Simply Clear The Fear!

So dVerse has a fear phobia thing going on at their bay and you know I will have to have my say. That is just a given at any time. Even if I'm half alseep with this rhyme. But fear is a fickle thing and not something I have much of at my wing. Not that there is not stuff to fear but one has to find a balance or will always be stuck in that one gear.

The cat's afraid of a strange noise,
Those little kids and their scream of joys.
A blanket with a bump,
Never know what might be under such a hump.

A box in the middle of the floor,
Danger it could also store.
But you know what they say,
Curiosity killed the cat one day.

Yet satisfaction brought him back,
Once more on the attack.
As I see it many should follow suit,
And not let fear be one big brute.

Let the fear rise,
It will keep you wise,
When approaching the task at hand.
You will know the dangers in the land.

But still do the the task,
Don't hide behind fear's mask.
Because once it is done,
Poof! Could turn out to be fun.

Or you'll learn it was dumb,
And there will be none of that "what could have been" hum.
Fear simply blinds,
So break through the binds.

Yeah a plane could crash,
But your apple could give you a flesh eating rash.
A boat could sink leaving you to drown.
But you could trip and fall down the stairs over your night gown.

Germs could make you sick,
But you could cut an artery performing a simple trick.
The Zodiac Killer could shoot you,
But you could die on the loo.

That last one is true,
If you push too hard a blood vessel can be popped by you.
What a way to go.
Heck, you could choke on anything you eat at your show.

Fear keeps one wise,
But to hide behind its disguise,
And not even try,
Leaves you with nothing but looking to the sky.

Thinking later on about that "what could have been" crap.
So don't fall for its trap.
Just keep an open eye,
Acknowledge the fear and give the task a try.

At least that is how the cat sees it. Not that there isn't fear at my pit. Like if the place caught fire and Pat was not around. Then us kitties would be in the ground. Or the whole health issues too, once that goes much shit can ensue. But as far as fear of things all around, your brain could burst from an awful sound. So why let such fear fully come to pass? It is not about to stop my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I can't work out which is scarier, the thought of dying in the toilet or being murdered by the Zodiac Killer. This is a truly scary set of rhymes Pat, it's getting me truly in the mood for Halloween which is quite something from the cat. Great list of fears buddy, I have a good lot of these haha.

    1. Halloween mood has come
      Thanks to my little rhyming bum
      Just don't push to hard on the loo
      That would be scary to come due haha

  2. fear simply blinds so break all the binds, you got some wisdom in that feline mind & true on not letting the fear rule cats love boxes, though probably not foxes, but will chase the deer so i guess they got a handle on fear but i wonder what they would do if they caught one by the rear...

    1. It pops out once in a while
      Through my rhyming style
      They love boxes too
      After they get that nothing scary is in them to come due haha
      Chasing a deer you say
      hahaha that would be fun to watch at your bay
      If they pull such a trick
      Grabbing the tail the deer might kick

  3. I like your words here, Pat:

    "Fear simply blinds,
    So break through the binds." Wise words indeed!

    You said the cat's afraid of strange noises. Well, I have two dogs who are pretty much okay with thunder and lightning, but my newest dog Basil is petrified. We have storms heading in today; and I dread them....knowing how Basil panics!

    1. The cat can be wise
      Maybe it was those yummy flies
      And awful for the poor little pup to go through
      They don't seem to mind when a storm comes due
      Poor noises of people I suppose
      That causes them woes

  4. Wise, wise words. Put forward with silly rhyme that softens them, but they should sink deep!

  5. Have no fear Cats do hear
    When they do they react too
    Tripping over the night gown
    It happens but silly it sounds
    Died in the toilet?
    LOL what a riot!


    1. Yeah a reaction comes due
      And they may turn blue
      Running to hide
      Or just walk off in stride
      Yeah it all happens as well
      The toilet would be hell

  6. I like the idea of breaking out of the fear paralysis and not asking
    later, what could have been ~

    Wise words from the cat and Pat ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. Yeah better to know
      The to keep asking that flow
      That cat is wise
      Must be a disguise haha

  7. What a wise cat you are
    I don't have too many fears that jar.
    although I really don't like centipedes
    they give me the creepy crawlies indeed.

    1. Guess when the cat is tired
      Wise words can be fired
      And bah just step on those
      With shoes on so they don't get stuck between your toes haha

    2. I can do that with a spider
      but a centipede is just too dire.

    3. haha but with the spider you'll make it rain
      And wash away yoiur lane

    4. hahaha...oh, no...I'm not talking about an itsy bitsy spider!
      I'm talking those huge ones that crunch when you step on them!
      Then I have to do a little dance while until the eebie jeebies leave!
      lmao. hahahahah. Glad there are no cameras here....

    5. LMAO that would be funny to see
      You should record that and show all how you dance with no glee

    6. Oh, it would be funny to view
      could win a video contest or two.

    7. haha and bring some dough
      Now you know you have to let it show

    8. I suppose you'd want a cut
      for you and your skinny little butt.

    9. haha well only if you had it rolling in
      Then you could fill my skinny butt's money bin

  8. That's entirely too healthy an attitude! Good for you.

    1. Healthy attitude you say
      I guess I can put on a good display haha

  9. Nice. I hadn't considered the poeticaphobia thing. Feeds into our existing fears, I guess. Love your last bit:

    Just keep an open eye,
    Acknowledge the fear and give the task a try.

    1. Yeah that is all one has to do
      So the fear does not control you

  10. Hang on, a flesh eating rash from an apple? I wasn't scared but I am now.

    1. haha well you never know
      It could be gotten from some contaminated show

  11. lt the fear rise- it will keep you wise!...some wisdom in here methinks...we need fear absence of fear would result in complete complacency would it not?...always enjoy (and am jealous of) you and your cats rhyming ability! thanks for sharing!

    1. Jealous you say
      akes the cat's day
      And yeah we need some fear
      Or all would just sit and peer

  12. And apple can give you a flesh eating rash... how crass. I will never eat another apple again. Sod those bloody iPhones anyway. ;)

    1. haha yeah avoid those things
      Pain is all Apple and their bloody Iphones brings

  13. So much for an apple a day keeping the doctor away!

    1. haha bring them about
      Which would make one pout

  14. Fun to read..all smiles with a dash of seriousness...;)

    1. That is my usual way
      Here at my bay
      As I have my say
      With a rhyming display

  15. You never know what could be in a box.

    maybe a fox

    1. Yeah could pop out
      And give a screaming shout

  16. Fear? Oh, my dear. The only thing that scares me is to Fly, always sure that I will die!

    1. At least you won't feel it
      Be over lickity split

  17. I never understood fear, maybe it's because I knew nothing would kill me before my time.

    1. That is very true
      When it is your time not much you can do

  18. You captured that feeling so well. Good job!

    1. Glad I could capture fear
      With my little rhyming rear

  19. My ferret could have learned a lesson or two from this. He wasn't scared of anything and often got himself hurt. :(

    1. That is not a good thing
      Need a bit of fear in your wing

  20. Cool write, some great advice here as well. I've always wondered what the cats see or feel when all of a sudden they freak out over the simplest of things. My cat Chloe, she could be purring up a storm, rubbing into your legs and the dogs could start barking and she won't blink, yet if you ruffle up a plastic bag or something trivial like that and she'll fly out of the room as if there's nothing there but doom.

    1. LOL yeah mine do that too
      All could be fine at our zoo
      Then some stupid little noise comes due
      And off they go like someone yelled boo


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