The Gawker Has Come Due With Many Of You!

Lots going on today! For those who aren't around on the weekend get a double douse once more at my bay. For the cat and even Pat are featured over at Elaine's blog mat. Two rhymes in one day. Can you handle such a display? If so click here for a guest rhyme from my little rhyming rear.

This was meant to come out a while ago. But finally the arm let's me do a bit more than the rhyming flow. So launching today is the big long arse posts all in one that I did a while back at my bay. "Island of The Gawker" has come to amazon's shore and it stars the cat, Miss Priss, Drazin, Pat and so many more.

Not to mention it's 10 chapters in rhyme, meaning I gave over 14,000 words the old rhyme chime. May seem like a feat to some but it was quite easy to do for my little rhyming bum. In case you forgot here is a quick run through of some of the additional cast that came due.

Petsy was there,
With here zoo of animals all aware.
Irish Air got drunk,
Drumming all day in her funk.

The Gawker of course,
Tried to kill use all without remorse.
Glory Dear,
Is still buried in the dirt I fear.

The Blue Guy,
Came down from the sky.
Poor long forgotten R,
Also comes to the sand bar.

Old one eye makes an appearance,
But it was as her past disappearance.
Meaning here old name L,
Is what gets to play in the Gawker's well.

Penwassa has his throne,
Blabber has her shampoo moan,
Along with a bug eyed tarsier thing,
And Besercules even gets a ring.

Dictionary Man is there,
Grammar Nazi gives a blare.
Contrary with here mutts show up,
Yep, each and every pup.

Then an appearance here,
To try and strike fear,
From the Zen,
A Waffle and some Beer men.

Some have gone,
From blogger's lawn,
Some are new,
And weren't used, sad but true.

But the Gawker is now all in one,
Up on Amazon for some fun.
Starring all of use and a few of you,
Who the Gawker is? Hmm I wonder too.

Petsy's twin you say?
You may be on to something today.
But the cat will never tell,
As now all can relive that Gawker Island hell.

(Psst this is not a kiddie one. For some bad words are given a run.)

Now I'm sure you're all back up to snuff from my little rhyming huff. If you are not then I guess you better get hot to trot and go see the 10 chapter rhyme done by me. Fun to make such a thing come to pass. Next time I will try for 20 chapters from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I loved all of your Island of the Gawker posts so it's pretty cool to now see it presented in an actual book, awesome stuff Pat.

    1. Yeah did them all up into a book
      Figured it is one way to embody my nook

  2. very cool...that was def a good story that showed off your rhyming glory...keep at it, i wont swat it it dont squat sh...sorry got a little carried away rhyming this thing chiming in

    1. haha carried away is grand
      Here in my land
      All the glory was given a go
      But I'm sure tons more will show

  3. You do know that you've put Elsie's eye on the cover don't you. I didn't know you cared Cat. She'll be soooo excited when she sees it.

    Congratulations on the release of the book and I do have it downloaded. I'll get around to reading it sometime next year!

    1. With all the confusion I caused him, "L", "Elsie", "Old One Eye" - He had to put my eye on the cover to remember who I am LOL

    2. LOL well it is only one eye
      So I guess I can let that fly
      As that is all she has at her sea
      So she can sure pretend it is for thee

    3. He can't remember who he is let alone who you are. Christ, he thinks he's a feckin' cat!

    4. I laughed so loud after I read that, my dogs looked at me like I was crazy, Anne!!!

    5. haha and you are crazy too
      So they were correct with their glance at you
      And pfft too many voices in my head
      They all cause me dread

    6. Insanity is setting in, my dear!

    7. Bah it is fun to be insane
      Lots of room on this train

  4. Congratulations, Pat!

    I'm a star!! I'm sure I'm the hero of the story, right? Although, you mentioned bad words. Somehow, I can't help but think me and bad words are closely related...hopefully, I'm the one that said them!

    1. haha L didn't swear too much I suppose
      It was more Irish Air causing such woes
      But old one eye is another story
      She will soon be swearing and whining in all her glory

    2. For fucks sake Cat, this isn't cursing it's just speaking Irish.

    3. aaaawwww, c'mon, I don't whine that much.

      Anne!!! Tell him I don't whine that much. Pleeaasseee!!!!

    4. haha well I guess that is okay
      If you are just made that way haha

      Pfft case and point
      With your nose out of joint

    5. Such a cry baby old one eye
      My ears might fry

  5. Congrats, Pat.

    Hopping over to Elaine's blog.

    1. One more at my sea
      And thanks for hopping over to her blog tree

  6. Sounds like so much fun!!! Congrats to you!!!

  7. Pffftttttt! Im still buried? ?
    Why you buried me?

    1. You got buried in the dirt
      From shoe to shirt
      Had too
      But soon you will come out for all to view

    2. haha the sun may soon shine
      In the candy land that isn't divine

  8. oh how fun!
    I will have to give this the kindle run
    as soon as The Mister gets home
    hope it doesn't make me moan.

    1. Well that animal caboose might
      That you had under the gawker's light haha

  9. 14,000 words is nothing to sneeze at! Or maybe it is, if sneezing is how you congratulate people for churning out another book. If so, achoo!

    1. Yeah wasn't that hard to do to
      So next time 100,000 may come due
      And just keep the germs when you sneeze
      Covering up your breeze haha

  10. Congrats to you Pat
    So, it's not just the Cat
    Host of others, galore
    Some not heard before
    Very good company
    Will see your book shortly!


    1. Yeah many are there
      As I gave it a go at my lair
      And sure more will come
      From my little rhyming bum

  11. Congratulations, Pat!
    Good luck to you.
    With bad words in it, many sales are due.


    1. Yeah bad words are fun
      To give a rhyming run

  12. Whoa! Another one out of your rhyming rear! Congrats! I'm going to go check out your other rhymes.

    1. You they keep on popping out
      There doesn't seem to be a drought haha

  13. Salutations and

  14. sure are productive Pat ~ That is no mean feat

    so many books already published, sure was a festive year ~

    1. Yeah quite the year
      For the cat's little rhyming rear

  15. perhaps one day R will return

  16. Congrats on all the rhyming words. I have troubles just putting together two or three, and sometimes get lost in the meanings. Shame on me to admit.


    1. haha bah at least you can admit it though
      That is okay if you don't have the flow

  17. Congratulations! yes, that does seem like a feat and not easy at all. I cant believe you can so easily do this. Congratulations!

    1. Two congrats in one
      Oh what fun
      And yeah easy to do
      Here at my zoo

  18. a book not for kiddies? I'm tempted

    1. No kiddies will show
      With this long arse rhyming flow

  19. congrats pat !!!
    this is fabulous news...and the book does look tempting....why does ur writing make me think so much of dr. seuss....

    1. I guess the cat just has his style
      Or because he can rhyme a mile

  20. A little late on this one.
    I didn't make any rounds yesterday,
    but I will always appear at your bay!

    I enjoyed your interview at the other site!
    And congrats on yet another book
    in your nook (or for the Nook!)

    1. Yeah always at my bay
      With a rhyme for display
      And thanks for the look
      And fun to have another book


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