Random Mind And/Or Behind!

Random thoughts go through ones head with they are not sure what they just said. Does that make any sense? Or is the cat just sounding dense? Blame Miss Priss for such woes as at bush number five the need for sleep sure grows.

Random is the name
Of this little game.
Have no idea where it will go.
But it is a Saturday flow.

No one seems to be around.
I wonder where they are found?
Out for a walk,
Too lazy to blog stalk?

Maybe they made a scene,
With a magic growing bean.
Not sure it's called a bean though,
Unless you are snip snipped down below.

If you have boney shoulders,
That hurt as bad as sharp boulders,
Do those angel and demon guys,
Who act all bright and wise,

Get a pain in their ass?
At the very least one should cause them gas.
Why would you ever want to get ahead?
Wouldn't such a present cause you dread?

Plus you have to kill something first,
To get your head present burst.
If a vcr eats a dvd what type of player would it be?
All jammed up I suppose is all one would see.

Sounds like a bad porno flick title.
Damn my mind is really not idle.
How come barrels carry monkeys with loopy arms?
Wouldn't that raise some SPCA type alarms?

If a vampire and a zombie mated,
Yeah, they'd be a little dated,
But would it give birth to the undead undead?
Now that is where you can get ahead.

A cat doesn't copy any of you.
A cat does what he or she wants to.
A dog copies you all,
So it should be copy dog at each hall.

Why would a long tailed cat,
Leave his door mat,
To go to a room full of rocking chairs?
Why not just find the stairs?

I dare you humans to rock there.
You would fall down and the cat would just stare.
How does my link show up on dVerse?
It must be some type of Sunday curse.

Or Brian can't sleep in like me.
Either way causes glee.
Now I'm done with my randomness I suppose.
As the lack of sleep still grows.

So that was all over the place. I guess my rats just wanted to race. Then I chowed them all down. Can't have them running around my town. Time to go shove food down the tube of Cass. Of course I will just be an ever watchful little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love random things like this Pat, Brian is awesome from his comments and it was great to read him getting featured. Great rhymes like always my friend, until Rhyme Tyme's bitter and depressing end.

    1. Random can be quite fun
      As I rhyme under my sun
      And have no sleep
      Oh well one day I'll stop counting sheep

  2. Random is a good poetic thing
    if you can't come up with anything.

    If a vampire and zombie mated
    I'd hope that they first dated.

    Instead of copy cat or copy dog
    why not a copy frog or copy hog?

    Have a good Saturday!
    Don't get blown away.

    1. Yeah it works rather well
      But I am 60 or so ahead at my cell
      So I have plenty in store
      Random just added one more
      I hope they dated too
      And good catch by you
      I go for copy camel though
      Has a better ring to spit out with its flow

  3. ha, no i cant sleep in, to two little boys that would be a sin, All jammed up would probably be fetish stuff if a porno, but at least its not necro like zomies & vamps, a mix i would not want to take a chance with, or dance with all the rotting flesh smell would be hell...happy saturday your way

    1. Yeah they'd jump on you
      And make sure up you flew
      Sounds like a fetish one
      Never to be given a run
      Smell would be nasty too
      But they may give off something entirely new

  4. Love your randomness, especially the bean and the snip, snip. That had me cracking up!!!

    1. haha cracking up is fun to do
      Just not like an egg and then turning to goo

  5. double entendre? seems like there's a secondary message, was that intentional?

    1. Yeah it was there
      I was half asleep when writing it at my lair
      But still intenional it was
      With my rhyming buzz

  6. Random morning again...

    I've learned
    on my birthday
    was an egg's day!!

    1. That was random indeed
      Sure to brighten your egg feed

  7. Hmmm. Yeah, I wonder what would happen if a zombie and vampire mated. I don't think it would be pretty! LOL!

    1. haha yeah, the mating would be scary enough
      Just seeing them in the buff

  8. Didn't you have a saved draft to publish?
    One of 40 or so, instead of this rubbish?
    Oh, I can tell you are in need of sleep
    that made no sense and made me weep.
    Hope things continue to get better there
    and you get a little sleep, I swear!

    1. hahaha actually I have about 65 or so
      All ready to go
      But if you can't sleep
      Have to do something at ones keep
      Plus by keep writing one a day
      I remain that many ahead at my bay
      If arm craps out once more
      At least I'll be able to go a while at my shore

    2. If you can't sleep tonight
      I will read tomorrow with fright!

    3. haha actually tomorrow I get a bit more serious in tone
      Still can't sleep much with old Cassie wanting to tear off the food tube no matter if it is or isn't in a cone

    4. Serious?
      I'll practice my sad face
      and slower pace.

      Don't you have a friend that can come
      and cat sit while you sleep a ton?

    5. haha bah the cat can still rhyme
      At least he's not a tone deaf mime haha
      Thing about that
      Is she is a fickle cat
      Anyone comes through the door
      And she'll scurry across the floor
      Hiding all the while they are here
      And the food she won't go near
      Which she has to eat
      So that stupid food tube can take a back seat
      Damned either way
      So may as well tough it out at our bay

    6. Our cats hide in fear
      when anyone else comes near.
      Yes, I guess you're stuck a few days
      until she's better in a some ways.
      I guess you'll learn how to cat-nap
      along with orlin and cass.

    7. Yeah they don't like other people at all
      Be funny to watch 14 or so take off down the hall haha
      Cat napping is surely coming do
      Pain in the butt it is true

  9. This was really random but if you write something for D'verse
    on Sunday, while you are asleep, Brian probably puts in your link ~

    Hope you are keeping warm Pat ~ Its getting colder and colder here ~

    1. Yeah Brian is prob the one
      That gets me in on the dVerse fun
      And some more random will come
      To fear from my little rhyming bum
      Getting a bit colder here too
      But my crap apt is a sauna anyway so I don't mind if it comes due

  10. You do know 'The Walking Dead' is back on our screens tomorrow it seems. Today we're having a refresher course, I liked it all apart from when they ate the horse...but your little rhyming ass will be pleased to see no cats were harmed in the making of this crap... ;)

    1. haha yeah that is true
      No harm to cats came due
      It will be back tomorrow for all to see
      I will wait and get a few episodes before I watch with glee

  11. sat is often a slow day in blog land

    most people are having fun in beach sand

    or at least in their dreams

    so it seems.

    1. Yeah I suppose
      Although now when it snows
      More will be around
      Unless they are Hawaii bound

  12. blog it up on the daily. haters try to impale me.
    bitches gettin' freaky tryin' to nine inch nail me.
    but my name isn't trent so you can go get bent.
    pissed cuz these record deals can't pay my bills and rent.

    1. haha yeah that sucks
      Those dirty rotten schmucks
      Taking all the dough
      Watching their wallets grow
      While the bills pile up
      Leashing us like a pup

  13. my head is constantly full of random thoughts and all sorts of bullshit ...i need to find one of those pranic healers and conduct a fengshui of my mind...lol...

    saturday...and last few days ...been busy with photoshoots and more photoshoots....loving it actually...so no complaints...

    what do you do on weekends and in leisure time...curious really....will peep back again to read your reply...gah i hate blogger not having a live feed....

    1. Yeah I could use that brain healing thing
      As the voices just keep on coming at my wing
      Me, haha not much at all
      These days at my hall
      Just write and write some more
      All one can do when fecked up at their shore haha

  14. ha..i was on a plane today and yeah...cats and dogs seem to be VERY different...

    1. Yeah different they are
      Near and far
      Flying to california too
      Lucky you

  15. I'm suffering a bit of writer's block myself. Maybe I should do a random post like this too. :P

    1. A bit of random is always fun
      Pfft never any writers block though under my sun

  16. I read this yesterday and saw an extra 'O'.

    then my battery died and I screamed "No!"

    But today I see it was random, like a boom,

    not like my brand of rand with the doom.

    I did rather enjoy laughing aloud,

    at the vcr eating the dvd so proud.

    My apologies for thinking along the canine line,

    but the cat in me says this kind of random is just fine.

    1. Damn batteries can be a pain
      And they sure can drain
      But a random post
      From this feline host
      Spurred a random event
      Your battery just got bent haha


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