Causing The Back Some Unwanted Flack!

You act all tame and smile with a wave.
Searching for blame, it's info you crave.
Shoving your nose where it doesn't belong.
Cackling like crows chowing on a ding dong.

Knee jiggling with delight as they leave.
When out of sight you bob and weave.
Have you heard this? Have you heard that?
Acting like it's bliss while being an annoying gnat.

Finding out more which you'll never tell.
Pace up and down the floor clutching your cell.
Speed typing the news to those unaware.
Away your paws cruise like a dirty old mare.

Sneeking off at the drop of a ring.
A fake cough is all that you sling.
Like a canary your flutter and sing.
Without even a stutter you let the news fling.

So much for your word and worth.
You sung like a bird and it's all over earth.
In like a gust you sit beginning to fiddle,
But your info lust puts you back in the middle.

The typing you stop and perk up your ear.
For a new gossip crop has been heard near.
Back on the phone you go with a dash.
By your tone you sound worse than trailer park trash.

But oh no, never ever you.
You simply glow with your perky view.
Your trusting eyes would never lie.
Until all are no longer wise then off you fly.

What's this more news one wishes to share?
You have the blues and something you can't bare?
Tell little old me and all will be fine.
Even with crossed knee my word is divine.

That is a big deal and no one will know.
Don't worry we had a deal and your secret I won't blow.
Until you leave my sight and no longer linger.
Then your plight will be texted out with my rapid finger.

What? It surely wasn't me that spread that.
You are a nut. I'm no dirty rat.
The info spread around was fake?
I swear what I read was how to bake a cake.

The cat or rather Pat watches each day as a certain person listens to whatever one has to say. Pretending she would never tell and then off the person goes with their cell. So for a little fun some miss information was spun. This person got what they deserve from Pat's little info swerve. So fun to stir up shit especially when gossip hounds deserve it. Hate nosey old bats. Yes, they even bother cats. The person sure got some sass which was such fun to cause by my little rhying ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Back on the #1 attack
      Here at my shack

    2. Back at my very own station
      Plain lucky on this occasion


    3. Well sometimes it's better to be lucky than good
      In ones hood

  2. I think I understand what you're trying to say here Pat. You're talking about those kinds of people who gossip non stop, who go out of their way to make other people sound bad when in reality they're not so perfect themselves, not that they'll ever admit it from the top of their tower of self righteousness. Great call out to those kinds of people Pat, love this buddy, people like that really anger me as I'm not a massive fan of hypocrisy at all, it really grinds at me.

    Hank is number one again
    At Pat Hatt's den

    1. Yeah that is all they are
      As they yap near and far
      A hypocrite pretty much
      But it was fun to feed them false info and such haha

    2. Thanks Yeamie
      Back with the community


    3. And all is grand
      As you take first in my land

  3. yeah, the nosy nose needs to sometimes stay plugged, rather than riff on threw anothers rug, where it's sure a flea they will receive or perhaps an old lingering scent of pee.. Love the idea of the mislead, if not that then what would impede, such people are butt sniffers to the max, and there creativity and sense of truth are sorely lacked.

    Excellent topic, if only baking a cake were always so sweet lol

    1. Wow, you are early today
      Here at my bay
      And yeah they they sure are butt sniffing news hounds
      With their ear to the grounds
      But I gave them a taste
      And made them end up looking like they had a brain of paste haha

  4. smiles....they seem to be friends just to get your scoop, then off the go selling it to get in others boots....still stuck on ding dong eating crows, those beaks are sharp might have to stay out the park...

    1. That they try
      But can't fool me under my sky
      So just spin them around
      And I take it you have eaten crow actually at your ground haha

  5. hey what the hay, ney ney i say
    dropped all the way to fourth today
    getting too cra-zay

    1. Yeah, you were way down
      Today at my town
      But you got two in a row
      Even if you did eat some crow haha

  6. hate tattle tells, and people that just talk to you to get some gossip!!

  7. Gossip gossip everywhere
    truth stretched from here to there
    lies planted for someone to snare
    beady eyes hungry for gossip to share
    ruin someone's day they don't care
    what a cross at the office to bear
    they deserve to be given an evil stare!

    1. They got more than a stare
      As I prceeded to ensnare
      And now all knows indeed
      What a gossip monger they are at my feed

  8. Was this written in my neighborhood? Because it sounds like you just wrote about every single one of my gossipy rumor-spreading neighbors.

    1. haha damn the cat is good
      Grasping all in your hood

  9. Some 'disinformation' can cause amaze
    Smile with glee that they had been had
    Just fun and games to keep them in place
    Just try not to make them look too bad


    1. haah I made them look a bit bad
      But fun was had
      And now they shut up a tad
      At my work pad

  10. HA! I still think you know my neighbors! Nah, maybe I am just obcessing over their dumbness!

    1. hahaha those neighbors of yours must be quite a thrill
      And make you feel rather ill

  11. Familiar with
    this I'm
    sorry to
    say it
    happens even
    at my bay.

    "Tell me more,
    tell me more.
    About you
    I want to
    know more."

    Then like
    a rat
    they scurry
    and scuttle
    running their

    But traps
    I set
    with disinformation
    then watch
    while waiting
    all the while

    A tid bit
    here a
    tid bit there
    they can't
    wait to share.

    But like
    a circle
    it all comes
    back and the
    dirty smelly
    rat gets
    caught in a
    they're own

    It's a great way to find out someone's true nature. Give them some "juicy gossip", sit back and see how long it takes for them to burn up the lines spreading it round. And they're usually good at pretending to be everyone's bestest, closest friend. It always comes back Cat, always. Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves with it.

    I'm off to sleep now Cat as my days and nights are still mixed up. Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. haha that is surely what I did
      And off went their lid
      As she hanged herself with ease
      It sure did please
      And geez still up
      Must have some strong liquor in that cup

    2. I don't really drink Cat. Maybe once or twice a year and that's it. Nah it's the pain that's got me messed up. Over did it by a bit too soon, so up all night and sleep all day. I just woke up!!

    3. Yeah been there too
      Thinking one can do more than they can do
      And then poof back on one's ass
      Hope soon it will pass

  12. I cannot stand gossipers. They need to mind their own business. And I also don't like those who become your "friend" just so they can try to get the new scoop to spread to everyone they know.

    1. Yeah they are such a pain in the ass
      With all the crap they try to say and pass

  13. orlin N cassie...tell yur dad we bee sorree him getted "floundered over".....N remember what goez round comes round....

    1. That it sure does
      Them and their rumormill buzz

  14. I know a few nosey old bats! They need to mind their own beeswax!

    1. That they should
      Maybe we could strangle them with a hood?

  15. Oh, that was a great
    setting them up for such a fate.
    Should teach them a lesson for a while
    although they will go back to being dire.
    Being nosey is a hard habit to break
    but you did give her a good shake!

    1. haha yeah sure she will go back
      To yapping and causing all flack
      But I got her good
      And now she is a bit embarrassed in my work hood haha

  16. oh those nosey fellows...they have a quite colorful canary gown and gigantic beaks to spread the news...

    1. haha yeah that they surely do
      Should shove their beack up their gazoo

  17. Anger usually keeps them away,
    for more than a day,
    Mine are not too bad
    but some peoples make me sad!

    1. Yeah that they do
      As they have nothing better to do at their zoo
      And sure you could anger them away
      Easily at your bay

  18. 'You sung like a bird and it's all over earth' is a great line.

    1. Yeah that works grand
      As she blabber's across the land

  19. Wow this is really great writing. The picture is a movie with awesome rhyming narration. I can just see it.

    1. A movie I can do
      Or at least type out a ton at my zoo

  20. Where else can we find gossips & trailer park trash! Pretty heady stuff for us kitties.

    1. Yeah that is true
      But if you look they are in view

  21. LOVE this, your best rhyme yet. It seriously reminds me of the song "Mr. Big Stuff" and "You're so Vain". very well-written and executed. Love!

    1. Damn, with the likes of those
      The cat's ego grows haha

  22. Oh those pips
    with loose lips
    get under my skin
    with their non-stop din!

    You were right to call alert
    Perhaps we could make up shirts?
    Force them out of the town...
    make them stand with the political clowns?

    1. That would be grand
      To shove them to a new land
      And sit them on top
      The political crown crop


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