For A dVerse Buck You Get A Great Big Suck!

So the cat needs to give you humans some lip for this dVerse trip. You need to get your act together and stop changing your minds like the weather. Or maybe just stop lying but that might cause many a brain to end up frying.

The cat sees the news,
Stating it can't lose.
This will be the movie of the year.
Turns out it is something to fear.

Oh look it's Resident Evil 6.
That game will be in all top picks.
Turns out it's trash,
Leaving you with a bad rash.

Sure there is the odd nut,
That will like such things at their hut.
Opinions are assholes I suppose.
Wait! Is that how that goes?

But when the majority claim,
It will be something of fame,
Then the movie or game,
Turns out to be oh so lame,

To all who cried out for it,
Giving them a big fit.
Seems there is something to it.
Maybe they didn't add enough spit?

Or too much polish and shine,
Making it less than divine.
Goes for anything though,
That can curl your toes.

Next big thing just flopped,
That has to sting that it dropped.
Maybe the anticipation is to high?
But some things at least get a good cry.

Not totally sucky as hell,
And end up being swell.
Maybe they know it will suck,
And give off some "it will be grand" cluck.

That way they can sell it before all know,
And realize their lying flow.
Does this bring us back to greed?
Just them planting the seed,

When they know it is trash,
And will be over in a flash.
All kinds of questions arise,
But a word to the wise.

Tell the hype to pound sand,
For protesting too much and making such a stand,
Usually only means one thing,
In the trash you'll want to give it a fling.

There we go the cat has stirred up some strat at his show and now all can think. I hope I did not bring you to the brink. Actually that might be fun. So if it was done, don't blame the cat, we'll blame this one on Pat. Or maybe Cass because it certainly can't be blamed on my hyped up little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Love this Pat, so many things do come in with a whole lot of hype and they end up sucking. I'm not a big fan of Resident Evil and definitely wouldn't be willing to spend a whole lot of bucks on number six! I've never seen the films before but your rhymes make them sound like a bore. I have to admit and will not lie, it doesn't surprise that their sales aren't high!

    Are you speaking from experience here Pat? Did you actually buy the game for it to turn out poor?

    1. Thankfully I forwent this one
      But plenty of others have fooled me under my sun
      And they hype was crap
      Hank is a bit slowly lately with his blog lap haha

    2. Yeamie and Pat sirs,

      Hank is around
      He's having a frown
      On the road again
      It's some pain
      He has no leverage
      The broadband lacks coverage
      The nearest cyber-cafe he makes do
      Missed all of you too!


    3. Sucks indeed
      With no coverage at your feed
      But as you go on the road
      Don't hit a poor toad

    4. So long as Hank's there, I won't stop and stare. Enjoy your time on the drive buddy, hopefully soon at home you'll arrive.

    5. Yeah he will always be around
      Sooner or later Hank and 1st will be found

  2. ha they def hype things that flop, plop right down in attempts at the crown and there are series that should end, if for no other reason than mercy on the memory of what has been

    1. Yeah really agree
      That many series should end already
      But sadly they just linger on
      Ruining all that came before at their lawn

  3. I'm so glad I don't follow any of that hype and only follow the reality show circuit...and the zombie shows...and the news...and blogs...hmmm...I need a life...or a job... LOL

    1. Pfft you are a disgrace
      With the reality tv race
      The zimbie shows though
      Are well worth a watch at my show
      You may need a life
      But at least there is no job to cause you strife

    2. I only watch the really good reality shows like NJ Housewives, Catfish, Cops (is that even on anymore?) Dr. Phil LMAO!! Oh, and of course...Honey Boo Boo!!

    3. LMAO oh my
      Shame on you one eye
      They cat will never let you live such a thing down
      Next time you show up in candy land town haha
      And I think Cops is still around
      And what? No Jerry Springer is found?

  4. I am waiting for the next big movie -- The Hobbit!
    Surely won't be a flop....despite the hype.

  5. I don't get caught up in all the hype. I know all too well that they try to make things sound so great just to sell but we all know its garbage!

    1. Yep that is where most of it belongs
      When they sing their hype songs
      Right in the trash
      As the hype soon will crash

  6. The majority rules
    or so
    they say
    and mediocrity
    holds sway.

    The market
    will stand
    what the market
    will bear
    so trash
    aplenty you'd
    better be wary.

    People are like sheep Cat and sheep are dumb and easily led. Advertisers know how to appeal to the baser needs and so make money off people with too much money and time on their hands.

    Now I'm going to sleep.

    1. haha yeah all of that is true
      They trick the sheep with a fancy image or two
      And they follow along
      Making sales strong
      Even when it is all crap
      Such crap should be wiped off the map

    2. Heck sheep will stand out in a field when it's raining and drown to death. They really are dumb creatures, but they're tasty critters. Lamb stew is one of my favorite dishes and braised rack of lamb isn't too bad either. Damn I'm hungry!

    3. Never tried lamb at my sea
      It might be tasty
      But I'll stick with chicken my way
      As always eat it three times a day

  7. I was a bit worried about Resident Evil, I was sure it was about one of our neighbors!

  8. I couldn't believe the RE6 flop

    capcom made it drop

  9. I am not into games like Resident Evil
    so if this turning into a movie, I am lost ~

    Like Mary, I am waiting for The Hobbit and
    yes it will be big as LOTR ~

    Happy day Pat ~

    1. Resident evil turned into a movie long long ago
      Now on the 5th one at the movie show haha
      And yeah hopefully it will be good
      As well it should

  10. i've seen the trailer for the hobbit when i watched skyfall a few weeks ago...and i'm not really sure if it's that good..skyfall was good...imho the best james bond i saw..

    1. I still need to see Skyfall one day
      And will at my bay
      Yeah who knows about it
      But I'm sure it will be a hit

  11. I agree! Some movies are so hyped up, and then when you go see them, they turn out to be duds!

    1. Yeah when they say the movie will rock
      Turns out to be smellier than an old sock

  12. My little one can't wait for the hobbit. He read the book and loved it. :) I hope he's not disappointed from the movie. :)

    1. Yeah the book is usually better though
      But you just never know

  13. I love the cat's perspective. And he's right. When there's too much hype surrounding something it turns out to be rather meh! :-)

    Loved the poem, man.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah that is does
      So we must forget the buzz
      Glad you like
      The verse I gave a hike

  14. Usually the hype is over the top
    but then turns out to be slop,
    been stuck with a few flops this year
    got it right in the ear.

  15. I like the Res evil movies but even then, they become laughable after I would never buy the games.
    It's a bit like Friday the 13th part 1000 ... lol
    I never even saw the first let alone how ever many it's up to now...holy cow... I never rhymed. I should have taken more time.

    1. Yeah the movies are okay
      But they are quite pathetic with their display
      haha rhymed at the end
      Have to continued your trend

  16. I should read more blogs
    then know what not to see.
    But fact is that I
    seldom go to the movie...

    But you sure write it well--I think this is

    1. Yeah blogs abound
      And much can be found
      Glad it was fun
      Thanks for the run

  17. Ah, commercialism, sucking out every penny (or buck) it can :)

    1. Yeah, but not at my sea
      They will not trick me

  18. Movies make me happy.
    Movies make me sad.
    The only thing I hate
    is when a movie's really bad!

    1. haha that I will agree
      Those sting like a bee

  19. Hey, you said 'strat'!
    It's been a while at your shack!
    Must be because you're back to the novels
    and Mason, who is not at all hollow.

    1. haha you caught that well
      And yep back in novel, but not in hell
      Been there done that
      Although it plays a part at the fifth novels mat

  20. I've always thought too much hype can ruin even something that is first-rate.
    This was quite an entertaining gripe; hats off to the cat or is it Pat I should congratulate.

    1. The cat or Pat will do
      And you most when spoken until blue
      Truly do suck
      Not even worth a buck

  21. Am not really a movie buff
    Some are just plain duff
    What I fail to understand
    The flops are still at hand

    But I prefer a comedy
    Anytime for it I'm ready


    1. Yeah many a comedy is grand
      To pass the time at one's land
      But a lot are dumb
      Making on feel glum

  22. Poor sheep get such a bad name being compared to us humans. They may be mindless but they do no harm.

    1. That is true
      Could say cattle on cue
      They do pollute the air
      With stuff that smells rather rare

  23. You're quite the talented poet sir!! I found you through Brian Miller's blog.

  24. Opinions are like belly buttons:
    we all have one and none hold much water!

    that said . . . i have a belly bucket instead
    which i regularly fill with chicken till i'm fed
    but i'm no Turkey, oh my! its gone toothirty (2:30) and
    i'm still not in bed but i cant sleep because
    of something Pat said . . .

    Oh look it's Resident Evil 6.
    That game will be in all top picks.
    Turns out it's trash,
    Leaving you with a bad rash.

    oh no i ve just wasted all my cash!

    1. LOL sorry for keeping you awake
      Hopefully a nap you get to take
      And all of your cash
      You need to make a return dash

  25. If you want spit & shine polish, go see the cat!

  26. The Human has given up on horror moobees. Me, I think I'd like a moobee where a lot of Humans bleed. Heh heh.

    1. haha aren't you a bit morbid at your sea
      But yeah as long as it's humans and not me

  27. I wonder what the next hyper-flop will be for this Christmas... the next MUST have, and how many will be injured trying to buy it on boxing day...

    1. God only knows
      What will break peoples toes
      As they go all whacko over it
      Trying to get the next so called hit

  28. yeah, you really touched upon a bunch of things here. The suck factor is much bigger than it should be, and God I could get into it about some of the stuff they spew at us, yet have the gall to charge a weeks pay for in some cases. Really sickening. You know, it got me thinking how much I still enjoy video games, yet I can't ever get myself to buy a game, I don't care how well I get financially, I just can't ever seeing myself saying, oh yeah, I can't think of any better way to spend that 60 bucks, it's ludicrous. If I do buy a game it's like an old one in the bargain bin for 10 or 15 bucks. Funny thing is I was at gamespot a couple weeks ago and they had a big used wall, which is right next to the new ones, and the used one's are only like 5 to 10 dollars cheaper in some cases-really a joke.

    And then you get the movie poke, it's getting took expensive to see so many movies anymore. 10 dollars after four or all day weekend, but oh, if you chose to go before 4 then you save 2, yet if you're thirsty they tell you pay us five or go drink your poo, and so we pay the five and pretend it tastes divine….Suck factor. Too many, and I didn't get into the lies…damn those liars and their lies…Fun piece, got me on a rant, in some third world place this alone might be worth a grant, well, it might be if some slick marketer were hyping me lol

    1. LMAO damn a big rant
      Today at my plant
      And yeah I agree
      Spending 60 bucks on a game is not done by me
      I go for the bargain bin too
      And it is stupid how used are not cheaper at their zoo
      Stupid is all I can say
      But if all stop buying maybe they'll be cheaper at such a bay


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