Search High And Low For Its Glow!

So you want to get rich?
Have enough dough to fill a town's ditch?
While here is my pitch,
To cure such an itch.

Faberge Eggs are out there to find.
And millionaires are mighty kind.
They will shower your behind,
Should you make such a find.

They go for $30 million a pop.
That will make the debt stop.
Your wallet flop.
Like Scrooge you can make coins go plop.

All you need to do.
Is find one near your zoo.
Have you got a clue?
I guess a history lesson must come due.

A long long time ago.
50 eggs were given a go.
They all had a shiny glow.
They certaintly didn't blow.

So the years went by,
And through each war cry,
Some flew to the sky,
Which is no lie.

Of the 50 made.
Which people still sell and trade.
8 seemed to fade,
After each tirade.

So there are 8 eggs out there.
That could be at any lair.
Worth 30 million a pop.
Now go looking non-stop.

But of course the cat isn't telling you this,
For pure and utter bliss.
I am making you aware,
So when you see their glare,

You'll snap it up.
Like a bone to a pup.
Then sell the thing,
And send a million or two commission to my wing.

See the cat isn't greedy.
You still have 28 million to keep or give to the needy.
One is also believed to be somewhere down below,
Meaning the US show.

Now go find it!
Just don't have a fit.
Act normal and play coy.
Then when you're alone, jump for joy.

Don't say the cat never helped you. The odds are better than winning the lottery at your zoo of finding the thing. So I thought I'd give it a ring. Eight are out there somewhere and now you are aware. They surely bring money in mass. The cat would then have a golden little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Of 30 Million a pop
    That's hell of a lot
    To hunt for the few
    Without any clue
    Luck comes into play
    There's no other way
    Hope for the best
    Hopeful no less


    1. Yeah all luck
      Could find a gold duck
      That could work too
      But in the end we have to clue
      Just guess away
      And hopefully find one on display

  2. This is so awesome to see Pat because one of my favourite bloggers, Miss Meadows runs a feature called Faberge Friday's where she posts these eggs once a week and is now past her 50th post, you really should check her out if you get a chance. I love these rhymes as tributes to these eggs anyway, if I found just one I'd be revelling in my pay haha. Seriously though these eggs are awesome and so is this post, now go off and boast!

    1. Many eggs there are
      Interesting she runs them at her bar
      And yeah if only we could find one
      Our bank accounts would fill a ton

    2. Let's go on a search for one Pat!

    3. haha works for me
      Then we can split the dough 50/50

  3. Faberge are so yesterday,
    but what a pay day!

    1. Yeah I'd take the money now
      That would sure make me meow

  4. beautiful ! Love this!

    1. That they are
      But the dough I'd take at my bar haha

  5. Those eggs are a beautiful work of art ~ But whew to the prize of it ~

    Okay, thanks for the tip ~

    Wishing you Happy Saturday ~

    1. Yeah I could skip the art
      Just fill my cart
      With lots of dough
      And away I go haha
      Happy saturday too
      Hopefully yours isn't rainy like at my zoo

  6. ugh dude, how make an egg i cant fry, i dont want the a 30 million dollar omelet, that might be worth it, not some heavy amulet, imagine that bling might weight you down on the street, make it hard to get with the beat...

    1. Pffft screw the fry
      Money piled to the sky
      Would be more grand
      Then any omelet in the land haha
      Yeah would be quite the weight
      That I would hate

  7. Don't mind me, I'm just here to egg you on!

    1. haha that works too
      Beats egg on my face, it's true

  8. are Faberge Eggs better fried or scrambled? I hear they make terrible cakes.

    1. Yeah they break your teeth off too
      So a dentist trip is due

  9. Faberge eggs undoubtedly have legs
    I will look for one of the eight
    perhaps under the zoo's gate
    I don't want to be late
    or it would surely be my fate
    to have to beg for the Faberge egg!

    1. Beg away
      30 milion is worth a begging display
      The cat will even befriend a dog
      For that much dough will leave him in a fog

  10. It's probably in some trunk
    hidden away in grandma's junk
    and nobody know's it's there
    and doesn't even care!
    Would be really neat to find
    in the auction trash some time!

    1. Just remember me
      I told thee
      So give a kickback to the cat
      For making you aware at your mat haha
      30 million in the trash
      Could throw quite the bash

    2. Of course I'd remember you,
      one of my favorite bloggers and your kitties, too!

    3. So that means all three?
      Damn, I'll take some kitties from the other sea
      Add about ten at our den
      More will be needed then hahahahaha

    4., no....Just Orlin and Cass
      the rest I'll take a pass!
      Speaking of which, there are 12 in my house right now
      just missing Domino and Grey some how.

    5. hahaha yeah Orlin couldn't stand them one bit
      He'd have one big fit
      So that is for the best
      Maybe they are hiding among the rest?

  11. I wish I had one of these magic eggs. Hopefully one doesn't find one and then try to make an omelet with it, would be quite the dunderheaded move, and still wouldn't have a breakfast waiting for them on the side. If found, I would gladly send you a kickback…any idea if one could take robin eggs and fancy them up a bit or do you think the chocolate would melt and the plot would there fall. People pay ludicrous amounts for the dumbest things too, just check out ebay and take a view, some of these are so dumb they're cruel, for the money could be spent in many other ways.

    1. Yeah sooooo stupid some of the thing that sell
      Just like what the hell
      But I guess to each their own
      If they want to buy a magic chicken bone

    2. you should have a few of those to sell
      with all that chicken you eat so well!

      I could save the wishbone from Thanksgiving dinner
      and dip it in gold so it would be a winner!

    3. That sounds like a plan
      One which I'm a fan
      You always have a food face
      That you could sell at your place
      I buy the skinless boneless chicken though
      So no bones show

    4. I'll search far and wide
      for a food face at my tide.
      One that will bring in the bucks with grace.
      Maybe after Tuesday a Romney face will take a place!
      That would bring in a few million dollars...
      more than my George Washington banana by far.

    5. haha that would be grand
      Keeping searching the land
      Find such a face
      Sure some will embrace

  12. I've heard about these eggs. They're really pricey but good like finding a buyer with enough money. :P

    1. Oh that would be easy to do
      Plenty of rich dimwits would snap it up from you

  13. Hmmm. I wonder if Schultz can sniff one of those things out. Then he might almost be worth having around. LOL!

    1. Yeah that would be great
      But it would probably get ate

  14. I love those Faberge eggs. The artwork in them is so fabulous. I wouldn't mind the cash they'd bring in selling one either. Now, where did I leave mine?

    1. Hogging it at your sea
      Geez, that is not nice of thee

  15. Do you know the Giants hid 30 Louisville slugger World-series type bats around SF and are having a scavenger hunt? I don't think they're worth $30 million, but the odds of finding one are better, MOL!

    1. LOL yeah that is true
      You may even be able to find two

  16. LOL! That would be a nice find indeed. :)


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