Pfft To Your Threat. Don't Mess With This Pet!

So the cat was over at dVerse and reading away, looking at the art by SueAnn there on display. Then I read something so mean. That it brought forth this whole scene. Brian was using his ownership clout to give a little shout. "Let me know -i will tell you where to go." Well at least he did rhyme even if his "i" is a grammar crime. But the cat will not take that lying down. Brian will not send me to some other town.

He went and told the cat,
He would make me wear a windmill hat.
That was the last straw.
I popped out my claw.

Brian ran to this little place.
I guess he wanted to see his face.
But I tracked him down,
He was not going to lose me in rainbow town.

He tried to hide in the Bates motel.
Pfft I was no going into that hell.
I guess the guys mommy complex was too much.
Brian ran away when he tried to touch.

He thought this big buildings would hide him.
But I was going to make things turn grim.
Look closely and you can see,
Brian couldn't help but gawk out and once more he had to flee.

But he stuck around a little longer.
I guess his gawk grew stronger.
His ailment really screwed him up.
But he finally darted off fast like a pup.

This hiding spot didn't last long.
I caught up and came on strong.
I set the thing on fire.
He got out before things got dire.

He promised me a white picket fence.
He even offered me 58 cents.
Where he got that number from I don't know.
But I was not going to be bought off at my show.

He even tried to give me a new bush.
This one doesn't even have a tush.
But he did get a thorn when he was showing it to me.
That caused me a bit of glee.

But it was not enough.
I promised to get rough.
Brian threatened to tell me where to go.
So I had to let loose my flow.

A pringle can was too low.
I needed something else to show.
My vengeance continued to grow,
And I took one word to heart, flow.

If a picture says a 1000 words.
This one is being tweeted about by many birds.
I put him up shit creek and he fell in.
I guess he also offended a critter and God thought that was a sin.

So never mess with a cat.
I like praise at my mat.
My ego must rise.
That is just a word to the wise.

I'll do more than pop your tire,
Things will get dire.
Ouch that has to hurt a ton.
Even being snip snip I wouldn't want to give that a run.

Of course we're even now.
So no one has to have a cow.
Thanks for the exercise to decrease my mass.
Now I can even more easily show off my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love this architectural tour, great rhymes as none of them were poor. I love the last drawing too, I reckon that there's no way a Pringle would be a fair enough representation of the awesomeness conveyed here. Also Pat is back at eleven, how's that for clock winding heaven?

    1. Nope a pringle can would not do
      He had to be taught a lesson or two
      That critter must also have a gripe
      Maybe Brian offended him on Skype
      And yeah the clock went back
      Like the extra hour sleep at my shack

  2. Wait what did Brian do again? And I do that grammar crime all the time. This is an awesome piece and the end is very scary. What did Brian do again?

    1. Brian did nothing at all
      Just said something at the dVerse hall
      That the cat used
      So okay if you are confused haha

  3. hahahahaha...ouch, that bolt will smart hitting where i sit on the couch, i need to learn to hide better, or curve up inside a sweater, i promise i am no bed wetter, after all those joules in the jewels though you never know what habits might grow, i would never tell you to go, you have the rhymiest show you know...

    1. haha hopefully the wetting thing does not come due
      That is just eww
      You'll have to take that up with Zeus
      Could have at least only struck you in the caboose
      And that I know
      But when I saw what you said it just spurred this flow haha

  4. Wow, Pat, I am thoroughly impressed. You used all the pictures, I think! Plus you even have almost a new book ready to roll! Cool stuff at your bay today.

    1. Yeah things on the go
      Plenty at my show
      Used every one
      To go about my rhyming fun
      Helps when you are so far ahead
      So the blog meter is always fed

  5. I am impressed that you used all the pictures...funny adventure so
    you won't wear the windmill hat ~

    But that last picture takes the cake ~ Have a good Sunday ~

    1. Yeah I can work in every one
      With my rhyming fun
      And nope, no such hat for me
      I would rather have a flea

  6. Brian, the Cat's a mean critter
    Ready to blast you with pong
    But wondering what's the matter
    Just what did you do wrong?


    1. He did nothing wrong
      Such sand a song
      About the glory hounds
      The cat just did the rounds

  7. What good is a bush without a tush? LOL! Cool pictures!

    1. Yeah no tush means no place to hide
      So one must search far and wide

  8. The pictures are like art

    something to start.

  9. mmmmm! the last picture is terrible!

  10. what is your porblem with Brian????

    1. Nothing at all
      We are now even at my hall haha

  11. You know Cat I found myself getting angry at Brian. I mean what a strange response from me as I'm always insulting you. Bloody hell does this mean that underneath all my spite, I care about you?

    Oh Christ, I'm going to go take a warm bath with a razor blade but not until I close all the windows and turn on the gas.

    1. hahaha you care about the cat
      How about that haha
      Bah you'll probably just miss the blade
      The gas will fade
      You'll walk out all fine
      Can't get rid of this feline

    2. I've grown fond of you Cat over this past year and in a real fight, I'd have your back.

    3. mmmhmmmm, and the truth comes out!!!

    4. Well if you ever need to take care of a troll
      The cat will be by for a stroll

    5. We all like the Cat, elsewise we wouldn't try so hard to poke fun at him.

    6. And it never does work
      Just leaves me with a smirk

  12. no clever comment.. just appreciation. Helen, Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley xxx

    1. Well that works too
      That you can appreciate our zoo

  13. Wow..cor blimey what a rush from your little rhyming Canadian tush.
    Poor Brian... got hit in his family jewels, let's hope no-one was there to steal his crown, or it might make his poor wife.... frown ;)
    Now, I think I need a shower, glad you got in the windmill tower... such a clever cat you are...the best of the best and then some by far.

    1. The best of the best
      That feels me with zest
      So nothing like will ever come due
      For little old bloody hell-ing you haha

  14. YES! Never mess with the cat, never ever!

  15. lol, you used all the pictures! And rhymed! And smote! Remind me to stay on the cat's good side!

    1. I can use them all with ease
      Bah, I'll just send you fleas
      That isn't so bad
      Unlike Brian where no fun was had haha

  16. hahaha...and even through all of that poo
    his hawk still looks good!
    Even though the lightning strikes
    his hair looks really nice!
    and even facing a beaver with a gun
    not a strand was undone!
    Or is that a prairie dog?
    maybe a tusk-less warthog?

    1. His hair is still there
      After all I made him go through at my lair
      Not sure what that critter is though
      Could be an over grown rat for all I know haha

  17. And so I swing by your bay late at night
    the cat tries to cause such a fright
    but I don't give a crap about him
    I find him rather dim.

    1. 7 isn't really that late
      Unless there is a big time difference at your gate
      But then working that one eye all day
      Really must make your tired and cause dismay haha

  18. Love the bates motel reference! You really know how to engage in a verbal battle :)

    1. With myself no less
      I'm a tad crazy I confess

  19. Did Byran or Brandon draw that picture? Because I can't think of anyone else who would draw a man being electrocuted in the genitals at gunpoint by a beaver.

    1. Nope that was all me
      Using a program I found at my sea

  20. hahah, I love the story! I would never mess with the cat- ever, ever!

    1. Good to know
      So nothing will happen at your show haha


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