With Three In View I Want To Be There Too!

The cat is at his best and once more a blogger guest! Click here for more of my rhyming rear.

This found me once more as I was at that other shore and saw the news. I figured I had to give this a rhyming cruise. It is about the loo but has nothing to do with poo. Actually a bit more serious I suppose. So here it goes.

Now what would be your first guess?
Don't be afraid to confess.
As it seems some crack pot people around here,
Really deserve, at the very least, an oh dear.

For the hospitals in the area have begun,
To try and appease way more than a ton.
As now the bathroom signs,
Still don't accept felines,

But they are made,
So the line can fade,
And when you look at the door,
Transgenders are now there to explore.

Mind you this is for single washrooms too.
So male/female are already on the door to view.
Which makes putting that on there umm dumb,
By a whole lot and then some.

You are either a him or a her,
Even if you change your fur.
You still deem yourself a her or him,
So whoever thought up that idea is rather dim.

For all it does as state he/she's or she/he's allowed,
Putting them in a different crowd.
For a damn single bathroom that already excepts both.
And they think this promotes growth?

I guess there is just a third gender among us.
I must be with Drazin on the short bus.
For that I never knew,
The cat never even had a clue.

Wow, maybe a fourth and fifth will come.
I could even get my own with my rhyming bum.
A sign on the bathroom of an ass,
Oh that should surely come to pass.

That would clear up a ton too,
For unless you are part of the crackless crew.
That means all can use the thing,
When mother nature gives her ring.

So this is where the tax money goes.
I wonder if they can count when they run out of fingers and toes?
Pfft dumb once more,
Is what the cat will say at his shore.

Not saying whether those who change their spots are really a her or him still as that I'm not touching at my hill. Just making a sign for a third, is very absurd. As there is no such thing. You can only have one of two parts when you have a fling. So yeah the cat had to give it a pass. But I still think they should make a sign for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. haha tried to fast
      And screwed it up but still first not last

  2. Being one or the other
    Is not such a bother
    It's something personal
    You and just the urinal
    Adjust the best you can
    None to see the difference


    1. Yeah either way
      You have to go at the loo bay
      One way or the other indeed
      All do the deed

  3. it is rather odd and i would imagine more of a political move than a literal groove, i mean whats the point, we need a sign for humans in this joint---its a loo and we all poo, and maybe a cat & a pringles can, how about that?

    1. haha a cat and a pringle can would be good
      That would go over well in my hood
      Yeah I bet it is political too
      That is sad how they are even political in the loo haha

  4. I wouldn't know what to do when I came across that sign, I know it's a sign of the times but to me it was benign. This is great rhymes as usual Pat, love it. Good job on Kaykuala getting the first three comments too, that's how we do.

    1. Yeah rather dumb I say
      With such a display
      And he got all three
      Today at my sea

    2. Yeamie,
      Thanks! It's by default, really! The second was to correct the first.


    3. You just wanted three
      Here at my sea haha

  5. haha...this is so weird...never seen that over here..so far..ya never know when such things swash over from america..ha

    1. haha yeah it may catch on
      At your german lawn

  6. snickering

    there's always open skies and bushes galore...:P

    1. haha that there is indeed
      Just have to plant the seed

  7. I have never seen these signs around here....at first I thought, family? but I guess they want to make the third gender more comfortable ????

    well, if I see one here, I will let you know ~

    Happy Saturday ~

    1. Yeah I guess original we are
      As they aren't in any other bar
      Still very dumb
      And then some

  8. It took me a while of studying the sign
    to see what stars it was trying to align
    why not have just a single door
    and not bother with pictures galore!

    1. Yeah that would be best
      Instead of such a stupid test
      This or that
      Still dumb to the cat

  9. Still baffles me why people don't just put up signs that say bathroom/restroom/etc. Having three figures is a strange move.

    1. Yeah that would be way easier to do
      I guess they just want to confuse me and you

  10. Oh gees! Who are they trying to please?
    As a cat has fleas and humans have knees
    So does the loo that accepts ones, twos and threes

    A transgender loo has come due for all to poo
    Whether you are a he, she or it, all can come to take a shit
    What will they come up with next, to please all no matter the sex!

    1. Yeah a waste of money
      But they think all is sunny
      These old battles axes
      Let to spend the taxes
      And sit around on their fat ass
      Collecting a big check for such a pass

  11. We have a one-person unisex bathroom, and I hate hearing stupid customer comments who get that term confused.

    1. Yeah that would be annoying as can be
      Having to hear it over and over again at your work sea

  12. Transgenders are confusing enough but imagine actually trying to wear an outfit such as that. 1/2 pant, 1/2 dress. How could you even go to the bathroom?

    1. Hmm you'd have to yank it all off
      Or maybe it comes out when you cough

  13. I think that sign means either/or
    instead of a combo down below.
    Seriously...it means either sex can use that room
    instead of adding the transgender doom.
    It's called unisex
    or does that perplex?

    1. Yeah it means either sex can use the room
      But they thought the transgenders were being caused doom
      So they added the third sign just for them as well
      So they weren't so bias or some other hell

  14. I would have taken it for unisex or family not for transgenders. If they are dressed as woman better use womens else mens why bother with separate bathroom.

    Loved your guest post/tribute there

    1. No it is for transgenders though
      There was a big kerfluffle on some news show

  15. I've come to
    your bay
    and am

    But either
    way that loo
    I won't use.

    Men stand
    to pee and
    have no aim
    tis true
    so sticky
    stinky floors
    hold sway.

    A women's loo is a sacred place and men shouldn't be allowed in. The powder room is where we go to talk about how horrid you guys are. Is this unisex then like Betsy says. Either way it saves the establishment money and space by cramming everyone into a single space.

    I left a nice comment on your guest post, so I have to balance that out with an insult or the world will spin off it's axis and we'll all die.

    You're an arsemonkey Cat. You lick your arse, chew Viking womans fat, collect poo in a Pringles can and are malicious. In short, you need to be taken on a one way trip to the vet. It won't hurt, I promise. It will be just like going to sleep.

    1. haha maybe no one wants you to talk
      And come out and take a walk
      So they let the sticky pee people come
      And get it on the seat to wet your bum
      Is that cat supposed to tae offence to that?
      That is all fun at my mat
      Except for the sleep
      I already get a whole friggin heap

    2. Men are pigs and that's all there is to it. You can't live with them and you can't kill them. It's a conundrum I tell you, a conundrum.

      I know you feed off my insults Cat. It's like nip to you. So stick your head up your arse and have a look around, I'm sure you'll find your brain in there somewhere.

    3. And what a mighty big brain it is too
      With all kinds of voices coming due
      And a whole lot more
      At least up there it will never be a bore

  16. Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 19 years, and being a social worker, I do support the segment of people who consider themselves 'transgender.' I agree, though, this is confusing. I know a woman (she is anatomically female) who is teaching her toddler that she's "dad." That poor kid will be incredibly confused.

    And how is a transgender toilet designed? With half a lid? Half a stall?


    1. Yeah if they want to go that way
      Let them show off whatever display
      But this is just out to lunch
      A whole friggin bunch
      No idea how it is designed though
      I don't think I want to know

  17. I neber seen these here but I know a reastaurant had these but have to chenge the people was scared haha! of these signs haha for me is not matter I think llike Brian all of us make the same things LOL
    I think is funny:)

    1. haha yeah we all go the same way
      For the most part anyway
      Kind of dumb and funny
      And a big waste of money

    2. Yeah ha! but I think is funny!!

    3. Funny it is
      This new gender biz

  18. All I can say is... it all goes down the same way. Can the can ... but, I'd rather not 'do my thing' in front of a man or a woman no matter who is wearing what...haha

    1. haha I don't really care
      But I can see how some are less likely to take such a dare haha

  19. This can't be for real! Is this a serious deal?

  20. I can see this being abused. Lots of people will just enter the transgendered bathroom regardless if they are or not and you can't really ask them to prove it, can't you?

    1. Yeah there is no prove at all
      As all use the same stall


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