It's The Cry That Rings Out Why?

Once more I have to go on about the Flap as she just will not shut her damn trap. But thankfully she isn't around much anymore. I guess that is why old Flappy has to make up for it with more yapping at Pat's work shore.

"You're still here! That guy said you quit a month a go."

Hmm so I guess the cleaner decided to get meaner and said Pat quit. Maybe he was trying to save him from a Flappy fit.

"I can't believe he said that. I knew I saw you less than a month ago. I can't believe he said that."

That went on for a while. She does have the brains of a dung pile. So I am willing to bet she heard him wrong but she kept on singing the same old song.

"Why would he say that? Who was he? That guy, why would he say that?"

Not that Pat really cared one bit. Anyone would be glad to get rid of that nitwit. Sadly it just back fired though and she went on and on at his work show.

"Girls that is what he said? He said that right. He said he was gone, right?"

They all nodded like they wanted her to shut up too. I think for her own safety they should lock her in a zoo. She could be like those monkeys that make noises and throw their own crap. Except she'd flap and spit on some poor chap.

"See they agree with me. He said that. I can't believe he said that. Why do you think he said that?"

First guess would be to shut you up. Or he too has the brains of the pup. But the former is what I am leaning toward. He just wanted to get rid of you and your makeup drenched horde.

"You say he's the cleaner? Why would he say that? Why did the cleaner say that. It makes no sense, why did he say that?"

If I have to type why once more I would be even more tempted to stab her in the eye at Pat's work shore. Of course being a cat it wouldn't be hard to do that. Just jump and poke her in the eye. My claw would surely make her cry and end the why on the first try.

"Are you going to tell anyone he said that? I think you should tell he said that. Maybe I will just have to tell he said that. Why would he say that?"

Stupid cleaner had to go and stir her up at Pat's work show. All he wanted her to do was fly the hell out of there but she kept going on and on at Pat's work lair. What did he care what the cleaner thought. But she just droned on like a damn robot.


Pat cut her off once more. I think she is started to get offended at his work shore. Which works for him and me. For maybe old Flappy will take the hint and flee. Just said who gives a damn. He's here and not gone. So go suck a ham. Okay, not really the last line but I am a rhyming feline.

She still droned on some more. But I'm tired of typing why at my shore. We would be here all damn day if I typed out the actual amount of times she said it at his work bay. So the why of Flappy will come to pass and she's not even good enough to kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. sounds tedious! Although living in the zoo might not be a bad thing - all the comfort you can wish for!

    1. haha and all the noise
      Which do not bring joys

  2. I hate people who go on and on and it sounds to me that Flappy needs not a kiss but a kick on her non rhyming ass! Great rhymes Pat.

    1. Yeah a whack to the head
      But then she'd prob yap more and cause me dread

  3. Sometimes one of my sisters goes on and and too!

    1. Meowing I can handle though
      At least it is a fun flow

  4. haha she is like a parrot, repeating like a record player after you bump it, ear plugs, invest in ear plugs, then you can just shrug and smile, might help you last the extra mile...

    1. Yeah that sounds like a good plan
      One which I am a fan
      Maybe santa will bring me a pair
      Then I can ignore her blare

  5. I hate people like this at my work

    they cause a many irk.

    1. Yeah many many I say
      Wish they would just go away

  6. It seems she has the gift of gab
    which some might think was just fab
    why not just call her a cab
    but put it on HER tab!

    1. The cab prob would kick her out
      For a repeated shout
      And then she'd be back
      On the flap attack

  7. Flapper mouth definitely sounds like a zoo creature that should be locked away!

    1. Yeah I agree
      Lock her up and throw away the key

  8. Did you ever try saying the exact same response back to her? That really seems to tick those people off because you are no longer engaging them.

    1. Hmm maybe I wil give that a try
      Be an interesting post at least under my sky

  9. Just don't wish her to my zoo.
    That would be so rude of you! hahaha.
    You don't see her around so much
    because she visited my Sams Club for lunch.
    Asking about bread and buns.
    Oh, it was such fun.
    But I sent her back
    to do her makeup yack.
    Such fun for you,
    and the cleaner guy, too!

    1. The cleaner guy had no clue
      Such a flap would come due
      Poor guy looked confused
      And surely felt rather abused
      Pfft to her
      Ruffles my fur
      Take her back
      To your shack

    2. I won't take her in my shack
      I won't take her dressed in black
      I won't take her in a pack
      I won't take her and that is that.

    3. hahaha but it may be the other way around
      Just like that green eggs and ham sound
      Didn't like it at the start
      But in the end you could take her to heart

  10. She sounds like such a bore, I'd never invite her to my shore unless you took out her tongue first, but then, maybe I should just pass...don't know which would be worse, her flappy tongue or what comes out of your little rhyming ass. :)

    1. haha her flappy tingue is waaaay worse
      Even if the stuff that comes out my little rhyming ass is rather perverse haha

  11. maybe...
    Let her journaling for while
    the lead
    in TV show "Why?"
    Just redirect her
    in such funny manner,
    and you will be, sure,
    the greatest time gainer!

    1. Will try that to
      And see how it comes due
      At least pass the time
      Maybe I'll even rhyme

  12. Empty
    it be
    on the
    blogger sea.

    Could shout
    for a while
    be heard
    for a mile
    with none
    to hear
    or see.

    'Tis the dead zone 'round here Cat. People must be shopping today. Thought I'd pop in and give you a shout when no one is about. I do think Flappy wants Pat's bod though. You said it yourself Cat, she's got the brains of a pile of dung. Yep, that would explain her desire for your odious human.

    Happy Black Friday Cat!

    1. LMAO hmph to you
      Flappy has no clue
      I think she swings the other way
      I'll send her along to your bay to play haha
      Yeah it does seem rather dead
      I guess people are slapping each other in the head
      To try and get that deal
      That is oh so unreal
      Pffft right
      All nuts as they fight

    2. So Flappy wears sensible shoes huh? A bit on the butch side and not a lipstick lez I'm guessing.

      They're rioting over smartphones in Georgia right now. As I wrote that sentence I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it hahahaha.

    3. hahaha that is so sad
      A phone can make idiot humans mad
      She's a bitch butchy drenched in make up by the ton
      So scary to anyone

  13. Hi there Pat, how are you and the cat? You sure sound unhappy with old ms flappy! Love yesterday's post with all the cats - I wouldn't expect any less from my friend Pat Hatt :)

    1. We're getting by
      And glad the cats caught your eye
      Pfft to Flappy I say
      Each and every day

  14. Flappy is terrible Pat; and she never change and never stop Omy!

    1. Nope never does she stop
      Her tongue just has to flap and flop

  15. Methinks Flappy wants to take over your blog! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Flappy can try
      But she'll recieve a brown eye haha

  16. What an irritating drone she is Pat ~

    I hope you got a breather from her ~

    I went out and bought an Itouch - the deal from Apple today was irresistible ~ Happy Friday ~

    1. haha glad you got a deal
      I was tempted to give a few a feel
      But broke enough
      No need for stuff haha
      And yeah screw her
      Only once more will I suffer her brain blur

  17. One who goes on and on
    For which they are fond
    We just keep a deaf ear
    Let them go on forever


    1. Yeah the ear plugs sound like a plan
      I'll be deaf and let her think I'm a fan
      Then she can't yap away
      And leave me alone at my work bay

  18. She sounds like someone hard to deal with. People who natter on about the same thing for ages are always annoying.

  19. We know Humans we would like to call Flappy
    But instead I'll just go take my little nappy.

    Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day!

    1. Taking a little nappy
      Would sure make me happy

  20. :) Sounds like a pain in rear for sure! Perhaps slipping some liquor in her coffee will be the cure! :)

    1. haha then she'd pass out
      And no longer shout

    2. then you could draw a 'stash under her nose. Would she be more humble after her doze?

    3. haha not at all
      Prob talk to the wall
      And yeah a stash would be grand
      As all laugh at her across the land


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