A Whole Batch Of Magic And Match!

So unless you live under a rock, for some to the cat that would not come as a shock, you have heard about Disney and that great hack Lucas becoming one under the sun. Or rather his company and such. Disney sure does have the touch. First Marvel and now his, what used to be good, stuff. They will soon rule all and to be their competition must be rough.

A magic mix and match,
Now that Disney has a new patch.
Much could come about,
Some might make people pout.

Indiana Jones and the search for Winnie the Pooh.
Hey, the crystal skull was such crap it was hard to sit through.
So maybe Piglett could add that spark.
I'm sure Indiana's whip would leave a mark.

Beauty and the Wookie.
He should have some nookie.
Could have a three way.
If the force is with Yoda on that day.

Aladdin and The Return of R2D2.
I guess with his beeping view,
He has a thing for Abu.
Who knew?

Bed Knobs and Death Stars.
I hear it will take place on Mars.
The bed didn't quite last.
I hear the wood blew its load fast.

Han Solo and The Temple of Doom.
Err ummm it has a new tomb?
Maybe people will fall for a repeat.
They might fill one whole theatre seat.

The Little Mermaid Three,
Return of the Wookie.
Damn, he really gets around.
I know three has technically already been found.

101 Ewoks on display.
Cruella needs a new dress to lay about the bay.
Might get kind of hot.
But such things can't be bought.

Toy Story Four,
The Jedi Tour.
Woody uses the force to fly them to the moon.
That sounds so wrong but it will be in theaters soon.

A Extremely Goofy Jedi.
He will take the sky,
Crash into every bird,
He may even say the F word.

The Brave Little Light Saber,
A story of much love and labor.
The poor light needs to find a way,
To join a rainbow display.

And there are many more that could come ashore. The cat didn't even touch Marvel's stuff. Mainly because Spiderman threatened to get rough. He did not want me to reveal his secret Boba Fet doll fetish to one and all. Oops, I guess I did at my hall. Sure much with the new merger will come to pass but the 4+ billion sale price makes me a jealous little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Damn right on time
      You were stalking me like a mime? haha

  2. It was a prophecy
    Pat decided it to be
    Hank made his entry
    No.#1, a reality
    It wasn't easy!


    1. My psychic powers were at play
      I knew you would be first the very next day

  3. I love this Pat and can understand your anger, Lucas really did sell out and it's annoying haha. The various Disney parodies that you suggested are hilarious yet scarily plausible, the thing about Yoda and the Wookie really made me laugh. Hopefully Disney don't get some ideas here today at your bay.

    1. Yeah a bit of a sell out
      But 4 billion would not make be pout
      The Wookie would disturbing to say the least
      Disney better not steal from this beast
      Of course I could sue
      And get 4 billion too hahaha

  4. Disney, we remember thee well
    It was cold in LA, unlucky you
    External attractions were swell
    But vagaries of weather cancelled a few

    No problems at the Epcot Centre
    Sunny Florida it was, the factor
    Least of our worry, the weather
    Only short of breath was the bother


    1. Sounds like a grand time
      And oh so sublmies
      Except maybe the weather though
      But at least either way there was no snow

  5. see you are playing to my deepest fears here, will mickey a jedi be, what about phineas & ferb as they play in the back yard, the mixes they make will be hard on my heart, i hope they dont tear the legacy apart and make them smell like a musty old fart....

    1. haha oh I found your fear
      I'll keep that one near
      To use another day
      Here at my bay
      But yeah I have little hope
      A fart will prob be better or washing one eyes with soap

  6. this had me in stitches! I refused to watch the new star wars movies so I am pretty sure I want watch the Disney movies either!

    1. Yeah those new ones are crap indeed
      But these ones might not make ones eyes bleed

  7. New star wars movies will either be the best thing in history or the worst disgrace to mankind.

    1. Hard to be worse than that prequel crap
      But I'm sure it can be done by some over eager chap

  8. Disney should hire you to do all the advertising, that's for sure. Lol

  9. They paid more for Pixar than for Lucas. I'm not a Star Wars fan, but Holy Christ Disney will eff this thing all up. No matter what they do, they'll make mucho grande dinero on merchandising.

    Hey, you asked about a consolation babe. Yeah, definitely going to be one. She's a fatty McDingdog too. Here she is.


    You could suck the fat on this babe Cat!

    1. Yeah they prob will
      And make all feel ill
      As they want to sell toys
      To all the girls and boys
      But still you never know
      Hard to get much worse than that crap prequel show

      LMAO wow you don't mess with her
      She'd ruffle my fur
      And mae me purr
      As the fat chewing she would spur

    2. That was such a huuuge let down. Really stunk the place up. I think they'd have to recapture the charm of the first one in order to make it satisfy the hardcore fans.

      She's a real gem isn't she? I'm going to have fun writing a love scene with her in it. Hahahahaha

    3. Yeah but that is hard to do now a days
      Because when ever something plays
      They have to have all these tacky add ons and such
      They try to cram in waaay too much

      LOL that will be grand
      You'll have a ball with that in your land

  10. So Disney will make the next Star Wars hit
    Like the world needs any more of this shit.

    1. haha that is very true
      And nice rhyme from you

  11. Think of the possibilities if Princess Leia ever wants to take a walk on the wild side and get into doggie style. DANG, she's got Benji, Air Bud, The Shaggy Dog, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and 101 Dalmatians.

    1. Damn those dalmations will keep her busy indeed
      And don't forget homeward bound could fill her need

  12. Omgoodness... a three way... is that what they call making whoopdie freakin do in the hay?
    I cracked up at Bed nobs and death stars.... SMH << = Shaking my head.
    You really know what to do to turn me into a loon....like you. :)

    1. haha it could be such a whoopdi friggin do
      Depends on how they go about it at their zoo haha
      And so fun to turn you into a loon as well
      Giving a bloody hell

  13. orlin N cassie....da ya ever wunder if :steam willie: turns over in his grave....

    frum disney then ta disney now
    a reely grate companeez; now a cash cow.....

    1. Prob does turn over indeed
      There at his grave feed
      And yep a cash cow
      Prob moo too some how

  14. Next thing we know, is that Yoda will be singing Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo!

    1. That would be fun to see
      As the death star goes all pumpkin or tree

  15. Ha! Those are creative combinations.

    Maybe it's futile, but I hope Disney doesn't mess up the Star Wars franchise--though there are probably too many bad directions they could take.

    1. Yeah I hope they don't too
      But with them many a time they don't have a clue

  16. That is quite a merger
    Who knows what will come out
    But I heard that Lucas
    will donate the proceed the cash
    to charities which is a better show ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. haha yeah he'll prob donate enough
      So he can get a tax right off and stuff haha

  17. Oh some of the merge
    could be absurd.
    The more greedy they are
    the dumber the stars.
    Something original would be nice
    be that takes talent and imagination, guys!

    1. Yeah that is true
      Not much original ever comes due
      Just the same old crap different day
      Is all they seem to put on display

  18. lol I know a lot of people who would support Cruella's plans for a new dress. Not me. I love those furry dudes.

  19. What Disney touches turns to gold!

  20. "Indiana Jones and the search for Winnie the Pooh." I expect much adventure with these two.

    1. And for such money
      I'm sure they'll find honey

  21. This was the best rhyme efur!! We luffed it ;-) We think you should send it to George and whoever is at Disney now that Walt is over the Rainbow Bridge!

    1. haha they may want to skin the cat
      For showing this at their mat
      But you never know
      Maybe they'd give me some of that dough haha

  22. Disney is a powerhouse! The Entertainment Cat to Independent Projects' Mouse.

    1. I guess it beats a powerhouse mime
      That would be a crime

  23. I'm pretty sure the 3 way with Yoda is something only Lucas could come up with. And he's out of the picture now.

    1. haha still there to consult a bit
      So he may bring forth that hit


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