A War Is In Store!

The cat could go on about the woes of Pat but then I'd steal a page from old one eye and get whiny at my mat. Instead the cat will see what dVerse war will come out of me, as I start to rant away here at my bay.

Footsteps, light and quick.
Jangle of a brick.
A breezing whistle,
The willows missle.

Crushed to earth,
Death in birth.
Birth in death,
Gasping breath.

Crying wails,
Splintered tails.
Grudged sight,
Blurred to night.

Plenty a pleas.
Hesitant knees.
Lingering threat,
Widened net.

Cast to claim
Withering flame.
Rippling drizzle,
Faith in fizzle.

Tragedy's beam,
Hiliarity's scream.
Frustration's curse.
Saturated purse.

Theme enshrined,
Tenderly signed.
Reason long lost,
Crisping behind cost.

Abducted relish,
Prepared embelish.
Stray to legion.
The stainless region.

Lurking eclipse,
Corrupted scripts.
Gangs of horror,
Claims restorer.

Luminous mentality,
The abyss of immorality.
Formulate the history,
Truth valued mystery.

And that is what came from the cat after reading the dVerse mat. All about war and what it has in store. Not something the cat ever wishes to see like those who came before you and me, allowing use to live our life without some strife. So the cat will release some gas and thank all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. No. #1 regained
    Not without pain!


    1. haha sorry for the pain
      Hope nothing popped a vein

  2. Well, well
    This is swell
    There is war
    Not a bore
    Just lurking
    No thinking
    No running
    Well, a bit of a run
    This is fun!
    Where’s everybody?


    1. haha sounds like you are still glad
      Over being first at my pad
      And glad it didn't bore
      Here at my shore

  3. Reading your rant I thought it said ' Hillary's scream' I wonder what Dr Freud has to say on that one... Pat, I've had to rebuild my blog. The new address is www.thebluegrumpster.blogspot.com .

    1. haha hmmm I'm not sure you'd want to know
      What Freud would say about such a blow haha

    2. I'm sure he'd advise me to stay away from cigars... 'I did not have sexual fantasies about that woman, Ms Clinton...'

    3. haha too late to take that back
      Now the cat can always cause you and Mrs Clinton flack

    4. P.S. I tried to follow (not stalk) you - this time as the Blue Grumster - using the follow button on your blog but something kept going wrong. According to my reading list I'm following you but I don't see my pretty little icon...

    5. Yeah that is my crap blog
      When I changed the layout it seems blogger went into a fog
      If I put the actual follow app on at my sea
      Then the reply button does not work in the comments below at all for any or me
      Some stupid html crap
      Don't worry, I'll change the pic soon and it will show the new/same blue chap haha

  4. This is great Cat, absolutely love it buddy even though it is very dark and serious. Your opinions on war, military conflicts, the government and such is different to the norm yet something I feel like I can agree with at least to a certain extent, things are not how they're portrayed at times.

    I was had dismay for being late at your bay. Kaykuala is here first, that is surely not the worst.

    1. Yeah oh so late
      Sealed your fate
      As first was long gone
      And yeah much can dawn
      From my littel rant
      Here at my plant

  5. interesting, i loke the flow and cascade, lots of energy and -ing, enough to make hilary scream---err freud might say the same on what people think they hear...history as well is formulated by those in power at this time, not then because it seems to change over time...

    1. haha yeah Freud would sure have a mouth full for that
      But he isn't around to squash it flat
      And yeah it formulated by those around
      Who see to have the power at their mound

  6. Pat, I just loved this. You used your sense of sound so well, and it really has tragic echoes - I think I especially like the beginning couple of stanzas, the brick, the willow, the birth/death - but there are plenty of other great lines - the saturated purse.

    Thanks much for participating. k.

    1. Yeah use some sound
      To rhyme and astound haha
      Had fun giving it a go
      Glad you liked the flow

  7. Faith in a fizzle got me Pat ~

    The costs of war is immense and far reaching ~

    I hope someday it will end ~

    Have a good Sunday ~

    1. Yeah that would be nice
      No more men and mice
      Just leaving well enough alone
      And getting rid of the warring tone

  8. Wow, really enjoyed this. Content, flow and sound were not sacrificed for rhyme!
    No prisoners taken.
    "Faith Fizzel" got me too -- false expectations come crashing in.
    "Saturated Purse" may have been saturated in blood, but I heard "saturated purses of those few who profit from war."

    1. Yeah just let loose
      Here with my rhyming caboose
      Good hearing too
      As they is completely true
      Ugly truthes come out
      When war is about

  9. The rhyme says, "Cast to claim - Withering flame. - Rippling drizzle, - Faith in fizzle." But I say,


    Messiah died for us to live,
    the Son the life of every deed.
    The Son is destined to forgive
    if we confess and then take heed.


    1. Good way to look at it too
      May or may not be true
      But to have a little faith as well
      Can make things seem like less of a barren cell

  10. That was a terrific purrspective on war and we thank all veterans for protecting us during the sounds of fury.

    1. Yeah all deserve thanks indeed
      For their deed

  11. I hope there won't be anymore world war but, to be sure..I'm sure the will be.
    The only winners in war are the arms dealers, they sell to both sides and don't care who wins. Some would say war is a sin and yet, we keep on doing it. Maybe cats ought to rule and then make us all look like the fools we are for keep doing it :)

    1. Yeah I doubt it too
      That another one won't come due
      I sure hope not though
      Maybe the aliens will give it a go
      But yeah cats should rule
      Each human would look like a fool

  12. This is one of your best, Pat. Really. Thank you.

    1. One of my best you say
      That makes the ego of the cat rise today haha

  13. wow...very different voice here pat...i like it much.. there are no winners in war...ever...do you think the world would look different if cats ruled it..? probably it would...smiles

    1. The cat does let some other voices in his head come out
      Once in a while to give a shout
      And yeah be a much different place
      If cats ruled all time and space

  14. You did that well, very well said Pat!

  15. Thanking a vet
    is always a good bet!

    1. That it is
      This thanking biz
      Unless a vet vet
      Who tries to neuter this pet haha

    2. yep, Jack is not thanking a vet
      especially this weekend, I would bet.

    3. A bit groggy too
      So right now he may not swear at your zoo

  16. The Human's dad was a veteran of WWII. He was Marine Captain who served for more than three years in the Pacific and then was sent to occupy Japan. He's been gone for almost 30 years now, but the Human still thinks of him all the time and honors his memory on Veteran's Day.

    1. As well she should
      Such heroic acts should be thought about this time and all others in ones hood

  17. Actually, Pat, this is one of my favorites of yours....if truth be told. Those short verses say a lot. Kudos to you (and the cat).

    1. A favorite at my shore
      That will mak the cat's ego soar forever more haha

  18. This was extremely well written Cat. You tapped into a completely different writing voice here. Well done.

    The weather was too good for me to stay indoors. I'll be by as normal tomorrow.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Lots of tones can come out of me
      As there are many voices at my sea
      Lucky you
      The weather here was the equivalent of poo

  19. the Government should hire you to write their propaganda, as you make the bad seem like the best of times. Rhyme does have that quality inherent within it doesn't it. Great piece.

    1. Well at least then I'd get some dough
      And yeah something different and upbeat about a rhyme flow

  20. Whoa, completely different tone. I'm not sure what to think of it. D:

    1. haha oh confusing a bit
      That is quite the hit


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