Need More Room. So Away With Crap Like Doom!

So the cat was trying to clear with his little rhyming rear, a bit more room to run and have some fun. I thought it would be a perk and so I waited for Pat to go to work. He won't miss a 1000 DVDs or so that no longer decided to show. Right? As long as I keep it dark and not light. I will just rid him of some crap which is unknown to me why it is kept by the chap.

These things could bring Doom.
Abandon the smiles and bring gloom.
Capote will make you cry.
Add For Queen and Country and you'll want to die.

Freedomland is where you'll hike.
To put the Ghosts of Mars head on a pike.
Game 6 will make you wish,
Grease 2 had a singing fish.

Levity is about zero.
Man of the Year is no hero.
Ocean's Thirteen,
With Queens Logic will make you go obscene.

Brain dead after Robocop 3.
As if Robocop 2 didn't already do that to thee.
Saw anything should die.
Secret Window should remain a secret, no lie.

Might go Stark Raving Mad.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is just that bad.
The Clearing is your mind's fate.
Should The Fog ever pass its gate.

Unstoppable and Unstoppable are quite the par.
Yep, both same title and both suck with flare.
Unthinkable, Unfaithful, Untraceable make a big "un" run.
Along with Wild Hogs your mind will be done.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno of what?
A big flabby Zig Zag butt.
The Ghost Writer should remain a ghost.
The Detonator makes for such a bad host.

Tenbenny needs a new gig.
With a Swing Vote you'll flip your wig.
I'm not surprised you don't want to Stay.
Silent Hill will scare anyone away.

It and Nirvana couldn't pass any test.
Or even top Red Rock West.
Mutant Chronicles were a scribble.
Meantime will make your eyes dribble.

Miami Vice will also leave you so bored.
The New World should never ever ever be adored.
Love Don't Cost a Thing,
Except like Lyme Life wasted at your wing.

Legion has no followers around.
In the Valley of Elah should never be found.
Same with Howard the Duck.
That and Hero will make you go what the truck.

Harvard Man will make your eyes strain.
First Born will cause brain pain.
Edge of Darkness as where you'll lie.
Should you watch any of the above or I Spy.

See so why keep such trash out? Pat surely won't shout. I'll just kick them into a box and hide them under his socks. Then no one will know that they even show. He'll thank me and give no sass. I am such a smart little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Damn you Hank, you're number one at Pat's rank.

    2. Almost there
      Only off my 6 minutes at my lair
      Hank lurked better today
      To get number one on display

    3. It's purely all by accident
      That I secured #1 position
      Pat writes almost every day
      Chances are you'll get your way
      another day


    4. Yeah at some other point
      His nose won't be out of joint

    5. I love it all really, it's an interesting fight we have daily haha :P

    6. Yeah that it is
      The first spot biz

  2. I love it when you talk about television and movies so this was great Pat. I never made it past the original Robocop so have no idea how three was although it does sound like a flop. Great rhymes though man, love this post buddy and love all the movie and television references haha.

    1. Yeah these ones come out with ease
      They are a breeze
      As the knowledge of the movie and TV
      Is stuck forever in the head of me

  3. ugh the miami vice remake, why do they muck with stuff i loved as a kid, makes me want to flip my lid, like land of lost, which had to cost likea ten spot to make, yeah great work hollywood, and i wish you wouldn't...way to rock the joint on the movies cat, of course rocking a joints a little easier if you live in colorado or washington, instead i just come to your show.

    1. Yeah that was complete crap
      Anything with Farrell can take a dirt nap
      Not near any of those places at all
      So will have to rock it out at my hall

  4. so many things i haven't seen yet!! sure throw em out they will just gather dust!

    1. The dust is gathering indeed
      They will go in a box at my feed

  5. What a helpful cat
    cleaning up at your mat
    all the bad movies..why keep?
    if you really think they're a heap
    of stuff you fill your Pringle's cans
    just keep the favorites at your land.

    1. They won't fit in the pringle cans
      I'll just bury them in litter pans
      Or on second thought
      Could sell a lot
      And pay off Cassie's huge bill
      That would be a thrill haha

    2. Yep...that's an idea for sure
      as Cassie's bill you have to endure!
      Speaking of cats and all,
      Jack gets snip-snipped tomorrow at our hall!

    3. First have to find the right sucker errr umm buyer
      Then maybe the bill won't be so dire haha
      Ewww the cat still has nightmares about that
      Poor Jack won't be able to add any more kitties to your mat haha

    4. yes, that would be the point!
      no more kitties at my joint!

    5. I already own the crown
      so why have any more around? :)

    6. haha that is true
      But what if I find one that beats you?

  6. I have to admit, when I saw 'Howard the Duck' I gasped, and thought...'I wonder what he'll rhyme with duck....'...pheeeeew!
    A few good movies their among that cat's tail flair ;)

    1. A few may be okay
      But most deserve to drown in the bay
      And haha were you expecting Chuck?
      Or maybe something to do with suck?

  7. I think Howard the Duck should spend the winter in Miami!

    1. That would be the place to go
      To roast off those tail feathers that show

  8. I think ID software brought Doom

    One, two, three, and spinoffs from the software womb.

    1. Yeah that is all there is
      With such a money grubbing biz

  9. GAWD, I hate to admit I actually paid to see Robocop. But, I could watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory every single day and never get bored.

    1. LOL my you are old
      Paying to see that one should scold
      Pfft to that wonka remake
      Drown that in a lake

  10. I have seen too many of these, sad to say. My husband is to blame.

    1. haha sure blame him
      For watching stuff that is so grim

  11. I guess that
    Pat he
    is a pack

    He likes
    to hoard
    crap there
    at his mat.

    Now Orlin
    the King
    can help him
    clean and
    get a new
    act for
    that's a fact.

    Hey Cat, it's sunny and in the 60's here today so I'm blowin' this pop stand for the day!

    1. Yeah horde away
      Even the crap on display
      But to the wayside they will go
      Maybe start a Blu-ray show
      Hmph to that
      Crappy rain here at our mat

  12. grate job orlin N cassie on gettin rid oh 81 bazillion mewvies yur dad owns coz now ya got room in de mewvie spot for sum grate titles like cat in de hat, garfield, pink panther....

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

    1. haha that is true
      Better ones can due
      For me to view
      Giving Pat a big screw you

  13. Nice to see cat making himself useful! Now your pad will be a few hundred pounds lighter!

    1. That it will
      With the ones gone that will make one ill

  14. Normally I see the movies only one time but others love to see again anyway I dont have movies saved ha!
    You have a lot of movies!!

    1. Yeah a ton at my sea
      That is a certainty
      And you don't save?
      Download them illegally at your cave? hahaha

  15. Unfortunately I paid money to see some of those movies. Secret Window was awful, but I have a strange inspiration to watch it again to see if it was really that bad.

    1. Ohhhh that was a HUGE load of crap
      Don't bother giving it a second lap
      Unless you need a nap
      Then it will fill the gap

  16. What? No Dora The Explorer? I'm disappointed. Or did the cat decide to keep at his favorite episodes. :D

    1. Pfft I'd pitch that into the sea
      I hate her and hope she falls from a high tree

  17. Don't you dare get rid of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you wretched cat!! It's a classic!!

    1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is the classic one
      That remake huge pile of shit isn't even worth a pringle can under my sun

  18. Charlie and the Chocolate factory was a horrid monstrosity. I don't care if it's a classic, it's still bad.

    Good riddance.

    1. Yeah that needs to die a horrible death
      And run out of breath

  19. Sounds like you're busy clearing stuff out!

  20. I had a grand day outside in the sun Cat. Can't be many more of those left. If you don't see me tomorrow, it means the sun is shining again and I'm out in the yard.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Sun is shining away
      A little here today
      Stil crappy out though
      Lucky at your show

  21. My DVDs
    are precious to me.
    They entertain and inform.
    But the best ones of all
    are the ones on first call.
    Yes. My cartoons and porn.

    1. haha cartoons and porn
      Fun is born
      Can use the animated paper
      To cover up your umm caper

  22. I haven't even seen half of these Pat ~ I know you are a movie and film buff and it shows ~ But we did watched skyfall and enjoyed it ~ Yes, I am a James Bond fan ~

    1. Haven't watched that one yet
      But will one day you can bet

  23. Same as Grace, a lot of these movies I didn't grace
    but I recommend Argo and give it an ACE
    and Perks of Being a Wallflower gets to first base
    Today it will be Skyfall for some fast pace and chase.

    1. Those ones I haven't scene yet
      But I will so don't fret
      Although who knows
      If they will make the cat stick up his nose


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