Glitch Of A Witch Part Eight Served Up On A Plate!

This damn hole seemed to go on forever. We could still hear WorqueenDan and his/her stomping endeavor, as he/she trotted across the land above. He/she sure did not float like a dove. More like move like a hippo, smell like a garbage dump. Finally I landed on my rump.

The sights were worse than before. We had entered into some slave labor camp's shore. They were human but zombie like as they walked back and forth taking the candy hike. There was no point to what was being done. They just moved candy from one pile to another one. Brian, Blabber and even Glory Dear were all here. Each a zombie like drone. That's when we heard Anne's usual tone.

"Get away from me you eejits. This shite is bloody well...."

She was being zapped by some jelly bean guards with a cattle prod. That's when we heard from the so called god.

"Drazin thinks Drazin should have taken Drazin's chances with the pile of mush above."

"Bryan, what do the call this?"

"I don't know. A candy chain gang."

"Couldn't they just eat their way out?"

"Yep, Drazin should have stayed above."

"I think the demon is correct."

"Sadly, I have to agree with the dimwits."

Miss Priss and I backed up behind Pat, as wonder woman, half zombie Betsy flew over us like a bat. She whipped the jelly bean guards into shape. She even squashed a sleeping one like a grape.

"What do you call a jelly bean that's been mushed, Brandon?"

"Stomach acid?"

"You ruined my trip again."

Those two kept bickering away. The rest of us watched scary Betsy's display, as she landed before us with her hands on her hips. From what she said, I think she had too many rhyme time trips.

"You free the slaves,
From their mirror graves.
This will not do.
Anne and the rest were meant to remain true."

"Can't we just take seven years bad luck and be on our way?"

She eyed Miss Priss and I like she was going to send us some place to fry.

"My power is great,
You pointed out ones still mirrored in fate.
So thanks for that kitty.
To become a snack, it sure is a pity."

"Can anyone decipher what she is going on about? Drazin sure can't."

"Some god."

"Demon, I think we have to attack."

Drazin and Pat jumped at Betsy who swatted them away. She sure had power with her zombie display. Miss Priss and I tried to run but some jelly bean guards stopped our fun. The Beer Guys were snapped up too, still bickering and also having no clue. We were herded off toward a deep fryer, large enough that our situation was surely dire.

"Fleabag, why did you have to get Drazin sent to a land without meat, for you look like a treat."

"They eat cats in China you know."

"Bryan, it figures we'd end up in a land where everything is made in China."

"Cheap labor has its perks."

"We can't die, you can't kill a ninja turtle."


Bryan and Brandon were thrown into the fryer first. They shouted about melting with their final burst. And like that Betsy had killed the Beer Guys. She swatted them like flies. Next was our turn to feel the burn, when Betsy gave a yell and Anne damned her to hell.

"It's about time you got here, Cat. Now let's go you bloody eejits."

She did not have to tell us twice. We all scurried away like mice, leaving Betsy lying on the ground after getting hit with the cattle prod Anne stole from the jelly bean guard mound.

"Saved by the Irish, Drazin is never going to live this one down."

"What is going on?"

"Bloody hell if I know."

We ran from view down some dark tunnel with no friggin clue about what Betsy was trying to prove. All we knew is we had to move. Her zombie shriek sounded out all around and we could hear the drones following her wishes like a hound. She ordered them to hunt us down and make us frown. It would be funny if they were not going to turn us into a snack. I was not about to become a rib rack.


Wow, Betsy really went all zombie nut case. Things keep making less sense at a steady pace. But at least now we know where everyone disappeared too. Betsy's underground candy slave zoo. Who knows what else will come to pass. But the Beer Guys will be mourned by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love this series as always Pat and can't wait for the next part. I'm going to miss the Beer Guys, they remind me of two hilarious gents I follow on here for some reason but I love them all the same! I hope that nobody becomes a rib snack at your rhyming shack.

    1. haha the Beer Guys will be missed
      As they died and hissed
      But you never know
      Could become a ghost at my show

    2. Haha I'd love to see them come back at ghosts, that's a great idea and will be sure to cause boasts!

    3. Yeah it will be done
      Before this has completed its run

  2. Ha ha, a jelly bean that was mushed.
    I can picture that, and I don't like the picture.
    LOL. Have a good day, Pat

    1. haha a picture that is scary
      At least the jelly bean wasn't hairy

  3. You killed off the beer guys? Why cat? Why? I liked those idiots!
    And you keep calling me fat! I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!

    1. Whose to say they will not come back?
      Could go on a haunting attack haha
      And all that candy and becoming Godzilla like
      Might make the big boned idea take a hike

    2. You're husky WorkqueenDan. Really I should insult Dan now, before he slaughters me on his page. Oh well, maybe next time!

    3. Let the insults fly
      For they will soon from that guy

  4. zombie betsy is just a little scary,
    eat the cat, are you crazy
    even with ketchup, its too dang hairy
    and hopefully the jelly bean isnt
    poor bear guys bit it

    1. Yeah she went nuts
      Crazier than mutts
      That zombie part
      Has hardened her heart
      As she wants some cat
      Instead I'll give her a gnat

    2. I'll just numb my tongue first
      then I won't taste your gnat burst!

    3. yeah betsy IS the wonder woman and can beat all of you Cat pffttttt!

    4. haha you're a pro at that
      Still will never catch the cat

      Pfft and you're her slave
      She may send you back to your dirt cave hahaha

    5. LOL well in the dirt you will go
      Then you will be no slave while buried below haha

  5. Sorry beer guys!
    It was Pat that made me so unwise!
    The curse of being part zombie
    will end soon, surely!
    It's like a bad dream, you know,
    brainwashed at the Rhyme Time show!

    1. Oh the shame
      You killed the Beer Guys and are to blame
      Trying to even eat the cat
      That is so rude and we'll have to squash you flat haha

    2. the cat to eat?
      well, you are sweet. :)

    3. Pfft I'll roll in some hay
      Then be quite prickly at my bay

  6. Ninja turtles are invincible

    to all principles

    1. Not this time
      Or they were fake ones and fried like a mime

  7. The zombies are gonna take over!

    1. Candy land is screwed
      Plus those zombies are just rude

  8. you know...i wish we could just eat our way out of everything...zombie attacks or whatever...ha

    1. True that would work
      Although the extra fat may not be a perk

  9. I like your mix and rhyme and good action-packed story telling.

    1. The action will come
      Along with rhyming from my little rhyming bum

  10. Wait to see what is to be squashed
    Half zombies on the candy line?
    Can't really see all the mushed
    Get out of the way and you are fine!


    1. Yep run far away
      From the zombie display
      And the cat will survive
      Hopefully getting out alive

  11. At least I got prodded and not probed Cat. And I prodded Betsy back. Ooooh add a little whipped cream to that and you've got a whole different story!!

    Feck off ya bastard!

    1. LMAO hmmm your mind went there
      Not mine at my lair hahaha
      The proding was fun
      Let's see what else can be done

  12. Haha! Here I was enjoying another ruined joke and BAM we're dead. That is both hilarious and heart breaking. Is part nine our funeral? I want to be shot out of a cannon into outerspace. Not my ashes, my entire body. It's more comical that way, especially if I bounce off of something like a roving asteroid.

    1. Oh there is still a plan
      Even after you became a flash in the pan
      That would be interesting too
      Maybe I could make that come due

  13. Smooshed jelly beans are stomach acid? Wow, I never knew. I thought they were reindeer poo from those goofy candy dispensers! LOL!

    1. haha that can work too
      I've had some of those at my zoo

  14. An underground candy cave zoo?
    Now that's a place I'd run to
    Or maybe just eat my way through
    Alas, I fear
    I'd want a beer.


    1. Well I'm sure there is some
      That would make you hum
      But might be candy beer
      Which could be something to fear

  15. Sounds like a horrible nightmare...yikes!

    1. Scary as we run near and far
      From the candy land zombie bar

  16. Candy cave zoo? How about a chick-hen cave? Or a sal-mon cave? I don't gots much of a sweet toof.

    1. Yeah I agree
      But at least it keeps the fat off thee

  17. Hahaha, did you really think Brandon and Byran would die that easily?

    That's not even their final form.

  18. Replies
    1. Wow up really late
      Painting must have been your fate


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