The Crazies Open The Gate For Round Eight!

So back once more at my shore is the search engine chime for those who search out my rhyme. Or at least find it. Through their oh so clever searching wit. Still no idea who would type this crap. Must be one crazy lass or chap. But before we get there it is clear someone that comes to my lair, is trying to screw with the cat. I'll flush out the dirty rat.

"can a mime make a rhyme on rhyme time 2
can a mime make a rhyme on rhymtime 2
can a mime make a rhyme sure a mime can make a rhyme but who
can a mime make a rhyme on twitter"

And it wasn't just searched for once by this little dunce. It was searched for time and time again bringing them to my den. But I won't get bitter for a mime can't rhyme on Twitter. But at least they can spell making you below them in the well. So mimes beat you! Take that from my zoo. Worse than a mime, that is such a crime.

"human breeding"

Hmmm you don't know how that is done? I'd hate to see what comes up in google images for that one.

"he can't even rhyme even if you give him the time i find it a crime he might as"

How much you wanna bet that mime is what ends this little fret?

"what to do when your crush is ignoring you when you say bye to them"

Well you could punch them in the head. Of course that could cause dread and they may sue. Better off finding a crush that is new.

"rosie nun"

Hmm I guess all have a fetish or ten. This one might send you to Hell's den.

"backpack of pain pig"

A pig has a backpack of pain? That must surely make you pop a vein.

"do bald men get dandruff witty responses"

No, they just give more face for all to embrace. Or would that be head? Forget what I said.

"the swiss family robinson or adventures in a desert island"

The first is my choice, now you can rejoice.

"a rhyming poem about issue with a tissue"

There was an issue
With my tissue
It turned green
After that scene.
Not even pokadot.
Find another place to blow your snot.

"kiss my ass rhyme"

You are crass,
Full of gas,
You have no class,
Are a hot air mass,
So my dear lass,
In case you missed what came to pass,
I'll bend over and you can kiss my ass.

"five big dump trucks rhyme"

Five big dump trucks,
All driven by Chucks.
One dump truck clucks,
The second carries ducks.
The third hockey pucks,
The forth sorta sucks.
But the fifth gives a ride,
In its back so wide.
And with a little luck,
No gas you'll suck.

"difference between spider bite and mosquito bite"

How the hell am I supposed to know? Does this look like the Doogie Howser show? Both itch like a bitch.

"hot dog stuck in nose"

Wow that must cause strife. Be careful with that sharp knife.

"drunk pussy"

I hope you mean a cat, either way you are a nut, so go bug a rat.

"bouncing balls"

Do I even wanna know? Please never ever show.

"wet boobies"

Well at least you like them clean. That is fine with the ocd at my scene.

"monster under the bridge in seattle when he was real"

Did the poor troll want you to pay a toll? I bet you were to cheap so he made you weep. Why Seattle though? Doesn't it rain all the time at that show?

"superhero panties"

It's not just the guys that want superhero underwear. In this round the women are looking for them too at my lair. Of course it could be a guy, but we don't want to give going there a try.

"keep walking you didn't see nothing cat"

I saw everything. So don't tell me what to do at my wing. If I want to tell about your love affiar with a sheep. I will do so, creep!

And the winner of the nuts this time is guilty of a crime. Of course in some states it is allowed. So maybe he is quite proud. Don't you want to join in? It's only a little bit of a sin.

"guy humping sheep"

And you have the nuts lining up still. I guess they need their sheep humping thrill. Not sure how they find me. I guess it is all the craziness of my sea. At least there was no farts or poo crazy nut jobs this time. Guess it works avoiding such a chime. So round eight has come to pass and I'm sure it will not be the last one from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love whenever you do a series on the Google searches Pat, really makes me laugh, that nun one is weird, even if they have a fetish or ten for a man in a beard.

    1. Yeah many are oh so whacked I'd say
      But does make for fun at my bay

  2. One wants to rhyme
    One gets it this time
    And as it is No.#1
    Exudes lots of fun
    Not quite easily done
    Was rushing on the run
    Fast on the action
    Remember Stone's 'Satisfaction'


    1. Well you had lots of time
      To drop the first dime
      And that you did
      Making all flip their lid
      Like poor old Brian
      Who has no satisfaction and is cryin'

  3. "hot dog stuck in nose" Oops, you caught me. :)

    I'm not even going to google the human breeding one to see what I can. Somethings are better left ungoogled.

    1. Damn, I hope you got it out
      And didn't have to shout
      Yeah some things are better left alone
      I would not trust google and it's returning tone

  4. Superhero panties?
    Looks like someone is snooping in someone else's drawers?????

    1. That is very true
      I think it is Brian between me and you

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    sorry i had to get that out, did you just get outed?
    BAh...BAHhhh....urk! lol, after that you might wish i lurked
    that is some scary jank that led them to your tank
    what the heck is a pain pig, sick & twisted

    1. I think the sheep might be in pain, too,
      just between me and you!

    2. LMAO you sure got it out
      With your return shout
      And bah come away
      Not need to lurk at my bay
      But the cat isn't outed
      Screw what they shouted
      The scaries are all around
      And yeah the pig thing is anything but profound

      LOL yeah the poor sheep
      It will do more than cheep

  6. I needed more coffee before starting into this!
    My, Oh, My some people's brains really have a twist!
    It will be a full moon in a few days
    and that will really bring out the craze!
    Especially so close to Halloween..
    at least they're just loons and not really mean.

    1. LMAO suck back the caffiene
      As the loons make a scene
      God only knows
      What type of flows
      I will get with a full moon
      Maybe intead of a pig it will be a baboon

  7. I can personally identify with an issue with a tissue, I am having that right now - it shall be my ode!!

    1. There you go
      Let it flow
      There at your land
      Will be quite grand

  8. "Backpack of pain pig?" What the hell?

    1. Yeah no idea what that would be
      That searcher is out of his tree

    2. and out of his gourd!
      good lord...


    3. haha out of much
      Brains and such

  9. Bald men getting dandruff.... lol
    I have no idea where all this comes from but, I sure am glad I'm not in your head, being in my own is bad enough.. so mix that in a stew and call it dumplings ;)

    1. hahaha such a stew
      Would be scary too
      But in my head
      Is fun but may cause others dread

  10. You get the funniest search terms ever!!! Lol

    1. Yeah the loons surely come
      To visit my little rhyming bum

  11. For some reason I can really relate to the crazies!

    1. haha hopefully not the sheep though
      That is a bit too crazy to give a go

  12. You could break into the adult novel market with your rhymes if you combined those hot topics like drunk pussy, bouncing balls, wet boobies and guy humping sheep. That's cutting edge material right there!

    1. LOL well maybe I should
      Could go all smut and make some extra dough in my hood

  13. Stopping in to drop
    a hello
    before it's
    time to go.

    Of playing nights
    still have a few
    but made some
    time for

    I'm being nice Cat because honestly I don't like being mean all the time. I know that's how we kid around, but sometimes it makes me feel bad if that's all I do.

    Have a good Friday Cat.

    1. haha being mean is fun
      But sometimes nice has to be spun
      Except if one has one eye
      Then you just have to make them cry haha
      Have fun with your shows
      As the tune flows

  14. Do sheep need foreplay?
    Every single day....

  15. Never know what I will find
    when I drop by your spot
    There is one thing that is for sure for sure
    I leave laughing quite a lot!

    1. Yeah you just never know
      What is going to show
      As one things pops in
      And I go away with it at my bin

  16. This was hilarious, so funny I can't rhyme.
    And I'm no mime, but maybe next time.


    1. Well you still dropped a rhyme
      Beats a friggin mime
      Glad it was fun
      As the nuts come to my sun

  17. hotdog stuck in nose: mental image was PAINFUL!

    1. Yeah that would sure suck
      To yank it out, tie one end to the back of a truck

  18. This is hilarious! I nearly fell off my chair laughing. You sure do attract some freaky nut cases!

    1. haha stay on your chair
      Wouldn't want you to stub your toe or anything else again at your lair
      Yes, the freaky nut cases to abound
      Here at my rhyming ground

  19. Extremely weird to see what brings people to a given website. But, a fantastic rhyme was exprieneced by all, and all will have a nice fall....from the chair afterwards.

    1. Yeah crazy what brings some along
      Most are pretty much a ding without the dong

  20. LOL. Your blog definitely shows up in some strange search results; but hey, at least it's traffic, right?

    1. Yeah at least it is traffic I suppose
      Even if some gawkers curl my toes

  21. Do you has a stalker
    Or maybe just a gawker?
    Or someone off their rocker?

  22. I keep teasing my girlfriend to get the really revealing outfit of supergirl

    she does not want to give that one a whirl.

    1. LOL well it was worth a try
      Sure it would be swell to your eye

  23. guy humping sheep? reminds me of a scottish friend :)

    1. haha you have a friend like that?
      Must be a disturbing cat


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