I Heard A Yell, Give Em Hell!

The cat was out and about when I heard the title shout. Now nothing wrong with that you say and in many cases I agree at my bay. But some nimrod yelled it during a soccer game. Still don't think they are lame? Well the soccer game was between five year olds with their germy mitts and colds. But we won't go there as it might stir up the OCD at my lair.

They kick the ball the wrong way,
Stand around and play.
Sing a little song,
Play the game all wrong.

But still you yell,
"Give Em Hell."
You must think you're swell.
Hate to see the advice you tell.

Kicked the ball at the crowd.
Used their hands and acted proud.
Slipping and sliding on the ground,
Still you howl like a hound.

"Give Em Hell."
Once more ringing that bell.
At least the hound just sniffs an ass,
You have your head up there in mass.

Skipping down the field,
Using the referee as a shield.
Leaning against the goal post,
Staring out at the coast.

"Give Em Hell."
You continue to yell.
Think you could find something new,
After the first shout or two.

Clean off their shirt,
Once more dive into the dirt.
The ball just sits there,
As none really even care.

"Give Em Hell."
You think this is a jail cell?
Something I'm sure which you can relate,
Being locked behind bars and a gate.

The clock ticks away,
Seems most had a fun day.
With grass stains galore,
Dirt, mud, nasty germs and more.

"You Gave Em Hell.
That kick to the shins was swell.
That makes you a winner."
Maybe the lack of brains is your hair growing thinner?

Or maybe you see things,
Like big golden rings,
That you think a five year old can win.
To make you rich at your bin.

Or are just a nut,
With his head up his butt.
Stuck in a rut,
With your oversized gut.

The cat watched this a while ago out and about around his show. Back when the grass was green, as I am ninety posts ahead at my scene. Still some people suck all the fun out of what takes place under the sun. Need to whack them upside the head and "give em hell" with a little dread. Maybe bury them up to their head in the grass and let them get kicked in the eye by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love this Pat. I hate how pushy some parents can be for their children, especially in something so insignificant like a youth soccer game but I guess that's just the way they are. Love this concept though buddy, it's really well done and obviously well thought out too, it's always good to have a laugh at pushy parents expense like this.

    1. Yeah they can get pushy indeed
      Enough they may make someone bleed
      That is pretty pathetic though
      But then some have the brains of a toe

  2. hha...well it gets a little worse than hell yelled around here, the parents of kids sports will def strike fear in the hearts, as they promise to chop you into parts just for fun, we had a parent storm the field at one and chase the ref, no his name was not jeff, bu the cops tackled her and she walked off with grass in her mouth...

    1. LOL grass in her yap
      At least she can't flap
      That is pretty sad
      That no fun can be had
      When they are that bad
      Off their rocker more than a tad

  3. 'Give ‘em hell' is just a battle cry
    The fighting spirit whipped up a bit
    Not something serious that’s so obvious
    No harm expected from those dainty feet
    For they’re just having fun, those kids


    1. Yeah they are just having fun
      Out under the sun
      But the parent was way
      Out there on display

  4. Yep, some parents are intense!
    It's just nonsense
    And seem oblivious to the fact
    that they are just whacked.
    They are unaware
    as the others just stare
    that they ruin the fun for all
    especially their own kid, as they call.

    1. Yeah that they are
      Near and far
      Having to win
      To add to the trophy bin
      And they whine galore
      When it doesn't come to their shore

  5. It's awful how rude and obnoxious parents can be when it comes to their kids - about anything. Sports, getting their kids toys at Christmas time, it's craziness! People have lost their damn minds!!

    1. LOL that is very true
      Worse than me and you
      Their minds are long gone
      Probably out buried in the lawn

    2. Where the cat will dig them up
      then put them in a cup
      where Dan will sell them all
      to make a profit and sale

    3. haha I want a kickback though
      Or some feces may show

  6. If my parents are pushy I give them Meow!

    1. Yeah and a scratch for good measure
      It is my pleasure

  7. Never have seen the joy of sports.

    1. Some are fun
      Some makes me want to shoot my foot with a gun haha

  8. You are so right with this post. My husband coached our son's 7 year old soccer team one year. An hispanic parent from the other team started yelling at him for some reason and then started screaming "You f*cking American" at my husband at the top of his lungs. What a thang to say huh? Anyway, we pulled the whole team off the field. That's a little crazy for 7 year olds to hear while kicking a soccer ball.

    1. Wow that is pretty pathetic that he would say that
      Think he'd have more brains at his mat
      But I guess not
      Some people get into too much and such crap should rot

  9. You wouldn't believe how many parents are like this! Unbelievable! All that fuss over a stupid little game!

    1. Yeah way to many I presume
      They just have to fume

  10. orlion N cassie...another grate eggs sample oh why we iz glad we iz ...cats.....

    its a game peepul....

    bee tween KIDS......

    parents......grate example ewe bee settin......


    1. haha yeah so much better to be cats
      And scratch up their mats
      An example is made though
      Of how not to be with their flow

  11. I'm glad I read this one. Quite funny. You captured what happens out there with the kids and their parents.

    1. Yeah such a sad fate
      That some get so irrate
      But oh so fun
      To give a run

  12. Haha, anyone who repeats again and again
    Has alimited vocabulary. Why not say

    Give them the bell
    Make them float in gel
    Push them in the well
    Instead of simply mundane
    Give them Hell..!!!

    1. haha I guess they need a dictionary or something
      To find themselves a brand new ring

  13. Sorry I'm late Cat. I got in a few comments, then The Hubby wanted to play and I shut the computer down.

    It's like that here too. The ball fields are a couple of blocks from my house and I can hear the screaming of the parents from my backyard. It's ridiculous. The kids are trying to be kids and if left alone they'll be competitive. It's in their nature. You can be competitive and have fun at the same time. Some people just shouldn't breed.

    I won't be in tomorrow as I've got to have an MRI done on my knee. I anticipate having surgery next week and if so I won't be in after Monday. I'll let you know as I'm not writing a bloody blog about it.

    1. That is pathetic you can hear them so far away
      Parents need to just stay away
      And yeah they should not breed
      Especailly if they can't even read haha
      Damn that does not sound like fun
      All are fecked up under the blog sun

    2. It sounds like a mob rioting, it's pathetic.

      This won't be a big deal, just scraping spicules off. Out patient surgery and I'll only be down for a few days.

    3. Well not so bad
      Still no fun will be had

  14. I've coached soccer when my kids were younger. One decided the bug on the grass was more important than the game, and followed said bug to the playing field of another game. The parents thought this was hilarious. At least it wasn't my son who was beating up the players from the other team. That honor went to my co-coach's son.

    1. haha well bugs can be cool to watch and follow around
      Especially as they hop across the ground
      And so violet was the co-coach's son.
      He wanted more than fun

  15. I give people heaven

    But only for 7

  16. Pawrents! The Human teaches high school and sometimes she thinks pawrents should not be allowed to even attend their kids' sports events!! They misbehave MUCH more often than the kids!

    1. Yeah they are so pathetic it seems
      Cheering on the teams
      As they burst at the seams
      Threatening to throw people in streams

  17. I heard a yell,
    Give 'em hell
    Then run pell mell!

    Dear God, its catching!
    Hee, hee . . .

    1. hahahaha it caught on
      Now you too will forever rhyme at my lawn

  18. Reminds me of Perfect Lyrics by Alanis Morissette.


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