Another Name For The Oh So Lame!

So everyone has been there even the cat at his lair. Do you know how much of a pain it is to pick the lint from my toes? That just causes the cat woes. Not to mention licking elsewhere. But we will move on from that at my lair. For it is all about the shit work that is surely not a perk.

Repetitive crap,
Is sure on tap.
Given by a lazy ass,
The buck gets a pass.

Stops on you,
Sticks like glue.
Bounces off of me,
Oops, that's a different rhyming sea.

But it is there,
At your work lair.
All you do is glare,
At the work of a mare.

Or donkey I suppose,
Ass if you are truly caused woes.
What else could it be?
A blood sucking flea?

A little worker bee?
The swing in a tree.
You're the board,
Getting rode like a Ford.

Hmmm won't go there,
I will let your mind become self aware.
A pot hole filler?
Sounds like a thriller.

Staple, stuff, staple, stuff.
Damn, you got it rough.
575 of them you say?
Yeah, that would cause display.

Maybe Santa's elf,
Putting toys on the shelf?
That wouldn't work,
You grumble without even a smirk.

You could be the nail,
Be hammered into an endless jail.
Where loads of crap just flows,
From your head to your toes.

The dam then breaks,
Flooding all the lakes.
You rust and erode,
Then get croaked at by a toad.

That might do.
Too bad one couldn't erode the glue.
And heave it at the buck passing loon,
Burying them in their own donkey work sand dune.

That would be grand.
Then could come the pound sand.
Or piss up a rope.
One can only hope.

Yeah, the donkey work comes by the ton as the end of the year gives a run. The cat is glad he can leave that to Pat. For the lint in my toes seems fine compared to that. I even get to sleep and talk crass. I am such a lucky little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm going to be going through my day to day business today constantly trying to think to myself how it's possible to piss up a rope haha, thanks for that Pat! Love your turn around on swear words though, great concept and one I won't pass, awesome work from your little rhyming ass!

    College is over
    So I'm back to life at home
    Move over Hank
    For I'm taking back my THRONE!

    1. Sorry Hank, I couldn't come in meek
      For I've been preparing that verse all of this week haha

    2. LMAO preparing it all week?
      Waiting until you were first at my creek
      That is cool and maybe kind of sad haha
      But oh so rad
      And that is the whole point
      Get ones nose out of joint
      As they try to piss up a rope
      They will soon be a yellow dope

    3. I did not mean to annoy, I just wanted to get revenge on Hank like a little boy!

    4. haha and that you did
      He never flipped his lid

  2. piss up the rope could be quite the mess, and def dont open your mouth to fuss...donkey work sand dune, haha your insults are crazy as a loon....

    1. oo hank has fallen lower, or maybe gotten slower, i am second place, in your face, at pats place....haha i am the first loser with my burst...

    2. haha crazy I surely am at my see
      So the insults have to be the same that come from me
      Piss up a rope is always used around here
      Some may find it new and think oh dear

      LOL well the first loser isn't so bad
      Still beat poor old Hank to my pad

  3. Now what did I do with my rope?

  4. Ha ha I would rather be the hammer than the nail
    that way I couldn't end up in any holey jail
    unless somehow my hammer would fail
    and its head would across the room sail
    and hit someone's face to make him so pale
    he'd fall over and land on his frickin' tale
    and cops would arrive and say "no bail!"

    1. haha quite the story
      A bit gory
      As you smack one in the face
      And go to that slammer place

  5. if one could do such a thing to a rope

    Newton would freak out I hope

    1. Go up in space
      And one can do it at a steady pace

  6. I was thinking the same thing, Adam. lol Pretty dangerous unless the pisser is into a shower. ;)

    1. haha seems many have not heard that saying at all
      Guess now they have thanks to my hall

  7. Lint from MY toes?
    Well, I don't mean to boast.
    No food? No woes.
    Cuz it's great on toast.

    1. Maybe for a mutt
      Or a nut
      Which brings an allergy warning too
      Someone could eat the lint and sue you haha

  8. No lint in my toes, I would rather stare at the croaking toad ~

    Happy Saturday Pat ~ Did you do any shopping yet ~ Smiles ~

    1. Stare at the toad
      While could make you go into writing mode
      And yeah shopped a while ago
      Everything is done and bought at my show

    2. I have plenty of cans
      Can be used for tans?

    3. I don't want that kind of "color"...thanks though!

    4. Well you can't say
      The cat never offered at his bay

  9. I hate when the buck is passed
    I hope it doesn't last
    The day never goes fast
    Go kick someone's ass!

    Happy Saturday Pat

    1. LOL that would be fun
      But then I'd be done
      And out on my ass
      Giving off more sass

    2. Then you'd have all day
      To joke and to play!

    3. haha but no internet connection because I'll be broke
      Not enough food to even choke

    4. What you need Cat is a Sugar Mamma to support you while you loll about doing sod all. Put your Viking Woman to work and live off the fat of her income.

    5. haha that would be nice
      All day they cat could chase mice
      Damn Viking Woman is just a crutch
      But she has fat to chew and such

  10. I think you are defying the laws of physics there, but can never be sure.

    1. Get a gravity machine
      Then it can be quite the scene

  11. Sounds like you have a lot of work over there. Cat should help!

  12. Tweedle Dee
    and Tweedle Dum
    say stick
    mass production
    up your

    But Ford
    came round
    and stole
    the crown
    making more
    better than good.

    Then Marx
    chimed in
    quite a din
    'bout classes
    working without

    Next came
    a Cat
    who had
    much to day
    'bout boredom
    of mundane

    To toil
    away the
    life long
    day for
    pennies, for pence
    for pounds.

    I think what your talking about here is the boredom of repetitive work and yeah that sucks donkey dick. Did it for a while and it didn't make me smile.

    1. Yeah sucks a ton
      Quite the run
      In for a penny in for a pound
      Just not for a hound
      And the toil
      I'd like to hit with some recoil
      And smack one in the head
      To cause them dread
      The quit and run away
      Sadly, can't do that unless an alley is where I want to stay

    2. That's the beauty of capitalism when there's a glut in the labour market Cat. Either work under shite conditions or starve to death. Glad to see you're keeping me from getting the Holiday glums Cat.

      Now excuse me while I go hang myself.

    3. haha well that cat does what he can at his sea
      Will leave an awful bruise on your neck if done by thee

  13. "You're the board,
    Getting rode like a Ford"

    That isn't good, I think.

    1. Nope not too much
      Unless someone you like comes and such

  14. Pissing up a rope... is there any hope left. What a mess to put it to the test.

    1. haha yeah that would be a mess
      Never tried it and never will I confess

  15. Sounds like you're tired of the mundane,
    Fighting it with clever rhyme,
    Sure beats going insane.

    Hope things get better soon.

    1. Yeah the mundane sucks some
      But still not glum
      Just had to vent
      Here under my tent

  16. Did you know that Panda's urinate up bamboo to mark their territory? The higher they mark the more territory they are allowed. Don't believe me? Here is a link showing their bear handstands.

    I would think a rope would be harder though... a rope moves while bamboo just stands there. :)

    1. hahaha wow they are skilled
      They must be so thrilled
      I will never climb trees
      Now that I know they do more than sneeze

  17. Ah, the year-end tedious stuff!
    Wow, you sure have it rough!
    Hope Flappy stays away
    while your nerves are a bit frayed!
    The two a good combination would not make
    as you her neck might shake.

    1. Yeah she'll be by once more
      To my work shore
      And that is it for the year
      Still some tedious stuff I fear
      But either way
      Just another work day

    2. yeah, it's a job at least for you
      so you can pay the bills from Cassie Lou.

    3. Pfft still can't pay that
      That just sits on the credit card at our mat

  18. ha...and i've learned a new word again...lint...haven't heard this before...maybe cause i don't spend enough time with cats..smiles

    1. haha never heard that before?
      My you must have a clean shore


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