A Day At My Sea For All Of Thee!

The cat figured he would surmise what goes on in your eyes. At least pretend to know what happens to all at my show. But then I really do know it all. So I will just pretend not to at my hall. Oh the ego of the cat, we will blame that on Pat.

The first thing you notice upon entering,
Is the squawk over number one.
This fight I have been mentoring,
For it continues to be fun.

Then comes the disheartening blow,
That you are stuck with number two.
So very sad, I know.
But what is a one eye to do?

Excuse me, I need a correction,
As that was out of place.
To second, one eye has no connection.
She is further down in disgrace.

You finally notice the post,
From nonsense to rants to scary pics.
Nothing is neglected at my coast,
Not even spotted dicks.

After spitting your coffee or worse,
You scroll down to leave your two cents.
Feeling as if you should curse,
As that kitty porn was intense.

You take a minute to see what you can see.
Irish Air is already there giving off her whine,
Saying how she wants to fillet me.
When really she wants a visit from the feline.

Finally the comment has been sent,
And you give a little sigh.
But damn, after all that time spent,
You begin letting the rhymes fly.

A curse to the cat comes a calling,
For all think you are a nut.
Some might find that rather appalling,
But not Petsy at her hut.

She just comes back with more,
Giving another chime.
Completely addicted to my shore,
And I even make her rhyme.

Then you see her twin,
Who is the scarier sibling.
Who hops to every bin,
Inbetween his gawker scribbling.

Also vying for number one,
But Mary, Waffles or Hank fix that.
At least sometimes under my sun,
Such fun to watch for the cat.

A reply from the cat even shows,
To each and every one.
And so the nonsense grows,
Making another tale be spun.

Over and over this takes place,
Each day at bush number five.
And at a seemingly steady pace,
Many are thankful they got out alive.

But before the finale can amass,
One thing has to come to pass.
The cat needs to get a bit crass,
And leave all with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Haha I love this, it's good to see this blog and the commenters from your eyes, Anne's comments are divine even if she wines and when it comes to the Gawker, I'm obsessive to where I'm a stalker. I love my duels for number one with Hank and Mary although it's all for fun. When I came here today at your rhyming show I'm number one, by the time I'd read and posted this I'll never know haha!

    1. Looks like you are
      Number one by far
      33 minutes to be exact
      Brian has to pick up his act haha

    2. A duel, a hide and seek or lurking
      Never did realize it triggered off such
      Plain lucky on days before when stalking
      Will continue to do so as much
      Hope luck holds true in coming days
      For all the fun in lots of ways


    3. Luck and stalking
      As you come a gawking
      A thin line I suppose
      But so fun when you cause Brian woes

  2. two i am blue

    see i can follow the blue print
    not to disappoint, you have a happening joint
    but dont get all annointed, number one is fun
    number two is where i often fall at your zoo
    you have to get up awfully early to surely
    beat the waffle guy, always sticking it in
    my eye so i go for two, i like two, dang it
    ok not really, some days it gets a bit scary as well
    hell some say 'one' and their done, but we
    all friends you know, sit back enjoy the show

    popcorn, popcorn, we should have snacks
    so we can further enjoy your attacks

    (sorry had to leave and hit the porcelin shack)
    but i am back, cofee will do that when you are older
    and i better wrap this up before i get a bum
    shoulder from all this typing, not griping
    but i like mine with butter, and a little dash
    of salt, nothing nutter tasting mind you,
    hope you have a great saturday too

    1. WOW that was a big arse comment today
      And you did it having to go at your bay
      Then took a dump
      And came back over that hump
      I guess you were really blue
      Over getting number two
      That you had to show all up
      While drinking coffee from your cup
      I'm sure your twin
      Will shake her head over what you did at your bin
      And the bum shoulder I can relate
      Or rather neck is my fate
      And yeha all friends indeed
      As all come to read
      Here at my feed
      The cat just has a little greed
      And have a fun day
      Down your way

    2. yep, you said it...he's scarier.
      (and hairier)

    3. haha knew that would occur today
      As you saw your twins display

    4. am I really that predictable
      or are you a genius, pure and simple?

    5. The later works better for me
      But then you both have been here the longest at my sea
      So easy to tell
      What you'll say when you ring the bell

    6. Yep, I ring the bell
      and you say 'what the hell!'
      and then I clean it with a clorox wipe
      so you don't gripe.

    7. lol that is great
      No germs are my fate

  3. I wish I could rhyme as good as you
    But the cat is a rhyming master, this is true
    My comments lack wit, humor and fun
    After each one is sent I wonder what I have done.

    So I must come back to each and every post
    looking for that just right one where I can show off the most
    Let me rhymes fall out like grape smuckers jelly
    and leave you laughing, holding your fat rhyming belly :)

    Disclaimer: This post is meant towards the cat and is no way related to or making a comment about Pat!

    1. So you are talking to the cat
      And calling him fat?
      Hmph to that
      I weigh less than Pat
      So what if I gained a pound or two
      All the better to pounce on you
      haha but that was fun
      Very well done

  4. You are cat genius and so are your readers. What am I to do...boo hoo. Bow wow, means I'm a dog :(

    1. That cat likes that ego stroke
      You being a dog might make him choke

  5. You know it all, don't you cat?
    Just like you know that I am fat!
    Your ego has grown 5 sizes too big
    Come now cat, take off that silly wig!

    Someone needs to put you back in your place
    You think you're so smart but you're such a disgrace!
    I have a gift for you and you get it on Monday
    It will send you screaming back to your bay!

    1. hahaha the cat's head is so big
      They can't make a fitable wig
      I rule the land
      Or at least the litterbox sand

      And bring it on
      Can't wait for Monday to dawn
      The cat will have such fun
      As you give him a run

  6. Ha ha, I haven't been first for a while
    I will have to get back to my style
    but I see Hank isn't around yet today
    so at least I beat him to your bay!
    And that cat is definitely crass
    and full of that feline sass!

    1. Crass and sass
      Comes from my little rhyming ass
      Which each pass
      Or at least a little gas
      And yeah poor Hank
      Today he got crushed under the tank

    2. I came by but I'm late
      Some connection woes sealed my fate


    3. Ugg hate those
      They curl my toes

  7. I enjoy reading the posts and comments...ha..ha...its entertaining
    and fun to see the bickering back and forth ~

    Well I am not always on blogger but when I am, I visit your shore
    to see what's up with the rhyming team ~

    wishing you Happy weekend ~

    1. Yeah here most of the time
      To see the rhyme
      And the bikcering is grand
      Such fun with that in my land

  8. I sea you are having a rhyme time!

  9. Yes, we've all fallen into quite the routine
    as each morning we find you on our screen.
    I've spit my coffee a time or two
    or laughed until I almost turned blue.
    It is an addiction, I readily admit
    and find myself returning to gawk just a bit...
    and rhyme, too
    just to be like you.

    1. haha to be like me
      That is fun to see
      Now you just need to be a bit furry
      And then your shade of blue no one will see

    2. Well, It's Wonder Woman I want to be
      not the furry Cat Woman, you see.
      That's different than Cat Queen or Cat Lady
      which I have been lately.
      And Dr. DoLittle, too
      which I'm being to jack, who's blue.

    3. Sadly the cat moniker will stick
      Sure Jack is feeling sick
      After that forced snip snip
      From his torture trip haha
      Thankfully no more Dr. DoLittle with a food tube here
      You can keep that I fear

  10. smiles...the comments are as entertaining as your post ist...smiles...have a great saturday pat

    1. That they are
      Fun to banter away in the comments below my sand bar

  11. do we also notice the spotted richards?

    1. Maybe they have the chicken pox
      Or long gold locks

  12. A day without rhymes is like spending time with mimes!

  13. Giggling... some of the comments and replies are as funny as your rhymes.
    Got the old spotted dick in there eh... don't forget it goes with custard too ;) Not trying to tell you what to do in your zoo... so, now methinks I'll toddle off and go use Brian's porcelain loo. ;)

    1. haha sharing a loo with Brian
      That has to leave you cryin
      I beat he kicks up some stink
      After the spotted dick brings his tummy to the brink haha

  14. Pat come and see I made a little history in my sidebar and my female dog is talking like your cat, said pfft!!

  15. My Human's nosicle has been drippy all day
    She's more useless than normal is all I can say.


    1. LOL I feel your pain
      Having to ride uch a useless human train

  16. late comment but better late than never...that's how the saying goes right?


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