Glitchy And Twitchy Being Rather Bitchy!

So for those with a keen eye, you may have noticed a tweak or two under my rhyming sky. Not much really to behold. But the cat had to fix crap as the glitches started to be more bold.

Betsy, gave a umm whine,
That no delete was in the comments of the feline.
At first it was nixed,
But I figured I'd add that to be fixed.

Of course with the actual follower widget,
Reply in the comments would be a big eejit.
So that was worked around for a while,
Until the glitches got vile.

Poof, no header to be found.
Poof, reply has taken to ground.
Poof, this doesn't work.
I'd like to poof the html template jerk.

Now no more woes,
After hours of html blows.
I beat them to death,
They tried to glitch me up until their last breath.

But it would not come to pass.
Html can't trick my little rhyming ass.
I pull out a flea,
And it eats their glitchy bug with glee.

Still nice and bright,
Wouldn't want to turn off the light.
But the glitch tried to foil it.
I ended its glitchy bitchy fit.

Now if only blogger would quit,
This slow friggin shit.
When you type up a new post,
That really annoys this host.

You have to wait for it to save.
If you take a second for yourself at your cave.
Then it just putt putts along,
Maybe they have to save it in Hong Kong?

So away we go,
With a fully working show.
At least for now,
I'm sure Blogger will screw it up some how.

And if at some high pitch,
You spy a glitch,
Keep it to yourself.
Or tell the nice Gerber Elf.

The cat had to vent as the glitch got bent. I kicked the eejit out of my place and solved the html case. Such a smart cat at my sea. Now a nap is needed by me. So the glitch is buried beneath the grass thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Great rhymes Cat, you turned those glitches into little... bitches! Sorry I couldn't resist although my foul language should desist. Love this post even if I didn't notice the glitches.

    1. Yeah the glitches they came
      Some were less than tame
      And foul language away
      The cat does every day haha

  2. Glitches would appear
    Would it then disappear?
    Html caused it a bother
    Let's not cause a furor
    Just give it a wallop
    Till it wouldn't get up
    Clap your hands with glee
    Success for all to see


    1. haha a clap you say
      I will give one at my bay
      For it took a ton
      To get everything to run right under my sun

  3. You do well
    with HTML
    You're a genius
    What the h--l

    I hate to encounter glitches
    That give me twitches
    But patience is key
    That I can see

    Thanks for the shout on your rolling banner
    From one who is a very big fan(ner).

    1. Genius not sure on that
      But I get it done at my mat
      One way or another I'll make it work
      When Blogger is being a jerk
      Yeah patience is the best
      Even though I still swear while I test haha
      No prob at all
      About time I updated that at my hall

  4. Glitches are bitches,
    and bloody snitches
    all rolled into one
    just no fun!

    1. Yeah you're changing too
      Sure you've ran into a bloody few

  5. You must be a computer genius as well as a rhyming ace.

    1. The rhyming ace I have down
      The computer I can at least find my way around town

  6. that's why i gave up webdesign, it's not for me fiddling with these bugs.

    1. Yeah been there with this and my other two sites
      Had my fair share of such bug bites

  7. I can't "keep it to" myself
    Since you are the expert
    Tell me how to fix my "follower"
    I can't follow anyone
    That's a big glitch

    1. Well that isn't a glitch at my sea
      So that is fine to ask of me haha
      Did you try copying the link of their blog
      Then going to the dashboard at your log
      Then there is an add button there
      Where you enter in the address of their lair
      And poof that does the trick
      I know not as slick

    2. Good idea Pat. I just went to someone's blog I want to follow and they didn't have an add feature on their blog. Now I know how to do it. Thanks!

    3. No problem at all
      Pfft Pat! Stopping helping one eye at our hall

    4. Glad I could help
      So you didn't yelp haha

  8. Blogger seems to be forever creating problems in its system. At least you beat the glitches in the end!

    1. Yeah beat them for now
      Let's hope they don't come back and make me once again raise my eyebrow

  9. i seriously wish that blogger would stop with their fixes and realize their improvements are bitches to those that use it...this is why i have never changed mine from day one, always the same (oh what fun) but better than being left with the smoking gun....

    1. Good way to go
      For you may want to give blogger a blow
      To it's stupid ever changing head
      All the fixes do is make things dead

  10. Blame it on Google
    That's what I've always done
    When it works right, they break it
    Then act like they've won.
    (Those rich bitches!)

    Ah, that felt good.
    Thanks, Pat.

    1. hahaha yeah those rich bitches
      Like causing the glitches
      Then they can say
      They need to update crap that does not need an updated display
      Glad I could help out
      With my glitch shout

  11. I like all the work you have done at your shore
    It makes me want to visit you more and more
    The font is appealing to the eyes
    They are not straining and getting dry
    My beautiful eyes are so grateful
    That the cat is no longer hateful

    See you after Thanksgiving!

    1. haha have a great day
      And be all thankful at your bay
      Yeah I like it better too
      Now that no glitches come due
      Pfft there is a typo though
      Only one eye seems to show

  12. HA! Don't trust those blogger boogers!

    1. haha nope not at all
      Flick them against the wall

  13. I once used a site that would crash for the whole day all day

    which makes me thankful for less tech trouble I say.

    1. Must be better with that crap away
      So at least blogger doesn't cause that much dismay

  14. I give you a medal
    For glitches you don't settle
    I now raise my glass
    To your little rhyming ass.

    Not me kiddo
    For me it's not ditto

    I had to import my puter guru
    That left in my purse a big long furrow.

    1. Nope don't wait around
      Once they are found
      Away they will go
      Watch your glass near my ass though haha
      Sucks about the dough
      Everywhere that seems to go

  15. So I can now delete my mistakes?
    How exciting when those I make
    Thought you'd leave that alone
    just to make me groan.
    Then the grammar nazi could come
    and scold my little bum.

    I did notice, though that I get a bunch of green bamboo stalks for your background before the real one loads. Kinda cool, actually! hahaha.

    1. haha the grammar nazi is never around
      So they will never be found
      But I figured I would help
      So you wouldn't yelp

      And yeah I know about the background thing
      One has to be there for the gold to show at my wing
      Not sure why
      But the switching does make it interesting under my sky

    2. Yep, like two backgrounds in one
      How very fun!
      Twice the thrill for one price
      How very nice!

    3. haha glad I can unintenially thrill
      Maybe now some won't need to pop a pill
      Unless the get motion sickness I suppose
      Then the switching could cause woes

  16. I feel your pain. I learned the hard way not to mess much with my actual template because I lost tons of stuff, even when I saved it.

    1. Yeah I lost a bunch too
      But had it backed up and saved other ways at my zoo

  17. Glad you fixed the glitch from that blogger bitch!
    Now you just need to tame the cat who thinks he's all that!

    1. hahaha that will never come due
      He believes his ego to be true

  18. Nothing worse than an html glitch!

  19. orlin N cassie, glad ya getted yur blog back ta werkin; R mom iz happee if her can figure out copy N glue


    1. haha like your switcheroo
      With the paste to glue

  20. Glitches make me twitches... and not in a good way! Enjoyed!

  21. I do not like blogger glitches! Glad you got yours fixed!

    1. Yep fixed them all
      They are a pain at any hall

  22. I share your sentiments, Pat. I swear the blogger gods are out to get me some days. :P

    1. Yeah they seem to want to strike us down
      I guess they get bored in their godly town

  23. Glitches are designed to make us humble.

    1. One way to look at is I suppose
      Still cause woes

  24. The woes of the modern world make us all itchy!

  25. We get sad and mad and our pad
    When Blogger has the Bad.

    1. Cat had your tongue the first time
      When you tried to rhyme? haha

  26. Uh, make that:

    We get sad and mad AT our pad
    When Blogger has the Bad.

    1. Well your pad could also get mad
      Even though that is strange just a tad

  27. hahaha gerber elf… I hear with all of this, but I wouldn't know how to switch code up if someone offered me a wad of cash…I'd try of course, but I'd figure Google would get me somewhere else. Glitches need fixes though, that's for sure.

    1. Yeah they need fixing every time
      We'd do it for a wad of cash and even rhyme haha

  28. i can't do html to save myself. maybe if they're colour-coded they'd hold my interest :)

    1. haha that would help indeed
      And be much easier to read


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