Oh No, The dVerse Scary Are Going To Show!

Everyone run and hide for it is the changing of the tide. Things are going to get truly dVerse. You may even get put under a curse. For this is such an awful day, so bad in every way. If you stub your toe things may rot off down below. See, I told you it was bad. I have to warn all at my pad.

With a flickity floppity flack.
You may suffer a heart attack.
And a blippery bloppery boo.
Could turn you into alien stew.

Eejity eeromy even.
Will turn you into Steven.
Might be fine for Roy,
But one eye might not want to be a real boy.

Grittily grapity grope.
You could get hung by a rope.
Jittery jangliy jam,
You suffer a face door slam.

Plippery plappery pop,
Get the runs non-stop.
Yipper yapper yang,
You are shot, Bang!

Waggle wiggle winter,
You get eaten by a printer.
Should have smashed the thing,
When I gave it a ring.

Cattity cattory cat.
Fall from a roof, kersplat.
Vollop vullop vex,
You can't break this hex.

Dringle dritty door,
My gosh, you have to do a chore.
Say it ain't so,
Ain't is in the dictionary you know.

Jiggle jitter Jack,
Will kick you in the sack.
While jimble jiggy Jill,
Will bury you in a landfill.

Zippy zappy zoom,
Your house is gone, boom!
Klipper klopper kite,
You suffer a dog bite.

Higgly haggle hog,
You get food posioning from a hotdog.
Tritty tringle torch,
There goes your porch.

Have you got the point?
Bar yourself into your joint.
Don't come out for a thing,
And if you hear a knock or ding.

Kiss your ass goodbye,
You are going to the sky.
For it's a guy selling pie.
Laced with stuff to make you die.

That all takes place because dVerse and 13 are now face to face. They built the bar on some holy ground and now the spirits are prepared to pound. So stop drop and roll. At least you will crush a killer mole. Duck and cover for it to pass and never fear, there is no need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love the rhymes as usual Pat but damnit this has definitely took me on a dVerse tour. To think of any one of these things happening is scary, I don't want to lose my house, I don't want to die in a printer's mouth! I don't want a heart attack, or to do a chore that sounds gack!

    Just kidding buddy, this is great haha, the things sound scary but I don't mind, I love the way you used alliteration and different words in each line of the verses too, awesome stuff.

    1. Number one at the blog again. Hank's left it late at your den!

    2. Beat Hank with a big comment run
      That was well done
      And yeah much of it is scary indeed
      But the cat just wanted all to take heed
      I mean Tuesday the 13th is sooo scary after all
      So says the writing on the wall haha

    3. Congrats Yeamie! Was on the road on some errands


    4. On the road?
      Hope you didn't squash a toad

  2. haha we have disturbed the spirits we better hang on with our wits or maybe get the sh....it's cool the alliteration and rhythm of the opening lines in each stanza and will have to throw some holy water over my shoulder when i enter this eve...smiles.

    1. haha that may be a good idea to use
      Then the spirits won't abuse
      As the scary 13th takes place
      And things pop from ever corner all over the place

  3. WHEW, those are some nasty ways to meet your maker fo' sho. I'm laying low today.

    1. Yeah hide away
      And you should be safe at your bay

  4. Hippity hoppity scotch
    I'll crush you
    with a rock.

    Jiggledy Jangley Jou
    I'll smack you
    with my

    Then with
    a rat tat tat
    I'll club you
    with a bat.

    And down you'll
    go here at
    your show
    with a
    spladady slapady slap.

    Thought I'd surprise you with an early morning air raid Cat. Been up all night painting monsters and babes so now it's off to the Land of Nod where I dream of your demise.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Yeah dream of the cat
      How about that
      But sadly your rock
      Will be in for a shock
      As my ass gives it a knock
      And it gets sucked up like a sock
      Then for the shoe
      That I will just chew
      And as for the bat
      I can dodge that

    2. Yeah, but I'll skin you and wear you as a bikini. You'll be keeping my nether regions warm and dry Cat. Now get that horrid image out of your mind!

    3. hahaha that is a horrid image I will say
      But you'll be the one with flea bites down there at your bay

    4. I'm itching just thinking about it. Someone get me some flea powder stat!

    5. That may burn as well
      You are in for some kind of hell

  5. Food poisoning from a hot dog
    will put you in a mind fog
    and to be clubbed with a bat
    would put an end to a cat
    but to be hung by a rope
    would be a bad way to cope!

    1. Yeah not a fun trend
      For ones end
      As snap goes the neck
      Leaving on a wreck

  6. kersplat! that should be used way more often.

    1. Kersplat should
      I'll have to keep that in mind at my hood

  7. "But one eye might not want to be a real boy."

    What the hell is that? I come over here to say good morning to Pat and this is what I'm greeted with by the wretched cat? I was put on edge by the stew verse but then read that line. Geez...I'm going back to painting.


    1. hahahaha oh so much fun
      To get you going under my sun
      You are painting too?
      Has Anne's figure fetish caught on with you?

    2. Silly cat! Don't you pay attention? She is painting her son's room!

    3. Ohhh yeah that is right
      She has just been away so long with her one eyed sight

  8. I wonder if getting eaten by a printer is similar to a squid attack

    must be a lot of ink

    which must stink

    1. Might be a bit more choppy
      As a printer is nowhere near as floppy

  9. Doodle dody do
    Go wild with them
    Jingle jojo joo
    None of an apperance
    Boo,Choo and Foo
    Hank's on an errand


    1. On your errand run
      If such is spun
      Some might look at you funny
      But oh well, hope it's sunny

  10. Goofy iPadI was trying to say that sometimes flickity floppity is the best option!

  11. Bippity bopiity boo
    what's come over you
    flickity floppity
    isn't as hoppity
    unless it's done with two

    Gosh, you have me as nuts as you are at your bay today. I blame it on Those dVerse peeps too

    1. haha they should get all the blame
      For such a confusing rhyming game
      But then I am never tame
      And hmmm two you say? I'm sure it wouldn't work the same.

  12. Replies
    1. That wasn't on my crazy wheel
      For this crazy dVerse rhyming meal haha

  13. I'm not even going to try to comment on this flippety floppety post!

    Instead let's have a roast!
    A toast to the cat who likes to boast!

    Your rhymes are bad and a dog is your dad.
    Father of Irish cat babies from the fling you had!

    You're just a cat, about to go splat!
    I bid you good day with the tip of a hat!

    1. haha I stumped you
      With a Flickity Floppity floo
      Your roast was fun
      And well done

      But sadly when you tip your hat
      You'll curse the cat
      For as you struggle to tip the thing
      Your nostrils will sing

      There will be such a smell
      You'll think what the hell
      And as the hat is released upon your head
      The pile of shit under it will cause you dread

      Falling all over your place
      Joining the likes of Anne at your space
      Damn the cat is grand
      Being all sneaky at your land

  14. ha..now this sounds like it's going to be an interesting evening...hopefully no dogs to bite me...would kill me in addition to my jet lag...smiles

    1. haha finally back at your shore
      The last thing you want is a dog bite waiting at your door

  15. Aw, it can't be that bad! 13 is my lucky number! LOL!

    1. haha well maybe you will survive
      It will keep you lucky and alive

  16. foodz poisonin frum hot dogs !!! ???

    orlin N cassie, all we gotta say iz;

    we wood rather eat litter than burd
    this bee troo what ewe trooly just hurd
    eat burd N ya hurl
    be ewe boy ore a gurl
    peace out N rock on....


    1. Yeah you hate the bird
      That is the word
      That I heard
      I'll send you a herd
      Then you can have a bird turd haha

  17. i've had food poisoning from a hotdog. no fun at all, Pat, but i did feel slimmer after that episode.

    1. haha oh that must have sucked indeed
      I suppose there is a silver lining not being able to feed

  18. When I was a chef I was accused of the pie thing but they couldn't make it stick...only the sick!

    1. Oooops here I am the bitchy Irish girl from Cork. And the only thing that'll be sticking around here is my temper.

    2. So you were off the hook
      By hook or by crook

      Temper temper now
      Just go all zen and meow

    3. I'm not mad Cat, I'm just kidding around. It's the only way the idiot of a man knows I care about him. Kind of like you Cat.

    4. haha that I knew
      But still fun to make fun of you

  19. I thought that pie tasted funny
    But it cost so little money
    And looked so yummy
    I'm feeling sick to my tummy
    As I turn into a mummy

    Damn IHOP!

    1. haha all strung up in TP
      That would be a sight to see
      A bit scary
      Those at IHOP will surely flee

  20. Flickity floppity flack
    the mouse ran down my back.
    And then, dear chum,
    it went IN my bum.
    Yep, won't get Mickey back.

    1. I hope you got it out
      As it swam up there like a trout
      Then after a second or two
      You flushed it down the loo

  21. Ha ha...love the last stanza :)

  22. Oh dear Pat, I feel for you
    We've got some catching up to do
    And at least you kept it scary
    which is better than fur ball hairy!
    Time to move the pub I guess
    it was good while it lasted, but new plot is best ;)
    Hear you soon on the radio
    and we'll really get into the rhymetime flow!

    1. Yeah those fur balls are ick
      But the cat can upchuck them quick
      Should move it to a neutral place
      So those spirits don't show their face
      And should be grand
      Off in radio land


  23. you put me off my pie pat,
    but by the time i got to the last stanza
    i had bellyache anyways

    cracking me up with your ryhmetime energy! :D

    1. Sorry for the ache
      Beats an earth quake
      As the energy flows
      From where, who knows

  24. We very un-rhyming kitties are always amazed at all the rhymes you come up with day after day! Truly prolific.

    1. Glad I can amaze
      I like the attention as you gaze haha

  25. LOL! Oh, I want to spend five minutes inside your brain, more time than that might cause me pain. I assume your poem threw spell-check for a spin but I know at dVerse, you always win.

    1. Yeah spell check had a big fit
      But I don't give a um shit haha
      Inside my head
      Would cause many quite the amount of dread

  26. I've never read such scaring rhyming! I'm not ready to be beamed up yet!

    1. Not ready for the probe
      They do it across the globe haha

  27. Awesome! How could one not smile after reading verse like that.

    1. Could be pretty hard to do
      That much is surely ture


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