the cat's tail!

    1. LOL sorry about the mind trip
      And letting the fishy rip
      Fun I can be
      Here at my sea

  2. cat, you make me want to growl like a dog as i was writing each one down and wondering WTF, thank goodness there was an F, or least let vanna turn the letters you know....smiles to you as i leave your show...until tomorrow

    1. LMAO growl like a dog
      Just don't go into a fog
      And sniff a butt
      There at your hut
      And oh so close you were
      Things must blur
      As just a little off
      So fun to make you scoff

    2. oops...he got it wrong.
      when he added a T to the song!

    3. Yeah there was no T
      Your twin was close though but not as good as thee

    4. He can't help but skim.
      Such a sin.

    5. sometimes we catch him though
      asking questions that he should know!

    6. hahaha yeah he does get caught
      At least he beats a robot

  3. I got it- "Dog Dooo RIP if win". It was the best I could do under pressure using all the letters. Points for creativity? LOL!!!!

    1. LMAO well points I will give to you
      Even if it isn't true

  4. That's the sound I made when I stabbed myself!

    1. That had to hurt
      As the blood from your self stabbing began to spurt

  5. whoopdi friggin doo
    I knew it half way through!

    1. Knew you'd be the one
      To make it come undone
      After being here everyday
      Hard to trick you at my bay

    2. that's because you've cast a spell!
      Now I think like you. WTH?

    3. LMAO that is not a good sign
      Should never have had that trip in the brain of the feline

    4. That is SO true.
      I regret it every day, too!
      But it cannot be undone
      once the journey is begun!

    5. Nope stuck forever
      With the rhyming endeavor
      Thanks to a trip
      Just don't double dip haha

    6. double dip? ew...never.
      Neither you nor I would think that's clever.

    7. haha nope not at all
      At my brain hall

  6. Replies
    1. haha well if you know greek
      You aren't up the creek

  7. Let me give you one Cat and see how you do. Of vowels there's a few. I think 4 will do. Two O's there are an A and an I. You'd like an M you say? That will be okay and a T will do. Do I hear a G from you, that will certainly come due. I'll throw in the M and the N for free at your bay. What? Did you say P? Quite clever of thee. This is hell you say-I'll throw an H at your bay. So what do we have-
    M,N,P,O,O,I,G,A,T,H. It's a phrase and quite catchy they say.

    If you can figure this one out Cat, I'll kiss your arse every day here at your bay!

    I'll check back later and see how you do.

    1. hahaha look at you challenging the cat
      Will surely give me something to do at my work mat
      I will see if I can guess
      Then perk my ass up in that air for you to kiss my furry mess

    2. All I could get below
      You weren't as nice as my show
      I at least gave how many words
      I got no help from the birds

      Poom Hating
      map hooting
      Am Poo Thing
      Gin Poo Math
      Pat Him Goon
      Atm Poohing
      Mat Poohing
      Pooh Mating

    3. I love that Anne challenged you back!! ha ha ha!!

    4. haha pfft old one eye
      Why don't you give it a try

    5. You're not even Cat. You shall bow to me by the end of the day!!

      Hey Elsie-give him hell!!

    6. Pfft I will never bow
      I may give a meow
      I see Git in there though
      So could have Irish flow

    7. It is Irish-it's Pog ma thoin which means kiss my arse. I gave you a feckin clue when I said I'd kiss your arse every day if you got it. Twasn't fair I know, but I hate you so there you go.

    8. LOL well aren't you a smart ass
      No way in hell I'd get that without a huge case of gas
      Jibberish to me
      Must have had some scotch with your tea

  8. Okay, our human's brain hurts now.... :-p

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog, even if our human isn't clever enough to figure this out.

    1. Humans can never keep up with cats
      We know that is we dig up their mats

  9. Well, I could lie and say I got it all by myself but I was going to actually get up and get a pen and paper and then I read Betsy's reply =PP

    whoopdi friggin doo!!!

    Where's my second place prize package? I don't want a Pringle can either!

    1. haha I wouldn't have believed you if you did
      And you can blink your one eye lid
      But unless you want a free pringle can
      Then you get nothing for being a copy errr dog and a Betsy fan haha

    2. She has two eyes you foul, fetid feline and neither one of them wants to see your hairy bum. Stop picking on her or I'll give you another riddle you can't bloody well solve!

    3. Pfft I'll pick away
      As I've done each and every day
      Since you are off at McDonald's chowing down
      I have to go after some one and it's fun to make old one eye frown

    4. Actually I'm home until Friday evening, but I'll be coming home days so I may pop in and hassle you!

    5. Hassle away
      As it makes for a fun day
      And oh wait a week or two
      And see what the can has planned for old one eye and you hahaha

  10. I wish I had a cow or some silk

    maybe the cow since I'd have free milk

    1. Blah to the dairy
      You can keep that as it is scary

  11. I think I must need to buy more vowels!

    1. haha maybe a bulk buy
      Will be cheaper if you give it a try

  12. Whooptyfriggendoo! Now my brain hurts. So much for my IQ!

    1. haha spelling is a little off
      Sorry for the brain cough

  13. Is it..Vanna White? Very good, Pat.

    1. haha nope not her
      She said I had too much fur

  14. Thanks for visiting us. We see you are in N ova Scotia. Do you know Nerissa's blog? It is - they also live in Nova Scotia.

    1. I will have a look
      At her nook
      Thanks for the visit back
      To my crazy shack

  15. After a couple bottles of wine, I might be able to figure this out. :D (Yes, I suck at puzzles!)

    1. haha well don't get too drunk
      And end up in a funk

  16. It took me forever to figure it out! I'm such a dunce.

    1. haha but at least you did
      While others just flipped their lid

  17. Thanks for stopping by our bloggie
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  18. Thank goodness for comments, because if I hadn't found the answer on my own or in the replies I'm sure it would have driven me crazy thinking about what the letters could possibly mean!

    1. haha yeah good thing one knew
      I wouldn't want it to keep bothering you

  19. It is too late at my gate
    so I will accept my fate
    as I know I'm too late!

  20. We thought we were playing Wheel of Fortune! Ahahaha!

    1. haha damn the cat is good
      Have my own game show I should

  21. you need to get on "The Price is Right"!!!! You got some skills!

    1. Then I could win lots of dough
      Maybe away I should go

  22. almost 4 am here, too late/early for word puzzles :P


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