Glitch Of A Witch Part Nine. All Is Not Fine!

We kept up at a steady pace trying to find a way out of Betsy's crazy slave place. But the tunnels were too dark, even with Drazin's glowing eyes and usual third person bark. Until we came across a complete nut. Yeah, all are crazy at this candy land hut. This one had his brains scrambled I would say. I guess someone tried to make waffle flambe.

"How can Waffles help thee? Follow Waffles quickly."

"Just what we need, another third person talking nutcase."

"Demons abound in this here region."

"Drazin has had enough of this place. Fleabag, Drazin is going to use you as slippers if you don't find a way out of here."

"A god relying on a cat. How about that?"

"Shut up, you eejits. I didn't save you to be caught again."

"Hurry, hurry. That flying bimbo will be here soon. Follow Waffles."

This guy walked like a hunchback and drooled quite a bit. And he really smelled like, well, shit. I think his brains were even coming out his ears. Or that could just be built up wax causing my OCD fears. Think Jafar and his disguise, although far far more scary on the eyes.

We figured how much worse could it be and followed the nut into a hidden cave, where he proven he was swinging from the crazy tree. He had a collection of heads and they were all tucked in straw beds. He hobbled over to each one and that is when more crazy was spun.

Blue here will tell you,
All that is true.
He says that if the mirror has been smashed to bits,
The slaves no longer go around like dimwits.
Thus the likes of Anne,
Unlike Brian, Glory Dear and the rest of the clan.

Red is a liar,
He likes to set things on fire.
He says you will all die.
Now he wants to get high.
Such a drug addict.
And he likes to create conflict.

"Are we really going to keep listening to this bloody eejit?"

"Drazin agrees with the Irish. Drazin is out of here."

Drazin went to open the door when he heard Betsy's wailing half zombie roar. Waffles hobbled back over and slammed the door shut. He even tapped Drazin on the butt.

"Never never, you need to be clever. Plus Waffles not done. You don't want to shun."

"I bet the god has never been felt up like that before."

"Drazin will squash you, fleabag."

Green is alive,
He was able to survive.
He says that those still in the mirror,
You all made clearer.
You found their hidden away place,
And the flying bimbo honed in with her half zombie face.

White is a fright.
Don't bother him at night.
Some spirits took flight.
Just open your sight.
They will return,
After their burn.

"That is all Waffles has to say. Have a nice day!"

Waffles scurried off down a mole hole leaving us with a couple of dead heads and a fishing pole. I did not even want to know what he fished for. We kept quiet as Betsy continued her roar.

"So if the demon and his underlyings are to be believed, we have to do what we set out to do?"

"Be an eejit?"

"No, destroy that Thinkcap's lair."

"So we have to avoid the big Godzilla WorqueenDan, get past a slave driving half zombified bimbo and take down a so called godly powered ass. Not to mention smash some glass."

"Bloody Hell, I need a drink."

"Drazin needs to find less active cats to get slippers from."

"Well what are you waiting for buckaroos, let's go."

Pat opened the door and peeked out finding no jelly beans guards, slaves or any other creature of lore. He waved for us to follow him. Yeah, he really was growing more dim. But we took off out of the cave and hoped Pat was not leading us to an early grave. Then of course we heard a scream. How I wish one eyed people had their own cyclops team.

"Annnnneeee. Why am I blue? Who are you? Leave me be? I hate cats!"

We heard old whiny one eye off in the distance and of course Anne took off. Maybe Betsy would drown her in a trough? At least my ears would stop ringing and the whines she would stop singing. Either way we now knew more and we followed Anne back to Betsy's front door. Old one eye was strung up ready to hang. I guess she was not a pretty blue cyclops sight to Betsy and her slave gang.

One eye is causing us trouble once more. Just when we get away she drags us back to Betsy's shore. Maybe we'll get lucky and she will hang. At least she will go out with no bang. A candy gun might hurt. But then Anne wants to make the hanging inert. So I guess we shall see what comes to pass as further we venture into candy land with the scary crew and my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I can't believe that Waffles guy deciding that he was going to jump ship like that, what a disloyal bugger haha. If I ever met that guy I'd love to swing for him, he reminds me of somebody though and I don't like that! Just kidding buddy, awesome rhymes as usual, I love how so many people talk in third person and all the dissent occurring within the group although I hope it sorts out soon for this band of troops.

    Hanks number one, my second may as well be last. I give the man credit for he reached your bay fast haha!

    1. Errand's done
      Made a run
      In a jiffy
      Hank's lucky


    2. Yeah he was such a mean guy
      Running away when he was done with his head cry
      The troops will fall into face
      Or get blasted to outer space
      And poor you
      Five minutes too late at my zoo

      Hank lurked a ton
      After his errand run

  2. For getting out the fox-hole
    A mixed group was a bother
    But they were brave and bold
    Simple leadership to shoulder
    Someone better stamp a hold
    Lest all could fall over
    Drazin or anyone to the fold
    Get the right target yonder!


    1. Leadership may be in flux a bit
      Put they all get the hang of it
      Although yeah if they don't act
      They may end up a historic fact

  3. i just want waffles and talking heads, do they know the lotto numbers by any chance?

    1. Oh I wish that were true
      Sadly they don't have a clue

  4. slave driving half zombified bimbo...i will have to come back and read betsy's retort to that...was going to say take the blue to go further in, but i think the answer is around the bend...apropo waffles is first for us to follow as that seems the case most days, but hank is getting into the fray these days....ha fun under your sun sir

    1. haha yeah should be interesting to see what she has to say
      But it wasn't me who said it at my bay
      That waffles guy is so mean
      Plus Drazin is obscene
      And yeah Hank and waffles are in a fight
      For first on sight
      Leaving poor you
      With three or at best two haha

  5. Is Elsie going to hang? That sure would put an end to all that whining! More whining is certain to come once she reads this! Anne will have your hide for sure if Elsie hangs!

    1. hahaha I will have to make her hang
      That will create quite the bang

    2. Leave Elsie alone, dammit I think I hear Anne waking!

    3. Pfft Anne is away
      So the cat will play

  6. I love the smell of fresh waffles. Wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right!

    1. Hmmm no not so much
      You might want to scale that back a touch hahaha

  7. We were already murdered, is there more to come? Is Elsie next? And will we rise as zombies? I sure hope so. Yo Betsy, half zombie, how about getting some full zombie action over here?

    1. I'm afraid I have no control
      the author has a hold of my soul!
      Someone needs to hack his blog
      and remove 90 drafts from his log!

    2. Oh there is more to come
      No one is safe from my little rhyming bum
      Elsie may just go
      At the end of the rope don't you know
      LOL Betsy could make you two
      Part of her zombie crew

      Pffft it is 92 now
      So at least I'd have 2 left to give a meow

  8. Flying Bimbo? what the hell?
    And after I've treated you so swell!
    We might have to tie you up and not let you wash your hands
    and stuff gluten in your glands.
    And make you touch a bunch of germs
    and tie Flappy to you as you squirm.
    Leave you there about a week
    until your voice turns to a squeak.
    And if you admit you have the hots for Flappy
    and love that she is so yappy
    we might let you out as a treat
    if you promise to go back to calling me sweet.

    1. Damn, so violent you are
      Just pretending to be sweet at your bar? haha
      You cheat though
      Knowing all the weaknesses at my show
      And geez it wasn't the cat
      It was Waffles and you can't prove who else it was.
      Although Miss Priss prob gave such a buzz
      Or it could be Pat
      But it was not the cat haha

    2. Look got me so scared I missed a rhyme
      That is such a crime hahahaha

    3. You got flustered
      with your bluster
      and missed a rhyme!
      I love that chime!

    4. haha hmph to you
      I'll send Flappy to your zoo

    5. there's a sweet serendipity going on here.
      you'll have to read my post tonight, dear.

    6. You went zombie at your bay?
      Or Flappy came to have her say?
      Neither a fortunate accident though
      Should be interesting to see what you show

  9. I would prefer late grave with built in fireworks

    that would be some perks

    1. That it would
      All should have one in their hood

  10. Pat, I don't know how or where or what caused you to have that imagination. I can't think of the stories you write or rhyme.

    And it very contagious over here. My mind goes in rhyme when I come here all the time.

    1. haha the imagination sure does flow
      Where it came from I don't know
      And glad you catch the rhyme
      That is not a crime and just sublime

  11. Who in their right mind could possibly hate cats!
    We'll need to ask that nutter Pat
    exactly what he thinks of that
    He'll make that cat hate pay
    because it's his bay and he gets his own way.
    Oh that one eye is such a cow, hi ho, hi ho,
    I think I need to go and toddle off now.
    I'm going as nuts as you are
    (it doesn't take much ) haha

    1. hahahaha one eye a cow
      haha that is so fun I'll meow
      But yeah the cat haters can fly
      I'll stomp them the first try

  12. You've got a vile game of candy land going on at your shore. I'm keeping my animal cracker crew away from you! LOL!

  13. ya know...i would be quite interested to know what he fished for...ha..smiles

    1. haha maybe one day we will know
      How the fish flow

  14. Ha ha, what fun!
    I can hardly wait to see what comes to pass.

    1. haha who knows what it will be
      Surely not even me

  15. I thought Talking Heads retired? Are they back? Whatever happens, you are both in for an adventure, good or bad.

    1. That is for sure at this candy land see
      We are going to get chased up a tree

  16. The excitement just never ends, huh?

  17. Oy! Someone hates cats! Would they be the bitch to rhyme with the glitch of the witch?


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