Take A Scoop Of Cyclops Soup!

This is a rare event. One that I had to fight tooth and claw to get under my tent. Those pesky buggers at the SPCA or some other acronym they shouted my way, tried to stop this post. But no one can stop this rhyming host. The cat had to tell all, especially with the holidays coming up at your hall, how to make cyclops soup. WorqueenDan started this little loop. Turtle soup may be great but cyclops soup is a tastier fate. But those cyclops are so rare. If you aren't Xena, it may be hard to find one for your lair.

Although never fear,
Thanks to my little rhyming rear.
You will know what to do,
Should a cyclops come into your view.

Grab it by the neck.
Give its eye a peck.
Then for good measure,
Or some added pleasure,

Give it an extra poke.
When the cyclops starts to choke,
Pour some salt,
Then open a single malt.

It will croak,
Look here is a bloke,
I will interrupt this rhyme,
To show you eating cyclops soup is not a crime.

Now I'm not sure about those two,
A french guy and one who is blue?
And their cyclops looks rather smoked.
Its eye wasn't even poked.

This is clearly a fail.
Those two will go to jail.
But it looks like a female one,
Is next under their sun.

Maybe a certain one eye,
Might also fry.
Avoid those french,
And watch out for a wrench.

Oh yes, cyclops soup.
Those two threw me for a loop.
Simply bake at 500 degrees,
Then eat whenever you please.

Nothing to it at all.
Glad I could help at my hall.
Now you can have a tasty meal,
That once the kill is dead, isn't much of an ordeal.

Who wants turkey when you can have cyclops soup? It might even make you jump up and slamdunk in a basketball hoop. Or give you one eye as well. Then that could be hell. For you will get eaten too. Oh what those cyclops people can do. Old one eye better not give too much sass. She may end up fried by those two, who have nothing to do with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. No #1 again
    Not without pain


  2. This art is incredible Pat great post haha, really gave me a laugh and brightened up a dodgy morning to say the very least!

    1. Glad I could brighten your day
      Here at my bay
      Wait until my next display
      When all are far game for dismay haha

  3. Cyclop soup, what the dickens!
    Mushroom soup,tomato and chicken
    Easy to catch,snare and prepare
    Cyclops a poking a peck a dare
    Rather stick to the traditional
    Mushroom,chicken,tomato the usual


    1. The cat would have to agree with thee
      Not really a dish for me
      But it is supposedly good
      Although it could taste like wood
      So fry and cook
      Maybe get the cyclops cookbook

  4. um, cannibalism is err....you know that is does something to the chemicals in your brrr...ain makes you go insane, smoked i wonder if the effects are as bad, or what the flavor is to be had....neat art as well, hope your friday is swell...

    1. haha well cyclops are different creatures
      With human features
      Much like other animals too
      And they are eaten by many a crew
      So not so bad
      The flavor may be sour a tad

  5. Are you picking on poor Elsie again?

    1. He's always picking on me, Angry. The cat is evil!!

    2. Pffft she isn't poor
      Just whines a whole lot at her shore

    3. No, no, I'm poor - I accept any and all donations LOL

    4. haha the cat will intercept cash ones
      And send you pringle cans by the tons

  6. Cyclops soup- the new breakfast of champions.

    1. haha adds fiber too
      So you can easily go to the loo

  7. I wonder what it would taste like if you mixed cyclops soup with turtle soup?

    We are souping the hell out of old one eye!
    So much so it might make her cry!
    They say soup is good for the soul
    Just serve up some cyclops in a turtle bowl

    You could fry the leftover cyclops meat
    I hear it makes for a tasty treat
    Just throw it in a skillet and watch it sizzle
    Season it with turtle juice, just a drizzle

    Chop it up into bite sized chunks
    Serve it up to your favorite punks
    Serve it as a snack while at a party
    But don't eat too much or you'll be farting!

    1. Hmmm that would be a good mix
      Might even make it into flicks
      Giving us a royality
      For coming up with them at our sea

      At least if it maes one fart
      They can clear out the grocery mart
      And be first in line
      That would be divine

      So the soups have plenty of uses
      Making old one eye suffer many abuses
      Is just a perk
      That leaves one with a smirk

      And I think the shell
      Would be rather swell
      To hold the cyclops soup
      Just be sure and first clean out the turtle poop

  8. Replies
    1. Damn I'm good
      One whole word at my hood
      Your shortest ever
      The cat is sooo clever

  9. Cyclops soup
    give me a scoop
    of inedible goop
    that will surely me ______!

    Have a good weekend.

    1. haha I got it the first time around
      But it is good incase some can't find the oop sound

  10. OOPS, let me revise

    Cyclops soup
    give me a scoop
    of inedible good
    that will surely make me _____!

    1. ummm? Droop? Stoop? Loop? Hoop?

    2. Wow you actually want some
      And I know it is bum
      Or what it is used for
      With your blank encore haha

  11. Replies
    1. haha she will have to hide
      You take the turtle and she'll have nothing to ride

    2. He can't take my turtle, it's to fast
      it's snapping mouth is here to last!

    3. Bah just flip it upside down
      And turtle soup will be handed out all over town

  12. This is hysterical! My turtle has been turned to soup and so has my former avatar...see what I did there? I refuse to die!

    Once again the cat shows how evil he really is
    committing a crime such as this is makes for nasty biz
    My snapping turtle's jaws are ready to bite
    but being a "kitty" you'll run in fright
    because you've been snipped and have no balls
    you won't stand and fight, you'll only fall
    Watch yourself when coming around my bay
    My supersonic turtle is hungry and wants to play!


    1. It seems you can't die! When we eat all the soup you will live in all of us!

    2. eeewww, what a creepy thought!

    3. I never claimed to be made up of fluffy things and good thoughts!

    4. Pffft you can't scare the cat
      You are souped at my mat
      See that skin could no longer cling
      And it just fried off well at my wing
      He can come and play
      I'll spin him run and run all day
      Tip him upside down
      And he'll never again get speed across town

      LOL well she will only be inside for so long
      Even if it sounds wrong
      But we could hold a funeral of sorts
      And each go to the golden loo courts
      Then have a sit
      And take a nice big one eyed shit hahaha

    5. My dogs will flip the turtle back over
      because they are loyal little Rover's
      unlike a snobby flea-ridden cat
      who would leave their owner flat
      for something they consider finer
      like some fish at a local diner
      Cats will claw out your face
      then expect you to live at your place
      It's no wonder the Cat is pure hell
      and it's with turtles and dogs I dwell.

    6. First Elsie becomes a cyclops, then we turn both her turtle and her into soup, next we will flush her down the loo! What's next for her?

      A turtle on it's back is defenseless! Get her while she's down!

    7. You guys are both terrible! Picking on me at the same time? How mean! I'm a sick, tiny, defenseless woman - unless you count the goombahs I'm sending your way?

    8. Pffft the cat goes with the breeze
      He'll at least live you fleas
      Cassie on the other hand
      Is loyal at our land
      So I guess dogs aren't the only ones
      They just lick up the waste when cyclops soup gives people the runs hahahaha

      Pffft I'll just give Mario a call
      And he'll hope on the goombahs heads and that will be all

  13. First Dan cook the turtle and now you cook Elsie?ugh!
    You both are sick Dan and you.
    Maybe is a good.idea make a cat soup!!!

    1. Cat's are too hairy. We would all be choking on hairballs!

    2. They are both so mean to me, huh Gloria? Evil!!!

    3. hahaha pffft you could try
      But no lie
      I'll invest you with fleas
      And make you sneeze
      Maybe the cat will dig you up
      And have some oh dear soup with his cup

      Yeah hair ball are bad
      They come in threes and no fun is had

      Pffft mean is fun
      Here under my sun

    4. Pfft works
      And has pfffting perks

  14. I once ordered cyclops soup but demanded a refund when I found two eyes in it. Seems Zeus restaurant is a eatery of lies.

    1. Hmph that is just rude
      Zeus resturant can be so crude

    2. Wait, now Adam is in on this too? Or is it just coincidence about TWO eyes?? Hmmmm LOL

    3. haha see all one to try some soup
      You better fly to coup

    4. I'm not going anywhere. Try as you might, you can't get rid of me.

    5. Just like a flea
      Blood sucker on the back of me hahahaha

  15. We voted and the eyes have it! Well, at least one of them!

    1. haha well at least one has a vote
      She'll like such a note

  16. Cyclops soup... my eye! Haha... sorry couldn't resist, now don't go getting all sassy and P**ssed.
    Gawd, I'm rhyming again.

    1. haha rhyming is grand
      Must be done in my land
      And no sass here
      I'm a cyclops soup distributing little rhyming rear

  17. Yum yum! Sounds delicious, put ill pass. There's a good chance it would give me gas.

  18. You both - Pat and Dan , you are going in history. you both assume that you are cooking one-eyed Elsie and her turtle but looks like already some godfathers have set fire, check your pants nimwits.

    Who is that French guy and blue guy is having a stache? Why? Why? Why?

    1. The goombahs have been called, MaMTC..it's time for a "sit down"

    2. The cat doesn't wear pants
      But he does eat ants
      Just like an old one eye
      And now he will make a thinking cap fry haha

    3. Oh and those two
      Beats me, they just came for a visit to my zoo

  19. One would need a mighty big soup pot. I wonder...there was a giant eye found off the coast of California, a blue eye...

    1. Hmm that I never knew
      Maybe this is very true

  20. I'd eat that just to say I've eaten it before.

    Also, the comics clip at the end a bit. :(

    1. See that is the way
      Try it at your bay
      Damn, never noticed that
      Stupid blogger and it's glitchy mat

  21. LOL! I'm so glad I now know what to do if I run into a cyclops! Cyclops soup sounds like a good dish for Halloween. I'll have to make some for my kids!

    1. Throw in a sugar cube or two
      And all will be well at your zoo

  22. Yay, a new recipe to try out. I was getting tired of making squash soup. This sounds like there are less dishes to wash in the end. Me like! :D

    1. Yeah just throw it on the floor
      And chow down at your shore
      No dishes to clean
      Might be a bit of a scene

  23. Definitely substituting cyclops soup for the usual boring dinner . . .

    1. Another that agrees with me
      See cyclops soup is a hit at my sea

  24. I will stick to my home made pumpkin soup with pears...its really yummy ~

    The comments going back and forth between you, Elsie and Dan are hilarious ~

    Happy weekend..

    1. Pumpkin you say?
      Never had such a display
      And yeah it is fun
      Now that old one eye has come undone

  25. Cyclops soup may be a treat
    But I'd much prefer some roasted meat--
    Turkey, beef, baked ham or duck
    All more tasty, so Cyclops's in luck.

    1. Not up for cyclops soup?
      While I suppose it would make ones eyes droop
      So the duck sounds grand
      Ad in some chicken and I'll come visit your land

  26. my holidays are of honey ham and death bars, not sure I would ever want to step outside the tasty display but I'll keep this in mind should the occasion arise

    1. Well at least you can scare away
      Any with such a dinner display

  27. Haha Cyclops Soup. Not sure how tasty it would be, but I'll take the cat's recommendation with me, next time I'm out and about, at one of those restaurants that serve ostrich and not just trout, perhaps I'll see this soup on their menu, and then, I might just have to get me some cylops soup, but yeah, those french guys probably not the best one's to be cooking up such a delicacy

    1. haha can't count on the french I suppose
      For such cooking woes
      An let me know how it goes
      Ostrich too? That curls my toes

  28. The comic has made me want to go as a blue man for halloween.

    1. Take a pic of such a view
      When you are quite blue


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