Time To Oh Dear. Not Too dVerse I Fear!

I'm afraid you may get this phrase stuck in your head and I may cause you dread. For by the time I am through, we all will be oh dear-ed out. I just had to give this a shout. For oh dear, just rhymes so well with my little rhyming rear.

His life went to hell,
Because she rang his bell.
After listening to its chime,
He was cursed for all time.

It wasn't to be a frog,
Not even a butt sniffing dog.
Nope! It was to fly.
Whoops that was another guy.

This one got a power,
That would make many cower.
Or at least plug their ears and run,
Long before he was done.

For all he could do,
When asked a question or two.
Was reply with oh dear,
Causing all fear.

How was your day?
Oh dear, is all he could say.
Are you alright?
Oh dear, day and night.

Do you want a cracker?
Oh dear, all thought he was a slacker.
How about a sucker?
Oh dear, that will make your buns pucker.

Do you want to drive?
Oh dear, how will he survive.
How about a swig?
Oh dear, it came small or big.

In fact,
With his oh dear act.
He went on the road.
With his pet toad.

Oh dear was hit.
Oh dear caused a fit.
Oh dear was his only bit.
Oh dear quickly went to shit.

Oh dear he was busted.
Oh dear he was not trusted.
Oh dear to the rain.
Oh dear was in pain.

Oh dear had to go.
Oh dear his poor toe.
Oh dear it was stubbed on the door.
Oh dear was becoming a bore.

Oh dear, oh dear.
Oh dear came out his ear.
Oh dear what a task.
Oh dear don't ask.

Oh dear was his funk.
Oh dear he felt drunk.
Oh dear he was tipsy.
Oh dear went the gypsy.

She oh dear-ed all day.
With an endearing display.
Oh dear she went.
With her fingers bent.

She felt a poke,
From this bloke.
Oh dear came again.
Only feeling that from men.

Oh dear, oh dear.
You are screwed I fear.
She kicked her car in gear.
Leaving the poor deer.

I guess it was a little dVerse, as I set it up with my oh dear curse. For oh dear the poor deer was struck with fear, as it looked on and did not move from sight. Struck down at night. This was just something that popped in to weave a tale at my bin. To see if any saw it coming with my oh dear humming. Sure the deer is making grass and now I am an oh dear-ed out little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That poor deer haha, think of it this way Pat, when you use oh dear you're saving us from a worse curse which might offend those who read the rhyming verse. Great work as always Pat.

    1. True with the oh dear
      I can shift to another gear
      And not say things like shit
      Or have some cursing Irish Air type fit

  2. oh deer....that is said a lot around here this time of year, they are everwhere, chased by their own white tufts of hair and cars intent on ending their run, and then the gun, soon enough right now its bow that rules the show...you know, my sister hit one a while back, did not know what she hit and backed over it in a second attack....whack...

    1. Yeah they are all about
      With drunk hunters giving a shout
      And their bow attack
      They use to stuff them in a sack
      Or they get run down
      Either way makes them frown

  3. Very sad about the deer, Pat. Hate to think of how many are hit this time of year.

    Before you got to the main point, however, your poem made me think of how many times people say the same thing over and over and how annoying it can be if you start concentrating on their repetitions. "Oh dear" being an example!

    1. LMAO yeah some say the same damn thing
      Over and over again at their wing
      It does annoy
      And brings no joy
      But it can be fun
      To give it a rhyming run

  4. uh oh. The dear deer
    is no more, I fear.
    Once Taylor totalled his car
    as a deer jumped from afar.
    Crazy things need to stay off the road
    and so does that guy with the pet toad.

    1. Yeah they both do
      OR go join a zoo
      Much safer there
      I guess a deer beats a bear
      Sucks about the car
      Been lucky to avoid them so far at my bar

    2. You have to watch for moose!
      they'd do more damage to your caboose!

    3. haha that is true
      Then they would walk off and leave you

  5. Too many deer hit around here

    Or shot by rednecks with beer

    1. That is the case here too
      A regular redneck zoo

  6. I enjoyed the Oh dear tale ~

    Though I can't drive with a toad, much less hitting a deer ~

    Gloria must be having a lovely day ~

    1. haha Gloria should have fun
      With this oh dear run
      And yeah a deer would be bad
      And no fun woul be had
      Hitting it or anything else too
      Damamge to all would come due

  7. When we saw to many deer
    it was best they didn't come near
    If they got to close to us
    they'd end up in a truss
    later that night their fate came due
    and they'd end up in my stew!

    1. Well at least
      You can feast
      But does your cyclops ways
      Allow food trays
      Or do you just eat it raw
      With your oversized claw haha

  8. oh dear. that's all i hear in my ear right now!

    1. Sorry for the oh dear ringing
      Thanks to my oh dear singing

  9. Nice stuff u shared in here.. :)

  10. Why don't I see any credit granted to the lovely Betsy or Gloria here??? I mean, they started the whole Oh Dear!!! :P :P :P I can't lie, sometimes I use it too now... lol

    1. LOL pfft the cat pretends he did it
      With his oh dear fit
      But yeah it does go to them two
      As they brought it forth at my zoo

  11. A rhyme from a deer
    Who rhymes joyfully clear
    Does he rhyme best at night
    Or with sunshiny light?

    I'm new at this place
    So it's no disgrace
    To ask you the question
    That's my requestion!

    1. It's during the day
      For his hair doesn't fray
      Like at night
      When there is no light
      And he gets a car
      Up his rearend too far

  12. Poor deer... or dear? Nice little dVerse, my friend~ :D

  13. Oh dear have no fear
    He's queer just a sneer
    He's no bother oh brother


    1. A bother to some I suppose
      Causing them oh dear woes

  14. Oh dear what can the deer matter be... It got stuck in Pat's Hatts bay lavatory...well... I tried!!!! LOLOL

    1. haha well that isn't bad
      And at least you tried at my pad

  15. Oh, deer! It is that time of year... you'd better have a beer... and that doesn't come anywhere near... your little rhyming rear...

    crap, i'll just stick with oh my... bye bye

    1. haha the beer doesn't go well with the cat
      So he'll eat a rat
      With an oh dear
      And still strike fear

  16. Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Oh, deer! I must say I wouldn't find her constant, "Oh, dear"-ing very endearing :)

    1. Nope, I'd give a slap
      To shut up your oh dear yap

  17. Pat now almost never said oh dear really:(

    1. But now tons of oh dear's come due
      For all to view

  18. Oh dear!
    A butt sniffing dog
    … And what's that coming out, is it fog?
    Coming out of its rear?

    Oh my God! Oh dear!

    I think is Richard Gere?

    Pop a cork

    . Let's have a beer
    to wet his head . . .

    Let's have two and a bottle of red!

    1. Excited you are
      For the oh dear at my bar
      But nothing is slicker
      Than a whole bunch of liquor

  19. Oh dear!!! lol. Fun piece, we've all heard the Oh, dear bit before I am sure, but not quite like the cat relived this night. Love the analogy to washed up acts, how they'll use what works over and over and over until they go to shit…great compare. Love the wordplay at the end, that was good. Great fun this Oh dear, Oh dear as was spun

    1. Yeah oh dear oh dear
      Can sure strike fear
      When you hear it over and over again
      From the same old washed up men

  20. oh dear is just not my style
    more the yegads type
    feel bad for the dear deer tho
    to yer rhyming rear i bow..:P

    1. Bow to me rear
      Just don't get near
      But smell
      And you could yell

  21. Having once hit a deer
    I know how this feels;
    Now I don't want them near
    Save for venison meals.

    1. haha that would be wise
      Instead of using a car to try and swat them like flies

  22. there are deers and steers and no horns on your dears..great fun..thanks Pat

  23. Thanks for a fun interlude in a busy day.


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