A Treasure Hunting We Go With This Little Flow!

First it was aliens and now treasure at my sea. The cat does get stuck on one topic for a while when digging into history. Just blame Brian for that. He started it all with his asking for it at the dVerse mat.

So somewhere near the cat,
Lies a place where many chew the fat.
Not that of my viking woman though,
She is a one cat show.

Anyway, they yap about the treasure,
One that no one can measure.
That is hidden on Oak Island somewhere,
It is oh so rare.

Every ten feet there is a trap.
And many have really died taking such a lap.
A tablet was said to show,
But now is lost to times flow.

There it was supposed to say,
"Forty feet below, two million pounds is buried." in its display.
That would be worth a ton now,
Enough to make me a royal meow.

The treasure itself though,
No one seems to know.
But many search for its glow,
Far down below.

Captian Kidd and Blackbeard both went by there.
So some say one of their treasures is in some hidden lair.
Others say that the pit was dug by the French,
Judging by the complexity and the type of wrench.

Meaning the treasure of the Fortress of Louisbourg is there.
That would be worth a hefty fare.
The jewels of Marie Antoinette also are said to reside down under.
As the french navy assisted her so she avoided plunder.

Freemasonary symbols were also said to be found,
Somewhere as they dug in the ground.
Making one think it is a sacred treasure,
With value that none can measure.

Published works go back as far as 1863,
So something has to be there under the sea.
Or maybe it was just some long lost well.
Or the gateway to Hell.

That is a bit out there,
I made that last one up at my lair.
But some even say it could house the holy grail.
Theories come in like hail.

Maybe one day we will finally know.
Should the treasure give of a glow.
Until then I guess the theories will fly.
Like the gateway to Hell made up at my sky.

Doesn't that make you want to go and dig? You could find some dough and dance a jig. Or die trying which many have done as the greed was flying. Never visited there myself. Knowing my luck I'd find an annoying elf, who would follow me all day. That just would not do at my bay. So another history lesson has come to pass, thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I really wish I could find this treasure for it's discovery would give me a lot of pleasure. Love this rhyme Pat, awesome as always at your bay.

    1. Yeah would be so nice to do
      But so many have died looking for it with no clue
      So may not be worth it at all
      But would be fun to find a gold wall

  2. oh it does, i have the indiana jones bug, wanting to find all the secrets the ground secretes to the one lucky enough to go nosing about, and if i did you'd hear me shout...did you hear about the ship the storm uncovered, would have been fun to be one discovered it and maybe found other things lying around i bet.

    1. Yeah sure there was plenty there
      That no one is aware
      And I'd love to go look
      But it is a owned nook
      So they'd chuck me off with ease
      Like a cat with fleas

  3. All I need is a ticket and a shovel. It'll be a crowded place by tomorrow, I'm sure.

    1. haha good luck
      I hope you find more than a buck

    2. The shovel wasn't the problem....

    3. haha no airfare?
      Sadly can't help, broke at my lair haha

  4. Ah, I would like to go dig for treasure
    indeed it would be such a pleasure
    to be the one to find the place
    to be the one who drew the ace
    and with my tools I'd surpass the fools
    who thought it was only a story
    and I'd revel in my glory
    and make everyone else sorry
    I'd captured the treasure quarry!
    Have a good day at your bay!

    1. Geez you take no prisoners at all
      Cheering about at your hall
      As you find the gold
      And the fame took hold haha

  5. I think I could probably bury treasure with the best on them!

    1. No problem there
      Can be buried quite easy at our lair

  6. yeah, I need to go digging. Although, I would probably find the gateway bit, and that would not be too grand, especially after swimming below a ton of sand. I've always loved treasures and the like, perhaps that's why I always go and take the natural treasure hike, which, by the way, I heard another might find it's way, out onto the big screen from some theater near, but, finding a treasure of one's own, boy would that change the landscape of the home.

    1. Yeah a third is supposedly coming due
      When though, no clue
      It would be grand to find one though
      That much I surely know

  7. I found some treasure once or two

    some nickles in an old shoe

    1. Lucky you
      I hope you bought something shiny new

  8. Yeah, I'd probably find the elf, too.

    1. Prob the best one can find
      Still be amusing if it was a shoe building kind

  9. oh ha...the holy grail...just don't drink..you know what's gonna happen...smiles... i'm all up for a little adventurous excursion every once and a while
    happy saturday pat

    1. That you are,
      As you fly near and far
      Will never drink just in case
      Wouldn't want a rotten face

  10. I love treasures hunting!! this is nice Pat/cat!:)

    1. Nice and not scary or crazy at my sea
      Damn, must be something wrong with me haha

  11. I think it would be fun to go treasure hunting ~

    Such theories abound, but sadly they are still hiding ~

    Have a good Saturday Pat ~

    1. Yeah still hiding away
      Be fun if they were found one day

  12. A buried treasure
    you say
    and somewhere
    near your

    None in
    my home
    where my feet
    do roam
    but bodies
    of dead and

    When Brits
    did come
    they brought
    only guns
    and treasures
    they stole
    not left.

    One day that silly twit James Cameron will come to Canada and find that treasure then make a movie with a really lame love story in it. It takes money to find that kind of money and the common man is not meant for it. Yeah, I'm feeling particularly Irish and morose today.

    1. Have to steal em back
      But could get lots of flack
      So be sneaky about it
      And then you can fool the brit
      Yeah more than likely that twit will come
      I'll ridicule him with my little rhyming bum
      Hate that cocky freak
      Should send him up shit creek

  13. Oh, Chloe told me the story of this...amazing. I can imagine big holes dug everywhere leaving all the landscape looking pretty bare.
    Avast there me hearties, 15 men on a dead man's chest and X marks the spot..or not ;)

    1. haha not sure 15 have died yet
      But many have you can bet
      As they search for the thing
      Prob nothing which could sting

  14. I'd probably end up being that annoying elf bothering you on your journey for the treasure. I'd keep telling you that instead of digging, we should just vaporize the ocean.

    1. Good luck with that
      Humans may want to squash you flat
      Unless you can put the rain back
      Then you might not get so much flack

  15. Oh boy! A treasure hunt! I'll bring Schultz. I'm sure he'll find it with his big, wet nose!

  16. Finding the treasure
    a good thing to see.
    It'd be a pleasure:
    the secret of KFC.

    1. The secret to that
      Is to add some sewer rat
      Then fill your gut
      And clear out your butt

  17. Treasure hunting is fun
    Gets you on the run
    Can be very frustrating
    When tricked on simple things


    1. Yeah can be a trick
      That isn't slick
      But if it were to click
      Could find a gold brick

  18. I swam to the bottom of that sea
    but found no gold for you or me
    just traps and caverns and mystery
    not the place you'd want to be
    unless it is real gold you seek
    you get the fever become a freak
    wasting millions to try to find
    the booty the pirate left behind ;)

    1. Pffft if I had millions there would be no point
      I'd already be rich at my joint
      That would do much better too
      No digging around and getting dirty at my zoo

  19. Or maybe some kid was finally successful digging to China. :D

    1. They could have made it there
      Not sure it is on the other side though from my lair

  20. If you ever decide to go
    and start the digging, let me know.
    I'll come and help you dig
    and if we win, we can dance a jig!

    1. haha sure would dance a jig
      If I found a treasure that big
      Could bring your 14 kitties too
      And then in no time we'd be through

  21. Replies
    1. Early tonight
      Compared to the usual time you shut out the light


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